The Biophotonic Resonator, A Synergetic Matrix

The author states that through a holographic resonance mechanism, human energy fields are influenced by objects in the environment -various substances, architecture, furniture, colors, symbols and biophotonics resonators. All these factors can help balance and conserve energy and health for both people and the planet.

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Ecologic and Sanogenous (health generating) Innovations

for Optimizing the Human Medium of Life

Abstract: In contemporary society, increasingly more factors have a perturbing effect on human beings, including energetic-informational stress leading to bio-psychic disturbances. This situation also implicitly reflects on the Earth’s “health”. In order to avoid such dangerous and already manifested situations of “human ecology” crisis, a complex of novel strategies should be taking into consideration, starting with an integrative knowledge how to preserve the “connection energy”. The application of some biophotonic inventions concerning a new ecologic and sanogenous (health-generating) medium of life is discussed below..

We have to recognize that the modern world confronts human beings with an increased range of supraliminal stress factors:

– subjective factors, targeting the emotional stress that humans suffer in relation to various issues / problems – more complex and difficult (natural or artificial) – of his existence;

– objective factors, represented by the harmful effects produced by environmental sources with which man interacts, beginning from increasingly contaminated food with unhealthy additives, to the radiating fields of modern technology (electromagnetism, radioactivity, etc.), and the stressful factors of the bio-field generated at the level of human groups.

The conclusion seems as incredible as it is true: human health implicitly affects the health of the living environment and – in extremis – the Earth’s “metabolism”, and vice versa.

Such observations indicate that the changes of the living environment – through the changed nature of the related bio-electromagnetic fields – affect not only human health, but also the possibility of homeopathic recovery of health, and especially in cases of mental disorders. In general, most of these disorders are due to the human failure to correctly adapt to bio-physical and mental stimuli with which they constantly face, which produces a huge loss of energy.

In order to prevent such a situation, we suggested – in various other contexts [Stanciulescu, Poenaru, 2008] – a biophotonic strategy (biology + theory / technology of lasers) for getting out of any crisis, implicitly one of health, by promoting a prophylactic type of thinking.



  • Through “Connection Energy” (or “Adaptation Energy “) we understand that energy is spent by humans in order to adapt themselves to the existence and functioning of natural or artificial (technological) systems, processes, phenomena, and objects with which they have continual contact within their living environment.

1. In general, human beings spends more connection energy, bio-physical or psychological, than is necessary to adapt to the environment (objects, phenomena, processes), for one reason or another, such as: lack of knowledge about the object, phenomenon, process (in example, through an inadequate know-how, poor quality of the product / environment not properly adapted to human needs, unfavorable conditions of use / adaptation of the product, unjustified motivation / stress while using a particular object, etc.) This situation of energy waste leads man to a health crisis, including illness (in the first phase, physical illness).

2. The knowledge and control of the energy-information relationship of man with the processes, phenomena and objects of his living environment, by cancelling or reducing the above mentioned issues, would allow the individual to preserve a significant amount of energy, which might be used in any another context. We formulated several strategic principles, in various other public contexts, sustaining the possibility of overcoming such crisis situations of bio-psychological health by:

  • Recovery of a well known principle, but only less applied, that prophylaxis should be a priority over therapy; in this regard, exogenous homeopathy develops such a prophylactic component, by promoting Biophotonic Resonators for the stimulation of the immune system, and protection against the electromagnetic smog, etc. [1]:

– understanding that it is not enough to solve a specific problem that manifests itself here and now, but it is also necessary to formulate a broader strategy, a know-how capable of controlling the entire range of related issues. As the old Chinese proverb says, in order to feed a hungry man it is not enough to give him a fish today, another tomorrow, etc., but instead you should teach him how to fish. In other words, it is not enough to therapeutically solve a headache today, and a fatigue state tomorrow, but instead you have to modify the environment in which we live – for example – so that it no longer affects the ailing bio-physical state;

– the capture and processing of BPL (bio-psycho-logical) consumption achieved by man, in strategic resources during crisis situations, for health, the amplification of the immune system resources through the Exogenous Homeopathy (ExHo) [Stanciulescu, 2011] [2] effects of the environment or through the training of muscle or nervous system, for situations of supraliminal effort are established in such prophylactic measures;

