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Remedies for Hayfever

Written by Robert Medhurst

Homeopathic remedies and homeopathy treatment for hayfever.

There are few disorders that respond as well to homoeopathy as hay fever, in fact homoeopathy has been used successfully for hay fever in 19 separate clinical trials. Given the number of people suffering from this problem during springtime, it might be useful to review some of the more common remedies used acutely for this condition.

Remedy Differentiating Symptoms
Arsenicum alb. Itchy, blocked nose or a thin acrid, burning nasal discharge, constant sneezing, photophobia, restlessness and exhaustion. Symptoms are worse for exertion and better for moving about, warmth, hot food and hot drink.
Arsenicum iod. Burning sensations in the nasal septum, throat and eyes, sneezing and, initially, a thin, excoriating acrid nasal discharge. Worse for exertion and dry, cold weather and better for open air
Euphrasia Constant watery nasal discharge, acrid, swollen eyelids and a burning lachrymation indicate Euphrasia. Symptoms are worse for sunlight and wind and better for open air.
Galphimia 10 out of 11 clinical trials for this remedy have found it useful in cases involving excessive lachrymation, swollen eyelids and a running nose.
Ipecac Sneezing and symptoms that if unresolved develop into a picture of asthma with mucus congestion and a spasmodic cough. Worse for lying down, warmth and damp weather, better for open air and rest.
Kali iod Violent, incessant sneezing, worse on rising, a profuse, watery acrid nasal discharge, swelling around the eyes with a burning, watery discharge. Symptoms are worse from heat and at night and better for moving around and being in open or cold air
Psorinum This remedy is useful where there’s a blocked nose and a more chronic version of the disease. Symptoms are worse for cold and coffee and better for heat.
Sabadilla A very popular prescription for hay fever, symptoms include spasmodic sneezing, copious watery nasal discharge, sore throat, itching nose and inflammed and burning eyelids. Worse for the cold air and the odour of flowers, better for warmth, open air and eating.

About the author

Robert Medhurst

Robert Medhurst BNat DHom DBM DRM DNutr is a qualified Naturopath & Homoeopath with 28 years of clinical experience and currently practices in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. He has written many articles and lectured on homeopathy throughout Australia and the U.S. Robert previously operated several natural therapies practices in Sydney and was involved in teaching and research. He was formerly the Expert Advisor on Homeopathy to the Federal Government of Australia, Dept. of Health & Ageing. He specialises in homeopathy and is the author of The Business of Healing, the definitive guide for clinical practice establishment and management. For more information see adelaidehillsnaturopath.com.au. Robert Medhurst is author of the recently released : The Concordant Clinical Homeopathic Repertory


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