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Global Homeopathic Summit from 2nd till 4th November 2023 Recap

Homeopath Vatsala Sperling reports on the Global Homeopathic Summit which took place in November 2023. The themes involved metaphysical aspects of remedies and healing.

Online webinars are occurring at a fast pace and are too many to count. However, one as good as the Global Homeopathic Summit (GHS) organized by Roman Buchimensky’s Via Homeopatica, AMMA Resonance Healing Foundation, and Homeopathic Research Institute and clinic, is hard to come by.

I was invited to this event. I could attend in real-time or later at my convenience, and enjoy every presentation, get acquainted with the teachers and their methods, and find tips and hints that I could directly apply in my own practice.  I will share with you brief snippets from each presentation.

It is like serving you a grand buffet. You can, at your own volition, go back to a presentation that speaks to you. Then you can dig as deep as you wish, reach out to the presenter even, join the courses, trainings, and internships they offer, all with the purpose of enhancing your skill and depth as a practitioner so that your patients can get the best healing experience that you can offer.

Let us begin.


Roman Buchimensky, the organizer and moderator, in his introduction, described the importance of prescribing homeopathic remedies in the form of frequencies, particularly in war torn areas where actual remedies might not be available.


Eileen Nauman, USA.

 The evolution of homeopathic remedies from Hahnemann to the present day, preparation, prescription, and use: Perfection of methods and homeopathic skills

 Eileen begins her presentation by quoting Einstein, “Intuitive mind is a sacred gift, rational mind is a faithful servant.” She also describes right hemisphere of the brain as the seat of intuition. Men are more tuned into left hemisphere, and women are more tuned into right hemisphere.

Intuition can be used in many different healing modalities including homeopathy. With her childhood experience of working with dimensions other than our regular three-dimensional world, she was able to see into invisible realms, and all that goes into it. She left home at 18 years of age for joining the military and she encountered a left hemisphere world. She had her intuitive guides, spirit guides, as well as ancestors around her who helped and supported her as friends.

Eileen’s father was her spiritual mentor in uncovering fascinating aspects of energy medicine. For those of us who are inclined in this aspect of homeopathy, we have spiritual guides like Eileen.

If you ever thought homeopathy is a left-hemisphere based, 2+2=4 types of linear subject, you will spontaneously begin to think differently, and in your own time come to a conclusion for yourself that homeopathy is anything but. Eileen came to this conclusion from her own ancestry and life experience, as well as after reading over 250 authors of metaphysical books.

She concluded that the time has come for homeopathy to evolve into a complete system of energy medicine, by getting past our dependence on material forms of remedies, and instead using homeopathic frequency and resonance in our healing work.

She began teaching this method to students all over the world and would help heal patients where no homeopathic remedies and pharmacies were around. She would recommend writing the name of remedy on a piece of paper, place it under a glass filled up to half with water, and charge this water with the energy of the remedy, and she obtained verifiable results with subjective and objective improvement.

This long-distance healing work could not have occurred without the frequency and resonance of the remedy reaching a remote destination. In her teaching website Athena, this method is taught and described.


Ajit Kulkarni, India.

 Sarcodes: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Practical applications of sarcodes based on forty years of professional experience

 Dr. Kulkarni mentions that every animal knows how to use a sarcode, for example, a dog uses his own saliva to clean and heal its wounds. Sarcodes contain information of the biological structure of an organ, and when dynamized, they can be used for micro-immuno therapy based on the law of similars. Isotherapy, which considers the cause as the cure, has been around for over 200 years. Isotherapy is based on organopathy and not on totality.

Nowadays sarcodes are called for more and more because as a society, humanity is facing unprecedented experiences in the syco-syphilitic area and we have evolved from needing simple remedies of the past 250 years, to needing sarcodes in the present time. Sarcodes are the need of our patients. Sarcodes carry within them the wisdom of evolution, which human and other species have crystallized for the sake of adaptation for maintaining homeostasis.


Deborah Collins, France.

Noetic remedies derived from the meditative process/meditation and their practical application

 This presentation fitted right into the theme of the day as Eileen had just nailed the fact that homeopathic remedies are energy medicines. Deborah described that meditation is a practical way of transforming our mundane selves by leading it into an inner space of undisturbed calmness.

Talking about new and interesting remedies like time, tempesta, and so on, Deborah described how she connected with the energy of the remedy and was able to bring it to existence by meditation from a healer, Tunde Baerwolf, who insisted on teaching her all about it.