– reconsideration of our solutions regarding the use of conventional energies which ignore the often harmful effects caused by these energies to human health, starting from smoke that affects the eyes and the perturbing smell which troubles the breathing, up to the electric or electromagnetic field that affects the bio-psychic equilibrium – by finding non-polluting ecological alternatives; in this sense, the conjunction between Biophotonics and Synergetics, will create ExHo effects, such as the biological / biophotonic sources of caloric energy, power generators based on the cavitation effect, coupled with the “biophotonics resonators”, etc.;

– surpassing the consequences of “Valencia Phenomenon ” called in this way after some meanings acquired at the exhibition “HABITAT Valencia 2008 “, on which occasion, I found that no manufacturer actually had ever thought of the effect of a wonderful crystal chandelier over the human eye and over the psychical state / mood of the beneficiary, the manner in which a cushion or a seat can influence / affect through pressure or heat the bio-physiological status of users’, etc., I realized that in the sense of an optimal preservation of connection energy, any thing or complex of things with which human beings are to be exposed directly or indirectly simply through its existence, is in the sphere of his energy-informational influence.

  • Through generalization we say that the design of the optimal mental strategy for an ecologically-pure existence in the living environment requires the reconsideration of the energy consumption effects that were put in evidence by the above strategies, and replacing them with effective ways to think about our presence in the world.

In conclusion, we say that the energy conservation represents a vital source to resolve the human resources crisis, from the bio-psychological ones, up to the cultural, economical ones, etc., as human energy is the only one that can profitably replace any other resource. The removal of stressful environmental aspects of our lives, by replacing them with material and mental systems capable of harmoniously resonating with the human body – represents a therapeutic strategy. However, in this respect, the principles of Exogenous Homeopathy in the reconfiguration of our living environment, represents a direction that modern man should be aware of, as he implicitly was once.


To such a general conclusion, Exogenous Homeopathy can make a vital contribution, by generating – based on the principles set out above on the achievement of the biophotonic resonators – an ecological and balanced living environment through the nature of environmental stimuli. In carrying out this intention I had as a model, the way of living of the traditional Romanian village, characterized by the fact that through an intuitive knowledge of human harmony with nature, the simple man of past times has known them and used them harmonically:

– the natural / biological / organic materials such as wood, earth, stone in order to build the house and sculpt tools; vegetal fabrics to make clothing, homeopathic ornaments to decorate the house, etc.

– the most harmonious colours as possible with natural dyes;

– the sacred geometry archetypal designs for everything that could be decoratively embellished;

– volumes built after the golden ratio;

– auxiliary ambience having a homeopathic function (ingredients, vegetable protein), etc.

The fact that another series of these practices set up bridges between the modern day human and the past tradition, makes easier the task of inserting the ExHo principles in the modern mind / mentality, already prepared to rationally understand the principles of an objective connection, namely:

  • Ecological-sanogenous traditions of Romanian folk creation: from the commercial utilities (painted pots and carved spoons), up to the Easter eggs, dyed naturally and ritually decorated with cosmogonic design:

Figure 1. Very old cosmogonic symbols, having – by their “waves of form” – an implicit harmonizing effect on human health

Figure 2. “At the beginning there was the sign …”: traditional Romanian creations, having a double function: to conserve the main symbolical knowledge about the cosmic and human world, and to generate a healthy frame of life, by the constant presence of complex harmonious stimuli, such as materials, colours and shapes, volumes and accessories etc.

All these original traditions were kept and stored in the bud until today, being often coupled in a synergistic manner that unites materials and volumes, colors and shapes / forms, movement and sounds, etc., in synergistic rituals such as those of the New Year.

  • The human group acts as a complex “BioPhotonic resonator”. The traditions preserved as “performance on stage” of the winter holidays – still marked by traditional costumes manufactured from natural, vegetable and protein materials, decorated with cosmogonic archetypes, the chant / “the wishing” in the holy days, the twisting ritual dance in “therapeutic circle”, and ” homeopathic auxiliaries”:

Figure 3. The “New Year wishing bouquet” made of natural flowers and tree branches []) having stimulating function – provided once a harmonic and pure resonance space to human communities. And they still can do it today, both in public and private spaces.

