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The Human Experience of Mother Earth – The Homeopathic Proving of Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay)

The Human Experience of Mother Earth  – The Homeopathic Proving of Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay)

The authors, Dr Chetna N Shukla, Dr. Harry van der Zee and Eileen Nauman share a global proving of Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay). This proving was part of a project was called ‘Global Proving’started in 2005, which also proved Himalayan Crystal Salt, Natural Silver.

Editor’s note:  This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Part 2 appears next month in the May issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.


In 2005 a project was started called ‘Global Proving’. Provers from around the world would simultaneously start proving the same substance. The project ultimately involved three substances, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Natural Silver and Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay), proven in respectively October 2005, January 2006 and April 2006.The idea of using a proving not only to get to know the substance but also and primarily to bring about a change in the collective is new in homeopathy and this global proving was a first experiment. Analogous to Hahnemann’s statement that participating in provings has positive effects on the prover, and the observation made in many provings that a wider circle of people can respond besides those taking the substance, we may assume that the participation of larger numbers of people in a proving may have positive effects on the collective. The results of the provings of Himalayan Crystal Salt [1] and Natural Silver [2] have been published in Homœopathic LINKS, as alsothe results of the third substance, Terra Indiana [3]. In this article Terra Indiana, and its significance for homeopathic treatment, is discussed within the wider context of the source of the remedy.

Key Words: Terra Indiana, Red Arizona Clay, Global proving, Mother Earth, Hogan, Shamanic journey

Source of the substance:Soil from Echo Canyon( Cornville, Arizona)


Dr Harry van der Zeediscussed his idea of a global proving to stimulate the awakening of humanity with the late Dr Juergen Becker. Homeopathic remedies can be used to reduce suffering in an individual. As many conditions (if not all) are rooted in collective derangements of the Vital Force it was postulated that prescribing for the collective could be a way of reducing suffering in the collective, in humanity as a whole. A main issue was how to decide what to prove. Who are we to know what needs to be cured in the collective? Juergen suggested to ask a clairvoyant woman he regularly worked with. She suggested to prove three substances in a specific sequence and at specific times: Himalayan Crystal Salt, Natural Silver and “clay held in the hand of a (Native American)”.

Regarding the third substance, HarryaskedEileen Nauman, homeopath and shaman with partial Native American ancestry (Eastern Cherokee)to select some clay soil from her property, where since 1993 she had been teaching students from around the world to be shamans.Eileen dug up a teaspoon of red soil that was found just outside her Hogan(the teaching dwellingfor shamans).Eileen’s Hogan is situated on the slope of House Mountain, a dormant volcano in the Verde Valley of Arizona. This shield type volcano was created 13,000 million years earlier and it is the largest of six in the valley. When birthed, every volcano automatically creates a huge vortex, the energy of which can be a mile wide in radius. The larger the volcano, the larger the area affected by its energy.Volcano energy is about transformation from one thing or state to another.Psychologically, self-aware people do well when living in the shadow of energy fields created by a volcano.A vortex’s influencehelps humansreflect where they are at presently.A negative, depressed or angry person may not want to live in the area of a volcano, as it is going to reflect all of that back. But a self-aware, positive person can be helped manifold by the volcano’s energy in healing the internal, emotional wounds and trauma, and the person becomes more whole and an even better person than what s/he was in the moment and this can happenratherquickly. Every volcano has a number of smaller vortices.