This teacher just appeared as she was moving to New Zealand. She could use meditative divination for manifesting remedies right into the neutral pills. For deliverance of remedies into her vials, she asks a higher spiritual truth and vibration for a solution to the problem.

This is not a world of homeopathic soft wares and repertorization, but an outcome of detailed inner spiritual work by the healer for decades on end. This presentation was very inspiring, and it asks us to be fully present while channeling the energy of the remedies, known, and proven or not, and asks us to re-evaluate homeopathy as a miraculous spiritual medicine.

Peter Chappell and Harry van der Zee, while working in Africa with AIDS patients, have been channeling remedies from a spiritual source and using these remedies successfully.  Never have I ever been so left brained that I considered homeopathy as anything but energy medicine, and her presentation coming from a center nourished by her meditative calmness has encouraged me to stick on this path without wobbling.


Roland Guenther, Canada, Germany.

Ultrasound: A natural imponderable from an unnatural source    

Roland set out with the awareness that Nature is the manifestation of Divine laws, it is the direct creation of God, so when we do a trituration according to the rules of C4-homeopathy, we always will end up in its sacred core. This is different with artificial substances.

When we triturate them, we usually end up in problems and the participants will leave with symptoms which they can only hope will fade away in time. For this reason, he was not willing to triturate medically used Ultrasound, coming from a man-made device. But he agreed to do a Shameeah proving after he convinced himself that bats use ultrasound in nature, after all. Shameeah and C1 through C4 proving are different. In C1 – 4 proving is based on working with material source, and the provers experience physical, emotional, mental, and eventually the main core of the substance being proven.

Shameeah trituration differs in the fact that it enables the provers to experience the energy from lower to higher vibrations and understand the energy and insight of the substance being proven. C1-4 is richer in symptoms, Shameeah 1-4 is richer in understanding.

He gathered a group of ten provers and did Shameeah proving of ultrasound, and from this collective experience he understood that ultrasound is very uncomfortable for a fetus, has the potential to destroy the sacred space of darkness and safety in a mother’s womb.

It causes an over-stimulation of the senses, leaves the unborn with a confused sense of self, resulting in a very uncomfortable feeling of emptiness from which it cannot escape. Now ultrasound original and ultrasound transvaginal remedies are available, and these come very handy for treating ADD/ADHD children, and he presented a case of his own granddaughter, who was helped.


Roman Buchimensky, Israel.

How invisible energies are becoming a source of homeopathic remedies

Polar star: A case of nervous tic from the practice

 For this child, the regular homeopathic remedies that appeared during repertorization gave only partial relief, and the child always had relapse of her symptoms of nervous tic. Based on her delusion that she sees stars, and comets, and she draws them as well, remedy Lux-s-p, light of polar star, was chosen for her and with 200c, in a few weeks she showed remarkable improvement all around, and with 1m, in six months, she was very, very well. He described the proving and chief themes of the polar star.


Kate Birch, USA.

Infectious diseases and their role in an evolutionary process-Covid 19

 Kate described the materia medica, repertorization, organ affinity, PQRS and concomitants, and mental as well as emotional symptoms of Novus CV. It is the largest homeopathic proving ever done. It brings out the themes of the nosode and shows that the nosode as the center point has the answer to the problem of the disease.

The sensations elicited after a cure from Novus CV are nothing but dramatic: Sensory input via eyes and nose is better, all disease symptoms resolve within 24 hours, profound peace, bliss, and awareness follow, sense of inner balance and security restored, paralyzing, deep fear of the disease give way to feeling stable, grounded, calm, peaceful, relaxed, and happy.

Day 2


Michael Yakir, Israel.

The evolution of earth and the evolution of plants – how does it translate into homeopathic remedies? 

 Michael described the earth’s evolutionary journey and linked it to the development of awareness in humans, and the pathologies that were rising along the way through the various geobotanical cycles. Through every eon, the earth gathers lessons and awareness.

Taking the plant species from those eons are as a group, she arrives at a better understanding of the remedies, both old and new, our current relation with earth, our ease, and dis-ease. She also found that our homeopathic knowledge coming from trituration and provings, concurs with earth’s evolution and reveals a great order.