All these environmental aspects followed the principles of “holographic resonance, the cosmic law of surviving (belagines) and the synergistic principles of exogenous homeopathy, to set up an ecologic and sanogenous living environment, balanced from the bio-psychical point of view.

If we look back we understand that all these creative practices and sacred rituals that accompanied them had a double function:

a cognitive function, which is to preserve the memory of the world creation, the whole living environment as a special “training book” of the natural cosmic harmony laws

a therapeutic function, stimulating the generation of energies and information being in harmonic resonance with the body and human “soul “.

Through these two categories of effects, manifested both in material and the spiritual plan, the traditional habitat was a protective universe, without major stress, able to optimally preserve the adaptation energy of humans. By radiating energies and information being in harmonic resonance with the human body and psyche, the traditional habitat was able to optimally preserve the energy of human adaptation.

By following the general rules of exogenous homeopathy, retrieving the valuable suggestions of the tradition, keeping some achievements of the current technology was possible and necessary to reconstruct a similar / analogous / pure living environment from which the stress and the harmful physical factors to be removed.


Semiotically assumed but its COMUNION OF SIGNS

Figure 4. A Romanian SEMIOTICS OF LOVE. INITIATION INTO THE COMMUNION SCIENCE [Stanciulescu, 2007, cover by Aritia Poenaru] (in translation). An explosion of light…



The conclusion previously formulated is of extreme importance because it involves the effective use of a combination of therapeutic solutions, in which exogenous homeopathy is implicitly involved. The applied research conducted at the National Institute of Inventions from Lasi, have eloquently demonstrated, in the last decade, how the biophotonic products can generate optimizing homeopathic effects. We realized that – in accordance with the principle of the holistic distal therapy [Stanciulescu, 2010] – everything that comes in the air and somehow changes the state of the receiving system – actually generates informational effects of a homeopathic type.

Through generalization, one can say that under the holographic resonance mechanism already described above, all systems / objects in the environment – beginning with the house architecture and the furniture structure, up to clothing and related accessories (here are included also the biophotonics resonators) – permanently transmit to the human body infinitesimal stimuli that the body receives and processes, with more or less sensitive optimizing effects.

To do this, for information only – to support all the theoretical premises developed so far – we suggest a range of possibilities of the latest technology able to optimize the mental and physical health of human beings. To have an intuition of the holistic sanogenous effects, that exogenous homeopathy strategies can generate, it is enough to briefly introduce further – in the category of these products – some of the practical applications, already working and presented at the recent Show Room. Each of these applications represent:

– the result of a patent, being already manufactured as model or as working prototype;

– a suggestive experiment to highlight the effect of exogenous homeopathy to human receptor, using measurements made with different bio-resonance equipment.

We will take into account the following contributions, with a reference to contributing to the conservation of the connection energy, to the generation of an ecological and sanogenous environment and thus regulating various dysfunctions – of psycho-mental type –

  • ECOLOGICAL AND SANOGENIC (HEALTH-GENERATING) ARCHITECTURE (OSIM CB / 2008: Traian D. Stanciulescu, Arita Poenaru) with stimulative bio-synergistic effects on the human body, starting from construction materials, biophotonically treated (mortars with structured water, for example), to the biophotonic plasters and the stimulating colors appropriate to the beneficiaries’ psychical status, up to “wave forms” of the architectural volumes. Here we add the types of decoration, the biophotonic resonators for the interior protection against the Hartmann radiation or for the protection against the harmful EM waves etc.

All these things were implicitly known to the old builders / constructors, who used the cosmogonic symbolism – part of religious rituals and objects, including object of architecture (church and house) and the overall structure / layout of the village.

Figure 5. Among all types of environmental structures, architecture is the more complex one and can include all types of stimulating effects of exogenous homeopathy.

