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Gentiana lutea

Can smell plastic (RJ 1, after 1.5. hours)

Sensitive to smells, burnt smell, smell of cigarettes unpleasant when outside. (RJ 7, day 4)

Nose completely free, can easily breathe through my nose. (RJ 8, day 1).

Blow nose once, clear mucus with light red bloody streaks. (RJ 8, day 3)

I get several red small spots on my nose, which then go away again. (RJ 9, day 3)


Pressure and sensitivity on right eyebrow, on right cheekbone. (RJ 1, after 1 hour)

Sensation of cobwebs at night on day 3, and morning on day 4. (RJ 1, days 2, 3 and 4)

Have big rash on the face – rosette – (mostly on right side) which I have suffered from before but did not had for a long time (I do not remember I had it ever so bad). It is a red itch with a burning feeling and dry. (RJ 4, day 7).

Face is red again. (RJ 4, day 11)

Face redness is worse. (RJ 4, day 12)

Face redness, is really itchy. (RJ 4, day 13)

Both cheeks irritated, red and warm. It itches, also feels rough, application of cold hand ameliorates. It stays like this all day.  (RJ 6, day 1

Itching of both eyelids, more left. The whole face burns and itches, especially around and under the eyes. (RJ 6, day 3).

Pain in the forehead, stitching, boring, between the eyes. (RJ 9, day 21).

My face itches more for 2 days. (RJ 9, day 3)


Dryness of the mouth and fauces (fifth day). 36

Saliva more consistent than usual (fourth day). 36

Increased flow of saliva. 38

Accumulation of much saliva in mouth. (RJ 7, day 1)

Increased saliva. (RJ 7, day 2)

Mucus transparent, milky, strong hawking to throw up mucus, 2-3 times (RJ 7, day 1).

Intensely bitter taste in the mouth, lasting nearly an hour. 36

Earthy taste in the mouth (sixth day). 36

Harshtaste. 38

In morning, sticky gum with unpleasant taste. (RJ 7, day 1)

Globules taste very, very sweet (unusual) (RJ 10, day 1)

Sensation as if I had to spit out frequently; at the inner edge of the lips next to the fraenulum linguae two aphthae, which bothered me for 6 days. 38

The distal part of the palate, both tonsils and the upper part of the throat were quite red. 38

Tingling in whole mouth also. (RJ 1, days 3 and 4)


Recurring, wandering toothache. (RJ 5, day 4, 5 and 7)

Teeth hurt, pulsating, first right, then lower left (old symptom). (RJ 7, day 3).

Diffuse pains in teeth, here and there, not much. In different places. Unpleasant feeling, came back after the third dose. Only stayed for a short time. Minutes. (RJ 9, day 2)

After half an hour of taking the remedy drawing toothache, upper jaw, left side, from left incisor to the last molar, can’t localise it more precisely, it’s often in several teeth, always changing teeth, at one point radiating down into the lower jaw, same row of teeth. This symptom appears again after two further doses of the remedy, each time after 30 to 60 minutes. It’s always there during the day and disappears at night. (RJ 10, day 1, 2nd dose).

I stopped taking the remedy because of the pain, the drawing in the teeth is unpleasant and irritating, makes me miserable. I cannot influence it, increase it or trigger it consciously, neither through food, air, low pressure or anything else. (This symptom appears a week later for a whole day). I never had this symptom before. I never had toothache. (RJ 10, day 1, 2nd dose)


Swelling, fine sticking, and constriction in the throat, mostly noticed on the posterior portion of the palate. 36

Frequent hawking on account of mucus, which is difficult to loosen (fourth day). 36

Roughness in throat, necessitating hawking. 38

Rawness in the throat, (fifth day). 36

Swallowing was more difficult than usual, with some redness and sensation of constriction in throat. 38

Scratching and roughness of throat. 38

Transitory stitching pains in tonsils. 38

Somewhat more difficult swallowing. 38

Hoarseness, failing of voice (aphonia) in the middle of a conversation. Swallowing more difficult with an anxious constricting sensation in throat and a slight reddening of the soft palate (velum palatinum), the uvula and the distal pharyngeal area. 38

