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In Memoriam – Debra Sue Bruck


We mourn the passing of homeopath and passionate advocate of homeopathy, Debra Sue Bruck

by Marilyn Freedman

Debra Sue Bruck

November 7th 1952 – May 5th 2018

On May 5th, at 6:30pm the global Homeopathic community lost one of its most prolific and passionate advocates, Debby Bruck, CHOM.  Debby shone her light on all who knew her with her enthusiasm, benevolence, openness, and inclusiveness.   Debby had many accomplishments. She held an MS in Art Education and an MS in Graphic Design. She played the flute. Debby was a North Carolina homeopath and studied with such stalwarts as Manfred Muller, Robin Murphy, Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick, Dr Bhawisha and Shachindra Joshi, Dr Ramakrishnan, Dr Will Taylor, Jeremy Sherr, Kim Elia, and many more. Debby attended many conferences and workshops over the past 20 years.

Debby conceived of the idea of a Homeopathic World Community in 2009 to encourage homeopaths to communicate with each other, share their knowledge, get information to the public, develop computer skills and harness the internet to bring homeopaths together. Debby was social media savvy and she graciously taught homeopaths to use Twitter, Facebook and Google+, as a way of, as she coined it, “creating waves of awareness” about homeopathy.  The invitation-only website which Debby created, HomeopathyWorldCommunity.com, is a professional social network, with an online membership of over 5,000 physicians and practitioners from 31 countries. Once Homeopathy World Community was up and running, Debby recruited volunteers from among its users to help with the day to day maintenance of the site and created the Homeopathy World Community BlogTalkRadio.  Sometimes co-hosting and sometimes solo, Debby incorporated all things healthy with homeopathy, news, events, as well as Organon studies, homeopathic book reviews and interviews with homeopaths.  Mastering the podcast, Debby created the Health Inn Show and became its live-stream video host interviewing other homeopaths and continuing to create waves of awareness about her passions, homeopathy taking center stage.  Debby was also an outspoken advocate for health freedom and incorporated her other creation, Free and Healthy Children Homeopathic Prophylaxis, in her audio and video shows.

She also made efforts to announce supportive projects to help other homeopaths or well-wishers to move homeopathy forward. She was instrumental, through HomeopathyWorldCommunity.com, in raising funds to send Homeopaths to Haiti in 2010 to provide aid and comfort to earthquake victims. Another project helped filmmaker, Laurel Chiton, raise money to complete her documentary, “Just One Drop.”

When Debby became sick a few years ago she donated her vast homeopathic library so that others would benefit. On April 7th, 2018 Debby was recognized by the U.S. National Center for Homeopathy with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

As passionate as Debby was about health, she was also passionate about the environment, gardening, religion, and how all people can work together to heal the earth. She raised chickens in her backyard for organic eggs, was a prolific blogger, and loved making new friends.

Debby wrote 178 articles on Hubpages which were read over 100,000 times. She practiced qigong, healing movement, guided imagery and meditation, hosting nightly meditation podcasts for a period of time. Debby considered herself an educator and she spent years of sleepless nights, on her computer, providing as much information and inspiration as possible to get people motivated to act in local, state, country and international events and classes, learning and sharing the priorities of healing the planet through homeopathy and natural medicine.

Debby was the co-founder of Temple Beth Shalom and Chabad of Cary Learning Center. She took great pride in celebrating her Jewish heritage and loved going to Synagogue every Saturday morning. She never stopped learning about her faith.

Debby was a loving and devoted wife and mother. She raised three brilliant children, Isaac Bruck M.D., Ph.D., of Hopewell Junction, NY, Sarah Rosner of Philadelphia, PA. and Sonia Rose Bruck, a doctoral candidate in Corvallis, OR and informally adopted a fourth, Kim Aiya Williams of Carrboro, NC. She also leaves behind her son-in-law Jeffrey Rosner, Esq., and Rebecca Bruck a clinical social worker and chef. Her joy in life were her grandchildren, Yisroel, Yosef, Rina and Jacob. She precedes her 93 yr. old mother Mrs. Naomi Schlessel of Dallas, her brother Dr. Richard Schlessel, and sisters Dr. Wendy Harpham and Mrs. Donna Muller.

Debby will be missed and remembered by the multitude of friends and colleagues that knew her.  May her memory be a blessing for Robert and family.

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About the author

Marilyn Freedman

Marilyn Freedman B.A. HOM, has been in private homeopathic practice in Canada since 2004. She works with the regulatory College of Homeopaths of Ontario on the implementation of entry-to-practice competency education and evaluations. She currently facilitates salon style continuing homeopathic education (canadianhomeopath.ca).


  • Thanks, Marilyn; I learned so much about Debby that I didn’t know! I didn’t realize she was so accomplished! I hope people will still frequent her website, Homeopathy World Community!

    • I hope so, Elaine. There isn’t too much action on the site since Debby gave up running it to take care of her health. Debby was magnanimous with her time and expertise. She helped so many people achieve.

  • Marilyn, Thank you for writing this beautiful tribute to Debby. As you have said, she was an innovator, and in setting up Homeopathy World Community, started an initiative whereby homeopaths could share their expertise and experience. This was/is a valuable resource, and was responsible for introducing homeopaths to each other, from around the world. She was an inspirational lady, whom I can personally thank for motivating me on many occasions, particularly when I was newly qualified. I think she would be proud, in retrospect, of the way in which she educated and encouraged people and was possibly not aware of the great impact she had on her community, given that humility was clearly one of her strongest assets. We also shared a love of Leonard Cohens works, and frequently discussed the lyrics of his songs, deep and meaningful as they are! Much love and gratitude to you Debby and I hope you are at Peace.

  • I first met Debby Bruck on Twitter in 2010. I could see in her a strong organised advocate of Homeopathy. She was my source of my inspiration. Inspired by her site HomeopathyWorldCommunity.com, I started Google Knol which was later migrated to WordPress in Jan 2012. She was the first one whom I invited to write a guest article for my Science-based Homeopathy blog which she accepted after some time. She also supported my nomination for Shorty Awards 2012 in science category. She want me to feature in BlogTalkRadio which I was reluctant at that time. We often communicated via email during these years. She was awarded LifeTime Achievement Award for her contribution to Homeopathy. She fought hard for her health in her last years. RIP. May God bless her family members.

  • I miss her daily. When I called her a few months ago to see how she was doing, she was more interested in my welfare. She was such a selfless and loving soul. I share her mandalas and colorings with a lot of my clients. We are blessed to have known her.

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