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My experiences with Diethylstilbestrol (DES) and Folliculinum

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Written by Farokh Master

Dr. Farokh J. Master shares his experiences in using potentized Diethylstilbestrol (DES) and Folliculinum.

The famous contraceptive pill had its birth in the early 1940’s where it was chiefly introduced as a safer method of contraception. However, time has confirmed that it has never been a safe method of contraception, as the estrogen pill is loaded with side effects, not only to the woman but also to the children of the generation that follows – whether male or female. Here are some of the astonishing facts

  1. High incidence of uterine, vaginal, ovarian and breast cancers in women who are on contraceptive pills.
  2. High incidence of thromboambolytic phenomena.
  3. High incidence of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.
  4. High incidences of cervical dysplasia.
  5. Children that are born out of DES mothers usually suffer from abnormal genitals like small testes, infertility, sub-fertility, etc.; and sons born to DES mothers usually have a low sperm count.

As a homoeopathic student I was very much interested that there had to be a proving of DES in homoeopathy. Unfortunately till today there has been no Hahnemannian proving of DES. Hence my experience of using this remedy is purely clinical. My first experience of this remedy comes from a lady who had consulted me in 1982. Her husband was an eminent builder in Mumbai and he wanted me to visit his wife in Harkisandas Hospital for threatened abortion (inevitable abortion). I examined the lady and following were the symptoms:

  1. Abortion in early months of pregnancy.
  2. The hemorrhage was bright red – worse on slightest exertion. It was a passive hemorrhage.
  3. Even though the hemorrhage was not excessive, the patient was complaining of severe weakness.
  4. She was feeling very thirsty.

At that time my first choice was Arsenicum Album in 30C potency. I gave her a few doses but the next morning to my disappointment there was no change. The bleeding was increased Hence I decided to change my prescription to Secale cor 30C. This worked like a miracle. The bleeding was reduced by more than 50%. Hence I was relieved, thinking that this was the right remedy. Later on during the course of the day I received a frantic call from the husband saying that the bleeding had become worse, and now she was bleeding like tap. At that stage the gynecologist decided to go for an early dilatation and curettage. I was quite nervous to repeat Secale cor or increase the potency. The patient was in no state or frame of mind and neither were the relatives ready to give the constitutional symptoms of the patient. Hence, I had to solely depend on my observation of the local symptoms. One point, which was very strong in the history of the patient, was that she was married for the last 4 years and immediately after her marriage she was on oral contraceptive pills for 2 years. This point I thought was worth considering. I decided to give this DES in potentized form, but to my unfortunate destiny this drug was not available in Mumbai. Hence the only way the drug could be made available was from Ainsworth pharmacy in London. I explained my handicap to the husband and asked him to import this medicine as a life-saving drug. Till the time the medicine arrived, I was too skeptical to start any other medicine. Instead I gave placebo for a day and after 20 hours I started with DES 30C just one dose. Then I waited for 6 hours. There was no change, so I repeated one more dose.

Next morning the bleeding had reduced by 40% and in the next 4 days, without repetition of the dose, there was no bleeding at all. Of course I have to admit that the patient was on simultaneous allopathic anti-hemorrhagic drugs. But for 4 days this was administered to the patient without any effect. It was only on the 5th day that I started homoeopathy. After a period of 7½ months the patient delivered a healthy child who has now passed his HSC examination successfully.

This next case was of a girl who was 32 years old and who had complained of premenstrual breast heaviness. She was treated previously by eminent homoeopaths using Calcarea carb, Baryta carb, Calcarea fluor, etc. unsuccessfully. I studied the case and selected the remedy Graphites as she was full of fear, with poor self-confidence, and was timid, reserved and slow. Unfortunately there was no result after using various potencies of Graphites. In the history it was mentioned that she had consulted a skin specialist in the past for treatment for cystic acne, for which he had advised her oral contraceptive pills. This was a big turning point and I immediately gave her a few doses of DES in 30C potency. This removed the breast heaviness during the subsequent menstrual cycles, permanently.

Gradually I became more clear in understanding the clinical picture of DES as I saw case after case improving with the help of DES. Here are a few indications where one can use DES successfully: uterine cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical dysplasia, genital anomalies, low sperm count, abortions, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, and acne. The chief indication in all the above conditions will be – excessive use of contraceptive pills.


Folliculinum arrived in my life at a much later stage of my practice. Madame De Mattos introduced it into homoeopathy. Later on Melissa Assilem gave a beautiful picture. Folliculinum is a potentized form of natural estrogen.  In the 1950s Dr. Donald Foubister, a Scottish homoeopathic physician declared that it is very closely related to the homoeopathic remedy Carcinosin.

How do I identify Folliculinum in my practice?

  • Folliculinum is one remedy that has lost its identity (ego), due to strong influence of a dominating or dictatorial person in his or her life. To some extent this is a very common syndrome observed in India where females are still considered inferior to males, where females are still dominated by males, because in India, till date, many females, especially in the rural parts, are not at all educated.
  • Like Natrum Fluor, Natrum Brom, Medorrhinum, and Carcinosin – Folliculinum is a remedy after abuse, sexual assault, rape, sexual violence and incest, where the patient has not completely recovered from the emotional trauma.
  • Early and precocious pubescent – which means that there is an early sexual development and maturity in young girls and boys. For any problem that arises during puberty, emotional or physical, Folliculinum can be used as an intercurrent remedy. However the other symptoms of the remedy should be confirmed.
  • Folliculinum best covers ailments from menopause and troubles that arise from menopause.
  • Delayed convalescence after any acute illnesses.
  • General aggravation before menstruation.
  • Difficult emotional bonding with the child, post-delivery problems like – postnatal depression, postnatal hysteria and postnatal psychosis.
  • Strong craving for sugar, wheat and farinaceous food is seen in this remedy.
  • In this remedy all symptoms are better as soon as the menstruation starts.

About the author

Farokh Master

Dr. Farokh Master is a renowned homeopath, teacher and author of 55 books, whose influence has been felt around the world. He was the first doctor to introduce homeopathy into allopathic hospitals in India and the first to open a cancer department in Ruby Hall Hospital. He founded the Dr. Farokh Master Summer School which now operates in a number of countries. Dr. Master has received numerous awards for his contributions to homeopathy, the treatment of cancer and homeopathy education


  • The author is one of the great homeopaths of our country. He has immense knowledge on the subject. His clinical knowledge deserves commendation. I request our esteemed sir to arrange the controlled clinical studies on the medicine DES. Moreover, we expect from the homeopathic community to conduct the drug proving of the component according to the principle of homeopathy.
    My sincere thanks and appreciation to our very respected doctor Farokh J Master.

  • Dr. Farokh Master is a renowned homeopath, teacher and author of 55 books, whose influence has been felt around the world. But recommendation of a totally unproved remedy raises eyebrows as it is a matter of great responsibility towards educating people going out for curing the masses with homoeopathy which Master Hahnemann claims as perfect as mathematics.
    It is the fact though tastes very bitter.

  • Thank you so much Sir, for better understanding of folliculinum. I have recently used this remedy and it worked wonders. I have been reading all your books since 1st yr of college and acquired apt remedy knowledge.

  • very nice information and valuable most important thing is one should see first circumstsnces and observe actual facts related to case dont rush to the hyperdiagnostic attitude thanks

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