Swelling, fine stitching and constriction in throat, most notable in the posterior part of the throat. 38

Lump in throat feeling more like mucus, moving up to the back of the uvula. Swollen uvula and lots of mucus. The swelling sensation goes up the back of the nose. Mucus in back of nose.  (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Constriction in throat. (RJ 1, day 1)

Had constantly the desire to hawk up the tough mucous which was difficult to dislodge. 38

Back of throat feels like a lump, getting bigger. (RJ 1, day 1)

Throat and back of nose are clear but throat feeling raw, irritated, almost burning and itching. (RJ 1, day 2)

Nausea in throat. (RJ 5, day 3).

Pain in throat. (RJ 6, day 9)

Don’t have to hawk up stuff anymore (cured symptom). (RJ 8, day 3)

Shortly after taking the remedy (3rd dose) I have pains in the throat, which I never had like this before. Stitching. When I swallow, I feel them, like small shards. More towards the back, on both sides. Next day, after the 3rd dose, the symptom reappears immediately, but then disappears again after a short time. (RJ 9, day 3)


Diminished appetite. 36

Ravenous hunger in the evening (fifth day). 36

Increased appetite. 38

Hunger intensified throughout the day with almost no hunger in the morning. Some hunger at lunchtime and a lot of hunger in the evening, especially to high calories food and sweets (chocolate and meat). (RJ 4, day 2)

Hunger with pain in stomach. (RJ 5, day 1)

I am hungry with a painful, empty stomach. (RJ 5, day 3)

Increased feeling of hunger with little appetite. (RJ 5, day 4)

Lack of appetite. 38

Eructations (fifth day). 36

Eructations and borborygmi (fifth day). 36

Violent eructations several times. 36

Eructation of air which tasted of the tincture. 38

Constant urge to belch. 38

Repeatedly sour eructations, and shortly afterwards within half an hour watery sour vomiting. 38

Eructations having and acid taste (fifth day). 36

Nausea (fifth day). 36

Nausea before eating. (RJ 1, day 1)

Nausea, at times provocation to vomit. 36

Some nausea in the evening, almost with vomiting (second evening). 36

Attacks of nausea after the simplest meal, as after an imprudent mixture of food. 36

I feel nauseous, but I don’t think I have to throw up. (RJ 6, day 3)

In the afternoon everything becomes worse, I am nauseous, I throw up everything what I have already eaten. After vomiting the stomach feels a bit better. (RJ 6, day 4).

Inclination to vomit (fifth day). 36

Feeling as though he should vomit, with watering of the eyes (fifth day). 36

Nausea. 38

Pulsating headache in forehead, temples, violent nausea with the desire to throw up, but it’s not possible. Lay down to sleep in afternoon, woke up at 9pm, worked a little, then slept again, woke up at about 3am, an hour awake, then slept again. (RJ 7, day 7)

Burning and pressing pain after eating. Better after flatus, but nausea after flatus. (RJ 5, day 3).

When I am asleep nausea is gone, as soon as I wake up it comes back. (RJ 6, day 4).

After having eaten a baked apple I have to throw it up again. The vomitus is foamy in the beginning, after that it is better like alcohol, like gin, vodka, whiskey. (RJ 6, day 4)

I am eating a little bit of baked apple, which this time remains in the stomach. I am weak, my stomach complains, it is at the same time full, painful and empty. Everything causes a feeling of nausea. (RJ 6, day 5).

Slight nausea during the day, worse in the afternoon. (RJ 6, day 5)

At 6 in the evening nausea gets better. (RJ 6, day 5).

Tiredness and feeling of suffocation with nausea. (RJ 4, day 11)Eating is not enjoyable. Always this slight nausea in the stomach. Sweet things are not for me. (RJ 6, day 7).

I feel over and over again nauseous in my stomach. Sweet things are worse. It is worse in the evening. (RJ 6, day 22).