Personally, I felt that if a movie maker took the theme of evolution of the earth, plants, humans, and their diseases alongside, and focused on how plant-based remedies heal the sick, it could be a homeopathy themed blockbuster the size of Avatar, or Jurrasic Park. Perhaps and AI can do it on a small budget too. Fantasy aside, if you wish to learn in-depth about plant remedies, you know where to go to.


Jawahar Shah, India.

Perceiving sarcodes and imponderabilia through interesting cases and clinical tip

 After describing several cases successfully treated with remedies like Tarentula and Lachesis, when chosen based on individualization, he went on to share clinical tips for several sarcodes as presented in his software, Zomeo.


Andreas Bjorndal, Norway.

Proving of cosmic and terrestrial imponderable remedies: What do they teach us and what is their importance in the modern homeopathic practice?

 Provings of the imponderable is a growth process that takes us from realism to relativism, from objective and scientific to subjective awareness and recognition.

After having done scores of provings since 2002, he could be considered an authority on provings as he shares his experiences.

In 2008, he set out to prove antarctica stone, porcelain, gold (in the form of its location on the periodic table), diamond, and in 2009, he was engaged in proving a group of 8 crude substances all together, using a quadruple blinding procedure, and did a total of 20 provings in just one year.

He presented the conclusion that the soul of the remedy entangles with the provers across board. This observation led him to question if flow of information is a causality, if we are synchronizing, becoming coherent and entangling with awareness, if we are entering the energy field or soul of the remedy, if homeopathy is transcending space-time, and finally, are there other ways to connect with the simillimum.

He asked, what will it take to create an intentional entanglement with the simillimum during the homeopathic consultation. His proving experience taught him that blinding during provings, and potency or substance are not important, and these could be dropped. Several substances can be proven together in a group.

Encouraged by these experiences and findings, he moved on to prove dubious things, concepts that have symbolic presentation, crop circles, crystals, gemstones, waters from various sources, subatomic particles, force carriers, and forces, stars, and yet again he demolished several dearly held proving practices; and he arrived at an experiential conclusion that ingesting a substance, potency, physical proximity, concept of linear time,  personal causality, susceptibility and lingering of proving symptoms simply do not hold true.

His proving experiences also taught him that imponderables thread the superconsciousness, consciousness, and unconsciousness into a continuum. And likewise, meta universal, intergalactic, galactic, interplanetary, global, multinational, national, organization, organism, organs, tissues, cells, organelles, macromolecules, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles, and quark gluons… these are not separate entities, but all are expressions of a single universal truth in various forms and names. Each form and name is a manifestation of the whole. This universal truth contains the ability to heal. This is what I understood from his magnificent presentation summary of decades of work.


Andreas Holling, Germany.

Homeopathic remedies from natural phenomena: Solar eclipse, storm, and unforgettable cases of healing

 Several patients who had benefitted only marginally from well-known, reportorizable remedies, presented words, expressions, sensations, and hand gestures that pointed Andreas to prescribe Tempesta 1m, made from storm. The patient expressions as well as the proving information gathered had uncanny parallels, and the theme of Tempesta became crystal clear to merit its placement amongst remedies that we can prescribe with confidence.


Alize Timmerman, the Netherlands.

The wise wound: Menstruation blood as a remedy

 With a track record of having proven several matridonal remedies, Alize commands our full attention as she embarks upon proving yet another feminine remedy, menstrual blood from C1 all the way to C5. Turns out, menstrual cycles are the essence of women, and female principle is the source of everything.

When they are not in contact with their body, this essence can cause illness. By trituration, the provers intended to liberate the healing force of the substance and explore the wisdom it contains within so that women can connect better with their cycle, and the cycle in nature and in life.

Suppression of women began around 1000 BC, in the Stone Age, and matriarchy gave way to patriarchy during Bronze and Iron ages. Mother goddess was replaced by father god. This affected women worldwide. Menstrual blood helps women connect with female nature, with other women, with nature in general, and she moves beyond suppression to integration.

Proving experience brought out empowerment of women and from C1 to C5 very distinct themes came up. Again, the symptoms, sensations, and the wisdom described based on this proving ensures menstrual blood remedy a distinct place in our pharmacopeia.


Cathy May Lemmon, USA.

Homeoprophylaxis and evolution

 Cathy expanded upon the idea that change and adaptation are essential. If something is not in a constant state of change, it dies.  I found a slogan-worth line in her presentation, “Homeopathy is not conventional medicine, never has been, never will be, we must stop acting like it needs to be.”

