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‘Biophotonic Resonator’, A Connecting Matrix (III)

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Dr.Traian Stanciulescu explains distant healing as an interaction of energy and information fields transmitted and received through holographic resonance. His journey takes us from metaphysics to physics as he seeks the connections between humans, God and the cosmos.


English translation & correction by: Sanda Romosan and Ann Simard



ABSTRACT. In regards to the nature and mechanisms of informational-energy medicine – already connected to PSI phenomena such as distant healing, and implicitly to Exogenous Homeopathy in our previous study – a series of explanatory theoretical models has already been made. Among them, a broad acceptance was achieved with a scientific explanation based on quantum mechanics, developed by specialists such as Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. James Oschman and others. From the perspective of Biophotonics, the relatively latest discipline initiated by the German professor Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a plausible explanation of the phenomena of bio-energy-information involving distant therapy was proposed by Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu and the team he coordinates within his work in the National Institute of Inventions in Iasi (Romania).

To my friend in light, Kiran Schmidt, from whom I’ve just realized – in a holiday morning – how Christmas can become a HEALING DAY: through the power of GOD’s Image and Kind, of the vibration to harmonically feel the joy of being together.-




That all living systems (plants, animals, humans) are the source of a weak emission of bioluminescence (auric emissions of waves) and of bio-photons (respectively photons with properties modified by their belonging to the biological substratum) is a conclusion of the researchers of the 20th century. Thus, as put forward by the Russian biologist A. Gurwitch and exploited theoretically and experimentally by the German biophysicist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and his team of researchers, a new science could be developed, the bio-photonics – more than three decades ago – defined from the triple assumptions of a:

  • Bio-physical perspective: the science that studies the emission, storage and transmission of bio-photons / “ultra weak bioluminescence (emission of “bio-laser” type) by the biological systems: [Popp, 1989];
  • Bio-technological and medical perspective: the science that studies the effects of the implementation of the photonic technology (of lasers) in medicine: [Dumitras, 1999];
  • Integrative perspective: the science that investigates the biological and therapeutic processes of generation, storage, release and transmission / reception (from distance) of bio-electromagnetic emissions, bioluminescence emissions / fluxes of bio-photons in the living systems, in their capacity of “biological lasers” [Stanciulescu, 2010], analogous to the technical one.

As we have already argued in our previous study which appeared in Homeopathy4 Everyone [Stanciulescu, 2011a], the contributions of the Romanian research to the substantiation of bio-photonics is based on, and relies on the development of two complementary theories, namely: the (Bio)photonic Theory of Energy-Information (BTEI) [Constantinescu Stanciulescu, 1993-1995] and the “Biological Lasers” Theory (BLT) [Stanciulescu, Manu, 1995-2002].

The two theories – describing biophotonics in an integrating way – are used to justify one of the most important postulates of living and non living reality: energy is predominantly located in substance, and information is located in the field. Therefore, as we have already suggested in my previous articles, any process of distant transmission of information and of generation of energy effects, requires the transmission and activation of bio-photonic effects by a process of “holographic resonance”, via:

1. The wave-undulatory path, of the emission and reception of information from a distance, which is explained especially by the BTEI theory;

2. The substantial-corpuscular substratum, by means of transforming the received information into energetic effects, which are able to contribute to the BPL modification of the state of the receiving system.

The field theory and the quantum theory complete each others’ explanations, thus fulfilling – at the human level – what Einstein had not managed to do at the cosmos level. The human being is himself / herself a measure of the universe – according to the protagoreic assertion that: “The Man is the measure of everything …” meaning that what we understand at the level of human nature can be somewhat extrapolated to the cosmic nature level.

First of all, in order to understand how the mechanism of distant therapy operates, it’s necessary to redefine the healthy and disease states in terms of bio-photonics, considering that:

  • Health represents the body’s ability to generate bio-photonic streams or fluxes as emissions of bioluminescence, able to move coherently through the cellular / organic “channels” membrane by means of its liquid crystal structure. The presence of the membranous liquid crystal structure makes the system “transparent to light”, thus helping to generate, store and release the energy-informational resources necessary to carry on human metabolism.
  • Disease represents a dysfunctional state of the informational-biofield around the human being. The biofield normally is able to generate and sustain the proper “structural holograms” responsible for the homeostasis and functionality of different levels of the human energetic-substantial body. From the informational-field of DNA and of the cell nucleus, to the specific bio-fields of the cells, organs and information centers (chakras) in the body as a whole, the disease may manifest as:
    1. A dysfunction of some parts of the BEMPh mechanisms (biochemical, electrical, magnetic, photonic) which guarantees the generation and transmission of biophotonic fluxes / bioluminescence at the cell circuits, energy meridians level, etc.
    2. An imbalance of energetic system-specific to different organic / genotypic levels generated by complementary mechanisms of Yang and Yin synergy;
    3. A loss of the “form-memory” of cells, organs, human body, which begin to change their normal morphological shapes.

Considering that, at the first stage, the mechanism of every therapy, including distant therapy as associated with Exogenous Homeopathy, [1], aims for the release of essential information and energy manifested as DNA biophotons and mitochondrial electrons for example, capable of achieving the “self-healing” [2] of the body, it is perfectly possible that this process could be initiated also through a distant stimulation.






By correlating the already known experiences of many distant therapists, on the one hand, and the scientific explanations associated with them (from the perspective of biophotonics), on the other hand -, we could consider that:

  • Generally, the distant energy-informational interaction between biological systems (having telepathic, telekinesic or therapeutic effects) is a fact that cannot remain outside of the top scientific research anymore.
  • In accordance with the physical postulate that the information is predominantly stored in the field and the energy is stored in substance, the distant therapeutic action may be tracked on the following path and stages of manifestation:
  • ? Issuer / therapist ? coding / transmission of information ? transmission channel for transmitting message ? receiver / patient ? decoding ?manifested therapeutic effect.

Looking at the above mentioned schema, we can realize that the mechanism of distant therapy involves a series of complementary informational and energetic processes, that aim at the encoding by the issuer / therapist of a particular message (with healthy function) and its transmission over distance to a particular receiver, the recipient (ill patient) namely. The message contains a synergistic set of information, complex wave (bio-electro-magnetic, but not only), with specific information properties (frequency, intensity, amplitude, etc.) generated by the biological, psychological or / and logical (BPL) activity of the issuer. The informational effects (stimulatory or inhibitory) generated at the receiver will influence adequately the energy-information resources of the receiver, thereby optimizing his / her health state.