At night, pains in stomach, incredibly strong, I can hardly bear it, it goes on for hours. I cannot sleep because of the pain. Permanent slight nausea. (RJ 11, before taking the remedy)

Everything is unchanged, pains in stomach, weakness, outbreaks of sweat, nausea. (RJ 11, day 2)

Wind in the stomach (third day). 36

Stomach empty and faint (fifth day). 36

Faintness in the stomach. 36

Increased appetite with painful pressure in stomach, at the end of the morning. Villard

Heaviness and pressure in the stomach, with anxiety and nausea, even to vomiting, and difficult, full respiration; the dragging and fullness in the stomach and chest were repeated after two hours (soon after 600 drops). 36

Tension and fullness in the stomach (first day). 36

Tension and distension of the stomach and external epigastric region; pressure upon it causes a sensation of nausea, as though it would cause vomiting, which speedily passes off, followed by dragging towards the anus(second day). 36

Feeling of constriction in the stomach (after three hours). 36

Pressure and tensionin the epigastric region (first day). 36

Anxious pressure in the stomach, with a sensation of nausea, as if he would vomit (first day). 36

Burning in stomach. 38

Unusual thirst. 38

Sensation of fullness in stomach with constant urge to belch. 38

Sensation of pressure in stomach, as if a stone were lying in it, with retching (after having taken half an ounce). 38

Rumbling in stomach and abdomen, which disappeared when walking. 38

Pressing in forehead and stomach. 38

Four hours after taking the juice violent, but difficult vomiting of a bitter mucous.38

Stomach problems – diarrhoea and overactivity with dull pain. (RJ 4, day 8)

Stomach feels very full as if going to burst if I will eat more, bloating-like sensation (food going back not sick or nausea but just that the stomach is overactive and makes noises) worse upon eating and after eating. (RJ 4, day 9)

Stomach too full with heaviness upon eating even when eating just an apple. (RJ 4, day 10)

In the afternoon, after food, very tired, but it feels good to work and to talk to people. (RJ 6, day 9).

Desire to drink water. (RJ 7, day 1).

Much thirst for cold water. (RJ 7, day 1).

Desire for cold water. (RJ 7, day 1)

Desire for cold water. (RJ 7, day 2)

Suddenly dizzy, while sitting, sudden perspiration with weak feeling in stomach. (RJ 8, day 1, after two hours)

I am aware of the locality of my stomach, as if I can feel its outlines. The stomach is hard, tight. Feels a bit like a lump, very solid. Sensation as if the stomach burns form the inside. I have breathed very consciously into the stomach, then it was better after a few hours. I could only do shallow breathing. I feel weak. I thought that I should lie bent double with pains like these, but I could only lie straight, stretched out in bed. Lying on right side, on left side and on abdomen was not possible, and did not bring relief.  (RJ 11, before taking the remedy)

Pains in stomach, slight nausea and vertigo are now unchanged. The pains appear nearly permanently, there are only few moments, in which I feel better. (RJ 11, before taking the remedy)

I wake up at night from the pain: again intense stomach pains and nausea and slight vertigo. (RJ 11, day 13, 1M).

I have to be careful when eating. Eating quickly is not possible, since the pains in the stomach get worse immediately. Hot and cold food aggravate. (RJ 11, before taking the remedy)

It is very difficult to find something what I can eat and what doesn’t aggravate. In general, if the food is appropriate, the pains in the stomach stop. Generally good are fruit and vegetables, but even here there are individual differences. (RJ 11, before taking the remedy)

After taking the remedy the pains remain unchanged. I don’t drink enough water and I find it difficult to overcome my resistance to drink more water. I don’t like tap water. (RJ 11, day 1)

After an outburst of anger I eat meat which I don’t want, nor do I like the taste and it makes me feel worse. (RJ 11, day 4).



Discomfort and pressure in the left hypochondrium (second day). 36


Steady pain in the umbilicus, like a drawing inward (fourth day). 36

Sensitivity, pinching, sore sensation in umbilical area, stronger after lunch, like a slight colic, half an hour to an hour, more frequently recurring and remaining with the stronger doses, better when sitting and lying, worse when walking, standing and smoking tobacco. 38

After sneezing inguinal hernia, exactly at the place where he felt the sensitivity. 38

