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Information in Homeopathy

Written by Andres Amado Zuno

The author highlights the importance of ‘information’ in homeopathy.

Everything in our beloved homeopathy involves information. Provings give us the information about what symptoms the remedies produce. Symptoms are the information we need to select a remedy. Repertorization is a process in which we look for the information that matches the symptoms given by the provings with the information about the subject. The information we get from what the subject looks like is also important, and in some cases the most valuable information we can get to choose the remedy. Later on, the information about how the person’s health evolves is important to decide whether a remedy is working, or a different one is necessary.

There is the most important part is the information in our remedies. That is the active element and this makes the brain react and do what it takes for the healing process to take place. I call homeopathy an informatics-cybernetic science. We affect a computer-like organ, the brain, with information from our remedies, and the apex of the roots of plants, the “brain” in these beings (Stefano Mancuso) and in the membrane of cells, the cells “computer” (Bruce Lipton).

Information is the Active Element in the Remedy. Energy Is Not

What can we find to prove that idea? If energy was the active element, each and every 30C, regardless of the remedy, would work the same, because all those 30C dilutions have the same amount of energy (the product of 30 succussions, which is supposedly the energetic producing action.)

The same “potencies” don’t have the same effect. Avena Sativa 30C will never have the same amount of healing possibilities that Lycopodium 30C has. Or let’s compare Allium Sativa with Sulphur in the same potency. Why is it so? The information is different in Lycopodium compared with Avena S. and Sulphur with Allium S. and that information is the important thing.

Transmission of Information in the Homeopathic Medication

The transmission of information is a constant phenomenon in nature. Moreover, is unavoidable. When we hit and shake an element we transfer some from their characteristics to what surrounds it [1]. By this act the molecules of the solute, Lycopodium, as an example, impact and collide with those of the solvent, water-alcohol, and they transfer information to these. They are recorded more or less the way the dactylographic impressions happen to be. In the homeopathic medication, these impressions, recordings, imprints, information, are those that cause a reaction in the CNS through nerve endings. (Later on we will see that Master Hahnemann knew the remedy’s influence on the nervous system). They are the equivalent to the computer science’s “commands”. In the moment that the characteristics of the remedy are identified, the nerve endings send a certain signal and this is the one that activates the CNS.

Homeopathic Sucussion and the Imprinting of Information In Homeopathic Remedies

Only if we think that homeopathic remedies contain information that can produce encephalic activities, can we understand why it is that the effect they produce n organic systems with a CNS are stronger, when we potentize an element. In the potentization process the information of the solute that is stronger is sustained, lasts, and what is weak “transforms” and it “gets lost”. (“Nothing is Lost,all Transforms.”) The information becomes purified, it decants. In this way, the elements of the imprint become clearer and because of that phenomenon, the deepest biological action is facilitated. The brain reacts more easily. If we think of the preparation of Lycopodium, we will realize that in the potentization process, the weakest elements in Lycopodium will transform while the strongest information will resist, it will stay. And that will be the most characteristic in Lycopodium in its higher powers.

When we succuss the container, the quantity of the information is increased by virtue of the fact that more and more molecules of the vehicle are printed with the preponderant characteristics of the solute. This could be one of the reasons why the higher potencies –“powers”- have more biological effect in the human organism; they make the CNS react more strongly.

Alcohol used in the Homeopathic Remedy

Why is it that alcohol does not became “potentized” during the succussion-dilution process? Why is its influence not a factor in the provings? It is because the alcohol’s information does not became purified or decanted. The original information from it remains the same. Alcohol has no homeopathic effect. If energy was the active element, alcohol would show and produce its symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicine’s Information: What It Does?

In a body with a CNS the remedy’s information influences it. Because the CNS directs the entire organism, it can produce a reaction that can cure.

Master Hahnemann Knew That the Homeopathic Influence Reaches the CNS

Now a series of observations are made to show that the information-cybernetic interpretation is Hahnemannian.

