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Homeopathy in Bulgaria

Written by Dora Pachova

This article reviews the history of homeopathy in Bulgaria from it’s beginning till the present day, including it’s current status and legislation.

Homeopathy in BulgariaThe first homeopathic physician in Bulgaria was Dr. George Mirkovich (1825-1905).

He was a fighter for national liberation of the Bulgarian people, one of the leading representatives of the Bulgarian Renaissance. He first connected with homeopathy and other naturopathic methods in France. He studied Medicine from 1851 untill 1856 in Montpellier, France.

Dr. George Mirkovich was rewarded personally by Napoleon III with a silver medal for his efforts in healing cholera successfully during an epidemic. When he came back to Bulgaria he published following journals:

“House Homeopathic Doctor” – 1885-1896

“Words about health” – 1893-1896

“Dawn light” – 1902-1909

In the last two journals he preaches about water treatments, sun treatment, massage and a nature oriented way of living.

In 1938 the High Medical Council decided that every physician who had a private practice, had the right to use the homeopathic treatment and to prescribe homeopathic remedies.

In 1944 the new Government of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria proclaimed that homeopathy was quackery and the practice of homeopathy was forbidden.

Maybe there were some doctors still practicing homeopathy, but if so, they were practicing in secret. During the next 47 years there was no information about this method in the country. The word homeopathy was completely unknown to medical authorities, doctors, healers and lay people. Not a single word was written in the Bulgarian language and no books in foreign languages were available on the market.

At the beginning of 1993 Mrs. Meg Godear came to Bulgaria and suggested forming a relation between Bulgarian doctors and English Homeopaths. In May 1993 the first course in homeopathy began. Three Bulgarian doctors, Peter Naydenov, Dora Pachova and Atanas Gulubov, organized people ready to listen and understand what homeopathy is, at a time when this treatment method was completely unknown in the country.

The English homeopath Peter Chappell was the first teacher for the Bulgarians. After him some other homeopaths came to teach, sent by the London College of Classical Homeopathy. The first course was organized as a charity from both sides. A Charity organization from England also sent the first Repertories and Materia Medicas to Bulgaria. This period was characterized by great enthusiasm. In 1994 the organizers of the course founded the “Holistic Center Anhira” and published the first homeopathic books in the Bulgarian language – “Homeopathy – Medicine of the New Man” and “The Science of Homeopathy” by George Vithoulkas.

At the end of 1994 the participants of the first 2-year course established the Homeopathic Society. Their members were physicians and non-physicians. In June 1995 the Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria (AHPB) was founded. Since the very beginning the member adopted the European Commitee for Homeopathy (ECH) standards for education, and the Code of Ethics suggested by the ECH. In the same year the AHPB was accepted as an associate member of the ECH.

On the 18th of April, 1995 an official addition to the Law for Drugs and Pharmacies in Human Medicine was made. According to this regulation, homeopathic preparations could be officially registered in Bulgaria like other medicines, and could be prescribed on a regular basis.

In 1995 and 1996 some companies like Boiron, Reckeweg and Heel registered their remedies (up to 30 C potencies) and gave short courses for doctors. In 1996 the “Organon of Homeopathic Medicine” by Samuel Hahnemann and “The New Model of Health and Disease” were published by Dora Pachova and Peter Naydenov. Homeopaths from Romania, Hungary and Russia came to listen to George Vithoulkas, who visited Bulgaria to present his book “New Model of Health and Disease”.

From 1996 to the present, different courses from various organizations and private persons have been organized in the country. In 1997 the official import of substances from “Helios” Pharmacy, England by “Homeopharm” began, and for the first time a pharmacy offered preparation of high potencies ex tempore. This is still the only pharmacy in Bulgaria where one can buy potencies higher than 30 C and of course there are many remedies one can not get at all.

Since 1998 the new Law officially recognized homeopathic remedies as medicines used in veterinary medicine. In 1998 the first issue of the journal “Homeopathy for Everyone” was published, and in April 2000, the first issue of the journal “Homeopathic Forum” came out. In 2000 the Homeopathic Society started issuing the Journal “Classical Homeopathy”.

In 2001 the Center for Health and Education “Edicta” was founded as the first specialized information center in the country. From Edicta people could receive information about homeopathic education in Bulgaria and abroad and addresses of homeopaths in Bulgaria and in other countries. They could also order books and software from foreign publishers.

In May 2001 the Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria established contact with Unio Homeopathica Belgica and the Faculty for Homeopathy in Belgium. In July 2001 the Center for Health and Education “Edicta” and the International Homeopathic Center “Via Homeopatica” organized the First International Seminar “Undiscovered possibilities of Homeopathy”. The seminar was held under the sponshorship of the Medical University of Varna, based on Dr. Kalina Kostova’s efforts. The rector of the University opened the seminar with a speech. There were guests from 11 countries and 150 participants. All this was possible with the help of the international homeopathic community. The LMHI and ECH helped in spreading the information about the seminar. Archibel, B Jain Publishers, Miccant and Homeopathic Links became the first sponsors of Bulgarian homeopathy.

In 2002 the organizers started a three year program to improve the professional competence of homeopaths. The program finished in 2004 with great success and the participants from 15 countries took part were willing to continue their education in the format and with the services provided by the organizers.

2004 witnessed the foundation of the European School for Homeopathy by Via Homeopatica (International Homeopathic Center) and Edicta (Center for Health and Education). The main activities of the school were long term projects, seminars and clinical training programs for students and experienced homeopaths, supported by leading homeopaths in the world, such as Praful Vijayakar, Rajan Sankaran, Ajit Kulkarni, etc.

Since January 2005, according to the Health law, only medical doctors are allowed to practice homepathy.


Kristalina Evdokieva was born in 1966, in Bourgas, Bulgaria. She  studied dentistry and has practiced since 1990. She’s been studying homeopathy since 2009 in the Edicta Centre in Sofia.


About the author

Dora Pachova

Dora Pachova, M.D. has been practicing homeopathy full time for 18 years. She also teaches homeopathy, edits and publishes homeopathic books and journals and contributes to the organisation of local and international homeopathic seminars. Dr. Pachova has been a medical doctor since 1987 and Masters Degrees in Homeopathic Therapy and Psychology (psychotherapy of disabled patients and their families). She graduated from George Vithoulkas' International program. Dr. Pachova is co-founder and chairperson of the Association of Homoeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria (AHPB), National Vice President of the LMHI and a member of Political and Educational Subcommittees of the European Committee for Homeopathy. She has published articles in many national newspapers and journals. Her main field of interest is homeopathy and family dynamics, about which she has published articles in the Journal Homeopathic Heritage International. She gives lectures and seminars in Bulgaria, India and Macedonia.

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