Hogan in Echo Canyon

The Engineering and Energetics of Hogan – Traditional Navajo Dwelling

It would be exciting to understand the energetics of the Hogan from where the red soil was collected as that has a lot to do with what has surfaced in the proving.Navajo Hogans are built upon symbology.The eight sides symbolize the four major and four minor directions.The door to the house always faces East, where Father Sun arises – light of a new day. Eileen’s husband Dave, a civil engineer, built this Hogan right on top of an existing energy vortex. Nine holes were dug into the red soil on the property for its foundation, eachtwo feet deep. A crystal grid was created in these holes such that it energized and enhanced the energies of the space. Double-terminated Quartz crystals were programmed by Eileen as was taught to her by her Apache-Mohawk teacher, Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf.Eight were programmed for the major and minor directions while the ninth one, that was placed in the center of the Hogan, was programmed to bring the swirling, counterclockwise energy upfrom Mother Earth to the Father sky. This arrangement of crystalswas to facilitate the movement of the energy in the circle and then guide the energy up through the center of the Hogan and into the open arms of Father Sky and thus to connect with the Great Spirit (or God, Goddess, or …–many labels for the same Being).Along with the double terminated Quartz another grid with Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline was also created.Animal totems working on each direction were placed on all four window shelves. A white Jade sculptured buffalo was placed on the shelf of the north window; a sculpture of an eagle created out of brown and gold Tiger’s Eye representing theSpotted eagle known as‘Golden Eagle’was placed on a vertical window on the left side of the East-facing door;painting of a Bald eagle was positioned above the East door and a carved Red Jasper Coyote was placed on the shelf of the south window. In Native American wisdom it is believed that energetics of the Hogan are healing when All our relations (animal and plant spirits) get attracted to that place and make it their home.This attraction is a seal of good approval. The area around the Hogan built by Eileen and Dave has been literally a home for animals because the energy and the female vortex that the Hogan was built over beckoned to animals who always know where ‘good’ energy is at,while plants and trees flourish too.


The unique crystal grid under the soil of the Hoganfocuses a small existing female, counter-clockwise energy vortex in the center that spins at her top speed energy only during the night time hours. (A male vortex moves clockwise and spins from sunrise to sunset.)During the training from 8 am to 4pm daily, the female vortex still affected all the students because of the amplification by the crystal array. And everyone working in the Hogan was bathed in this vortex energy. As the main job of a vortex is to reflect where we are presently at, Eileen could work with each of her students on their own wounds.She would reflect back to the student about a particular wound, how it was there and how the student projected it out onto others, distorting her own reality as a result. Everyone has these issues, but shamanic students have to be 100% aware of their own wounds and issues and not allow these to influence (unprejudiced observer) what they see in 4D (shamans travel in the fourth dimension and beyond), and miscommunicate this to the client whom they journey for.

The Reason for the Special Energetics of the Red Clay

As many symptoms from the proving can be understood by knowing more about the origin of the substance (from near the Hogan) and what had taken place there (Shamanic journeys) we need to dive into this a bit more.

Since 1993 Eileen has trained 65 heart centered students from around the world (more females than male) to become shamans in this Hogan. The training included moving from the third Dimension (3D) and begin to learn the ‘ropes’ of what to do in ‘altered’ state, in the fourth Dimension (4D).‘Altered state’refers tolearning to navigate between dimensions(beinginterdimensional). 4D is somewhat like the 3D world we live in, but in 4D all the colors are brighter, far more intense, and have a much broader range of shades and tones, andone can see the subtle energies all around. If there is a vortex or any other energy present (a portal for example) the shaman could see these too. The viewer may also see ancestors around other persons (we all have them and this is a good thing), and discarnates.

In the 4D state of a shamanic journey, consciousness expands like a Kundalini experience where one is “blown open” and suddenly aware of other consciousness surrounding self.The individual becomes aware that there is so much more than just the 3D reality. One of the gifts of being a shaman is that even when one returns to 3D earth living, the connection with 4D is always with them in many ways, increasing awareness at all levels and disallowing the individual from being judgmental about others.

Time is a 3D phenomenon.In all the other dimensionstime does not exist.Nothing is linear in a shaman’s world.To an outsider it would seem like a hallucinogenic LSD trip. Shamans journey through many different dimensions and live in two realities at once, embracing both, holding them within themselves successfully. Their 3D brain is operational, but so is the right hemisphere of the brain that opens up the portals to 4D and beyond. The balance between them is crucial. It’s not unusual – and a natural transition for a shaman doing hundreds of retrievals for clients –, to start living off and on (switching) in 4D.The brain retrains itself to disregard timeand understandtimelessness. This gives them an incredible understanding of spirituality, about self and this planet, resulting in an ability to slow down or speed up time as needed.