Organon [2]Paragraph § 16 Fifth Edition [3]

Our vital force, as a spirit-like dynamis, cannot be attacked and affected by injurious influences on the healthy organism caused by the external inimical forces that disturb the harmonious play of life, otherwise than in a spirit-like (dynamic) way, and in like manner, all such morbid derangements (diseases) cannot be removed from it by the physician in any other way than by the spirit-like (dynamic, virtual) alterative powers of the serviceable medicines acting upon our spirit-like vital force, which perceives them through the medium of the sentient faculty of the nerves everywhere present in the organism…”

“The Chronic Disease” [4] Page #45: “When the smallpox or the cowpox catches, thus happens in the moment when in vaccination the morbid fluid in the body scratch of the skin comes in contact with the exposed nerve, which then, irrevocably, dynamically communicates the disease to the vital force (to the whole nervous system) in the same moment.” Page #49 of the same book:“ As soon as the miasma of Itch, e. g. touches the hand, in the moment when it has taken effect, it no more remains local…The nerve which was first affected by the miasma has already communicated it in an invisible manner to the nerves of the rest of the body…”

Master Hahnemann understood that the vital force is in the nerves: “which then, irrevocably, dynamically communicates the disease to the vital force (to the whole nervous system) in the same moment.” Obviously he did not say “the central nervous system”, because it is understood when he says “the whole nervous system” It is curious that nobody ever has commented on this matter of remedies acting on the nervous system, “the whole” as Hahnemann says it. It is fundamental in the understanding of his concept of how the remedies operate. Without that neuronal influence, they do not operate.

It is important to see that this is a transcendental and fundamental matter in the Hahnemannian conception. It is about a different interpretation of the influence of the remedies in the misbalanced vital energy. It is understood that the energy equilibrium obtained with the homeopathic medicines is not directly reached. It requires neuronal registration to produce that effect. I cannot imagine that Hahnemann missed the role of the CNS and how the remedy registers its influence.

Homeopathic Cellular Influence

It is observed that homeopathic medicine acts on beings with no CNS, plants, microbes, and cells. But there are profound differences between these changes and those where a CNS is involved. The superficial cellular changes do not have a deep effect. Let’s image arthritis in a hand finger joint. We may apply in the joint an injection of cortisone and the cells of the area will cease being inflamed. But when the cortisone effect passes, the swelling will come back, because it does not change the improper way the CNS is working. Acupuncture and homeopathy evoke a deep action, a true curing, because they act not only on the cell, but on the CNS. Healing only cells is not enough and the improvement is not deep. It is important to remember that if cells get from their environment what they need, health is sustained, but if not, they get sick. Cells getting what they need, depends on the organism’s homeostatic mechanisms (Walter B. Cannon) which are directly handled by the CNS.

Support to the CNS – Cellular Homeopathic Action

Another possible cellular homeopathic influence is a support to the Central Nervous System. It is obvious that there are occasions in which that system needs extra help, and it is in those cases that chemical drugs designed to act only on cells may be useful. It is also in those occasions that homeopathic medicines help the CNS to fulfill its goals.

Homeopathic Neuromodulator Verifications

Dr. Devendra Kumar MD from India has conducted [5]found evidence that homeopathic medicines produce some change in physiological variability, which means that the remedy acts on the brain (hypothalamus), directly.

“Homeopathic medicines of 200c potency are applied orally to human subjects. ‘Physiological variability in temperature’ from skin of forearm is measured with the help of temperature data logger and water/soil temperature sensor. Temperature readings are taken at an interval of 1 second for 5 minutes. Time series spectral analysis is performed by using Statistical processing software. The statistical procedures like Auto Regressive Spectrum (ARS) and Parametric prediction and reconstruction (PPR) are used to study the change in temperature variability. There is marked change in temperature variability after applied homeopathic medicine.

