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Building a Homeopathic Clinic in Kenya

The Abha Light Foundation is striving to build a homeopathic clinic in Kenya.

Editor’s Note:  Abha Light Foundation founder and director, Didi Ananda Ruchira is a homeopath and Ananda Marga nun. She works in Africa, treating ailments such as HIV, Malaria and TB. She has developed new methods, medicines and protocols. She founded permanent and mobile clinics and a school, to extend the reach of homeopathy. See an article about ABHA on Hpathy https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/pioneering-homeopathy-in-kenya/


Proposal for Building a Homeopathic Clinic at Ndivisi Market, Bungoma County, Western Province – Kenya

Abha Light Foundation has been promoting Natural Medicine and Homeopathy in Kenya since 1998. We have taught over 75 promising youth in Homeopathy, Reflexology, Massage, Nutrition and Naturopathy in 2½ year courses. The big advantages to these therapies is that they are effective, affordable and can be established with little infrastructure in places where conventional medicine is not readily available.

We have two large clinics affiliated with us. For the Kambimawe clinic, established in 2004, we built the clinic with ecological and economical pressed-soil bricks.

Daniel Mulama and his brother Moses Kitui graduated from the Abha Light College in 2010 and have been steadily improving their livelihoods as homeopathic and natural medicine practitioners.

They have acquired a land which they are prepared to donate to Abha Light and build a clinic. The need for health care services in this low income community is great. An Abha Light clinic can contribute towards the betterment of this community.


You can help through PAYPAL

Donations can be made thru the Paypal button on the website. Credit card payments accepted.    www.abhalight.org/home.html


1. Our clinic at Kambimawe village, in Eastern

Province. We built 8 rooms using

hand-pressed-soil bricks




2. Didi Ruchira at a mobile clinic.




3. Daniel standing in the plot donated to Abha Light for a new clinic




About the author

Didi Ananda Ruchira

Didi Ananda Ruchira, DIHom, ND, FKIAM, KSoH - an American, has been a homeopath since 1998. She"™s been living in Kenya for twelve years. She is the director of Abha Light Foundation. She also holds position on the executive board of the Kenyan National Traditional Health Practitioners Association.
Director Cells: 0733-895466 / 0723-869133
Skype: anandarucira

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