For rationally explaining this connection circuit, it is necessary to have a preliminary definition and understanding of the main structural elements and their function, involved in the process of distant communication and having a healing effect

By proposing the integrative model of the ESSENTIAL UNITY of the cosmic world, micro- and macrocosmic levels namely, we will look too for the position of the human being in this frame, for understanding his / her energo-informational structure and functionality system. In this way, we will be able to:

– formulate a general modeling of the whole reality, integrating the human being as the wood is integrating his trees;

– to clarify the mechanism of communication / resonance among the levels of reality, explaining how an interaction such as distant therapy is possible;

– to understand how specific BPL (bio-psycho-logical) mechanisms of a certain therapy – such as (exogenous) homeopathy – can work, at the level of a “vital force” connection with its biological (human) substratum.

Only having in mind such an integrative acceptance we could bypass the possible misunderstanding concerning the general and / or personal vision concerning the multileveled structure and functionality of this world [3], having the COMPLEX LIGHT [4] as a common denominator.


2.1. On the resonant levels of cosmic and human reality


It is very clear that to elaborate an integrating model of world unity, it is first necessary to review some main contributions in this field of interest, starting from the religious and metaphysical models to physical / scientific theories [5].

2.1.1. Interdisciplinary approaches


Starting from the archetypal Vedic assertion that “the universe is a horse,” or the old Romanian one that “the world is a table“, we should assume that each physically manifested system of the world is presupposes the implicit presence of the four cosmogonic elements (which a horse is symbolizing), namely: Fire ? Air ? Water ? Earth; or scientifically recognized: Field ? Information ? Energy ? Substance. All these are connected as a synergic 5th force: the “horse” itself – carrying information with the speed of thought or as wind, is representing the universe / world as a coherent constructed wholeness.

The succession of the above mentioned structural cosmogonic elements is that followed by the creation / apparition of the world itself, starting from the invisible state of the non-sensorial field-information to the visible / sensorial substance-energy level [6]. The human being is cognitively recreating this evolution by starting a vice-versa process: from touchable to untouchable. Because the connection key is the human being – let’s remember again the saying: “Know yourself and you know the universe…”, – we will try to understand better the essence of the human being, by following the birth and becoming of the world itself; by using the connection: “such a world, such a human being”. We find here the implicit praxio-logic root which homeopathy used plenary in its: similia similibus curantur.


* *

Synthetically, without presenting a detailed description, we could find in these (meta) physical contributions the following essential and complementary visions concerning the becoming of the world, having as a common idea the LIGHT, as an integrative vibration / sign, by connecting :

  • The religious scenario (biblical) is proposing an interconnected succession of stages, involving the circuit of the following statements of the COMPLEX LIGHT:
  • the “Uncreated Light” pulsing inside, defining the vibrating existence of the CREATIVE GOD;
  • the created pure “informational lights”, corresponding to the genesis of the “divine hierarchies”, starting from the principles of “triple hypostasis” apparition, till the creation of angels, archangels etc.:
  • the manifestation of the first cosmic energy, associated with the original “Fiat Lux” moment, when the field of “light radiation” was spread over the cosmic world;
  • the creation of the perfect and immutable “archetypal forms”, some pure informational holograms, able to “put in form” / inform. There are many types of such structure, starting from “souls” to bio-plasmatic structures, from “thoughts-form” of the Akashique Document to the forms of a planetary “morphogenetic field”;
  • the creation of any substantial system (physical or biological, the one human being included here).
  • The scientific scenario assumes similar processes, in correspondent terms such as:

– the presence of a holographic “implicate / unfolded order” (associated with some pure informational fields / forms), postulated by quantum physicist David Bohm;

– this will further become an “explicate / unfolded order”, responsible for the creation of the cosmic world systems, physical and biological;

– the presence of the cosmic “field of light” generated by the Big-Bang explosion (Quasar) of a huge concentration of matter (Black-Hole) – as Stephen Hawking argued: a separation between energy-substance and information-field is till governing the stages of cosmic becoming, where information is still functioning as a “potential energy” determined by frequencies, wavelengths, amplitudes;

– Einstein’s scenario of passing from the existence of such an electro-magnetic field to the generation of the cosmic energy by its “compression”, first for generating a cosmic corpuscular substance by compressing the light energy according the formula: E = mc2, is quite relevant;

– the manifestation of the corpuscle-wave, according to Louie de Broglie ‘s principle of duality (photon, as particle and wave too), as an energy-information duality;

– the apparition of the biophotonic emission of light, specific to any biological system, “delayed / ultraweak bioluminescence”, as Fritz-Albert Pop has already put into evidence;

– the generation of the micro- and macro-biological fields, associated with the existence of living systems and described traditional mana, prana, ki etc. of the old medicine, of Hahneman’s “Vital Field” specific to every system, from the microcosmic ones to the universal / synergic biofield of energy-information pulsing in our cosmic world.

  • The semiotic scenario describe the distant therapy as a synergy of three types of complementary stages, predominantly manifested at a field-information structure (signifier), of an energy-substantial support (as signified), as a coupling of the information-field and energy-substance (the coherent healing sign).

Analogically speaking, we could find here the wise explanation of the old Indian semioticians, considering the triple manifestation of the Creative Sign as follows:

Four types of states could be ontologically connected to the majority of the world’s creation and becoming, corresponding to the following level of reality / light, successively generated one from another:

the state of a pure field, before any creation, as the central point of the triangle or as the top-point of the resulted tetrahedron;

a state of pure information, holographically manifested in the field, as a potential energy, when the BC side is absorbed by the AB side, characterizing the structures / forms without energy, but able to transmit distantly (healing) information, such as “thought-forms”, through a “holographic resonance” mechanism explained by bPTEI; this is the level where the transfer of healing information is passing from the therapeutic source / healer to the receiver patient;

a state of informational energy, when AB side is superposed over BC side, for giving a direction and sense of any energetically initiated action and system;

a state of informational and energized substantial forms, corresponding to the situation when the AB and BC sides are superposed over the BC side for generating all the objective forms and processes of the real world.


