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Pre-summit Announcement for online Global Homeopathic Summit November 2nd-4th-2023

Written by Vatsala Sperling

Homeopath Vatsala Sperling announces the online Global Homeopathic Summit for Nov. 2nd – 4th,  2023

Learning is a life-long occupation irrespective of our age and education. Acquiring new skills keeps us young in our minds, and for homeopathy consumers, students, and practitioners, it also means that the new skills learned and mastered can enhance our individual experience of homeopathy intervention and outcome.

Learning opportunities are all around us, especially with explosion of online events. One such event, just around the corner, is Global Homeopathic Summit, to be held in 2023, from November 2nd- 4th. This completely online event will cover imponderables, sarcodes, and evolution.

Roman Buchimenski’s Via Homeopatica, AMMA Resonance Healing Foundation directed by Harry van der Zee, The School of Advanced homeopathic Studies, Dynamis, directed by Jeremey Sherr, and Homeopathic Research Institute and clinic directed by Ajit Kulkarni, are the main media partners of this global summit.

The summit will emphasize classical homeopathy in the modern world, sarcodes, homeopathic remedies from hormones of joy, relationship between stellar and terrestrial remedies, interrelation between new imponderables and old poly-crests, and their practical uses.

Why such a broad focus, you may wonder. For an answer, simply look around yourself. We live in a complicated environment, and we find ourselves and most of our patients in the middle of using several different healing modalities. Our lives are not as simple as it were during Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s time when he invented homeopathy. To be effective in our present-day reality, we simply must have more up to date approaches, and remedies that we can continue to use while strictly adhering to the time-tested principles of classical homeopathy.

With such a lofty purpose, this Global homeopathic Summit has created a stunning speaker’s list of homeopaths from far and wide. The speakers, the best and the brightest from all over the world, will be generously sharing their experience, cases, knowledge and proving information. Chetna Shukla will share the results of the 7th global proving that was successfully conducted. The list includes presenters from USA (Eileen Nauman, Kate birch, Angelica Lemke, and Cathy May Lemmon), Canada (Roland Guenther), Israel (Roman Buchimensky, Jeremey Sherr, Michael Yakir), France (Deborah Collins), Russia (Olga Fatula, Margarita Asichmina), Germany (Andreas Holling, Wyka Feige), Norway (Andreas Bjorndal), Netherlands (Alize Timmerman), and from India (Ajit Kulkarni, Shilpa Bhouraskar, Dinesh Chauhan, Sigrid Lindemann, Divya Chhabra, Gaurang Gaikwad, Chetna Shukla, and Jawahar Shah).

Between these modern-day masters, you can be sure that your time will be well spent in learning many different flavors, approaches, points of views, clinical applications of remedies, and simply, how to practice homeopathy that is completely relevant in today’s complicated environment and pathological, as well as psycho-spiritual situations. You can watch a round table meeting with the speakers of the Summit here


The summit will ensure too that all participants will receive video recordings and handouts for all the lectures, and an eye-catching certificate of participation. The summit resources and recordings will be available for up to three months after the summit. You can participate at any level, for just one day or all three days, depending on your convenience and personal preference.

The online event can be accessed from essentially anywhere in the world, but here are some of the time slots:

India: 12:30–19:30 IST, UTC+5:30

MSK, Ukraine, Israel: 10:00–17:00 UTC+3

Europe: 09:00–16:00 CEST, UTC+2

USA: 03:00–10:00 EST, UTC-4

For accessing the event from your country, if it is not listed above, it would be best to contact the organizers. Please use this exciting opportunity for updating your homeopathic knowledge and skills from the convenience of your home. for further information and registration:    http://viahomeopatica.info/summit2023/eng

Mention promo code RAD50 during registration to receive a 5% discount.

About the author

Vatsala Sperling

Vatsala Sperling, RSHom (NA), CCH, MS, PhD, PDHom was the Chief of Clinical Microbiology services at a children’s hospital in Chennai, India, when she published extensively and conducted research with WHO, Denmark. On moving to the USA, Vatsala pursued a 4½ year course in Homeopathy at Misha Norland’s school. She has authored twelve books including her latest, Colubrid Snake Remedies and Their Indication in Homeopathy Practice. Journals from US and abroad frequently publish Vatsala’s writings on spirituality, health, and homeopathy. Vatsala continues to study with several teachers and practices classical homeopathy. She has served on the board of directors of NASH and currently she serves as a volunteer with NCH. She can be reached via her website (www.Rochesterhomeopathy.com)

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