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Treating Lyme Disease Naturally

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States with approximately 16,000 new cases reported each year. The disorder was first identified in 1975 when a group of children in Connecticut experienced mysterious arthritis-like symptoms. Using a combination of Homeopathy, Herbs, Vitamins and other health enhancing products can stimulate the immune response and strengthen organs and systems affected by the disease.

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States with approximately 16,000 new cases reported each year. The disorder was first identified in 1975 when a group of children in Lyme, Connecticut experienced mysterious arthritis-like symptoms.

The deer tick (Homeopathy for Diseases caused by Tick) carrying the bacterium B. burgdorferi is responsible for the spread of the disease in the United States. Cases have been reported in nearly all states and the disease is also on the rise in large areas of Asia and Europe.

In my opinion the conventional system of medicine has failed in the treatment of Lyme disease because the emphasis is, as with other illnesses, to kill the offender. Unfortunately this means suppressing and weakening the immune response as well. A holistic approach which focuses on the state of health of the whole person is a much more reasonable approach to this disorder. Using a combination of Homeopathy, Herbs, Vitamins and other health enhancing products can stimulate the immune response and strengthen the organs and systems affected by the disease. This results in a permanent and complete restoration of health.

Stages and symptoms of Lyme Disease:

1. In approximately 80% of the cases a small red spot appears between 3 and 30 days after a tick bite. The spot expands over time, forming a circle or oval sometimes resembling a bull’s eye. The rash can range in size from that of a dime to the entire width of a person’s back. As the infection spreads rashes can appear at different places on the body. 50% of the patients experience flu-like symptoms: fever, headache, stiff neck, body aches, muscular pains and fatigue.

2. Weeks to months later the disease continues to progress causing the development of any of a number of neurological signs such as Bells palsy, stiff neck and severe headache (which may be indicative of meningitis), temporary paralysis, pain or weakness in the limbs and poor motor coordination. 8% of the people affected can develop cardiac abnormalities such as palpitations, lightheadedness, fainting, chest pain and shortness of breath.
3. Months to years later as the condition continues to progress 60% of cases develop a condition characterized as chronic articular or rheumatoid arthritis.

Risk Factors:

According to statistics, the following factors increase the risk for developing Lyme disease… Environment: exposure to heavily wooded areas, and parks,
• Season: infection is most likely during the summer and fall.
• Age: most common in children and young adults.
• Location: 90 percent of cases occur in the coastal northeast, as well as in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and Oregon.


Lyme disease can be difficult to diagnose because many of its symptoms mimic those of other disorders. About one quarter of people with Lyme disease do not develop a rash. A blood test may confirm the presence of the bacterium.

I do not recommend the common practice of a spinal tap unless it is absolutely necessary. This practice is common in the modern medical system to detect brain and spinal cord inflammation and to examine antibodies or genetic material of B. burgdorferi in the spinal fluid.

The beauty of working with an experienced Homeopathic Consultant, is that after taking a full case analysis (which consists of examining the history, etiology, signs and individual symptoms of the person) he / she will come to the same grouping of remedies and herbs anyway. Whether you attach a name or pathology to the ailment or look up the symptomology, most of the Homeopathic remedies will be the same. Homeopathy, as an art and science, was developed many years before there were microscopes to see the actual bacteria and virii. The correctly chosen remedy and potency stimulated the system to heal itself. It is also vital to not put the weakened system under any more stress than necessary. Health destroying drugs and invasive therapies work against the vital or healing forces of the body.


The best defense against Lyme disease is to guard against tick bites. Avoid heavily wooded areas, wear protective clothing, and apply tick repellent. Wear light-colored clothing (which makes ticks easier to detect), do a careful inspection of your body after outdoor activities in wooded or grassy areas, and, if ticks are found, remove them with tweezers. Be prepared. If you plan to go into a wooded area, take a Homeopathic Emergency Kit with you or at least a few remedies and first aid supplies.
Add Borr. Nosode (see Homeopathics) to your emergency kit.

Homeopathic Medicines:

In every case of Lyme disease Homeopathic texts suggest starting with a nosode (a remedy made from the actual borrelia burgdorferi) in a 30c potency. One dose three times daily is given for three days. If this remedy is given in the early stages, you can actually stop the disease from developing.