To prove that all these realities are interconnected – offering the possibility to pass by resonance from one state to another and reciprocally – is a problem of mind / understanding and of practice too. For example, distant therapy is a process of using the mind-body duality for:

– passing from a state of “pure information” into an energy able to deliver the body traps of electron and photons, and use it to the benefit of human corporal health;

– once installed, the optimized health state will transform the new energy-information state into states of pure information, which will be held at the level of the human auric body, and from here, transmitted in the wellbeing field of humankind; an so on.


By understanding these connections, the principle of the natural processes of healing became a reference for such amazing technology as CORE INERGETIX, able to realize the mechanism of conversion of information into energy and vice-versa. As Kiran Schmidt explains in his evocative texts []:

“Having gone so far, we can go now one step further and come back to what I already defined years ago: “Information is potential energy” and the other way round. This simple conclusion has the most far reaching implications for the new science of Informational medicine and Informational science in general as it makes the missing link between this new science and the established science of «energy physics»”.

“The CoRe system is an infant technology that connects information / goal / direction / purpose with energy and that way actually transforms information into energy and in this way turns it into visible reality – and even more importantly turns energy into information and creates the potential that your life is made for”.

“If we want to make a successful transfer of information to any communication partner, it is not enough to just modulate energy with information, but the energy used has to be such that the partner is able to receive it. The frequency range and pattern has to be client specific”.


By concluding, if we are accept and understand – in terms of Kiran Schmidt – that the manifestation of some informational effects, non-energetic ones, is indeed objective, we should agree that information is a “proportion of polarities”, which could be named “pattern”, or “shapes”, “forms”, able to generate healing effects – not by frequencies – but by informational moving, merging and rearranging pattern, shapes and forms – this is what the CoRe system is all about.

To pass from the spiritual theory / metaphysics to technology/ physics represents the main step of human knowledge, by supposing:

– to respect the technical condition of general communication, namely: giving and receiving information able to generate energy is supposing that the emitter and receiver have similar frequencies / forms able to be put in resonance;

– to use the very special applications of the bio-resonance instrumentation and the explanation of their biophotonic mechanism;

– to assume therapeutically the innovative devices such as Biophotonic Resonators, in their multiple forms of use, and to understand their functioning as a distant ExHo therapy.

By such a fertile connection, the bases of an integrative informational-energy medicine will be much better sustained.

2.1.2. The “Essential Unity”:

an integrative approach to human nature


Based on the above mentioned synthetic considerations, a integrative perspective – both inter- and trans-disciplinary – it is possible to accomplish a model of the “Essential Unity” (EU) theory [7], trying to prove the isomorphic nature of humanity, macro- and micro-cosmos, of the physical, biological and psycho-social levels of reality, or, in other terms, to prove the structural isomorphism between Human, Cosmos and God.

This model – already developed in many contexts, such as [Stanciulescu, 2007] – has taken into consideration the fact that – despite its fundamental diversity, which the postmodern culture claims – the world is still unitary in its essence, as the ancient culture postulated – at least from three points of view: structural, functional and morphological. In the next paragraphs, we will only reconsider the major postulates of “EU” theory, assuming their justifying arguments for describing, in a double perspective, the essence of the human being: metaphysical and physical.

(1) From a structural point of view, every complex system in the world supposes the presence of the four essential elements as already named: Substance and Energy, Information and Field, implicitly described above.

a) On the one hand, starting from such data, science itself suggests a possible mediating solution between creationism and evolutionism, postulating rationally two complementary perspectives for the appearance of the world:

ontologically, we could say: (a) God thought and created from the very beginning all things as “perfections”, but in a virtually / potentially / metaphysical manner (as “holographic patterns”); (b) these patterns became real forms by their evolutionary process and come to develop autonomously the grace of their “free will”;

epistemologically, we could say that: (a) the world was created starting from the field state of the Universal Creator, by activating the information, energy and substance resources; (b) the world’s realities are discovered step by step by human beings, following a reverse order: beginning from the substantial sensible forms to the invisible (energetic-informational) ones.

b) On the other hand, a simplified – but also essential – model of every reality of the world could take into consideration the dualism, corpuscle-wave. This means that everything in the world supposes a double structure: a “hardware” substratum (substance and / or energy) and a “software” (information or / and field); or, in semiotic terms, a signifier (substantial / energetic substratum) and a signified (informational content) [Stanciulescu, 1996]. As modern physical theory postulates [Constantinescu, 1990], every real object of the world is an expression of an essential couple: a quanta of energy (E = h?) and a quanta of information (I = ik?), the energy being predominantly stocked in the substance and the information being conserved especially in the field.

Creationism and evolutionism: a possible and necessary reconnection: the archetypal forms are perfect creations, informational ones; the real forms are generated by the “holographic resonance” of archetypes on the energetic-substantial level of the physical world objects.

The physical theory of light corresponds entirely to this model, taking into consideration that light is both energy and information:

– it is the dialectic couple of a photon and a wave, of a substantial corpuscle and of an afferent radiation (field);

– it is a coherent couple of a magnetic wave (information) and an electric wave (energy).

As we have argued in BTEI, it is possible to demonstrate that a mutual relationship is established between the “substantial body” (particle or complex of particle / atoms / molecules, etc.) and its correspondent “radiant body” (wave or complex of waves), such that:

– the body determines the state of the stationary (physical) / pulsatory (biological) field of any object / being taken into consideration, by its stimulated absorption / emission of radiation (photons, in the case of laser emission);

– the field is able to determine the stable corpuscular state of the substantial body, by a holographic mechanism of resonance.

In this way, it is possible to justify with other complementary arguments the validity of the above postulated scenario: the real body of the world is “birthing” when the coupling of informational field (hologram) and the substantial substratum is established, and they are “dying” when this duality is broken up.

The Matrix of Light:

the structural principles of the “Essential Unity” (a metaphysical approach)

(2) From a functional point of view, all the phenomena of the world become what they are by virtue of the following three dialectic / thermodynamic laws:

(a) The entropic cycle law: every system of the world passes with a statistical probability through three stages: Entropy 1 (appearance / incipient disorganization), non-Entropy (maturity / organization), Entropy 2 (disappearance / final disorganization). The dynamic “bell-model” of Gauss’s curve is operational in this context. Symbolically speaking, such a model is also described by a light-wave image.

(b) The law of (informational) continuity: A system does not disappear definitively, because it transfers essential information in the context of another new reality. A continuity succession of Galton-type curves could suggest intuitively such a progressive becoming. This law puts into evidence that the mass and energy’s conservation / transformation is doubled by a similar mechanism of information metamorphosis. And, because light is manifested as a continuous succession of waves, it represents the ideal archetype of energo-informational continuity.

