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A Snapshot of the Clemens von Boenninghausen Academy

Clemens von Boenninghausen Academy

Corinna Jäger-Glenk provides a Snapshot of the Clemens von Boenninghausen Academy in Germany.

Clemens von Boenninghausen Academy

For nearly 25 years the Clemens von Boenninghausen Academy (CvB-Academy) in Germany has been proud of being an approved educational institution with a long tradition and experience in conveying the homeopathic Art of healing, in the true sense of the word. The emphasis is on qualified homeopathic education specially focused on the miasmatic treatment of patients.

When Gerhard Risch founded the academy he did it on a solid basis. Risch was a protestant minister who opened a practice for homeopathy in his later years. Then he started to teach homeopathy all over Germany as in the 1980’s no solid, good and systematic homeopathic education was offered in Germany. Together with Dr. Otto Eichelberger, a famous German homeopath at that time, Risch tried to establish a professorship in homeopathy at one of the universities, but all their attempts were in vain. Therefore in 1990 Risch and some of his colleagues decided to found the CvB-Academy. The supporting association, the Clemens von Boenninghausen Society, was founded in 1989. The academy’s project was supported by Dr. Eichelberger.

For Risch it was most important to bring back Hahnemann’s miasmatic science into use, because the miasms were nearly unknown or forgotten in the German homeopathic scene which had just revived at that time. Risch’s aim was to impart, to continue and to spread the scientificity of the homeopathy at the CvB-Academy.

The successors of Risch have been keeping to that tradition until today. The knowledge of the miasms presents a special treasure and for its development the lecturers of the academy still impart it to students.

In 2005 Mrs. Maria Schuller was nominated director of the academy. Her “Textbook of Miasmatic Homeopathic” was published last month and enables the reader to see behind the curtain of the miasmatic treatment and how it is taught at the CvB-Academy.

The academy’s name was chosen because Clemens von Boenninghausen was the prime pupil and confidant of Hahnemann and because he was the first non-medical (doctor) who was allowed to practice homeopathy. The name should express that the CvB is open for all therapists as well as doctors, Heilpraktikers (non-medical practitioner), pharmacists, midwives etc.

The study at the CvB is divided into lectures in Wolfsburg and studies at home. In Wolfsburg, a town in the north of Germany and the headquarter of the famous VW company, the lectures take place at 7 week-ends and one study week per year. The studies last for three years. During this time the students have to pass exams and if they make a good score during the exams and have written a scientific dissertation, they will receive the CvB-certificate. On receipt of the certificate they can study in special master classes afterwards. These master classes are offered with special subjects like geriatric medicine, diabetes, difficult pathologies etc. and they last one year.

The CvB-Academy and the CvB-Society offer more than only studies. The CvB has a private library available where you can find a lot of old homeopathic literature. These pearls of homeopathy serve the academic department of the CvB for new publications. Sometimes old English books are translated into German by this department. The last book published was written by James Gran Gilchrist: Tumors- their etiology and their curability.

After joining the courses, supervision and study groups are offered all over Germany. For more information in German please look at:


The CvB-Academy is one of the associated homeopathic schools of the German BKHD (Association of Classical Homeopaths in Germany), which are accredited by the Steinbeis- University (study of homeopathy) as a partner (as center for studies).

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Corinna Jäger-Glenk

Corinna Jäger-Glenk is the admnistrator of the Clemens von Boenninghausen Academy in Germany.


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