I Like a Fast-Paced Life – A Deep Study of Sarcodes

Drs. Trupti Miwale and Smital Khidrapurkar discuss the various indications for sarcodes including using sarcodes as constitutional remedies. The sarcodes include those made from endocrine glands, healthy secretions, milk products and matridonal sarcodes. A  full case is offered to illustrate.    

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The term “Sarcode” is derived from a “Greek word” that means “fleshy.”  Plants as well as animals have fleshy components, but when we talk of Sarcodes in the homeopathic context, we are really referring to remedies that are sourced from the animal kingdom.  They are prepared from healthy animal tissues (whole endocrine glands or glandular extracts), healthy secretions (mostly hormones; also enzymes and neurotransmitters).


These are classified based on the source they are prepared from.


  • Thyroidinum (thyroid gland from sheep or calf)
  • Pituitarum posterium/Pituitaria glandula posterior (the posterior portion of the pituitary gland of sheep).

SARCODES FROM HEALTHY SECRETIONS (Hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters)

  • Adrenocorticotrophin /ACTH/ Corticotropinum – A polypeptide hormone secreted by the pituitary gland which in turn stimulates secretion of hormones by the adrenal glands.
  • Adrenalinum/Epinephrine – Hormone secreted by the medulla of the adrenal glands.
  • Cortisonum (Cortisone acetate; cortisone monoacetate) – Crystalline steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal gland cortex in man.
  • Insulinum – A pancreatic hormone that regulates level of sugar in blood and produced by the beta cells of islets of Langerhans.
  • Pepsinum – A proteolytic enzyme produced in the mucosal lining of the stomach, procured from the stomach of sheep or calf.
  • Histaminum hydrochloricum (prepared from purified chemicals called histidines).
  • Dopamine hydrochloride – Inhibitory neurotransmitter, naturally occurring immediate precursor of norepinephrine.
  • Testosterone.


  • Orchitinum (Testicular)
  • Oophorinum (from the ovaries of cow, sheep or pig)
  • Corpus luteum (from ovaries of pregnant animals)
  • Pancreatinum (from pancreas of beef, containing digestive enzymes).


  • Amniota Humana – prepared from human amniotic fluid.
  • Placenta Humanum – prepared from human placenta.
  • Umbilicus Humanus – prepared from human umbilicus.
  • Vernix Caseosa – prepared from the covering of the baby’s skin at birth.
  • Lac Humanum/Lac Maternum – prepared from human milk/milk of 9 lactating women in different phases of lactation.
  • Folliculinum – prepared from artificial hormone oestrone.


  • Lac felinum – cat’s milk.
  • Lac caninum – bitch milk.
  • Lac vaccinum – cow’s milk.
  • Lac leoninum – lion’s milk.
  • Lac equinum – horse’s milk.
  • Lac caprinum – goat’s milk.
  • Lac delphinum – dolphin’s milk.
  • Lac vaccinum defloratum – skimmed cow milk.
  • Lac vaccinum coagulatum – curd of cow milk.
  • Lac vaccinum flos – cream of milk.


  • Cholesterninum – A principal sterol in higher animals, main constituent of gallstone and bile, furnished by the epithelium lining of gall bladder and the larger ducts.
  • Fel tauri – Fresh ox-gall.
  • Vulpis fel – Fresh fox-gall.
  • Ingluvin – Gizzard of a fowl.
  • Lecithin – Yolk of egg and animal brain.
  • Glandula mammalis – from the mammary glands of the cow and sheep.
  • Thalamus.
  • Thymus gland.
  • Urea.
  • DHEA
  • DNA/RNA.
  • Mitochondria
  • Melatonin

Common Indications for Sarcodes:

  • When there is a paucity of symptoms and no clear-cut constitutional remedy picture is apparent.
  • To complement the constitutional remedy or as an intercurrent remedy.
  • To stimulate an organ which is either hypofunctioning or hyperfunctioning.
  • Pathological conditions where the organ is affected structurally, including malignancy, thereby entirely losing its function.
  • Past and family history of certain clinical conditions that might have left an adverse effect/imprint on the patient’s constitution.
  • For the purpose of detoxification.