A lot of rubrics related to this have surfaced in the proving. The training essentially included the recognizing of these subtle energies. The students were trained for two years before reaching this 5-day training pinnacle. They had to learn to ‘Walk the Land’, to acquaint themselves with surrounding unseen energies that affect all, to feel them, and to open up to them –‘talking’ (mental telepathy) with spirit guardians of such places of power and so on. All the students felt the power when entering the Hogan; as if they had stepped into another reality (4D) wheretime doesn’t exist.

Being a shaman is to be the ultimate observer, as they do not interfere. Shamans in 3D physical form are the conduit, the pipeline of communication for their client and journey into the 4D for them. Shamans observe, record and absorb everything about the journey into their memory bank; they live in two worlds at once and retain the memory of both. They are like a two-way mirror, noting where and how a spirit (energy) piecewas lost, but also mirroring it back to the client, a ‘reflection’ to them, afterwards. If a healing needs to be done, or there is threat to the Shaman, their specially trained spirit guides do the actual work of retrieving the spirit (energy) piece(s) for the client, and protecting the Shaman in 4D.

The themes of Terra Indiana collated in this article are exactly like those emerging in a shamanic teaching.And so many of the rubrics, which Eileen will get more deeply into in a 2nd article, are synonymous with whather students learned in the Hogan over that five-day training period. Only, little did she know that every thought, every word spoken, every emotion, was recordedby the quartz/silica granules in the clay soil that was used for this proving. That was a mind-blowing discovery for her when she first read Chetna Shukla’s original article and the rubrics she had put in it [3].

It can be said that the soil of this canyon is an amalgamation of many different Native American nations and it is fitting that all have contributed their energy, their culture to this soil. This remedy is far more than soil.For whatever reason, Mother Earth has chosen this particular soil from her body, to be proven.We are awed by how all of this has happened and still feeling our way through what it may mean to the world at large.With the darkness of the world we live in today, there needs to be a shift of consciousness in humanity, and perhaps this remedy can be instrumental as an awakening tool.Back to the Light.Back to the heart.Back to realizing we are ‘all related’, and that nothing separates us except our mind and the thoughts and concepts we believe in, which can be changed.From performing thousands of journeys over her lifetime, Eileen confirms that being a shaman makes one a citizen of many worlds/dimensions. With this perspective, the entire being changes to the Light, towards compassion, being nonjudgmental, understanding that everyone is a part of you and vice-versa. Bestowing kindness, being vulnerable, honest, and of the highest morals and values we can be as a human, are just some of the gifts that are bestowed to those who do open up to that shift in consciousness.

 The Homeopathic Proving of Mother Earth

The More I Get To Know Humans…

The More I Realize Why Noah Only Let Animals Board The Ark!


Type of Proving

Blind proving with 200 participants from all over the globe who took the potentised substance, prepared in C30 by the late Juergen Becker, at the same clock time – meaning the proving spread from east to west. Some participants did a C5-trituration of the crude substance, while Eileen Nauman made a shamanic journey to study it.

Sphere of Action

Extremities: lower limbs, feet, ankle, hip, tail bone, upper limbs; ascending from feet up to crown chakra; spine—all chakras; throat and throat chakra; solar plexus (navel); aura; heart; stomach; skin and bones (rheumatism, fracture, pains).


Red, blue, green.


  1. I will follow him—Movie—Sister Act II.
  2. Amazing grace.
  3. Dante’s prayer.
  4. ‘Skin to Skin’ from Jennifer Warnes and Harry Belafonte


This introduction presents a woven picture of the quintessence or state of mind and disposition of Terra Indiana in the words of the provers.