(c) The law of (cybernetic) reversibility: finally, after a complex evolution, every system of the world will describe a circular cycle (the mythical “eternal return” developed by Mircea Eliade), retaking its evolution from the same first beginning, but informationally enriched, at another level of historical complexity. A helicoidal model (the “funnel model”) of each complex system of the world-becoming could be drawn in this context. Particularly, the light-wave dispersed by all the types of (meta) physical “crystals” of the world could be associated with such a helicoidal image.

Each of these three universal laws, according to the biblical “nothing is new under the sun”, to the Heraclitean “panta rhei” and to Hegel’s principles of dialectics, is describes the “fatal undulation” (Vasile Conta) of the world’s becoming (evolution), as a never-finished succession of states: … chaos – cosmos – chaos …, or … involution – evolution – involution, etc. Information has its essential role in this cyclic manifestation of the world’s systems, taking into consideration its capacity to modulate (structurally or non-structurally, phased or non-phased, in resonance / coherence or in dissonance) the informational properties of the receptor energetic-substantial substratum. Consequently, information (of light, implicitly) plays an essential role in the world’s levels of organization and disorganization.

The dialectic laws of the universal becoming

(3) Morphologically speaking, at the interference of the “structural support” (as signifier) with the “functional content” (as signified / signification), the essential forms of the macrocosm, microcosm and human reality are defined (by virtual or real significance). These archetypal forms – metaphorically named by us [Stanciulescu, 1990, 1998]: ovoid, hourglass, column, cluster [8] are the results of the certain fields (of light) resonance. We could argue the idea that these forms really are the most relevant consequences of the “Essential Unity” through the next three modalities:

  • (epistemo)logically, taking into consideration a gaussian “bell / wave” curve, we could determine the space of probability as an ellipsoidal tridimensional form (ovoid) opened by a specific “hourglass” toward another one, and so on, generating a “column” , and then a “column of columns” (cluster), etc.;
  • ontologically, we could put into evidence the fact that microcosmic forms (atoms, molecules, etc.) could be described by using the essential archetypes;
  • experimentally, we could prove simply that all “forms represent the manifest / active function of a (energy-information) field”, by remembering – for example – the experiment with the fine sand which takes a specific form when a certain sound (vibratory field) is emitted [].

The Essential Matrix: a) from informational archetypes

(ovoid, hourglass, column, grape) to: b) objective manifestation of “gold spiral”

The “sacred geometry”: a) from becoming archetypes ( to: b) objects forms [Schneider, 1994].

Becoming patterns of the “sacred geometry” [Poenaru, 2011]:

a) from fractalic universe to: b) holographic universe

Morphologically, it is quite simple to argue that the micro- and macro-structures of the human body are subordinated to the archetypal ontological forms, because:

– the “ovoid” describes the form of the nucleus, cell, of the major organs and of the “auric field” of the whole organism, etc.;

– the “hour glass” suggests the form of the chromosomes, of the cell division and the cellular “synaptic relationships”, etc.;

– the “column” is described by the DNA form, by the circuit of linked cells and by the organs’ relationships, etc.;

– the “cluster” is determined by the forms of cellular tissues, of the organs disposition inside the body, etc.

The dualistic vision of corpuscle-wave could be also extrapolated at the level of the human being, structured as a very complex “corpuscle” (the physical body) and a complex of radiation fields (the human aura).

The archetypal morphogenesis of cosmic world:

the “grape universe” and the “pulsatory expansion” modeling [Stanciulescu, 1985]

The “being of light”, a morphogenetic connection:

The human body, as a synergy of archetypal forms (similarly to the cosmogonic shadow)

Taking into account the general considerations above mentioned, we could say that the human being represents a wonderful architecture, integrating harmoniously the structural, functional and morphological principles of the world creation. Let us follow the specific action of these principles at the level of the human being’s existence.


* *

In conclusion, we could say that the human being’s complex structure-function-form could be taken as a mediator (holographic) “measure” between micro- and macrocosmic reality, between cosmos and God. In other words, that man really is a (holographic / structural) “measure of all things”, as the philosopher Protagoras asserted, we could maintain in two complementary ways:

  • rationally, demonstrating that the structure of the human being presupposes the same presence of the substance (particles, atoms, molecules, etc.) and energy (the four types of forces: strong, weak, electromagnetic, gravitational), of the information (physical, chemical and biological) and fields (frequency, intensity, amplitude, etc.) which characterizes the cosmic dust and the stars, the stones, plants and animals too;
  • intuitively, saying – in accordance with the founders of theology – that man is a “light from light”, that is “face and divine resemblance”, that is “dust and spirit”, that is the last and the most complex “prototype of all creation”, etc.; because, being something more than any other reality of the world, man has the power of rationality and of spiritual “free will”.

The scientific “anthropic principle”, arguing both in a “strong” and “weak” manner” [10] that the genesis of the cosmic / physical world is justified only for generating the (human) reflexive mind, founds its roots in this explanatory context. That the field of light is essentially responsible for the genesis / manifestation of the complex structure-function-form of the human being, we could see in the following section.

2.2. The “living light” hierarchies of the human being


Taking into consideration all the above mentioned aspects, we could propose an integrative model of the human body complex: a dualistic one, by superposing the two major type of dualities “corpuscle-wave”: the “physical body” and its’ afferent bio-field (the “vital body”), which could both represent the so called “physical body”, respectively the duality “emotional-body” (soul) and “mental body” (spirit).

Because the brain is the main emitter and receptor of the distant healing messages, its presentation realized from the original perspective of biophotonics becomes a necessary step in our study.

2.2.1. The human brain, a “third eye” connector:

a biophotonic approach to super-sensorial perception


The considerations of the present chapter are based on the explanations of biophotonics – namely the BTEI (Biophotonic Theory of Energy-Information) and BLT (“Biological Lasers” Theory), presented in my first article of this series [Stanciulescu, 2011a]. Therefore, only a few aspects of these two contributions will be repeated now, to better understand the possibility of humans generating distant healing phenomena, by means of the mechanism of the “light metamorphosis”, and of the genesis of life and health states implicitly.