Apart from the above well-known indications for a sarcode prescription, of late we have also been using sarcodes as constitutional remedies themselves.  It is because we now understand that each of these glands or the secretions from which the sarcodes are derived, are designed to perform very specific but complex roles or functions in different physiological processes required to help our body maintain a state of homeostasis or continual balance. Therefore, when we come across a patient who presents in such a way as though his whole being is affected by hypofunctioning or hyperfunctioning of a part or that his whole being is consumed with a constant effort to execute certain function in a systematic and sequential manner, we are able to recognize that this is a sarcode case.  “If a healthy tissue (in particular) takes over the whole being of a patient, that points to a sarcode.” (The Sensation in Homoeopathy by Dr. Rajan Sankaran).

We are going to illustrate the above with the following case.

I like a fast paced life…..

D – Okay tell us your complaints?

P – My basic problem is with my digestion system.  I feel very acidic, and there is a lot of heat in my stomach, you know I feel not exactly a burning sensation but something like it is warm in my stomach, I can feel that from inside and I need to puke in 3 to 4 days to get rid of the acid.  It does not come out naturally.  So I have been to many doctors, many different diagnoses but nothing has worked so far.  I needed to go to the toilet 3 to 4 times in a day.  So, I have been diagnosed as IBS and allergic for many thingsIt happens frequently. But whenever I puke I feel absolutely alright. If I have any problems like acidity, the next morning if I have warm water and puke then I feel absolutely fine. Or if I don’t puke for 8 to 10 days, then automatically the 10th, 11th or 15th day I have to puke… it comes out, I cannot forego for long like if I leave it or say I think I will never puke again then it wouldn’t happen….it will…I have to do that.  If I take a course of Omez for 30 days, that time I didn’t have to do that, but then allopathic medicines for such a long duration is not good. Then this causes a lot of anxiety…when stomach is not well…not anxiety but you have that anxious feeling from the stomach.

Then every 3 to 4 days I feel a burning sensation in my penis while urinating but not many doctors could actually fix as to what exactly is the problem.  It is a tingling sensation. You know if it starts in the morning it will last the whole day, next day it will automatically disappear or I will take some Cital or something when I have to travel or go somewhere you know…it is always there.  (Hasty Speech)

D – Just tell me again about this anxiety?

P – Yeah. I get the same feeling when actually you feel anxious….something is going to happen, so that time you have a feeling in your stomach, I get the same feeling without any reason.  Even if I am sitting normally I will feel that anxiety.

D – What do you feel in the stomach?  Feel that right now and just tell me the experience.

P – It is difficult to define actually.  Suppose you are in the stock market now, you have put some money somewhere, you have a feeling that the market is going to go up or the market is going to go down, so you have a feeling in your stomach…churning of the stomach you can say. Your stomach churns like…you feel that emotion, but the problem is that I feel that emotion without a reason. It is just like seeing a lion…if you see a lion you get scared right?  But then you are seeing a lion and you get scared, but I get scared without seeing a lion.  The doctors I have been to before say it is IBS as the stools I pass are majority of the time loose and it is frequent 3 to 4 times a day.

D – Okay.  Loose means?

P – Normally when you have stools, it is solid enough.  This is not solid enough.  There are some medications which I take, the next day it is normal, the stools are also solid.  Like any anti-allergic medicine…I will not have any issues next morning.  I have some rhinitis problem for which I take some allopathic medicines. If I take those medicines it is good, but as soon as I stop it gets back to normal.

D – Tell me about this rhinitis problem?

P – Sneezing, my eyes get red, and itch a lot. If I start sneezing, I will sneeze for you know 20 times, 30 times non-stop.  If I have that problem, morning when I get up I will start sneezing immediately, my nose will start running, my eyes will start itching…I literally have to keep rubbing my eyes.  So there is a spray or something he has given me called Nasaflow. If I use that spray then it is normal in some time but then once this attack starts, I have to do that medication for 7 days…then it will subside.

D – This starts because of?

P – I think pollution.  Especially during winters if I use a 2-wheeler maybe even for 3 to 4 days consecutively, I will get an attack.  That is why I avoid using 2-wheelers.  I have to use a car.  I used to smoke before. I quit, that was for the same reason.  I was getting irritated with the smoke.  But this has all started after 2007 like, before that I never had any of these issues…nothing.  I used to play professional cricket.  So physically I don’t feel any issues.  The only issue is this rhinitis and stomach.  And something is seriously wrong with the stomach, wrong means the system of it, I have been really fed up of it. I have been doing this for the past 7 years.

D – You were a cricketer you said?