Pressure in the umbilical region. 36

Pressure and tension in the umbilical region(fourth day). 36

Pressing inward in the umbilical region. 36

Pressure inward at the umbilicus (first day). 36

Distension of abdomen, disappeared after walking for a while. 38

He experienced a rumblingin the intestines with slight headache, after which followed an ample/substantial emptying of the bowels, stool was mush. 38

Umbilical region somewhat sensitive to touch and pressure (second day).36

The region below the umbilicus is very painful to touch (sixth day). 36

Umbilical region somewhat sensitive to touch and pressure (second day). 36

Distension, tension, and fullness in the abdomen, with somewhat painful sensation in the lower abdomen, and especially about the umbilicus (first day). 36

Rumbling and gurgling in the intestines(first day). 36

Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, which is distended, with a sensation of heaviness and fullness(second day). 36

Rumbling in the bowels; it seems as though bubbles were rising up (sixth day). 36

General sick feeling in the whole abdomen, with dragging towards the anus (first day). 36

Unusual fullness, tension, and distension of the abdomen, with offensive flatulence

Tension in the abdomen, increasing towards evening, with shortness of breath (fifth day). 36

General painfulness of the whole abdomen, with tension in the lower abdomen, especially an aggravated, tensive, pressive, painful sensation in the right side of the whole abdomen, though more towards the posterior portion (fourth day). 36

General painfulness of the walls of the abdomen (first day). 36

Symptoms of his wife (young, strong, phlegmatic): Sensation of distension andcontraction of abdomen. 38

Sharp pain in colon, 6 times for an hour and a half. Had this pain when I was 17. (RJ 1, day 1)

Did not have any symptoms for the first 3 hours. Then I started to have a very uncomfortable bloating. (RJ 2, day 1)

It’s 4:30pm all the symptoms cleared except my bloating which is reduced but still uncomfortable. (RJ 2, day 2)

Tension and distension of the abdomen (first day). 36

Some colic, with pressure in the umbilical region, and urging to stool (sixth day). 36

Cutting colic so violent that he was obliged to bend up, soon followed by heat extending from the lumbar vertebrae, in the morning (sixth day). 36

Painfulness in the abdomen (fifth day). 36


Dragging towards the anus, with tenesmus (first day). 36

Urging to stool, with frequent evacuations of a more consistent nature than usual (fourth day). 36

Diarrhoea with yellow and soft stools. Villard

The annoying tension in the abdomen lasted for another day, but disappeared after a profuse mushy stool. 38

Mushy evacuation. 38

Strong urge for stool. Three watery evacuations followed. 38

Twinging pain in the abdomen, followed by scanty, yellow, slimy diarrhoea twice in rapid succession. 36

Sudden urging to stool, in the evening, followed by a copious evacuation (fifth day). 36

Stool loose (type 6, Bristol scale) came straight out. (RJ 4, day 1)

Bowel opening twice today, with pressure on the abdomen. (RJ 4, day 1)

Early in the morning I am on my way to work and suddenly I have to go to the loo. There is no time to go back to the flat, the organic shop and clinic are also too far away, although either would be reachable in 5 minutes. There are no trees in the forest which have enough leaves to hide myself. I go quickly into a private garden, but the evacuation occurs before I can pull down my trousers. Unbelievably much shit. (RJ 6, day 16).

Take lots of time over bowel movement, stool is normal, but comes in phases. (RJ 7, day 3).

Bowel movement announces itself slower than usual, needs time. (RJ 7, day 5)

In the morning spluttering stool. (RJ 8, day 2, 2nd dose).

Regular bowel movements. (RJ 8, day 8, 3rd dose)

With bowel movement I had a one-off bleeding, as if during menses, with bright red blood. (RJ 11, day 1 and 2)


Bilious diarrhoea in the afternoon (sixth day). 36

Frequent pasty and very yellow stools. 36

Two soft stools soon after rising (second day). 36

Soft stool (third morning). 36

Diarrhoea with yellow and soft stools. Villard

A soft, light-yellow stool, preceded by cutting colic, at 9 A. M. (sixth day). 36

Ample/substantial emptying of the bowels, stool was mush. 38

A few hours later she had three watery evacuations with slight pinching beforehand. 38

Two scanty diarrhoeic stools, yellow mucosy, in rapid succession. 38

Urinary organs

Secretion of urine increased (fourth day). 36

Male Genitalia

Reduced sexual desire  (RJ 4, day 1)

No desire or sexual  thoughts. (RJ 4, day 1)

Female Genitalia

Period started three days early. 38

After the period she felt perfectly fine. 38

Period comes after 26 days, 2 days later than normal. In comparison to how it normally is I feel good, and can do lots of things. I feel clear and organised. When I have my period I can often not walk on the second day and can hardly stand. This times it wasn’t like that. Abdominal cramps, but as violent as usual. (RJ 6, day 31).

