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One World, Two Kinds of People, Three Kinds of Obstacles to Homeopathy

Written by Caroline Durieu

Dr. Caroline Durieu offers some reasons that homeopathy doesn’t seem to work is some patients.  Obstacles to cure, limiting beliefs and being unanchored are discussed as the culprits.

They are two kinds of people in this world. Those who understand the point of homeopathy and those who don’t, you would think? Almost! I’m sure that everybody reading this must be convinced about homeopathy, so let’s take a step back to think the other way around.

Once you have felt the magic of homeopathy for yourself, it has always been a huge question to me to try to understand why it can’t help everyone the same way. And why I never listened before.  As much as I’m mesmerized by my patients globally healing, unravelling, sorting out their lives, blooming and thriving after a good remedy, I’m very much interested in why it does NOT obviously work with everyone, which is definitely contributing to a fair share to the doubtful reputation of it in the wide eye. ..along with understanding how it works of course.

What I would like to share here is my understanding as of now. There’s only one world, and I strongly believe we have to find a model that explains both visions of healthcare, and we, as homeopaths and homeopathy patients, have to do our steps towards the mid-line.

“All religions, arts, and sciences are branches of the same tree.” – Albert Einstein

  1. Hahnemann talked about the obstacles to cure (heavy metals, toxic chemicals, toxic foods (let’s now include leaky gut); sleep deprivation, sedentary lifestyle, and those are indeed rather common, but it’s not anymore a sufficient explanation to me.

How do you explain that somebody eating well, exercising, reading, and truly thriving in this world can’t feel it?

  1. Limiting beliefs

Those are why it usually takes someone to experience some serious adversity, to drop the beliefs and be willing to look around.  Those are why there are not enough homeopathic doctors around, compared to so many patients asking for homeopathic help. Because you can’t learn and leap such a big gap when you are a doctor, backed by the supermighty statistically-proven solution-in-a-drug thinking.

You can’t learn when you think you know. (Though often, life – usually having kids! – eventually finds a way to teach you different.) You precisely have to be sick and sometimes almost desperate to have your mind open for help.

Limiting beliefs explain the fervour some people use fighting against homeopathy. Profound resentment happens when a crush/deep attraction is clashing with limiting beliefs, because it’s threatening the safety of a supposed understanding of everything, and that is intolerable.

I don’t think it’s right to assume it’s bad faith, or philosophical denial, as I used to. I truly respect all my colleagues, and I strongly believe everyone tries his best on his personal path to understand the world. Adversity and trust helping, pride and money comforting steady state.

“Everything that man ignores does not exist for him. That is why the universe of each one, is summed up to the size of his knowledge.” For he knows that only “the more you know, the more you realize what is yet to learn”… Albert Einstein.

But let’s keep thinking. Now let’s say that we have this patient doing everything right, willing to try and we know the remedy is right. And it just doesn’t take off, or barely (let’s face it, stop convincing yourself). Why not?

  1. Being anchored

Everyone has heard of Einstein, but few know why. Part of his point is :

  • E=mc² : Everything is a vibration. Vibration of the Earth, vibration of us, or everything around us, resonating- or not, waves being in phase – or not.
  • “Law of Attraction is physics, not philosophy” as he said. And that Law of Attraction is controlling all those vibrations together, in the most complex way that man is far from realizing, ego forbids. A vibration as the power to interact and modify other vibrations, just like our moods does on our social contacts for example, or a colour, a music modifies us and the atmosphere of a place.

So what’s in the magic pills?

“Sugar” of course AND a vibration, an electromagnetic wave, interacting with our own vibration to resonate, lift us and bring us back in phase with the Earth vibration, and Health.

It is all about physics, and electricity. And just like every electrical wiring system in a house has to be earthed to work, and SO DO WE!  I wrote in a previous issue about being anchored.  Isn’t an anchor, holding beside storms, whatever happens, the exact opposite of a soap bubble, floating aimlessly, always higher and out of reach, until it bursts (and technically needing a newly adapted remedy every second it’s been rotating?), analogy of many people’s uneasy lives? On the other hand, when foundations are stable, you can build up so much, and have not only healing, but life-changing remedies.

What difference does it make?