After careful analysis, we give one of the following remedies based on the symptoms of the disease and the health of the person. Please refer to a Homeopathic Materia Medica for indications and potency selection. Due to the nature of this disease and the fact that you’ll need to adjust the remedies and potencies in order to restore complete health, we suggest working with a Professional if you don’t see good results within the first two weeks after having started on the chosen Homeopathic remedy.

• Use low potencies several times a day.
• These are the remedies that I have used successfully in my practice with the predominant symptoms.
• Sepia and Tellurium in the first stages of the disease.
• Then follow with indications:
• Arnica for muscle pain and soreness.
• Gelsemium for overall weakness.
• Rhus Tox for stiffness and pain worse cold or damp weather and better by continued movement.
• Arsenicum for extreme restlessness and burning pains.
• Mercury for sore throat, mouth ulcers, and excess salivation.
• Carcinocin, Lac Caninium, and Thuja have been used also in Europe and Asia with good success.


Herbs are concentrated foods for the organs, and immune response. I use a combination blend of medicinally processed whole plant herbs using all three Echinaceas called Super Echinacea. Then I add Cordyseps Tincture and make a tea of it. This well-known herb combination from Tibet has been shown in clinical studies to improve stamina, decrease fatigue, increase energy and to enhance lung and antioxidant function. It is the only compound known to raise Superoxide Dismutase activity. If other symptoms are present we add the appropriate herbal combinations to address those as well. If there are arthritis symptoms add Arthritis Combo. If there is weakness, add Adrenal Aid.

Nutrition/Diet Aids

Essential fatty acids: Studies show that when EFAs are taken regularly, statistically significant improvements in fatigue, aches, weakness, vertigo, dizziness, memory, concentration and depression are likely. There are two broad classes, GLA and EPA, which are derived respectively from plant and fish oils. I suggest a good cold pressed combination formula to reduce inflammation. Use more than the indicated amount if disease has progressed into the rheumatoid stage. Take for a minimum of four months. improvement continues to occur over time.

CO-Q 10 (ubiquinone): Deficiencies have been related to poor functioning of the heart, limitations of stamina, and poor resistance to infections. Tissue biopsy studies have resulted in the recommendation that a patient with chronic Lyme should take between 200 and 300 mg daily of standard brands, or 90 mg daily of the pharmaceutical quality product as directed. Improvements do not begin for several weeks. The body will manufacture its own CO-Q 10 when the original infection is controlled but only if stimulated by aggressive exercise.

Vitamin B: Clinical studies demonstrated the need for supplemental vitamin B in infections with other Borrelia to help clear neurological symptoms. I use B Right for daily use and Stress B formula if the person is under stress or has been in the past.

Magnesium: Magnesium supplementation is very helpful for muscle pain and spasms, headaches, tremors, twitches, cramps, muscle soreness, heart skips and weakness. It may also help in energy level and cognition. We also recommend a liquid herbal form of calcium made from plant sources (Herbal Calcium or Calcium Elixir). They work synergistically and both are easily assimilated when taken together. Calcium from inorganic sources such as calcium carbonate is not recommended.

Multi vitamin: I recommend using an herbal form of whole food vitamins, liquid preferred, or non-heated, capsulized one. Herbal Vitamins is one of the top brands available. Take between two and eight daily according to the diet.

Super aloe-vera juice 10,000 MPS aloe with the aloin (a harsh laxative) removed, cold pressed and processed, whole leaf, potency protects the intestinal tract. Take two ounces twice a day with probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus (refrigerated brands only) to restore normal levels of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

I believe that the body can heal itself of any disorder if given the proper stimulus. Lyme disease is no exception. It makes sense to try an approach that will work with your immune system instead of against it. Never settle for being told that something is incurable. Get empowered. Get well!

About the author

Cindee Gardner

Dr. Cindee Gardner is a homeopath, Molecular Biologist, Herbalist, Nutritional Counsellor & Educator. She is certified from the Scientific Society for Molecular Medicine, holds a Doctorate from the University of Sofia, diplomas and certificates from the Bengal Allen Medical Institute and Hahnemann Academy of North America and a doctorate from NUPA. She also completed post-graduate work in herbal medicine. Dr. Gardner was awarded Fellowships with the Medical Faculty of Namur, Belgium, Bonn Germany, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bonn, Switzerland, Faculty of Biology at St. Kliment Ohridsky, Sofia, Institute of Molecular Biology Ltd. Hamburg, Germany and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She trained with Dr. Robin Murphy, Dr. Eizayaga of Argentina and Dr. Banerjea of India.
www.cindeegardner.com / www.homeohelpline.com