Drawing pain in vagina, right side (gland). (RJ 8, day 1).

Sticky between legs, pubic hair sticks together. (RJ 8, day 2, 2nd dose)

Respiratory organs

Some hoarseness (fifth day). 36

Acceleration and heaviness of respiration. 38

I could only do shallow breathing. (RJ 11, before taking the remedy)

In the morning chest felt as if battered. Deep breathing hurts, I can only do shallow breathing. (RJ 11, day 2).

Slightly breathless (RJ 7, day 5)

Shortness of breath. (RJ 5, day 2, 5 and 7).


Cough from mucus at the back of the throat 3 times. (RJ 1, day 1)

Cough with sticky mucus. (RJ 1, day 10)

In the morning between 9:30 to 12:00 noon had a chesty cough. But disappeared after 12:00. (RJ 2, day 3)

Heart pain as if gripped. (RJ 6, day 21).


Fullness and pressure in the chest, with difficult breathing, in the morning (sixth day). 36

Tightness of the chest (second day). 36

Pressure in the middle of the chest, to the left side of the sternum (fifth day). 36

Pressure upon the chest on moving (fourth day). 36

After the first dose pressing-in sensation in the cardiac region/scrobiculus cordis. 38

Constriction of lungs and both hands warm  (RJ 1, day 1)

Sudden ache in left ribs. (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Right breast at the top pressure pain. (RJ 1, after 1 hour)

Palpitation on chest and fingers following exercise – strong heart beats felt strongly. (RJ 4, day 1, 30C)

Tiredness and feeling of suffocation with nausea. (RJ 4, day 11)

In the morning chest felt as if battered. Deep breathing hurts, I can only do shallow breathing. (RJ 11, day 2).

Heart and pulse

Acceleration of the pulse in the evening (fifth day). 36

Swelling of the veins in the temporal region. 38

Pulsating of carotid arteries.38


Pulling in the muscles of the neck to the ears, worse when turning head, and a restlessness that could stay for long time in one place. 38

Pains in the back and bowels, much aggravated by motion, relieved by sitting (sixth day).36

Pressure and heaviness in the small of the back (sixth day). 36

Tension in area of kidneys. 38

Pulling and twitching on right side of the neck down into the shoulder, which recurred in the evening during ¼ of an hour. 38

Left side of neck muscle from ear to clavicle – sudden shooting pain for a couple of seconds. (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Right side of neck muscle a bit achy for a few seconds. Back of head pressure for a second. (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Right sternocleidomastoid muscle sudden intense pain for a few seconds. (RJ 1, day 1)

Pressing pain on right side of head and ear and neck better from pressure. (RJ 1, day 2)

Pressure pain on thoracic vertebrae. (RJ 1, day 1)

Back feeling cold. (RJ 1, day 1)

Cold around back. (RJ 1, day 1)

Back muscles aching for 2 hours, from neck to waist. (RJ 1, day 10)

Pain in lower back, as if broken, in the ilio-sacral joints. (RJ 6, day 3).

Back pain (RJ 6, day 4).

Back is back to normal. Usually the healing process takes weeks or months. (RJ 6, day 6)

I just realise that I sit slouched over, back hurts, I sit myself up straight. (RJ 7, day 1).

Pain lower back. (RJ 7, day 1)

Pain in right lower lumbar vertebrae, while doing Qi Gong. (RJ 7, day 4 and 6)

Shoulder, left side, slight pain, as if stiff. (RJ 7, day 5)

Left shoulder joint, strong pain on movement, as for example when lifting the arm, pain as if the joint were badly inflamed. On the same day strong, stitching pain in right hip joint, stitching pain when mounting a horse. (RJ 8, days 8-21, 3rd dose).

