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Homoeopathy for Health in Africa

Jeremy Sherr writes about Homoeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA), it’s progress and what it accomplished for the community. He also discusses his New Dynamis Course 2024.

At Homoeopathy for Health in Africa, we are dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. It’s incredible to see the positive impact Homoeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) and its dedicated team is making in the Kilimanjaro region.

HHA currently provides homoeopathic healthcare to over 13,000 people, but we believe that we can do even more to transform healthcare in the Kilimanjaro region with the HHA Education

Program. Sustainability can be a bit of a buzzword these days, but we can say with confidence that our project is increasingly sustainable.

We owe much of this sustainability to our remarkable team of Tanzanian homoeopaths: Patience, Elisia, and Anitha.

These talented individuals have received their training right here in Africa and have accumulated several years of invaluable experience. Patience has been a qualified homoeopath for a decade, while Anitha and Elisia have five years’ experience.

Their extensive knowledge and adept case management abilities have been refined through the care they provide to numerous patients each week. The outstanding results we achieve are a testament to their expertise, and in cases that require additional support, we are fortunate to have Camilla and Jeremy backing us up.


We also have Vanessa, our trainee homoeopath. Every day, Vanessa is on a journey of acquiring knowledge and expertise. In the near future, she will join the ranks of financially independent women, just like our other three accomplished homoeopaths. The impact of this transformation is nothing short of monumental.

Vanessa will not only be self-reliant but will also have the capacity to provide for her family and extend essential healthcare to approximately 40-50 individuals every week.

This embodies true sustainability—a process of empowering local individuals through education to deliver the vital healthcare services our community so desperately needs. Investing in someone like Vanessa is an investment in the well-being and future of our community.

In addition to our resident qualified homoeopaths the Education Program extends into community based health care which is invaluable in remote areas of the region.  Creating a network of care one the ground, day in day out, where it is needed.

The Future

We now plan to expand our reach and create an even more sustainable future for our project. Our HHA Education Program has a successful track record, having been meticulously developed and implemented in Tanzania, Malawi, and Uganda. The success story in the Maasai Tribal lands is particularly inspiring, showcasing the transformative power of education and community-based health care.

Nine people were initially selected to participate in our education program in association with a local Maasai community centre. The participants of the program were all leaders in their own right and committed to delivering better health services to their communities.

They initially studied homoeopathic philosophy, anatomy and physiology and 24 remedies useful in acute situations. Many questions later and the program expanded! The participants thirst for knowledge meant many new remedies and information on particular ailments such as coughs, diarrhoea, malaria and eye infections (very common from the dust and smoke from cooking fires).

The program has run for over eight years now and the front-line health care they are able to provide is really fantastic for their communities

Now, we are ready to take it to the next level, impacting even more lives. We plan to train another 40 people, to provide a similar community health service in new locations. Trained homeopathic community leaders can offer homeopathy directly to their remote communities; a child can quickly receive a homeopathic remedy before they get severely ill. Help is  more immediately available for the      many injuries that occur in  these farming districts.

Your Impact

When you enroll in Dynamis you contribute towards the sponsorship of a student in Tanzania. Sponsoring a student in our HHA Education Programme allows you to be a vital part of this transformation. For every ten Dynamis students, we gain one student in Tanzania.

The impact of your support goes beyond mere numbers. Each of the 40 students we aim to train will gain a valuable profession and a source of income. This not only benefits them individually but also extends to their families, providing for up to five family members. This ripple effect leads to sustainable livelihoods, improved health, and a reduction in poverty.

Dynamis School for Advanced Homoeopathic Studies will be actively supporting this initiative.  In launching the new 2024-2026 course Dynamis has pledged to sponsor the training of one Tanzanian student for every ten students who enroll on the course.

About the New Dynamis Course –  Jeremy Sherr

(Note: We will be offering generous discounts for our Indian homoeopathic colleagues, please email [email protected] for details )

“I am really excited to announce a new phase in the evolution of the Dynamis School for Advanced Homoeopathic Studies. After 37 years of teaching Dynamis all over the world, I am moving to online teaching with videos, home study and Live Zoom.

In 1986, at the request of my students, I started a one-year postgraduate school. Dynamis has since evolved into a full advanced study program, benefiting thousands of homoeopaths around the world. It’s fulfilling to see many of them go on to become respected teachers

I decided to record a whole Dynamis course, which was held at Mani Norland’s School of Homoeopathy. This is an excellent recording, which has been edited to a high degree. You are going to get the very best of Dynamis, in short, easy to watch lectures, all neatly catalogued and arranged for your convenience.

This will be accompanied by a course textbook with all the notes, and some home-play. The whole Dynamis curriculum is there, in a better, more accessible and more digestible format. You don’t have to cram it into one jet lagged weekend. You don’t have to take notes; just choose the videos and read the companion books. All this in the comfort of your own home, with no expensive hotels and flights!

I know that nothing can replace personal interaction, so every month Camilla or I will do a ‘live’ zoom session, where you can ask questions, we can give extra teaching and discuss the lessons learnt.

There is also new extracurricular material; philosophy, cases, materia medica, articles and videos, which I will make available for you. Some free, some at a special reduced price. Want to visit us in Africa for two weeks of amazing learning? You will get 10% off. And if enough people want, Camilla and I will do an extra summer meeting live, so we can party as well.”

Full details are in the brochure, FAQ and application form are here –https://mailchi.mp/dynamis/dynamis-course-2024

About the author

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. He founded the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies in 1986. He maintains busy practices in London, Tel Aviv, and New York and Africa.
He is a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Israeli Society for Classical Homoeopathy. Jeremy is an honorary professor at Yunan Medical College, Kunming, China and an Associate Professor at University Candegabe for Homoeopathy, Argentina.
Jeremy is the author of ten homoeopathic books and many published articles and research papers and has proved (a process of shamanic and academic research) and published 38 new homeopathic remedies. He authored the Dynamics and Methodology of Homoeopathic Provings and Dynamic Materia Medica: Syphilis., 'Helium' ‘Neon’ and ‘Argon.’
He is the author of the Repertory of Mental Qualities and of ‘Homoeopathy for Africa’, a free teaching course for African homoeopaths. He has published three extensive (over 40 hours) online video courses which he edited by himself, including the ‘The homeopathic Treatment of epidemics and of AIDS in Africa.’
During the last 11 years Jeremy has been living and working in Tanzania with his wife Camilla, also a homeopath, on their voluntary project ‘Homeopathy for Health in Africa’ treating AIDS patients for no charge and researching remedies for AIDS.
www.homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org www.dynamis.edu

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