Cathy mentioned that immunity is a conventional medicine word based on fear. Homeopathy uses the term “lessening the susceptibility”. Based on this idea, since Hahnemann’s time, Belladonna has been used for lessening susceptibility to scarlet fever, and likewise, rabies, and several other diseases have been prevented by selection of remedies based on the homeopathic principle, like cures like.

Though homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis have been grossly misunderstood, we find ourselves at a time of tremendous change, and the time to embrace the change is “now”. With this empowering statement, Cathy encouraged us to explore the full potential of homeoprophylaxis in our practice.


Divya Chabbra, India.

Evolution of the state, neural conditioning and simillimum

 Divya posits that the state elicits simillimum, as well expresses itself as functional and pathological symptoms. Simillimum is the potentized form of source object. Our job is simple, to find out what is the source object connected to the state.

These simple suppositions have kept Divya totally focused for decades on end, on figuring out that conditioning causes an object to be introduced into a neural circuit which then becomes the non-physiological trigger of neurochemicals and their results (diseases).

Conditioning occurs because of a brilliant learning system as we navigate fear. Fear is a survival tool and leads to development of an altered circuit that results in disease. The objects that surround the actual fear object have the potential to create a conditioned circuit and one of these objects is the similliumum. In case taking, our job is to spotlight these areas, collect these potential simillimums, and then identify the simillimum.

This entire construct is based on conditioning, repetition, fear bypasses and repetition, pattern of recognition, and movie of life. During case taking, she also relies heavily on feedback from five senses, food aversions, denial, correction, absurd words, slip of tongue and unsaid words. Highly successful outcome in her presented cases is evidence that Divya is on to the very core of life, neural circuitry, that holds clue to the simillimum.


Gaurang Gaikwad, India.

Application of sarcodes as deeper and intercurrent remedies in complicated pathologies

 Gaurang brought the participants quickly from the extraterrestrial realms and neural circuitry to the day to the day, but equally powerful world of down to earth cases and their concrete solutions. He based his work on time-tested tools like repertory and materia medicas but focused exclusively on finding sarcodes using these everyday tools.

Through brilliant case solving, he showed the effectiveness of remedies like cortisone, lapis albus, folliculinum, graphites, merc corrosivus, insulinum, thuja, and DNA. He completed his presentation by describing how and when to use various potencies of sarcodes and emphasizing that we need to always individualize the cases and minutely differentiate between remedies so that our prescription can be solid as a rock.


Chetna Shukla, India.

Result of the seventh global proving and disclosure of the proven remedy

 Chetna is a renowned master prover, and it was very interesting to learn from her presentation that the date for the global proving was chosen by an astrologer (Eileen Nauman). 30c globules as well as frequency were chosen for proving in 26 countries simultaneously. In this proving meta physical truths from the Vedas came to forefront: maya, the world is not real, and Sakshi, the observer brings the world into existence.

She then described the role of carbon, particularly Carbon 60, Fullerene, in the universe and said that matter is innately spiritual, universe does not exist separately from universal consciousness. Is Carbon 60 the consciousness element?  Further she described the themes of carbon remedies in homeopathy and established carbon 60 as the spiritual essence of life formation.  Eileen Nauman added her experience of using Shungite for cases of deep trauma.


Sigrid Lindemann, Germany/India.

The use of imponderables in homeopathy, a case of Jupiter

Jupiter is known as a planet of good destiny. It is the biggest planet in our solar system, eleven times bigger than earth. It contains methane, carbon salts, hydrogen, nitrogen, and helium. Dozens of moons go around it. Jupiter radiates more heat than it receives from sun, and it is shrinking by two centimeters every year. Proving of Jupiter brought up the theme of golden disc, being in a cloud.

The case had themes of uniqueness, fear of gliding together, floating all alone, shrinking, shimmering, light spots, a disc, a ball, lighter and darker golden, a round object, flying all alone, alone in time and space. It was concluded that the person does not present themes of sun, and moon, but her theme is that of a Jupiter, a planet known for its golden hue. With a few doses of Jupiter 200c over two years, the patient achieved overall wellness and relief in her presenting complaints.


Weika Feige, Germany.

Striking case of electricity

Imponderables are pure energy and not measurable materially, for example, radiations, stars, planets, black hole etc. Homeopathic themes that emerge are, abolition of duality, high self-esteem without ego, strong sense of awareness, deep wisdom, and a very abstract concept of time.