The proving of Terra/Earth is a deep experience of the material existence of the spiritual human on this planet Earth. In the potentized form it has kindled in the provers feelings and experiences that revolve around the themes of Mother, Time and Sound in the earthly realm, and around the themes of Quantum, Observer/Action and Life in the spiritual realm. Each prover elicited these themes in alignment with their interpersonal, intrapersonal, intergroup and intragroup conflicts. The elicited symptoms are evidence that the Earth has its own organic life. This is in consonance with the Gaia hypothesis of James Ephraim Lovelock[1], CH, CBE, FRS (born 26 July 1919) who is an independent scientist, environmentalist and futurist, living in Dorset, England. He is best known for proposing the Gaia Hypothesis, which postulates that the Earth functions as a self-regulating system. He has been trying to prove that even Earth has its own organic life. To do so has been very difficult for the British scientist. The whole scientific mind is against the idea. This proving in my opinion is in support of his theory. Lovelock has come up with evidence that life is not (y)our monopoly; neither is mind (y)our monopoly. He has evidence that animals have a mind and so have trees. And just as trees come out of the earth, we are also made of the earth. The Earth[2] has a certain atmosphere around it, two hundred miles deep – a layer of breathing space. Birds, animals, trees, man – all species breathe this air. What is our food? It comes from the earth. It gives us life, it gives us intelligence. Unless Earth contains all this, she cannot give it to us. And just as trees, minerals, metals come out of the Earth, we are also made of the Earth[3].Everything that arises from the earth finally goes back to the earth. This means Earth is a living being. If it were dead, then life would not be possible at all. From where will trees get their life? From where will you get your life? Everything is alive. There is nothing dead.

Osho has said ‘you are born out of Earth and Sky. That’s why in the East the woman is called the earth and the man is called the sky’.[4] The homeopathic proving of the Earth soil/clay from a place like the Echo Canyon, 16 miles from the spiritual vortices of Arizona, is an expression of ‘The Human Experience of the Earth’ on this Earth. When we are born out of Earth, and we experience Earth inside of us (especially from a soil with the energy of a nearby vortex and charged by crystals buried under a Hogan) as a potentized drug for proving, we are thrust into the realm of quantum. And it is best expressed in words as a feeling of being an observer, but not detached; it’s more like “part of” while in foreground, middle ground, background.

“Dust unto dust ….” The day will come when we will go back into the dust. Everything that arises from the earth finally goes back to the earth. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam[5]: Life(animated corporeal existence) and Lifetime [period between arising (birth) from earth and merging (death) into earth] is felt deeply and an attitude of Trusting Spirit, God, Isness, Source and Life is rekindled in the proving. There is a feeling of joy, happiness, freedom and gratitude and a feeling of ‘me and you’ as against ‘me versus you’. This re-enforces the deep connect to Mother Earth and the Human Mother, the medium through whom we birth ourselves. In the mind’s eye we revisit and resolve the issues with the Human Mother. This deep connect is felt as a deep, strong power coming from the Earth, and gratitude is expressed by singing of God and angels – uniting heaven and Earth(songs: I will follow Him, Amazing grace, Dante’s prayer)! At a human level it is expressed as a feeling being grounded.

As humans we promised to manifest the reality of ‘Home/Heaven on Earth’ before we came into existence, and NOW is the ‘time’ to fulfill that Promise. But, in our arrogance we have polluted the Earth, our very existence and by thinking just about ourselves and disregarding the fact that all of Life is One we are actually acting like dinosaurs.

Themes of Terra Indiana

For convenience of understanding, we fragment the quintessence or state of mind and disposition of Terra Indiana into symptoms, rubrics and themes. Each prover elicited these symptoms and themes in alignment with their interpersonal, intrapersonal, intergroup and intragroup conflicts as also their spiritual development and understanding of life. The major themes that surfaced in the proving are elaborated below as symptoms and the exact words of the provers are reproduced to explain the themes. All the symptoms peculiar to Terra Indiana did not appear in one person, nor all at once; some occurred in one person at one time and in another person some other symptoms appeared. But when all of the reports were examined, there surfaced distinct major themes that are elaborated as below. The symptoms that express each theme are given verbatim in the language of the prover.