Two complementary assumptions have been connected – from the biophotonic perspective – with the mechanism of distant therapy [Stanciulescu, 2003], namely:

a structural one, explaining – from the perspective of BLT – how a specific cerebral complex – the pineal and pituitary gland – represents an exceptional apparatus / antenna for receiving and transmitting information;

a functional one, clarifying how the information is received and metamorphosed by light into specific healing information.

As a synergetic result of these two perspectives, a synthetic explanatory model will be available for the distant healing mechanism as a (para) psychical / (bio) psychical one.


Given that a big part of EI interaction phenomena are related to human brain’s structure and function, a number of considerations shall be formulated from the perspective of biophotonics ( without being exhaustive, of course). These considerations reveal some useful knowledge about the brain’s structure and function [Stanciulescu, 2003 a, b], which is added to the already accepted theories. In the explanatory context of our problem – distant therapy- it is very important to explain how the brain is generating such a special and powerful source or information – as the PSI emission is – by means of the metamorphosis of natural light.

From the very beginning, two ideas should be taken into account when we talk about “the metamorphosis of light” (i.e. the conversion of light into bioluminescence inside the human body), which often generates misunderstanding.

1. An initial explanation (recorded by electromagnetism) points out the monochromatic primary radiation frequency, i.e. the number of oscillations per second reference wave, as happens in the case of electromagnetic radiation – beginning from radio and TV frequencies up to the visible UV frequencies, up to cosmic radiation – having values between 109 and 1023 Hz and so on. This frequency type, specific to monochromatic radiation, which we should call as the oscillation frequency (vibration), describes in particular the energy size of electromagnetic radiation.

2. A second concept reveals that the pulse frequency (specific to the “biological laser” impulses, including monochromatic) is removed from the (nonlinear) optics horizon. It shows the number of cycles per second (wave trains) which result through optical interference, at the level of the “biological laser” resonator (nuclear, cellular or of the organ). During this interference, within the resonator are generated maximum and minimum energies (nodes and ventrals) that are transmitted from close – to the brain firstly, then to the whole body, then on the optical axis of the cell, through pulses with holographic thermal plasma effects.

With this understanding, one may conclude that the alpha, beta, delta, etc brain waves – which are falling as an EEG potential and which are defined by a small number of cycles per second (0.5 to 30 cycles per second, sometimes improperly called “Hertz”) – are actually the values of the pulse frequency. These values are the result of successive monochromatic interferences and frequency modulation which the incident light radiation suffers by passing through the cellular, nervous system route. The resulting pulse frequency mainly characterizes the size of information of the electromagnetic radiation inside the living body, starting from the retina and continuing with the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

Following the above issues, we can say that the bioluminescence radiation, which is present in the brain (the energy / biophysics with which the brain operates) is like a paradoxical reality, being simultaneously:

– a radiation of “biological laser” type, coherent, monochromatic, polarized and directed on the optical axis of the cell;

– a wave undulating type (optical), as a result of the modulation in amplitude and frequency of the incident light which penetrates the body mainly via visual analyzer;

– of corpuscular nature, caused by the biochemical, electro-magnetic and photon effects, respectively through the activation of BEMPh mechanisms at the level of the “molecular laser” semiconductor (appearance of the electrons and photons);

– with low frequency pulse, characterized by successive monochromatic pulses (increasingly rare on cell chain, due to a decrease of the focal points), as a result of the modulation in amplitude of the incident radiation (at the level of the intracellular optical focal points, increasingly rare in the optical chain of the brain);

– with high oscillation frequency, increased due to the modulation in frequency of the incident radiation light, deviated to non-pathologic UV by the anti-Stokes effect and by the optic effects of the liquid crystal structures [10];

– with maximum information, as a result of modulation in amplitude and pulse rate reduction.

Just such complex properties of the brain bioluminescence make the brain emissions – the mysterious PSI waves – ambiguous when theoretically defined and also ambiguous when technologically used. Therefore we can make the assumption that the bioluminescence emissions of the brain (including the telepathic ones) are generated by a complex wave type, which engages – through a brilliant “natural” solution – the two waves used in radio technique: the “carrier” wave (modulated, of high frequency, short wavelength, but poor in information) and the “carried” wave (modulator, of low frequency, large wavelength, but rich in information),. In other words, the brain wave combines both variants, being in the same time “horse” wave (high oscillation frequency, which cannot be detected by EEG) and “rider” wave (low pulse frequency, as evidenced by EEG) [Stanciulescu, 2005].

The organ “biological lasers”: the connection of the “eye-brain”, the complex responsible for the “PSI WAVES” generation and manifestation

In conclusion, we can say that the mechanisms presumed by “light metamorphosis” that penetrate the body are able to account for:

  • The coherent transformation of the monochromatic pulses, analog type (at the resonator level, defined by cells’ body) in pulses of digital type (at the axon’s level) and vice-versa.
  • The frequency modulation (the energy increase as a result of electromagnetic waves by passing through the cellular crystals and anti-Stokes effect.
  • Modulation in amplitude (informational growth) due to the modification of pulses amplitude, related to the overcrowded cell shape and size.

The result of that latter correlation is the “biological laser” energy, which is unregistered so far in any evidence table of energetic and spectral quantity. In order to evaluate, it would require a double type of measurement performed simultaneously:

– a spectro-photometric one, able to put in evidence the PSI high frequency waves;

– an EEG / electro-encephalographic one, able to indicate the low frequency of the PSI trains of waves.

Such a measurement is still not possible to achieve , therefore we are still ignoring the real properties of the PSI waves. Biophotonics is trying to explain this living system, structurally and functionally designed, in the sense of maximum effectiveness.


2.2.2. The synergic premises of distant healing:

parapsychical connections

The biophotonic model of the “third eye” structure and functionality permits us to distribute / associate it with the presence of the seven levels of the human’s body light already mentioned by the oriental informational-energetic medicine. The seven aura levels act as many gates for different information received by the human body.

According to our already formulated considerations as regards the nature of information and energy, we could postulate that the informational healing transfer manifests itself in a few different complementary ways, but each time by the same “holographic resonance” mechanism, namely:

  • When it is received from the horizon of the human being, by a certain type of cerebrally controlled message, the resonance process is supposing both:

an informational content (signified), addressed to the receptor, having an explicit type of command, such as: “increase, increase…” or: “decrease, decrease…”;

– and a certain energetic field support (signifier), sustaining the message as a frame / medium of dispersion, which could be represented by:

a) an individual electromagnetic field, established between two resonant biological systems

b) the collective (bio) electromagnetic field or psycho-socio-field of human kind, for example; morphogenetic field of “pure informational forms”, which do not have any electromagnetic manifestation (no electric nor magnetic frequencies, namely), and even they can be put into evidence by electromagnetic stimulation, such as Kirilian effects.