Figure 6. ICHTUS”, Sa(ca(râmb (Romania): International Complex for Human Therapy and Unity of Spirit [Poenaru, 2010]

(1) The Spiritual Centre: a) the Road of Light, an initiatic layout describing the cosmogenesis’ archetypes (starting from the genesis of the original waters to informational creation of the cosmic world), as a process of „cosmic homeopathy”; b) the Temple of Archetypal Initiation, a very complex Biophotonic Resonator, based on the use of different types of “living light” for opening the human mind; (2) The Complementary Therapy Centre is conceived as a synergetic structural-functional architecture, using the simple but powerful volumes, such as: a) sphere and horizontal lines, in the administrative and research building; b) the rectangular volumes, in the hospital for complementary therapies investigations and treatments building .

The complex – entirely conceived under the Principles of BIOPHOTONIC ARCHITECTURE and located in an area of high telluric energy (due to the gold of high purity in the ground) and cosmic force (the place belongs to the sacred zone of ancient Dacia) – values the synergy of the space and of the symbolism / cosmogonic mandalas, energetic protectors (“flower of life” for example), the “sacred geometry” and colour-therapy, etc.., for building a centre for spiritual harmonization and one for complementary therapies (with a biophotonic and synergistic research department and homeopathy), a resting centre with psycho-therapeutic sightseeing etc. An exceptional synergy of body therapy with that of the soul and the spirit [3], a “biophotonic resonator ” whose purpose – as ancestors knew – is to contribute to the healing of the soul (mental disturbances) so that the body is able to follow.

According to these aspects, connecting synergetically the structural and functional parameters of a certain building, it is necessary to mention that our “architecture of light” team is already prepared to project and practically realize any type of biophotonic building, starting from the objective BPL features of the beneficiaries that could be simply optimized.

For the first time can talk about the synthesis between things and architectural / constructive practices known for ages and their exploitation, knowingly, from the perspective of the latest technology of biophotonics and the principles of Exogenous Homeopathy.


* *

To the potential beneficiaries, who are already expected, not only symbolically [4], we reveal in the following, a series of other technological construction performances – such as the autonomy of electricity and heat supply from unconventional sources, which in turn have exogenous therapeutic effects – in which the ExHo and BioPhotonics are implicitly correlated.

  • STRUCTURES-ENERGY GENERATORS, for the autonomous supply of the architectural complex, namely:
  • Power Generation System from the terrestrial electromagnetic field [Stanciulescu, Bursuc, Poenaru, 2010], characterized in that:

– it generates an electrical current, through a Faraday cage effect, caused by the electromagnetic waves network, which penetrated the inside of the pyramid;

– the pyramidal system is at the same time, a powerful generator of stimulating “form waves”, being equipped with devices with biologically active substances, able to absorb / neutralize the harmful radiation. The pyramid is designed as a huge BioPhotonic Resonator having exogenous / homeopathic effects spread on a wide area of influence (proportional to the size of the pyramid).

  • The functional model of the pyramid, generator of electrical power (presented by its authors: Traian D. Stanciulescu, Constantin P. Bursuc, Aritia D. Poenaru): a) the energetic effect of the pyramid highlighted by the LED operation / consumer at the top of the pyramid, with a voltage of 2,2 V; in the superior zone of the pyramid are fitted the Biophotonic Resonators for homeopathic protection (through demodulation and absorption) against the telluric and electromagnetic radiation RTF, b) the informational effect of the pyramid, likely to be magnified on a large impact grill: electrographic print of the “form waves” generated by a pyramidal model, made of cardboard (acc. to Guja, 2008).

Figure 7.Let the light be…”: a synergy of authors’ creative minds (International Exhibit for Inventions, Iasi, 2010).

The homeopathic effects of the pyramid, stimulative on the one hand, inhibitive on the other hand, will be felt first in the neuro-psychiatric states, knowing the powerful effect of EM radiation from the phone or within an antenna field, for example. On the other hand, the informational stimulative effects of the pyramid have been known for a long time (being patented by Drbal, since 1959).

