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Recovery From a Sprained-Ankle

Written by Lowanna Hugall

Sprained ankle spoiled my plans for sure; until I remembered: homeopathy!!!

Hiya, I must tell you about my own first major incident/accident and miracle with homeopathy.
It was on the weekend before taking off down the beach.  Firstly, just let me set the scene for you.  Me: excited as always before the beach and not thinking (something that is a bit to easy for me to do too.)  I bolted outside and down the back stairs to get the bathers off the clothes – line.

I got halfway down the steps and stepped onto the side of the misplaced backdoor mat, it’s a good 2 inches thick and rolled my ankle outwards.  I heard a huge crack??  And with that I was on the floor in a heap.  Whoa!!  I looked round what the…my mind flew.  Andrew had just gone out and I was being licked to death by my 3 dogs!  (Their own homeopathic remedy saved for occasions like this).

Oh no!!!  I got to work…We have to practise our assembly for next week…Now in shock… I remembered last time I did this…. yeah I have done this before (didn’t learn the 1st time obviously).  I was unable to walk for 2weeks it was major and had to see the physiotherapist far too many times.

With that thought the neon sign “homeopathy” flashed in all its brilliance!!!
I scraped myself off the back verandah and in shock as I dragged myself inside having to focus so that I could help myself!!  No doctor, or crazy frantic post to poor Elaine Lewis this time.  I have been studying for something like this and the exam had started.

So there I was focused on the job at hand and primary symptoms and then decided…first up, Arnica 30c…for the bruising and also to reduce the swelling.

Then the state settled in to this strong urge not to stop walking, so Im doing laps in the front yard while taking rescue remedy for the shock/shaking, overwhelming feeling and re-living the experience.

I walked while thinking about the next remedy from here.  The exam was doing okay so far.  Then I remembered “worse from first movement and amelioration from moving”= Rhus tox 30c so made that up and took that and within 5 minutes the pain was subsiding as though I had just had a little trip.  I had to up the potency to 200c of Rhus Tox because it just wasn’t holding long.

I kept re-dosing when needed and what I thought was going to be a full scale “Drama” turned out to be a minor mishap.  Within 1/2hour, I was on my way to the beach with my remedy in hand.  Walked in the sand with only minor problems considering.  Not even a limp really.  By night the bruising and swelling had come and gone.
I am still Gob smacked by the incident, and in fact absolutely amazed.  Finally I got to see and experience what the heck everyone is talking about!  Even Andrew my partner and resident sceptic was taken aback by this phenomenon. Look no mirrors either!  Yay homeopathy!

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