The effect of the distant “light therapy”, by using hands’ field stimulation





Electrographies of some archetypal patterns: They do not posses their own energy, but they can initiate it – by resonance in ” form waves” – at the level of the substance (bio)receptors: a) the informational emission of simple geometrical shapes, curve and rectangular; b) the “form-waves” generated by two different mandalas used to stimulate the active substance of the BR; c) the inhibitory, stimulatory and equilibrating ” form waves ” effects upon the biological system: ficus leafs (electrographies taken by: [Guja, 2008]).

  • When it is received directly from the “vertical” of the information levels, directly from the superior and pure “forms of light”, without their own energy, the resonance process is differently manifested as:

morphogenetic “shapes of light”, such as: geometrical archetypes which are genetically projected over different real forms; these shapes could be received in order to achieve a healthier reconfiguration of cells, organs, organisms, by means of the attractive power of the models, as it happens in the case of the ExHo “Biophotonic Resonators” with colored mandalas, yantras, etc.;

bio-plasmatic entities, able to stimulate or inhibit through resonance the human BPL health;

possible disincarnate spirits, “floating” around human beings and able to generate diverse type of information and effects: starting with the scientific and creative ones and the therapeutic ones, etc.;

potential higher “divine hierarchies“, such as: angels, archangels, etc., able to transmit complex types of information, starting from the essential learning for humankind and then up to private message ones.

  • A specific situation is represented by human communication with superior incarnate beings such as extraterrestrial ones, which are able to transmit collective messages having BPL consequences, such as:

– different types of informational messages, such as the crops-circles [11], transmitting by their imprinted forms, a certain pure knowledge or a certain resonant vibration, waves of form / shape with different BPL consequences at human receptors;

– telepathic collective messages or mediated via mass media channels, as already happened in some cases; etc.


A subject still needed to be studied: photos of presumptive informational structures / entities surprised from invisible levels, resonating with human being BPL states: a, b) the “light-souls” of deceased persons ?; c) entity accompanying a clairvoyant and light-healer person (Desanka Nicolai); d) d circular and bio-plasmatic appearance during a conference; e) a bio-plasmatic entity during a social manifestation; f) many circular entities in a travel place (Barcelona); static and dynamic entities / structures above a mountain aria, early morning; g,j) visible from invisible sources: archetypal forms of “crop circles”: from “flower of life” to complex geometrical figures.

Naturally, all the above mentioned types of messages are received at the level of human super-sensorial receptors: at the level of the “third eye”, mainly, which transfer them further at the next levels, or at the level of the human aura field, able to receive, to store or transmit to the brain the received information.


Synthetically, the functional attributes of the human being “aura”, is more or less studied as mediator for distant healing or / and ExHo, are the following:

  • To mediate the “vertical” exchange of energy-information between the human being and the superposed hierarchical “fields of light”: physical (cosmic) or metaphysical (transcendental), this resonance being connected to strange parapsychical phenomena already mentioned, such as:

– the revelation (while receiving the solution of a certain disease through a dream, clairvoyance, clear-mind etc.;

– the receiving the medical solution directly from different “entities of light”, as the guiding spirits of “deceased people” (who possessed medical knowledge, for example, as it happened in the case of many well know mediums such as Jose Arigo, Edgar Cayce, Joan of God and many others);

– the resonance with pure “informational matrix”, kept into and at different morphogenetic levels (matricial forms), such as spirals, geometric forms etc., which are stimulating or inhibiting of human health;

All these types are essentially non-energetic ones, their manifestation being quoted as “pure resonance”, able to activate the inner energetic-substantial resources of the human organism, for improving its BPL states;

  • To assure the “horizontal” super-sensorial perception, representing the so called “sixth sense” of the human being:

– the presence of all these “fields of light”, responsible for the bio-psycho-logical homeostasis of the organism, can be registered by special supersensitive persons, able to “see” and to describe the connection of the exterior human bio-fields – modified by a human healer – and the states of the internal biological structures;

– the distance between the healing source and the human receptor, in all these cases, could vary from a few centimeters of hands / palms transmitting information, up to cosmic distances which light could cover in only a fraction of second.

All these phenomena and their associated mechanisms imply the specific properties of the “bioluminescent fields” of the human “aura”, the VITAL FORCE of homeopathy, in order to:

– enter into resonance / coherence with each other, in some specific conditions: the same (or nearly) form-frequency, the super-radiance state (generated by high emotional feelings, by spiritual elevated states, by common interests, etc.); this property is responsible for the “parapsychic” phenomena such as: telepathy, clear-vision, precognition, etc. (predominantly informational), respectively for the “natural” empathy / acceptance or antipathy / rejection;

– their radiant information transfer by an “horizontal” interference to another “light field”, having the same nature, stimulating (if the two fields are “in phase”) or inhibiting this one (if they are “opposite phase”); such phenomena are responsible for the “magic” distal influences, for the “white” or “black” witchcraft , or telekinesis, poltergeist, etc. (energetic especially);

– mediate the “vertical” transfer of information from another hierarchical field at the level of the whole biological substratum (in the case of the cosmic fields influences, by “zodiacal” determination, respectively) or at the level of the brain (in the case of “transcendental” communications: like revelation or channeling); this transfer (from “wave” to “corpuscle”) can happen by means of the “holographic resonance” mechanism explained through the PTEI;

– mediate the transfer of different types of energies (stimuli) from the exterior of the body and / or its interior medium, and to transform them – due to the piezoelectricity properties of the membranous “liquid crystals” – into the one and the same unitary “language of light”: of the electrons and of the bio-photons; in this way, the human brain operates in a binary mode, as computers do;

– transmit the received information, by the same mechanism of “holographic resonance”, towards the different levels of the body: to “E-I traps” directly to the sense organs, body complexes, involved etc.

This last mechanism is similarly activated in the case of self-healing also, when the therapeutic information is initiated and sustained by means of the holograms which are generated inside the patient’s brain, the information being transmitted further to the different ” E-I cellular traps ” (mitochondrial and nuclear DNA), tissues, organs, chakras – able to deliver specific healing resources.