  • HEAT GENERATING SOURCE WITH LOW POWER CONSUMPTION [Stanciulescu, Gasca, Poenaru, 2006 / No. 2010], characterized by:

– generation of a high temperature with low power consumption due to high thermo-electric yield of the organic nano-powders which comprise the active substance placed on a sheet of fiberglass, and due to the possible absorption of infrared energy from the environment (due to the organic qualites of the system);

– the organic gel which is comprised of the active substance has some exceptional homeopathic properties, transforming the thermal plate assembly in a different type of BR, infrared emitter, with a healthy source of heat;

– the beneficial effects of the “living heat” become a biophotonic amplifier which favors the development of human “biolasers”, processes and installation of other homeopathic endogenous or exogenous effects, with priority at the neuropsychological level.

The bio-resonating structure of the thermal plate, additionally treated with silicon crystals, can reach temperatures of 80 degrees with a minimum consumption of electricity… essentially, the therapeutic effects – exo-homeopathic ones – that are generated by this bio-photonic amplification strategy.

Figure 8. The biophotonic thermic source, with biological substance active generating a “homeopathic heat”

Many measurements performed with the METATRON equipment revealed that particular psycho-fatigue states of the tested subject’s brain (dark squares represent dysfunctional neurological areas) spectacularly optimized itself by simply heating the palms for a few minutes over the thermal plate, which generated “living heat”. Ascultat,iCitit,i foneticThe use of the bio-thermal plates to create a properly heated climate:

– in addition to the sanogenous properties of the physical type, do not dry the nasal and respiratory mucous, are not aggressive, and the plates are heated gradually;

– has as physical effect the achieving of a living environment able to contribute to a strong conservation of the connection energy.

Figure 9. The influence of a biophotonic source of heating on human health: the case of a subject / male exhausted after a long travel and changing of medium, with a very poor energetic situation of the brain; after a few minutes of heating his hands, the situation change radically, becoming a normalized one (by the engineer Mihai Costache).

  • INDIVIDUALIZED BIOPHOTONIC CLOTHING ARTICLES [OSIM Patent no. 122825 / 2010], Authors: Traian D. Stanciulescu, Aritia Poenaru) with sanogenic homeopathic effects is generated by the same synergy of those five stimuli categories already mentioned: the material, the color and the form of the decorative design, tailoring and accessories used.

Considering that the synergy of these biophotonic parameters and their combination is a highly complex polychrest remedy, we appreciate that – after the living place / house, or perhaps even before it, being in a closer relationship with the body and its fields – the clothing represents the most powerful exo-homeopathic remedy. Its effects are both informational at field level, and energetical, by piezoelectric pressure effect.

For example, the two dresses exhibited at the Show Room of Inventions Lasi in 2010 – awarded with the gold medal – were designed to generate sanogene effects of exogenous homeopathy, particularly with neuro-psychiatric optimizing effects, generated by the biologically active materials used, by the strategies and accessories respectively.

Figure 10. Two of the healthy dress-pieces belonging to the RAINBOW collection of Aritia Poenaru [2008]

  • The Red Dress. The combination is constituted by a dress and a voal scarf, red taffeta busteer and the bodice is from red cotton, industrially painted, with an exceptional compatibility / resonance in the case of an organism having a low blood pressure. The green taffeta ponders the dominance of red. Polarized light has been applied over a levogyre pattern spiral with a calming effect for about an hour. Homeopathically, the complex stimulates the increase of hemoglobin and blood circulation, influencing vitality and sexual tonicity, and finally stimulates cerebral activity.
  • The Flowered Black Suit. It has some remarkable effects, invigorating over all organs, by recording the highest values of all up-to-date measurements. It conserves the energy. The blouse and the trouser are made of 100% wool treated with cyclodextrin and stimulated with rose essence. The black suite preserves the energy of the neural system, balances the thyroid, super-renal glands, the intestine, activates the visual focus, reproductive glands activity, the kidneys, the immunity system, the lower back area and overall, the whole organism is protected from energetic loss. The biophotonic treatments that were applied: polarized light with a double harmonizing spiral for an hour, sacred music. The red knot on the chest has a biophotonic cerebral protection: to absorb the ocular retroversion / biophotonic super-radiance generated by the “evil-eye” persons.