  • Cindy, Didn’t you live in Pittsburgh for awhile?
    I used to travel there for church meetings when I lived in western PA. I think we’ve met. I was about 16 yrs old at the time and came to your house with my grandmother, MaryBelle Weaverling. Now, I’m 40 yrs old and since living in SC have contracted lyme disease. I began treating with homeopathics last week. Just found your article today. Interesting timing! Would love to talk with you! You can friend me on facebook under Lisa King in Columbia, SC or on Lyme Connection (I’m the leader of the Christian Lyme Support Group in Columbia). Glad to see your article and how much you know about homeopathics! Lisa

  • I would just like to clarify that LD can be contracted from more than just a tic. Any blood sucking insect can carry it. It is thought to be transmitted sexually (over time). I can be transmitted in utero or in breast milk. There are also studies being done that conclude that it may be transmitted through saliva. I just wanted to point that out. It really bothers me when people over simplify the ways people can be infected. It’s just as bad as people who say chronic Lyme does’ t exist…

    • Lida Mattman and Joanne Whittaker found it in saliva and sperm and in placental fluid and even in a liquid on a counter top. it is sexually transmittable. And in any hazmat book a definition of a infectious bio-terror medium is one with multiple infections.LYME has as many as 20! And the reports are that Erik Traub used a sock to hold a tick and put the infections in the sock and the tick absorbed them…. That nazi piece of junk….

  • Hi again, I don’t mean any disrespect but your facts on Lyme disease are all wrong. Check out IILADS.ORG for correct information as to the symptoms, contraction, etc.

  • Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that starts with flu like symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, fatigue and nervous system abnormalities. The most important symptom of lyme disease is a rash that may appear on the skin on different parts of the body. Advanced resonance homeopathic remedies such as (C128 LD Nosodes formula, C98 cellular oxygenator) greatly help in balancing the body system by coaxing specific immune response.

  • Cases are few and far between in Australia but even those few are not being properly treated for the disease, as reported in the news. Will someone please, please send me some medication or tell me where medicine that you have been talking about in the subject article can be obtained. There is a young girl who has now been reported suffering from this dreadful disease and unable to get the proper treatment in Australia is planning a trip to Bali for treatment.

  • Hello everyone!
    I have Lyme and probably all the other co infections I tested negative for them but am not getting any better when on antibiotics. I found out I got an ulcer so I just couldn’t bare to take anymore oral antibiotics after 4 months on them.

    I have been doing homeopathy remedies and using a rife machine., rife machine are incredibly powerful. My machine is from jwlabs.com ask for John he’s the owner, he will talk for hours if you have any questions about this. It was really strong for me I’m a little lady so I could only handle about 1-3 minutes a day. I also started reading about dr Hulda Clark’s remedies and her bug zapper which is very cheap and still a good machine for people who are sensitive like me. I am able to tolerate it. You can get rid of this by homeopathy and by zapping the bugs by a machine. Horrible things to go through. I got bit in ct, I will never ever step foot on the east coast again. I have children and I had them tested. They’re negative but who knows you can show negative but be positive. I’m watching the signs. Dr Hulda Clark’s bug zapper can be used on babies as small at 8 months. Read her book, it’d incredible. Along with google Cindee gardener homeopath I’m on her waiting list to have her treat me, she’s successfully cured people’s Lyme. If you feel you’ve had this along time you must get a machine and start zapping bugs and getting your body’s immune response up to kill the bug and push them out of you. It’s vital to do this. I also do some hyper baric oxygen treatments which help to stun the bugs but it’s not the cure all alone. The government is in on it, they want us to be sick, to Pharmacuetical sales wouldn’t happen if we were healthy. I pray for all the kids who go undiagnosed cause they can’t understand what going on with their little bodies and go undiagnosed. Then parents say they have psychological behavioral problems. I really believe the crazy kid who shoot the school kids had to have Lyme. Probably for years… The bug toxins all in his brain made him crazy. All bugs and toxins are the root cause of all the fancy name illnesses. Get rid of bugs you will be healthy mentally and physically. I pray for everyone that’s new to this stupid disease! Just let me know if you ever have any questions for me. I hope I could help. Bug zapper or rife machine is the answer along with homeopathy remedies. I’ve done the antibiotics. I couldn’t get out of bed I never have been sicker.