1. Theme of Observing

  • It’s not the knowing, it’s more like the watching/observing but not detached, it’s more like “part of” while in foreground, middle ground, background.
  • To me it felt like when the “light body” connected to the physical (during the proving) I was “IN’. And if we’re here at this time and this place, then there is something we’re to do and afterwards we can go home. It’s like we’re on assignment. I’m not sure what that something is, but right now the focus for me is to learn how to operate the vehicle (my body) I’m “driving”. Maybe it’s just observational?
  • I didn’t have the feeling of stuffing my emotions, so I don’t think I was/am in denial. I walked by there the next day and nothing, no feelings, just observing. Perhaps that experience has been resolved?
  • My eyesight does seem keener or more observant, more like an animal, quicker reflexes?
  • And remembering the ET’s and angels and higher ones are not allowed to interfere or control, they can only observe.
  • First dose and nothing very much but slowly descended into depression which makes it very difficult to write anything down or even to observe how I feel.
  • The other day I observed my “Pavlovian response to the trolls”.
  • Observe! Yes, and not reacting, not getting sucked into it. Me “Not getting sucked into it” is the key.
  • For about a week and a half or two weeks there has been an “observer” around. Male, a gentle being, fair skin and light hair. Doesn’t say anything, just observes.
  • I am bound to my body and I live inside the body, but it is I, who react, counteracts with environment and see the world. I see, feel and experience everything differently. I am the observer.
  • I would like to leave my body, to be free, get rid of it, and to observe everything from higher perspective, from outside.

2. Quantum Theme

  • It’s like a quantum shift in consciousness for all. I guess it’s like when you’re at the temple with the monks you do feel a lighter energy and consciousness.
  • If it’s all just the quantum foam having fun being a universe, then that makes total sense. If the only thing that matters is how we view things, then we’re free to view them anyway we want to.
  • I was thinking about the last MAJOR trust issues I had and it was when I was reading all the quantum physics books and discovered there was no god.
  • I believe that language cannot express these experiences of the Isness. I think the mind usually just glimpses them because it’s beyond the realm of the usual mind. In fact, it’s being outside the mind, a quantum

3. Theme of Earth

  • Desire to be buried in the Earth; I feel a great sense of freedom to be travelling away fromthe confines of the house, or maybe a sky burial if the Earth is too rocky.
  • Dream: 2 families of rabbits living separately in square houses not in warrens in the Earth.
  • Dream: a man in a long red Earth coloured sleeping bag.
  • Dream: of Mother Earth and her daughter, young legs.
  • Earth feels a very unsafe place, especially on the outcrops of rock.
  • “Tread the Earth lightly”.
  • Quote: “You promised to manifest the reality of ‘Home/Heaven on Earth’ before you were born, and NOW is the ‘time’ to fulfil your Promise.”
  • A feeling that I don’t own anything really. We borrow the Earth‘s resources and all that.
  • Dream where it was a heavenly paradise Earth.
  • If you just look at our own mortality then you know that ‘for the good of all’ is most important. To change the Earth for the better, to have some sort of legacy. And then the next thing you know a paradise Earth is what is experienced and just accepted as the norm.
  • There’s millions and millions of planets, stars, asteroids, etc. Like one god knows there’s an Earth?
  • In yoga tonight I was feeling the Earth energies come up thru my feet and out through my crown chakra. So probably the blocks in the spine are gone now?
  • Maybe Earth energy can radiate up. We are reacting in response to our environment.
  • Mother Earth has such great tolerance.
  • “My body is my temple – where I can perceive ‘God’, just as the Mother Earth is the Temple of ‘God’”.
  • ‘People’ are just an expression of the Earth, like Alan Watts wrote, “the universe peoples”.
  • If all this is about creating the new Earth, we do have to be in charge and running our own show, and be very sure about it.
  • I was so tired and bored with my whole life that I couldn’t see any sense to be here on the Earth”. Now is the time for you to be more grounded on Earth” Maybe.
  • Deep, strong power coming from the Earth, at the same time singing of God and angels – uniting heaven and Earth!
  • This isn’t the Earth of round here, sweet scented fecund, abundant spring, color. It is more majestic, not exactly harsh or uncaring but beyond that. I feel like lying on the grass and listening; when I sleep tonight I wish to hear the message of the Earth. But the Earth is impersonal, not like when I was pregnant and used to lie on it to be connected to the mother Earth. This is not here in the Earth of this substance.
  • I don’t see any good reasons for this symbiosis, for living together with my body, which I feel so sorry for and who has tried to help me to understand this living on Earth. I am like a prisoner in my body.