Along with these themes, electricity proving also brings up drivenness, rootedness, religiosity, no fear of death and mineral themes of work, structure, planning, and efficiency.

A 20 year old man with grade three anaplastic ependymoma presents with history of radiation, and several medical interventions since birth. He has worked as an assistant in his father’s electrical company for many years, but always felt like an outsider at the school.

Very opposed to father, very close to mother, he is into reading books about no beginning and end, no health and illness, and that go into nothing and everything. Talks about filling cauldrons with energy and directing them, while doing yoga classes.

Perceptive, sees his tumor going up and down in his yoga class. Very precise with purchases, placement of objects, as a child with ADHD he felt as if electrified with a blue-red energy that gets blown up and gets released through legs and he must move them. Both mum and dad were electrocuted before the patient’s birth.

On a prescription of electricitas, he turned around for good, felt inner peace, felt very stable, got past his moods, does not get upset, his obsessiveness is gone, and his flexibility has increased. On steadily increasing potencies to LM, he has become stronger, plays sports, and his tumor has shrunk from 38 mm to 4 mm. and he is completing his trade training as an electrician, and traveling with a group of singles.


Angelica Lemke, USA.

Intuiting imponderables and sarcodes for difficult cases

 Angelica proposes that difficult cases require an element of surrender to the unknown, higher source for guidance, and imponderables as well as sarcodes can help awaken us in our own evolution as we surrender to the higher power.

With sarcodes she covers the totality of a difficult case. She uses them as indicated remedies, for example: amniotic fluid, pineal gland, menstrual blood, positronium, milky way, golden spiral, survivor tree etc. Her view is that as healers, we are mere children struggling to become technicians of the sacred. In our journey, mind and reality are a continuum, and we must always be prepared to move on and on.


Jeremey Sherr, Israel.

Homeopathic evolution in my recent work

 Jeremy spoke about vaccine damage, and genus epidemicus, remedies like v21, Lux Polaris for heart symptoms after the jab. UFO, and the noble gas Krypton, talks about aliens, lone stars, galaxies, moving through dimensions of time and continuum.

He describes Radon as reflecting the end of creation, and the miasm FARC (Fungi, AIDS, Radioactivity, and cancer), as well as COVID miasm. His research shows that Radon is good for lung pathologies from COVID. He presented the summary of his global work for identifying the genus epidemicus during the pandemic.


Shilpa Bhouraskar, Australia.

Role of imponderables in multilayered autoimmune cases

Shilpa implements stages formula to real life situations. She mentions that people presenting with multiple disease state in many layers, and multiple miasms cannot be treated with just one remedy.

These cases do get stuck due to suppression. We must work with layers superimposed on each other and therefore, there is no single totality. The trick is to target the layer that is presenting topmost. Burnett calls it the ladder of cure.

In a multilayered case of autoimmune thyroiditis, the remedy black hole ML1  was given by olfaction, based on her peculiar unique sensation – she feels pulled in a gradually disappears, she mentions black hole. At the follow up, symptoms were divided into stages 1,2 (mental and physical pathology), stage 3 (general state), stage 4 (dreams and core sensations).

For each stage, specific remedies were chosen and over a year and half, the patient healed well and got off her thyroiditis medication completely. Along with her core remedy, black hole, she has received five intercurrents to address various emerging stages: iodum, testosterone, dysenteri bacilli, psorinum and merc iodatum.


Dinesh Chauhan, India.

Plant kingdom and manifestation of happiness in human life

 Dinesh spoke about an old woman with advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease – presenting with chewing movements, masked face, involuntary hand movements, loss of ability for day-to-day activities.

His main inquiry was about the golden moment in her life. The patient mentioned that as a child, and as a married woman running her household, she always derived pleasure from small things, like making a perfect masala blend, doing embroidery, cooking tasty meals, talk and play with friends. These things made her happy, diverted her mind. But now she can do none of these, and so she is bored, feels confused. This became the central theme of her life.

Matching with this core feeling of boredom versus entertainment from small activities of daily life, she was given kava kava, Piper methysticum over several years, and even during her covid. She recovered all her lost functions, discovered her own happiness in small activities of daily life, and she even made an embroidered Ganesh for Dinesh to show her appreciation.


Olga Fatula, Russia.