P – I used to play professional cricket until 2002. I used to get up in the morning, go for treks, play for full day 50-50 over matches, sometimes 3 days.  I continued playing cricket, not professional you know, continued gymming, running, yoga.  To tell you something more about myself…I think a lot, I cannot stop thinking, my mind just keeps racing, even if I go to sleep I have to tell myself 10 times okay now it is time to sleep.  I will keep thinking, the mind races…

D – Say more about this…

P – Every night it takes me at least 1 to 1-1/2 hour in bed to fall asleep.  I cannot just hit the bed and go to sleep.  Like there are many people who just lie down and in 5 mins they are off.  I cannot do that.  If I don’t take any medicine from any doctor, then in the morning often I feel nauseous…in the morning when I get up.

D – Tell something more about this nausea in the morning.

P – See normally when I get up, I prefer having couple of glasses of water.  So if I am not under any medication, then as soon as I have couple of glasses of water, I will feel like puking.  I feel like something has to come out from the system.  And when I puke it is quite bitter.  I have got an endoscopy also done to find out if there is something wrong with my stomach.  The doctor said the diagnosis was noncorrosive antral gastritis.  Though he was of the opinion that this is a system fault, like my body does not flush out acid, so there is nothing much that can be done about it.  If something is not working, it is not working.  It was his opinion, but I feel if it works when I take medicines, it should work normally also…right?  If I take medicines, then that time I am normal for 10 to 15 days at a stretch, so why not without that?  But if you say it is a system fault with my body, then it should be like that always right?

I don’t like allopathic medicines in general.  Already my stomach is not good, after that if I take say antibiotics or anything my body goes under a lot of stress.  My body actually shivers, I can feel the antibiotics in my body, I cannot digest.

D – You said your body shivers?

P –Recently I was given a big dose of antibiotics for a scrotal abscess right beneath the testis.  There are many people who don’t feel a difference when they are taking antibiotics or any other medicines but I can feel the difference.  You can say my body doesn’t like it.  Any type of sedatives like alcohol may feel good for 3 to 4 hours, but the morning after I don’t feel good to take it, not specifically hangover, but I generally don’t feel good, it makes me more acidic… Even if I take cough syrup, sometimes there is a bit of sedation.  It makes me feel good for that time period, my mind just gets relaxed for that given time.  Like I told you, I constantly have a feeling of anxiety in my stomach.  So whenever I consume alcohol that feeling goes away automatically. So I feel better at that given moment of time, but the next morning I will feel more acidic, more nauseous.  So any medicine, like even I told you cough syrups, there are some medicines like anti-allergic medicines which give some sort of sedation, that makes me feel good for a given period of time.  I told you I have rhinitis and I take those antiallergic medicines, there are some sedatives in that also.  So I take it for a week and my whole body feels very good for that whole week. I don’t have any issues like acidity and going to the toilet frequently, nothing happens.  But as soon as this ends, it begins again.  My personal analysis is there is something wrong with my stomach only.

D – You said you feel an anxiety in your stomach like people in the stock market? Can you talk about that some more?

P – See I was a stock broker also, I was not actively involved, I was a financing partner.  So if you are trading in huge quantities in a day, there is always an anxiety that you might lose money, you might gain money. It might be euphoria sometimes, but I am not talking about that euphoric feeling, it is about the anxiety during that transaction. Or it is like at the sight of a lion – I am open in the jungle and the lion comes in front of me.  So that time how you feel, I feel that without any reason you know, I feel that coming to me…that sensation without any reason and I can tell myself, why I am feeling this ? But there are some things that you just can’t control, it cannot be controlled by mind, there is something I feel in the stomach which cannot be controlled.

D – So were there losses in the stock market?

P – No.

D – So about the lion part….you have seen a lion in real life?

P – Yeah.  At the zoo or maybe I have been to Chitwan….not a lion, I think I have seen a tiger over there.

D – Tiger?  Was it in the wild or in the cage?

P – In the wild.  It was like they will make you sit on an elephant and they show you wild animals.  That was a long time ago.

D – So that was an exciting feeling for you to see animals in the wild?

P – Nothing special.

D – So let us visualize, suppose you were in the jungle in the open, in the wild, and you encountered a big cat like a lion or a tiger. What would be the feeling for you?

P – I would get scared.

D – And when you are scared, what happens in the body?

