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Dr. Payrhuber responds to readers questions and comments

Written by Dietmar Payrhuber

Scholten’s periodic table is a mechanical approach to homeopathy. The individual case and how to play with the figures on the chessboard, is a matter of art. The Organon was written 200 years ago and we must not cling to the problems of Homeopathy at that time.

Q1. Is Scholten’s periodic table a mechanical approach to homeopathy?

D. Payrhuber: The Scholten theory is rather more holistic than mechanical:
We enter the interior of a person, his/her psychological concept . The theme of the plb-i case shows the theme in two situations: a) in his business, b) moreover as being responsible as a father of his son and an authority in the family. Pbl . . lack of power and authority, only a formal leader, here in the family – a psychological situation, a symbol, the weak point in this patient. Home and business can here be compared with Russian puppies, one on the other.
The same with the bar-s case, published in London 1999 (see Krebs und Homoeopathie, 1st chapter): suspected malignant cysts also on the left kidney (one kidney was already removed), high blood pressure: his wife has another relationship, he and his son are left back. In such a position we are powerless as a leader of the family, moreover of the partnership. Bar, Sulf. – symptoms which fit the case: tumors, cysts, timid, softness, redness face, high blood pressure.

Lith-c may also be a leader of an immature or under-developed kingdom. Thuja is sometimes found and all others. It is the inner weak point of the person, but may go through all the series. There is an arrangement of the chemical elements pre-formed by nature and they include mental realms – this is scientific. These are the tools. The individual case and how to play with the figures on the chessboard, is a matter of art.

Q2. Is it appropriate to use unproven remedies?

D. Payrhuber: The cases (ferr-i, calc-i, calc-m, and many others) simply show, that by this method we are able to use rather unproven remedies, which could not be found either by conventional Materia Medica nor by the Repertories, but by a systematic Materia Medica/here the PT. And these remedies cured cancer! (The cupr-n case from June and the ferr-i case from August prove and show that this method works. Moreover it is the only possible way to select a remedy out of hundreds.We realize the essences.)

The Organon was written 200 years ago and we must not cling to the problems of Homeopathy at that time. That’s dogmatism. We have to take the Organon and elaborations done after Hahnemann as well.

Another point is: we know the code, we have elaborated the system, we have come to the essences (I refer to the article of C. Hering, . . to know what is important and what is not . .) Another point is: we are not primarily in the field of chemical molecules, but via potentization in subatomic regions – we go very much to the point.


About the author:

Dr. Dietmar Payrhuber

Eduard Baumgarthner Str. 8
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About the author

Dietmar Payrhuber

Dr. Dietmar Payrhuber - Since 1982 he has had a private practice of classical homeopathy in Salzburg (AT).1991 co-founder of the medical association for classic homeopathy (ACH). He was President of the society till 1994. Since 1993 ability to do precise prescriptions due to in-depth studies about the periodic table of elements, elaborated by Jan Scholten. Since 1994 held several seminars in Bern (CH), Berlin (DE), Budapest (HU), Graz and Salzburg (both AT), focusing in particular on two aspects: the psychosomatic axis of homeopathic medicine and the possibilities to cure tumors. His books include:
Dimensiunile Medicinei Homeopate, 1997 (German version)
Dimensions of Homeopathic Medicine, 1998 (English version)
Dimensiunile Medicinei Homeopate, 2001 (Romanian version)
Homeopathy and Cancer, 2006 (English version)
Omeopatio e cancro (Italian version)

Eduard Baumgarthner Str. 8
A-5020 Salzburg



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