The doors that Saturn opens for us: Proving of Saturn rays, themes, and examples of prescription

 Saturn is 95 times larger than our earth, and is known as a strongly negative planet, with power over life and death. Provers spoke of fear of one’s death, getting past death, coming back to life again, and these seemed inevitable to them.

Themes of music combining concepts of life and death came up too. The remedy helped connect the prover to see life as a continuous process and they feel confidence every day. Theme of immigration and finding one’s roots came up.

The provers felt a sense of internal knowledge and insight. Physical symptoms – cold as if bones are frozen, breathing spasms, can only breathe before a fireplace. Insomnia, fear of death, pneumonia, fear of life. Prescription of the remedy to the woman helped her get past her joyless state, and lack of energy in the morning.


Sigrid Lindemann, Germany / India.

An overview and proposed table on imponderabilia.   

 This session turned out to be quite a recap for this entire summit on imponderabilia. Being a combination of energy plus matter, imponderabilia exhibit themes / qualities of both. The patients grapple with issues of being different, incarnation, not belonging to family, society, anywhere on earth, and having a spiritual aim in life. They talk about evolving, changing, progressing spiritually. Sigrid went over almost each imponderable and presented their themes and she also showed cases where an imponderable remedy turned out to be the game changer.


Margarita Ashichmina, Russia.

R-potency as a continuation of Hahnemann’s ideas

 R-potency is a new twist – something Russian homeopaths are making by themselves and using only to find great results. They also would like others to try it, but very sincerely.  Margarita mentioned that making an R potency is not an easy task, and the r potencies are not available in pharmacies.


Punit Desai, India

Embracing digital tools in homeopathy: your gateway to being clinically and commercially successful

 I wonder what Hahnemann would say about digital tools. But let us face the truth, we all have been sucked into online research, cell phones, potentizing machines, and homeopathic software that helps us access the vast homeopathic literature and repertories with just a few keystrokes.

We can’t really turn our back on technology and digitalization. So, Punit Desai’s presentation is something we all might listen to and take a few hints from. He emphasized that apart from digital tools, three A’s-  Ambition, Assistance, Aggression, and three Ps – Persistence, Perseverance and Passion will help us succeed. These are human qualities that are within us, or we can cultivate. He encourages homeopaths to join homeopathic service platforms so that they can deal with international clientele.

To conclude, events of a magnitude as of a global Homeopathic Summit are rare to come by. The organizers have brought together teachers of great depth and quality. Our community of practitioners, and students can only benefit from participation in events like these.

 Besides, what is also obvious is that while diligently staying true to its foundational principles, homeopathy has evolved with time. Over the past two centuries, various masters have perceived the need of their patients and come up with methods of case taking and remedy determination.

 Newer remedies are being added are a great speed. Simply to march in tune with the time we live in, we must be aware of, and as necessary embrace the new developments as they come, if our only motivation is to stay relevant to and help our patients as best as we can.

 Global homeopathy Summit – as and when it is conducted, and whenever we can participate in it, opens our eyes to the multiple possibilities of venues of learning, staying relevant, and growing in our profession. The summit just recapped above was attended by several hundred participants worldwide right from the comfort of their own homes.

 Recordings and handouts will be available for purchase for several months to come. The participants are deciding about bringing out a complete kit of the remedies presented in this summit as they are not routinely available in pharmacies.

 I have recommended issuing a booklet with remedy themes, along with the set so that the users can access the remedies with awareness. Personally, I am already looking forward to the next summit, and I hope you are too.

 Global Homeopathy Summit contact information:

Visit http://viahomeopatica.info/summit2023/eng f or further information.

About the author

Vatsala Sperling

Vatsala Sperling, RSHom (NA), CCH, MS, PhD, PDHom was the Chief of Clinical Microbiology services at a children’s hospital in Chennai, India, when she published extensively and conducted research with WHO, Denmark. On moving to the USA, Vatsala pursued a 4½ year course in Homeopathy at Misha Norland’s school. She has authored twelve books including her latest, Colubrid Snake Remedies and Their Indication in Homeopathy Practice. Journals from US and abroad frequently publish Vatsala’s writings on spirituality, health, and homeopathy. Vatsala continues to study with several teachers and practices classical homeopathy. She has served on the board of directors of NASH and currently she serves as a volunteer with NCH. She can be reached via her website (www.Rochesterhomeopathy.com)

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