Mutatis mutandis, by supposing that each homeopathic remedy represents a potential and distant source of information, we could consider that some of the principles above mentioned are active and functional in the case of (exogenous) homeopathy also.

Finally, in order to clarify a number of relatively ambiguous statements, only partially justified, it should be noted once again that:

– the act of distant healing is not explained through the energy of the therapist being located at a certain distance;

– the energy delivered / emitted by the healer only has the role of supporting the message (the PSI waves) to the target-receiver, no matter the distance, without generating direct effects;

– the therapeutic effect is due to the information contained in the “pure forms” or in wave frequency, magnitude and consistency of PSI waves received, which is likely to trigger in the body / diseased organs the appropriate energy consequences.

The general mechanism of holographic resonance (and implicit of the distal healing): the waves of the emitting source (remedy / biophotonic resonator etc.), acting as the “informational hologram” of the emitter, specifically interacts with the waves of the receptor (cell, organ), by modulating / normalizing its own vibratory state, on the one hand, by remodeling the receptor’s form (determining the liquid crystals repositioning), on the other hand..

Once again we can state that the general mechanism of information transfer (and implicit of the healing) by holographic resonance in the human body is as follows:

  • Directly on the substrate of the human body, from the field of the issuer to the vibration of the substantial substrate (membrane liquid crystal primarily). when the coherence degree is maximum;
  • Indirectly, from the field of the issuer to the human receptor bio-field (aura) and from here – after a certain time of constant and intense stimulation – to a determined level of the body.

Particularly, we could conclude that every type of exogenous therapy (without touching the receptor physical body) is working in this way, by transmitting the optimizing information-wave of the curative source, in a holographic manner, to the human body systems [to the resonators inside the body (blood, water, membranous liquid crystal structures etc.), directly – in the case of endogenous therapy, or indirectly, in the case of exogenous / distal therapy [Stanciulescu, 2006a].

All the above explanations figure only one size of the transmission and transfer process of information from the level of the wave undulating emission (bio-psycho-morphogenetic field) to the target recipient. Intuitively, it is trivial to say that we can send bio-physical information at a distance according to a mechanism which is similar to that of the RTV transmission, once we can demonstrate that the superior biological systems like the human brain are able to generate and transmit such types of waves. Such a possibility is justified through another contribution of biophotonics.

Practically, many natural and technological experiments could be understood by using the above mentioned mechanism (BTEI), thus explaining how it is possible to influence the corpuscle / body states acting on its afferent energetic-information field (the “auric / etheric body”), by means of the holographic resonance mechanisms. The regulatory role mentioned above becomes entirely understandable by means of the interference of the remedy’s emission of waves and the “auric field” of the receptor biological system.

As a consequence of this informational mechanism (to inform = to “put in-form”) mechanism, it is possible for us to understand the way in which the bio-field represents the cause of the possible (re)disposition / reordering of the body substratum structures and consequently, the regeneration of the human body health state. The above mentioned aspects – related to the “magic” of complementary therapies – are just a few that are explained by BTEI: the regeneration of the cells / tissues / organs under the effect of one’s own mental configurations, of meditation and positive thinking, etc.; the information transfer from one human subject to another, starting from telepathy to distant therapy; the phenomena of bio-energizing through hands, or of stimulation by means of “magic” objects, such as are the “amulets” containing organic ingredients (biophotonic resonators), as sources of some “holographic resonance” effects.

Further scientific research is required to clarify the explanatory details of all these mechanisms, which are able to approach, to bring together, the soul-spirit and matter, the metaphysics and physics.



3. Opened conclusions




In conclusion, understanding the complex nature of the above involved phenomena, we appreciate that the phenomenon of distant therapy is one of self-healing therapy, by triggering the energy-information resources of one’s own body. Therefore, it defines a bio-energy-specific informational process, in which the information and the energy – in turn, activate their specific effects.

All the mentioned arguments of biophotonics (and of its correlated procedures) for the hypothesis that man is a “living light” being, represent serious support for sustaining the main postulates of a “(meta)physics of light”, a “theory of the hierarchical fields of light” [Stanciulescu, 1990] and are justified by the contributions of many others, including the recent ones [Stanciulescu, 2011], respectively:

a) Soul-body dualism, expressed at the structural level by the presence of the dualities of substance-field, energy-information; the stronger bioluminescent level of human aura, characterizing this only partial visible dualism, is evidenced not only by clear-vision, but also by Kirlian and electronographic effects, by computational procedures, etc. This is the individual frame which allows a certain distant message – received from the horizontal or vertical plane of frequencies and forms – to contribute to the individual BPL state of health.

b) The resonance between the individual bio-psychical field and the psychic / social field of humanity, by activating some genetically inherited and culturally refined resources. The mediator levels of the human aura are responsible for this effect. Many intuitive functions such as “collective unconsciousness” or oriental “Akashic document”, and other objective effects, verified as being real, such as telepathy, precognition, etc., the technical discovery of “Shumann’s wave” (about 7,83 Hz frequency, modified in present to about 12-13 Hz, due to the terrestrial polarity modification), present as an integrator electromagnetic field around the Earth (the “light” of humankind), and sustain the truth of such a special resonance.

c) The relative autonomy of the individual “soul” from the “physical” body by means of maintaining it for a while (after the biological death of the individual) in a superior hierarchical duality (the one between the collective physical field and the “body of humankind” in its ensemble); all the ancient beliefs concerning the death phenomenon, respectively the recent discoveries of thanatology, put strongly into evidence the symbolic or real implication of the light.

d) the possible existence of some superior energetic-informational fields (transcendent), which have been ignored by the “cosmic consciousness” of human beings, but both have been able to resonate with each other since illo tempore; in this topic, the proofs are for the moment only speculative, being formulated from the perspective of religious beliefs, or from still “mythical” considerations of (paleo) bio-astronautique, etc., which tries to put into evidence the multilevel manifestation of light, respectively.

We could presume that, if all these “hierarchies of light” really exist, and represent the levels of the Supreme Creation itself, they could define the objective frame for a “(META)PHYSICS OF LIGHT”, having the human being’s emissions of light as a “hard nucleus”. By proposing such a constructive intention, we must pay attention to the fact that:

– metaphorically speaking, the human beings’ light is the effect of the divine “light cascade”, that manifests itself for a while as an autonomous “light river”, which will turn, after a while, towards God, as a “light artesian fountain”;

– scientifically speaking, the human being is an interface for the multiple manifestations of light: biophysical, psychical, social and galactic (transcendental).