    Take care! And zapp them out of you. You’ll recover fully. Good luck:))

    • +NM Thanks for the tip on Myrrh. I am not sold on the tick bite as the source of Lyme’s. I believe systemic mold and related fungal infections can lead to Lyme’s which can lead to Morgellon’s which is a multi parasitical infection.

      Many insects feed on fungi and will be attracted to you as a food source if you have fungi growing on you. They will bite attempting to feed off of you and then can infect you with another parasite.

      Yeast which is related to mold as some molds are dimorphic fungi occurring as yeast at body temperatures. I’ve read that Borellia is often found with yeast which will can overwhelm the immune system.

      Many infections are secondary infections from untreated or improperly treated initial infections. There are people whose health have begun to deteriorate into Lymes and Morgellons which had began from repeated exposure to mold.

      Antibiotic and steroid use are often the go to empirical therapies for many conditions before proper diagnosis methods are used. This will often exacerbate fungal infections which doctors should recognize but often just don’t have enough education on the subject. I don’t balme the doctors but the educators and authorities of the doctors.

      I would hate to think that there is a conspiracy to overlook fungal infections or treat them as unimportant as many have been linked to cancers in medical publications but it would not surprise me especially since GcMAF could be the cure for cancer and many other incurable diseases. The last producer of GcMAF was recently forced to close its doors in July 2015.

      It is a sad state of the world but the medical industry has no interest in cures only making large profits selling their drugs which mask the symptoms but fails to get to the root of the problem.

      This is comparable to an auto mechanic who shuts off your check engine light and claims your car is fixed.

      Unfortunately I often find myself around incompetent doctors who know nothing about how detrimental repeated mold exposure and dimorphic fungi and blamed my conditions on allergies even after I informed them of the repeated mold exposure which had turned into systemic candidiasis.

      When the topical antifungals fail to remedy a yeast infection this is your first clue that it may be systemic. To wait until the doctors test for this is to fall way behind and allow other opportunistic infections to develop.

      Luckily I was able to obtain medications to treat myself and had made great strides with antifungal therapy and doxycycline but due to secondary infections I may still have a long way to go as I am not receiving the cooperation of the doctors who do not want to conduct the proper tests.

      Had I waited for them to figure it out I would have likely lost sight in my left eye. I am still searching for a doctor that will work with me to identify possible secondary infections and I realize I risk hepatoxicity from prolonged use of antifungals but had I received the proper tests to begin with I may not be in this position as I requested a liver enzyme baseline test but received standard blood and urine testing.

      I was told my cholesterol is high and my TSH is low. Both are manifestations of the prolonged mold exposure which I informed all of them of but they just want to put me on thyroid medications rather than discover the root of the problem.

      So I am forced to self treat. I am learning more about fungal infections than I had ever thought I would mostly from medical publications.

      Lyme’s was once a disease that the medical community failed to recognize as a medical condition, and Mogellon’s sufferers are labeled as delusional but I know someone with the disease and it is very real. I refuse to sit back and do nothing until I am so sick from a disease that can be prevented that I am labeled as delusional.

      • Hello, I have lyme disease and have been dealing with it for a year. The bacteria attacked my eyes; even though I was under IV antibiotic treatment for 28 days my eyes did not get better; actually my vision got very blurry,foggy with inflammation and floaters. The doctors gave me steroid eyes drops. I am so afraid to loose my vision. The doctors do not understand it and put me on antibiotics again .the antibiotics do not help me and my eyes get worse. Please help me with any remedy and suggestion. Thank you. Asuman Celik

      • I do know that cutting out refined sugar can help ameliorate fungal infections to some extent, but I believe that the source of many of these are due to chemtrails and their acidification of our environment. We never had lichens, mold and moss growing on our grass, cars, houses, roofs etc. The aluminum oxide is acidifying everything, it seems.
        My question is, I’ve heard they never “isolated” the borrellia bacteria. But who knows the truth these days. I pray you are able to overcome your symptoms of whatever this stuff is. We live in crazy times to be sure.
        MD’s also do not believe people who have EHS (electrical hypersensitivity syndrome), so do not feel alone. Check out “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg. He does a great analysis on electricity being the cause of many illnesses. I read that when normal fungus is exposed to a wireless signal (I think they tested it with 5G, or 4G “LITE”), it causes the fungus to emit toxins.

        So, that could also be another thing.

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