P – Deep breathing, my breathing will increase, and I get a churning feeling in my stomach (HG)

D – Churning?  Tell about that churning(To understand what is the sensation? Especially if associated with a hand gesture)

P – It is like you feel that your stomach is cramping (HG)

D – Cramping?

P – Yeah, that is the feeling. And after that you will feel the urge to go to the toilet, that is what happens with me, without seeing a tiger or a lion. I get the churning feeling and I feel the urge to go to the toilet. And every time you go, majority of the time it is loose.

D – When was the first time in your life you experienced something like this?  Go back.

P – I can actually tell you, first time in my life it was like 2007. I had gone out with my friends for dinner, I came back home, that was the first time I puked in my life.  I was feeling very acidic, even before going for the dinner I was feeling very acidic that day, I came back…I remember after that this kept on increasing like I felt more and more acidic, I felt the urge to puke.

D – What stage of your life were you in 2007? What was going on in your life?  Career wise? Personal wise?

(What was the onset or causation factor?)

P – I really don’t know. If something that was troubling me a bit, it was that I had an affair with a girl.  So that could be one reason that could be making me anxious or something.

D – You are married now?

P – I am married now since 2010, I have 2 kids.

D – So this affair was before marriage?

P – Before marriage. And I didn’t get married to her. It was a very long affair.  Started around 2000-2001. We ended it in 2009, and after that I got married.

D – So what went wrong in this relationship after so many years?

P – Nothing, religion of course.  It was not working out. I do miss her, but I don’t regret, like okay whatever happened has happened, now you cannot change some things, she is married, I am married.

D – You are in touch with her?

P – No…no, I am not in touch.  So…everything is going on smoothly…so no issues.  But that was a very exciting time…like after 2001-2002.

D – Exciting?

P – You know to go and meet her you know, to catch up with her, whatever you have physical relations or whatever you know?  At that age to have that you have to have a place and all that, so those times were exciting, maybe that was the reason or something I don’t know.  But I didn’t feel that time, I would actually go to her place when her parents were asleep, so I didn’t have that feeling of fear at that time.  I never felt at that time that if I got there I will get scared, someone will wake up.  If she told me her parents are asleep you can come, I could go to her place.  It was always at the back of my mind that they are sleeping in the house but you are still there but I could do that, I could call her in the middle of the night.  That time we didn’t have mobiles and all, had a landline fixed number and fixed time, so we had a fixed watch, this time I will call you, 11:00 pm. So at half a ring she will pick up, or she will call me and I will pick up.  So those times were a bit testing…..like exciting.  So that could be one of the reasons.  Even I try to reason out what could be the reason for all this? So this could be one of the reasons.

D – So you would have liked to get married with her?

P – Of course 100%, but my family wouldn’t have agreed. If we have two kids, and one will be this, one will be that, I said this cannot be done.  You cannot have such a relationship.

D – You were also not ready to separate from your family for her?

P – No, at that time no.

(Who is the person?)

D –Then there was a cricketing part of your life also right.

P – Yeah.  I used to play professional cricket for quite a few years.  Now, sometimes when my stomach gives me this churning sensation, I feel I don’t have that much of energy, anxiety takes away all the energy, then I have to sit down, settle myself for 10 to 15 minutes, maybe an hour, then I can get back to normal.  I go for a run 4 times a week, I can run for an hour non-stop.  I make it a point to be fit.  Nowadays I am traveling a lot, so if I don’t go running, I make it a point to walk 45 minutes.  I have always been a fitness enthusiast.  I don’t like putting on weight.  So that also worries me sometimes, I just checked my weight, I may be putting on a bit of weight.

D – So what do you do now?

P – My father is into construction business, but he stopped constructing.  I have it in my mind like I will start it again.  Then we do land trading, we have got pastures of land and we invest, we trade, so we have been doing that.

D –So construction – why did your father leave it?

P – Actually I had a brother who passed away couple of years ago.  Before that he had turned into an alcoholic, he used to drink every day and go rough.  So my father used to get very annoyed with him.  He used to go to all his clients/associates drunk, my father didn’t like that.  That put him off.

D – So how did his death affect you, if any?

P – He was very close to me, it is one of the worst things that could have happened to me in my life.

D – Hmm, tell about this.