4. Theme of Life

  • As if I had a past life in France?
  • I became aware I was overreacting to the life or death thing.
  • Without the Source energy, light, spirit, and all that, there wouldn’t be any life on this planet.
  • Dream; mother – when you dream about an uncle you haven’t seen in 50 years because something about him is symbolic for something going on in your life or someone in your life.
  • Past life memory I had coming up today. Being in a concentration camp and feeling those feelings again of hurt, pain, fear, panic, etc.
  • Woke up with past life And this isn’t the first time I’ve revisited that life.
  • I am trying to think of an example from my life when I “disappeared” that deep.
  • It just proves that it is them, they want attention, they want you to play this disapproving parent figure according to their life
  • “Honor your need to control your own life, rather than being at the disposition of others”.
  • “Nothing is separate. The feeling of separation comes only from our limited perception of what life is all about.
  • I kept having these visions of the Earth; Earth is all One and all the life on it all One, and especially our evolution is about the entire species, not just us.
  • It’s all of Life as One. When people think it’s all about them, they are really acting like dinosaurs.
  • When I look at the history of two of the mother figures in my life, I can see that they were not capable of the mother bond.
  • 5D (5 dimension) love is more, I accept you, I let you choose your life, etc.
  • Always thought suicide was not an option for me as I have lost two of the people I loved most in life through their suicide.
  • A remedy for hopelessness – doubting of life itself – why am I here as a human?
  • I’m noticing the movement and not so much the glow of life. Movement is an aspect of life, so maybe this remedy is about movement?
  • As the higher frequency of your Soul/Self becomes integrated into your fifth chakra, your life will become more balanced”.
  • I still feel like that still point, lots of synchies, some dejavus, past life
  • Appreciate all that is. Immerse yourself in the joy and wonder of every now and life will be a gift.
  • I think anything the ego does is temporary anyway. In the long term it is temporary, but in this life it can have importance.
  • With this law of One, you bring an increased dimensional light and wisdom into your life, moving you closer toward ascension.
  • Trusting Spirit and Life.
  • Life isn’t about competing egos. It’s so much deeper than that.
  • All the plant life is alive with new growth, the flowers are blooming, the bunnies are hopping, the birds are singing.
  • It’s not like an emotional feeling, it’s more astral or something? Me: I think it’s “LIFE/ALIVE”.
  • Life is a sensation.
  • Thoughts aren’t really ‘alive’, they’re concepts and all that. I’ve noticed that Life is like a rushing, soaring, fierce flow like a rampant river. Life has movement. Dead people don’t move.
  • Life can be me and you, not me versus you.
  • Breathe in the wonder of life and its bounty. Let go of both resistance and force to allow yourself to connect more deeply to life.
  • Happiness, easiness, love of life. This remedy wants me to go lightweight through life. First inward then outward.
  • Perhaps one aspect is to trust in life. Life won’t let you down.
  • I was so tired and bored with my whole life that I couldn’t see any sense to be here on the Earth.
  • The whole life was only a big chaos, disorder and there existed no tools for me to change this world.