Each of the two dresses is equipped with a Biophotonic Resonator “pendant” type which is worn around the neck and also generates strong stimulating effects at the level of the circulatory and endocrine system, in the case of hypotension, respectively, focalization and energy conservation, immune system stimulation in the case of the protection clothing.

Figure 11. The general schema of the patent, presenting a synergetic number or therapeutic strategies – of exogenous homeopathy – connected to a certain clothing complex.

The concise description involves the connection of many therapeutic strategies – traditional or new technological ones – for generating therapeutic effects, by specific combinations according to the situation of the patient. We will enumerate only a few of these procedures, from all those recorded in the patent – including: strategies for protection against the technical electromagnetic radiation or biological, kymatics (Manners), luxonica (Stanciulescu), phytotherapy, crystal therapy, laser-therapy and therapy through polarized light (Zepter), auricular, palm and body acupressure, reflexology and acupuncture (Su Jok), chromatic therapy, floral scent and oils (Bach), sacred geometry therapy and therapy through forms (2D and 3D), therapy with fractals and yayantra (Jasmine), 4D Medicine (Weinreb), New Homeopathy (Koerbler), quantum healing and others.

In a predominantly energetic / informational form all these therapies interfere, with the effect of releasing the latent energy and information traps of the body. All involve, in one form or another, exogenous homeopathy mechanisms initiated from outside the body, with the purpose of supporting the self healing process. In this way, the clothing synergistic therapy is an effective example of integration.

We mention that, from all therapeutic procedures involved, a big part of them – particularly those of the preponderantly informational type – will be addressed to the brain’s equilibrium / balance, through a strong harmonizing action of the psycho-emotional and mental states.

Mentioning all these categories of therapies, we practically see that they are basically already known. But just now, by highlighting the individual biophotonic mechanisms which characterize them, the exploitation of their functional synergy became possible. In a holistic vision of complementary medicine, having as “hard core” exogenous homeopathy, was possible the manufacturing and the patenting of the biophotonic resonator for the energy-informational stimulation of biological systems, which we have already presented most extensively so far.



Apparently, all the applications mentioned above belong to the macro-technologic systems: the architecture and furnishings, clothing, the generating sources of power and the caloric sources etc. In reality, through the bio-physical properties that characterize them, all these systems manifest also at the micro-structural level too, being generators of nano-technological effects, as we have already shown, the powders of the active substance specific to any BR act. Although, in one form or another, the BRs are coupled with the resonating macro-systems mentioned above, it means that implicitly the ExHo effects will be manifested in the interaction between humans with the references of his living environment.

That’s why, from a holistic perspective we can say that the Biophotonic Resonator designed for energy-informational stimulation of the biological system is the invention with the greatest application and impact for homeopathic use, being made up as an accessory which can added – as a decorative item – for each of the systems mentioned above: the object of architecture and furniture, clothes and decorative objects, appliances, energy sources, etc.. In other words, the BR is truly a “classical” representative of exogenous homeopathy, respecting all its principles, involving nanotechnology and the ultra-weak emission of biophotons of the biologically active substance, color-therapy and therapy with mandalas, the volumetric shape / form and decorative accessories etc.

Therefore, the use of exogenous homeopathy through different types of BR is an old practice since ages, but modern technology has allowed a more nuanced exploitation of them. Its development and use was conceived from the beginning as a practical application of exogenous homeopathy. Its practical uses are numerous, among which we mention now only those presented at the Show Room of Inventions from Lasi, November 2010, as potential applications.

About the author

Traian D. Stanciulescu

Traian D. Stanciulescu

Prof. Dr. Traian D. Stanciulescu graduated from the Institute of Architecture and from the Faculty of Philosophy. He is currently a full professor at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iassy in Romania where he teaches semiotics, hermeneutics, creatology, etc., and coordinates doctoral papers in these fields. He is a senior scientific researcher at the National Inventics Institute in Iassy. He has written and coordinated 32 books including Signs of Light and Semiotics of Light. For his theoretical and practical research, he has received many international awards.
Prof. Stanciulescu is President of ROASS (Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies) and Vice-president of ANATECOR
(Romanian National Association for Complementary Therapy)


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