P – He was an alcoholic but had cut down on it a lot, got married, had kids, he was changing but he never used to exercise.  He had a bit of blood pressure or something.  I forcefully took him to the doctor.  We did a stress test and everything, he had a bit of cholesterol, so he was started on cholesterol medicines.  Couple of days before he met me in the office, he told me my hand is hurting.  So I said let’s go to the doctor, he said I have already been to the doctor and was told it might be arthritis.  So I didn’t pay much heed.  He was in another city then.  He got up in the morning, told his wife my hand is still hurting.  So they went to the doctor and while getting onto the examination table he collapsed in front of the doctor. The doctor tried to revive him.  Then my sister-in-law called, she said your brother is not responding, it didn’t come to my mind like he will die…I thought he may have fainted.  I didn’t worry actually.  It never clicked to me.  So we went there, I can tell you that it was the first time in my life where I realized what a shock is.  The doctor was trying to tell me that he was no more.  I said “okay you will treat him here only or what?  You don’t need an ambulance?”  So when he was trying to tell, I was not ready to accept it.  So he said Sahyadri is nearby, we will go to Sahyadri.  In Sahyadri he put him on ECG and he gave me the printout, he said he is no more, that time I realized okay now he is no more.  So it was very painful, we were very close.

D – What you felt?

P – What I felt?  I felt sad.  I cried a lot obviously.

D – Sad as in…what was the feeling as a brother?

P – It is like losing something very precious.  I felt I lost something which is irrecoverable now.  So it made me feel very sad for quite a few days but then I am a bit religious also.  I never regret anything.  I believe in God, so I feel whatever He has given, He has the right to take it away, money, friends, relatives, whatever.

D – Was there any guilt associated with his death?

P – I mean I felt that I should have taken him the day he was telling his hand was hurting. So that was there for a few days, then I thought it is his destiny, I cannot change it.

D – So when else in your life do you remember feeling some remorse or guilt other than this?

P – Having an affair with somebody else when I was already having an affair, that could be one time that you feel you are ditching somebody, two-timing somebody.

D – That was with the last?

P – Yeah when I was having an affair with her, I was having an affair with somebody else.

D –The other girl also didn’t know that you were already in a relationship or she knew?

P – No, actually it was just…what to say…a physical relationship with somebody.  That went on maybe a year but not more of emotions, more of lust.

D – So why you didn’t tell her?

P – I couldn’t tell her that.  She would break up with me.

D –But your sexual need has always been on the higher side?

P – You can say that it was there until 2007 or 2009, now that is also on a bit of a decline.

D –So in what ways it is on the decline?  The frequency is not as much as before or erection is not there?

P – Erection is there, recently sometimes I do lose an erection.  Frequency is also there, but the excitement of having sex before marriage was something else and having after marriage is….she is your wife, so you can always have it…but that time I told you, it was difficult. if you want to have sex, you have to take her to some friend’s place, you have to go to her place when nobody is there, or call her to your place when nobody is there.

(Watch out for repetitive expressions and source words)

I don’t know, it was more exciting, now it is not that exciting.  It is like she is your wife at home, but then also we have very frequent sex.  Now I have a kid, before that at least 4 to 5 times a week we had regular sex.

D – Now other than the stomach any other physical complaint?

P – Rhinitis.

D –So something more about the rhinitis?  What are the triggers?

P – I think pollution.  I had done an allergy test before.  There was also something what you call as congress grass and all.  There were other things which I was told not to eat which I have stopped.  Whenever I took those antiallergic medicines, I used to feel good, all my symptoms used to disappear.  No acidity, no frequent going to the toilet, everything used to disappear.  So I consulted Dr. H.M. Patel who told me I might be having allergy and gave me some medicine called as Montek LC to be taken every day.  I took it, I was feeling good, but then how long can I take any allopathic medicine. Maybe it was the sedation.

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Trupti Miwale

Dr. Trupti Miwale – Graduated from Bharati Vidyapeeth Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune in 2000 and has been practicing as a classical homeopath since then. She is privileged to be assisting and working under the tutelage of Dr. Sunil Anand at Ananda Wellness Clinic, Pune for the past five years.

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Smital Khidrapurkar

Dr. Smital Khidrapurkar (M.D.) Graduated from D.S. College Pune in 2015 and completed post gradation from Dr. J.J. Magdum College Jaysingpur. Dr. Khidrapurkar worked as an assistant at Ananda Wellness Clinic from 2016 to 2017 and is currently practicing at Dhayari, Pune.


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