The ensemble of all these manifestations and their signification defines what we have called “complex light”, imposing an “analytic hermeneutics”, able to unify all the connotative senses of the “living light” in a unitary semantic construction.

By understanding and using efficiently the bits of this “living light”, we could learn how to stimulate our invisible frame of life, full of forms and subtle information, in order to homeopathically harmonize our individual and collective states of health, and to generate in this way a human harmonious RAINBOW.


[1] From the very beginning, I must stipulate that the present study is not explicitly and specifically connected to (exogenous) homeopathy. But, implicitly – treating the problem of distant heating – it has a very relevant implication with this subject because: a) it presents a more explicit structure of the human being, according to his / her informational and energetic functionality, making more understandable the mechanism of homeopathy; b) it offers a biophotonic model of the cerebral / brain structure and activity, this representing an essential condition for understanding some ignored mechanisms of neuro-psychic diseases; c) it represents the analogical key of explaining more precisely the therapeutic connection between the human states and the “Biophotonic Resonators”; d) it offers a rational / scientific explanation of all types of “magic phenomena” supposing mainly informational interactions, such as (exogenous) homeopathy.

[2] A necessary distinction must be mentioned here, as Dr. Liviu Nuteanu has already formulated, namely: distant healing supposes both the mechanism of an: (a) auto-therapy / self-healing, when the distant therapist is stimulating the delivery of the deep Energy-Information traps of the human body; b) objective therapy, realized by the therapist who acts directly on the illness’ cause / manifestation (as happens in the case of cancerous cells destruction).

[3] According to Ferdinand de Saussure, a sign could be defined as the connection between an informational / resonant content (signified) and an energetic / substantial substratum (signifier), their connection determining the sign’s signification.

[4] In our acceptance, the expression “Complex Light” concerns all the possible manifestations of the light, starting from the “uncreated light” to the created electromagnetic spectrum and the human biological light.

[5] I confess that the insertion of this chapter in the frame of the present paper was stimulated by my very special friend Kiran Schmidt, a very gifted promoter of informational-energetic medicine and the inventor of an amazing bio-resonance apparatus – CORE INERGETIX – able to process not only the energies kept by the substance, but also the “pure information” of the shapes-forms conserved by different types of field. Among others purposes, the present study intends to clarify a mis-understanding generated by the “noise” of our communication. Due to an incomplete presentation of my perspective on information and energy connection, Kiran was justified to write me on February 1, 2011 the following: “Dear Traian, you are hanging on to the old mistake to think that information necessarily needs some energetic support. This is the mistake of Einstein but CoRe or all distant treatment and evaluation shows that this is not the case – these techniques show this in that they are not time and distant dependent whereas all energetic effects are. I attach a post that is groundbreaking in this respect as it defines the smallest unit of Information as a pair of polarities (just the old YIN-YANG concept). Now the new science of Communication will need to find: 1. What are basic informational polarity pairs (like male-female, physical-spiritual, day-night, active-passive…); 2. How via semiotic and symbolic methods, to change the proportion of the respective polarities in such a pair to match it with the receivers resonance pattern…”. Apparently simple, the problem of information and energy, field and substance connection formulated by Kiran is the still unsolved one which split human knowledge into spiritualism and materialism. A connection between these two perspectives is necessary. Because this problem is implicitly correlated with the topic of distant therapy, we will present a synthetic draft of a future more detailed assumption. In these conditions, for the possible lack of clarity or of detailed presentation, I am addressing my excuses to all the potential readers, and not the least to Kiran himself.

[6] As BLT explained, the synergy of the four cosmogonic elements – the earth / phosphate, the water / linked and structuralized, the air / molecular oxygen, stimulated by the fire / visible light and IR – is representing the “active substance” of the “biological lasers”, able to assure the manifestation of the 5th integrative universal manifestation: the LIFE itself.

[7] We have already mentioned [Stanciulescu, 2001: 47] that we could use a more precise syntagm for defining the “EU” idea, as Dr. David Cornberg suggested to us: “scalar self similarity” or “self similarity across different scales”.

[8] We consider these forms as being archetypal, because they superpose on each other symbolical forms present in human culture and cosmic nature, such as [Iliescu, 2001]: cross, rhombus, spiral, wheel, flower, ramification, etc.

[9] The theory of “anthropic principle” developed two types of arguments: (a) the “strong” one, demonstrating that all the micro-cosmic physical properties of (cosmic) matter are so correlated, that they permitted the appearance of living matter; (b) the “weak” one, arguing that the space-time, macro-cosmic evolution is optimally correlated with the appearance of life and (human) intelligence. The mediating presence and action of light (as gravitational and electromagnetic field, as universal force and as photonic “substance”) is essentially involved in this genesis

[10] Even increased in frequency, the intensity of the biophotonic radiation is an “ultra-weak luminescence” [Popp, 1989]. Therefore, its’ intensity could not be harmful at all for the human body’s health, despite their very high energy. But it is exactly this huge energy (compatible with that one obtained inside the particle accelerators) – determined by the bound circuit of cell / biolaser ? cell / biolaser ? cell / biolaser ? … – is able to determine and explain para-physical and para-psychical phenomena such as: levitation (supposing an anti-gravitational Meissner effect), inedia (involving the Kervran effect of elements’ transmutation), magic medicine (based on “holographic resonance”), etc.

[11] Conforming to the “holographic resonance” mechanism, these messages of distant transmission are carrying pure information, the “crop circles” being generated by holograms transmitted, somehow by someone, for imprinting a soil strongly energized with the holographic matrix, first, the image being clearly visualized in the wheat culture, accordingly twisted, second. This mechanism is perfectly similar to that of distant healing.



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About the author

Traian D. Stanciulescu

Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu graduated from the Institute of Architecture and from the Faculty of Philosophy. He is currently a full professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iassy in Romania where he teaches semiotics, hermeneutics, creatology, etc., and coordinates doctoral papers in these fields. He is a senior scientific researcher at the National Inventics Institute in Iassy. He has written and coordinated 32 books including Signs of Light and Semiotics of Light. For his theoretical and practical research, he has received many international awards.
Prof. Stanciulescu is President of ROASS (Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies) and Vice-president of ANATECOR
(Romanian National Association for Complementary Therapy)

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