While taking the remedy I had constantly back pain in lower back (which I’ve had before). What is different is that I feel the pain only when I turn around at night, and I also wake up from it (RJ 9, day 6).

A short time after taking the remedy intense itching in the middle of the spine. (RJ 10, day 1)

At night intense pains in right lower back and radiating to the right shoulder. I awoke from the pains and didn’t know how I could lie. There is no comfortable position. (RJ 11, day 2)


Prostration and tension in the limbs (first day). 36

A slight jerky pulling in the limbs. 38

(A sudden drawing, gouty pain in the right hand, with inflammatory redness of the skin of the knuckles of the index and middle fingers, with cramp-like attacks and painfulness on moving the hand, especially the inflamed portions; this pain continued to increase till towards 9 P.M. , when he rubbed the forearm, palm, and back of the hand with some drops of the tincture, which caused a sudden change in the condition; the redness and gouty pains disappeared, and the hand felt quite well; he had experienced this same pain two years previously, at which time the inflammation increased to complete swelling of the hand, with violent burning sticking pains, which soon disappeared, but left a peculiar painful and weak sensation in the hand; on the next morning there was only a slight tensive pain in the affected knuckle; since which time the hand had been quite painless) (third day). 36

Irritating drawing pain in right axilla, lasting several minutes. 38

Pressure in the right hip, near the sacrum (fourth day). 36

Pressing pain in the hips and sacrum on stooping; it seems as though a girdle were about the hips (sixth day). 36

Pain in the left knee-joint, as if sprained (after one hour, fourth day); more confined to the patella (fifth day). 36

Crawling sensation in the knees (fourth day). 36

Sticking and tearing in the soles of the feet, on bending the toes when walking (fifth day). 36

Cramping pain in soleof foot. 38

Both hands are warm  (RJ 1, day 1)

Left thumb warm up through the wrist to elbow. (RJ 1, day 1)

Pain in left thumb joint for 1 second, followed by warmth.

Outer fleshy part of left hand pain for a few seconds.

Left index finger needle-like pain at bottom third.

Pain in an old injury from jarred left thumb joint.

Sharp sudden pain in thumb joint for a second.

Tingling under arms for a second.  (RJ 1, day 1)

Sharp pain in thumb joint and more insistent for 15 seconds. (RJ 1, day 1)

Pain in fleshy part of left hand near joint where it meets the finger, better for pressure. Left leg, at the back of the femur, pain of 3 inches. Dull radiating pain

More pain in left thumb joint for a few seconds.  (RJ 1, day 1)

In thigh and high groin pulsating. Constricting pain better from pressure.

Right hand middle finger bottom joint, sudden pain for a couple of seconds.

Shooting pain in right index and middle finger, better from movement and pressure. (RJ 1, day 1)

Left middle and ring finger, pain for a second.

Pain in thumb joint. (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Right leg muscle near knee, lump, pressure pain for a couple of seconds.

Nothing then a bubbly feeling and the pressure pain for a few seconds. (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Shooting pain in right index finger, the first large joint, extending to tip.


Left thumb joint pain.

Tip of left middle finger – needle-like pain and right index finger (the middle part) – an old injury from last year.  (RJ 1, after 45 minutes)

Right biceps and fingers pressure pain for a few seconds.

Tingling in right index finger. (RJ 1, after 1 hour)

Left arm pain pressure and constricting muscles down to wrist. Couldn’t be bothered to do anything.

Right ankle pressure pain. Sudden pain in urethra. Left temple pain. Left side of head, pressure above ear. Right eye pain on cornea.

Twinges on left calf, left eye, right cheek bone, left outer knee and twitching.

Legs below the knees cold, feeling like a draught (RJ 1, after 1.5 hours)

Pressure pain on outside of right index finger, right breast and behind the left ear. (RJ 1, after 1.5. hours)

Pain on shoulder muscles at the front.

Shooting pain down the right shin bone. (RJ 1, after 1.5. hours)

Cold hands. (RJ 1, day 1)

Inside left calf pressure pain. (RJ 1, day 1)


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