5. Theme of Ground/Grounded/Boundary/Feet

  • Awareness of the feet, feet on the ground, firmly on the ground. So far, it’s top of head, feet emphasis, body in alignment.
  • Went for a walk. I noticed all three grounds at once. (Foreground, middle ground and background.)
  • He’s very deep, very grounded and I’m quite sure he has some Scorpio. I like his energy. I can see his “priest” parallel.
  • Also noticed we may be grounded in the body now, but we have to ground the body to the Earth too.
  • Whether that’s getting your soul firmly connected to your skin and bones, so that’s why we’re so grounded in the body now?
  • You felt way more ‘in your body’. That’s what Cho did for me, too, I started running my energy down my legs and focusing on the tan tien and all that and definitely more grounded.
  • Good for you, stood your ground.
  • I seem to be going in and out of the body, sometimes very grounded in it and the energies in it.
  • One dream was about sharing space and boundary I held my ground and held my space.
  • And I kept feeling grounded no matter what, not spacey like the other provings or that airy feeling.
  • This morning I woke up with my soul grounded in the body or something.
  • In the morning I can hardly bear to put my feet to the ground. Rheumatic pain in legs and feet.
  • First we grounded, released all that stuff that really wasn’t us but we took it on, worked on co-dependent boundary issues.
  • But I think we have to stand our own ground first before we can walk away.
  • “Now is the time for you to be more grounded on Earth.” Maybe.
  • My skeletal structure will dissolve and spread out across the ground.
  • Looking down, the ground was as if miles away. In life I would feel scared. In the dream it was fine going down, even intriguing.

6. Theme of Mother

  • I was observing mothers with children, with great memories of travelling with my daughters.
  • Dream: lay beside John, a brother’s friend, mother said “what is your past, what have you been up to do you have VD?”
  • Dream: of Mother Earth and her daughter, young legs.
  • Still working on it, seems to be we’re playing out each other’s inner stuff. Today Michele said several things to people where I thought, ewww that sounds like my
  • Like we were looking at old photos today and I noticed that my grandmother never looked happy in any photo with her husband.
  • My mother’s chart is all oppositions. So, it’s a me versus the world thing I think?
  • I keep seeing that I need to incorporate more of my grandmother who was really an angel for sure, she was such a humanitarian.
  • They didn’t listen when they said, don’t mess with mother
  • That’s the usual arguments I have with my mother, she says things are a certain way even though she knows nothing about them at all, and then she goes around and tells everyone that’s the way it is, even though it isn’t.
  • The big fight I had with my mother two years ago; I couldn’t figure out how it even started.
  • She has the same personality as my mother, that’s probably why it’s coming up. They demand but they never give.
  • And those feelings took precedence over kissing my mother’s ass basically,
  • I hadn’t talked to my mother for two years. When I did a month ago, I realized after hanging up the phone that not once did she ask how we were doing, it was only about how she did this or that and what her neighbors were doing, things like that.
  • Dream: Was waist deep in water with a young elephant, trying to care for it because it had lost its mother. I was washing and caring for its skin.
  • My body is my temple – where I can perceive ‘God’, just as the Mother Earth is the temple,Mother Earth is tolerant
  • The translator writes, “as soon as I saw in that work ‘Barbelo’ which stands for the first power or the manifestation of God the mother, I felt it was real.
  • I then had a flashback of being at my grandmother’s.
  • The Earth is impersonal, not like when I was pregnant and used to lie on it to be connected to the mother This is not here in the Earth of this substance.

