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Cough Relief with Homeopathy

A handy differentiation for commonly used homeopathy remedies for cough relief. Learn the symptoms of cough from the most commonly used homeopathic medicines.

With the change of seasons many of us will be faced with requests for the relief of various forms of coughs. Homeopathy can provide some useful solutions to this problem and can offer a wide range of benefits including an excellent speed of action, ease of use and low risk of drug interaction. Following are a few remedy suggestions that may help.


Differentiating Symptoms

Aconite Dry, barking or spasmodic cough, better for lying on the back and worse from dry, cold wind, speaking, deep inspiration, at night and after eating or drinking
Ant tart Loose rattling cough without expectoration, better sitting upright, worse for anger, warm drinks, after eating, after midnight and on lying down.
Belladonna Dry cough, worse in the evening and just after lying down and is not relieved by sitting up.
Bryonia Dry, concussive cough, better for open air, worse from talking, eating, drinking or speaking.
Conium Dry cough, better while fasting, worse when lying down, from talking, and at night.
Corallium Dry, spasmodic, barking cough, worse in open air and going from a warm to a cold room.
Cuprum met Dry, nervous spasmodic cough, worse at night, better for drinking cold water and worse for eating or inhaling cold air.
Hepar sulph Dry or loose, hoarse, croupy cough.
Better for damp air or warmth, worse in the morning, for cold air, any body part becoming uncovered or from cold food or drinks.
Hyoscyamus Dry, nervous, exhausting cough that usually starts as soon as the sufferer is lying down. Better for sitting up and worse at night.
Ipecac Loose spasmodic violent cough, better in the open air and cold drinks, worse from warmth or motion.
Kali bic Loose, wheezing or barking cough with profuse yellow expectoration. Better for warmth, worse on waking and after eating.
Phosphorus Short, dry or nervous cough, better for eating, worse for cold drinks, before a thunderstorm or from strong odours.
Pulsatilla Spasmodic cough which is dry at night and loose through the day. Better for open air, cold food and drink, worse for warmth. Urine is often emitted with the cough.
Spongia Dry, barking, wheezy or croupy cough.
Better for eating or drinking warm things, worse from deep breathing, excitement, warmth, smoking, cold drinks or lying with the head too low.

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Robert Medhurst BNat DHom DBM DRM DNutr is an Australian Naturopath & Homeopath with 40 years of clinical experience. He has written many articles and lectured on homeopathy throughout Australia and the U.S. Robert previously set up and operated 5 natural therapies practices in Sydney and Adelaide and was involved in teaching and medical research. He was formerly the Expert Advisor on Homeopathy to the Federal Government of Australia, Dept. of Health & Ageing. He specialises in homeopathy and is the author of The Business of Healing, the definitive guide for clinical practice establishment and management, as well as The Concordant Clinical Homeopathic Repertory. For more information see adelaidehillsnaturopath.com.au.


    • Hpathy is used and accessed by by homeopathic community, which has diverse skill sets and level of education. It is also accessed by students, patients and health professionals. Sometimes people need something simple for quick reference and memorization. We think this article serves as a good comparative tool for beginners.

  • Thanks, for the article on a subject which is very critical in nature. I think , some more frequently useful remedied may be included in your followup article like, Drosera, Causticum, Justicia adatoda, kali carb, Rhustox, Puls,Rumex,cina, sambucus,Coc C,sabadilla etc. thanks.

  • All the symptoms are not seen in such medicine if you replace those medicines with each other then after that patient becomes cured. plase give me explanation

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