The hypothalamus is responsible for certain metabolic processes and other activities of the Autonomic Nervous System. It synthesizes and secretes neurohormones, often called hypothalamic-releasing hormones, and these in turn stimulate or inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones. The hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and circadian cycles. So, one of the regulatory functions of the Hypothalamus, ‘thermoregulation in human subjects’ is taken as a primary subject to understand the action ofHomeopathic medicine. The parameter “Physiological variability in human body temperature” (Vital Heat) is selected for the study.

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About the author

Andres Amado Zuno

Andres Amado Zuno Arce is Associate Professor of the "Universidad Candegabe de Homeopatía" Argentina, and also of the "Escuela de Homeopatía del Instituto Hahnemanniano Internacional" also from Argentina. He is author of two books about homeopathy: "Homeopatía e Informática" and "Acupuntura y Homeopatía.


  • The issue of information versus energy as the mechanism by which homoeopathic remedies work is one that interests me greatly. I tend to agree that information is the important element in our remedies. I also feel that information is the element that tends to get ignored in our contemporary interest in homoeopathy as an energy medicine.

    However, I can’t agree with your assertion that if energy was the central element in homoeopathic remedies, 30c potencies of different remedies would have the same effect. That would imply that energy only has amplitude. Energy that is part of the electro-magnetic spectrum also has frequency. Whilst remedies of the same potency could be seen as having waveforms of the same amplitude, differences in waveform could account for the difference in action of different remedies of the same potency.

    The Chinese have done much research on the issue of healing by qigong practitioners, and at least one Chinese biophysicist, Dr Chang-lin Zhang, sees human anatomy as including what he calls ‘dissipative wave structure’. This wave structure is seen as part of human physiology, but surrounding and perhaps pervading the physical body and regulating physiological function thereby. Qigong healers are able to emit energy -qi- from their hands which is able positively to influence their patients’ wellbeing. It is important to note that in such healing, there is absolutely no physical contact between healer and patient. But for physiological change to take place, something must pass from healer to patient. Dr Zhang sees healing as taking place because of energy emitted which can influence the structure of the patient’s dissipative wave structure which in turn influences the patient’s physiology.

    Researchers have indeed found a variety of wave forms radiated from qigong healers’ hands that are not normally found in controls, but they speculate that information is also carried in the radiation. In most homoeopathic treatments, there is a direct physiological link between the remedy and the patient, and energy doesn’t necessarily have to be a factor, but I cannot avoid the one feature in the potentisation process that seems to impart the power of the substance used into the carrier- that of vigorous shaking at each dilution. You perform an important service in emphasising the information aspect of our remedies, but I’m not sure that this should necessarily lead to the exclusion of energy as a carrier of that information.

  • just because energy is involved in the impairment&restoration of health, we can’t call its energy which is responsible for the disease or its cure by a potentized similimum. If so we should call the cellphones as energy phones, computers energy machines. The author is quite right in denouncing the energy medicine hypothesis.
    At the same time, insisting it is the nerves which are responsible for transmitting the information, can not be taken for granted whatever Hahnemann might have said about the probable mode of action of remedies. We only know nerves transmit sensory and motor signals. The information in homeo remedies are neither. Also plants which don’t have nervous systems are also affected by homeopathy.During Hahnemann’s time contemporary physics was not so advanced as it is now. Hence it is quite natural for Hahnemann to resort to the scientifically accepted pathways of his time as a possible explanation of the newfound phenomenon. Since subatomic domain is governed by the highly successful Quantum theory developed later, it becomes inevitable to explain all nanoparticle level behaviors in that theory.As per Quantum theory the particles/waves can traverse classically forbidden pathways too. for eg subatomic particles can propagate through inter cellular pathways independent of nerves. Even if there isn’t any significance at present whether nervous system is involved or not in homeopathic healing,I feel subscribing to a wrong paradigm (If it happens to be one) has disadvantages in the form of misleading future research potentials and consequent further ridicule by the skeptical community, in case paradoxical results are obtained.

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