Let’s compare to spelling or grammar mistakes in a book you would buy. You can start correcting every mistake for yourself. It will look better but how do you know after all if you’re keeping the right meaning? How do others benefit from it?

On the other hand, being anchored would be like contacting the editor, the source, so that you can have the corrected and updated edition and so others would too. In the same way, you can fix somebody very well with the right remedy, but if he/she is a soap bubble which loses everything the next day being blow up by some news or anything, you’ll never see ALL the life-changing improvements emerging from the remedy.

And the right remedy for a soap bubble changes every second, you can’t compete!

The point of a homeopathic treatment of a flu for example, is not even to shorten the length of it but really that the patient feels better than before. That is the full potential of homeopathy, using disease to grow.  So, I think there are two kinds of people in this world: anchored or not-anchored.

In the general population, it’s fair to assume that around 75% are not grounded, 25% grounded. It would be the opposite ratio amongst people doing yoga for example. It’s actually why people go to yoga or manual/earth work in the first place. People on the self-care or recovery pathway are just on the way to reconnection.

This seems to me a necessary update considering people 200 years ago people were closer to nature than we are today. Nature nowadays is competing with another network, taking up all minds and space, and definitely not as kind and caring as the original one.

(a) It’s our responsibility as homeopaths to advise a patient, knowing that:

  • First, we have to be anchored ourselves to understand the bigger picture behind disease manifesting and healing, and to find the best remedies. Your own self-care will indirectly but definitely influence your patient’s health.
  • Then, the best remedy can hardly compete with those 3 categories of obstacles, so do not bother searching too much BEFORE those are tackled (although intercurrent remedies will help the patient coming together) We need a radio, then to connect to the FM before searching for fine tuning!
  • It’s our responsibility as doctors to talk about a wider vision of health and disease, and coaching our patients to be anchored. Don’t judge it, accept it as it’s a fact and must be dealt with accordingly, and cared for every day.

It is besides important to understand our limits, for the sake of the patient (and ours!), not wasting time on either side, but also towards homeopathy, as unsuccessful remedies only corroborate that hazardous reputation about homeopathy.

Until the obstacles are removed, classical chemical medicine might be the only one working, fixing up one of the broken paths in order to keep going.

(I think that Schuessler Salts are the most underrated remedy to start with in unanchored patients, and for that reason helps out on average 75% of my patients.)

(b)     Anchoring exercises are to my point of view a very interesting way to let the patient regain his responsibility towards healing, give him his part of the job, rather than selling the almighty doctor with-a-wand image. Solutions come for within, we are only showing the patient the path.

(c)      When you are grounded and already aware of the general rules and laws of nature, all you long for is individualization, which is homeopathy, and exactly the opposite of the idea of ungrounded people who want overall-statistically-proven drugs, and generalization. Just a different point of view, both valid when you understand where it comes from…

(d)     From a sociologic point of view, amongst non-anchored people, rich stay rich, poor stay poor, and nobody really questions it because it seems so logical after all. Only what you learn from adversity and (all) vibratory medicines can change the vibration and the course of events, and influence growth.

Take-home messages:

  • One world, two kinds of people, three kinds of obstacles
  • Everyone is doing his best on his own life-learning path
  • It’s only by moderating extremism of views on our side that we can expect less extremism on the other side.
  • The more you need nature, the less you have it in you, so work on it consciously!
  • Be anchored and coach your patients for much better results.
  • With all my gratitude to the massage therapist who first told me about being anchored years ago – and trust me I had no idea what she was talking about – and to my homeopathic veterinary friends and teachers.

About the author

Caroline Durieu

Dr. Caroline Durieu is a belgian medical doctor practising since 2008. She studied Tropical Medicine and International Health (ITG Antwerp) in 2010, than Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Mesotherapy in 2014. She got (back) into Homeopathy in 2016 for her first kid, and has been quite passionnate ever since, expanding research into bach flower essences, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, mudras, ayurveda ... then covid helped developping superpowers to better advise patients offline as well as online. Children mental health is her priority, but globally treating patients from 0 to 100!
She is also doing a lot of mental coaching, summarized on https://www.instagram.com/carohmd/, and recently started another page (after writing about the first healed tree, and the many successes in plant treating since) https://www.instagram.com/hpp4all/, feeling it's another entry point worth using to raise awareness.

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