7. Theme of Time

  • Dreams: Wearing a blue hood, I felt humiliated that I had not loved a friend enough the first time
  • Dream: time was running out, two men came into the hall, they stayed there sniffing women’s clothes, and I exited the hall into the stairwell with many students in.
  • Dream: 3 or 4 escalators ascending onto platform 5 put 7 sign up as time for train to go.
  • When we look back on it, we’ll probably be amazed at so much growth in such a short period of time.
  • Wow, we did compact a lot into a short period of time. It seemed like it was a long time but it wasn’t.
  • It did seem like a long time, but when compared to ordinary processes, we dumped a LOT in less than a year. Just think about how long it would take if you were going to a shrink. And check out the physical changes. WOW!
  • It bothers me that I spent so much time in the past years not just ‘being’. More like ‘doing to achieve something or get something’. Such ego stuff, a waste of time.
  • However, watching someone’s act, silly questions, etc. is stuff that is not worthy of our time and an energy drain.
  • In fact, every time you clear your self, you also clear your portion of the Collective Consciousness, which eventually clears my land.
  • You are not your business card. Who you are is non-local awareness, not just a body. Your awareness fills all of space and
  • And today I kept looking at the culture of the time frame when people were born as a huge influence, not just generational or family.
  • ‘Accept your destiny’; after this there is a deep sense of quiet and peace in me – everything has its own time.
  • Later, there was a quiet, centred feeling again, a bit sober and time seemed to go slowly.
  • I guess good? It was better than last week by far. I still feel like that still point, lots of synchies, some dejavus, past life stuff. The usual multi-dimensional multi time line kind of day, LOL.
  • Alpha is timeless, so it must be above 4D? I bet it is. So when you’re in Zen mind or satori you really are tapping into a higher dimension/consciousness state
  • Physical reality or this whole manifested thing where everything is temporary and changing all the time, existential angst?
  • Our mind is comprised of all we have learned on the planet since we were born. It is limited to what we have learned in this lifetime, and limited to what we can see.
  • It seems like time is going very slowly this week. Almost surreal.
  • Parallels shifting all the time.
  • The phase I’ve shifted into seems more “whole” than all parts at once. And it’s moving through space and time, etc. All as One.
  • You’ll put more value on your time and so will other people.
  • Through all time, seekers and mystics have asked this question: “What is the Superconscious?”
  • Even in Buddhism it says everything is temporary and changing all the time or at least your awareness of stuff does.
  • Time is weird, that’s for sure. Some days last forever and sometimes fly by.

8. Theme of Source/Spirit/God/Oneness/Light/Isness/Higher Self

On animism: “The primitive religions and traditions of the Native Americans were based on the culture of Animism. Animism was a commonly shared doctrine, or belief, of the indigenous people and various Indian Tribes of North America. Animism is a religion based on the spiritual idea that the universe and all natural objects within the universe have souls or spirits. In this religion it is believed that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in animals, plants, trees, rocks etc. This belief and culture is also extended to natural phenomena such as thunder storms and rain and geographic features such as mountains, caves or rivers also possess souls or spirits. The Native Americans had no science to explain nature, but had a deeper knowledge and a unique and esoteric way of understanding nature which led to their belief that the sun, rain, and other forces were controlled by spirits. The Native Indians refer to worshiped animals, plants, the sun, rain, and wind as Power animals and Animal Spirits. In festivals, ceremonies and prayers they try to gain the favor of these gods”.[6]


  • Dream: four women. They seemed to be in a spiritual group or psychic group? Maybe it’s the proving group? Without the Source energy, light, spirit, and all that there wouldn’t be any life on this planet.
  • The “idea” appears and then people manifest it? Would that be an example of the Source in action?
  • Whether that’s getting your soul firmly connected to your skin and bones.
  • For me, the “Source” is invisible till it is manifest thru something. In other words, it needs a vehicle for expression.
  • We are the energy from the divine Without that we wouldn’t be here, we don’t really, really feel that we are connected to Source?
  • Actually, if we have our higher self and Source all the time, then why do we get so needy on that 3D level?
  • How can you connect with people on that level when they aren’t connected to their own spirit and light?
  • I think we should just focus on those good relationships with spirit rather than 3D ones.
  • Very busy with activities at camp, dancing and learning about the dance, meditation and spiritual
  • I think so! But it’s weird because that means it was ‘something’, changed to ‘something else’, and now evolving back to the original something. Or something, it should have just stayed what it was, lol! Me: Then we’d be cave women! Or do you mean source?
  • Reminds of the bible quotes, “He spoke and the word was God”, that sort of strong Isness. Not expressing the lower mind’s judgments and conditional beliefs, but speaking the truth of the higher self.
  • Deep sadness and at the same time a feeling of acceptance (Peace?)…this is not the end…we are still connected with the spirit – with the
  • The other day I observed my “Pavlovian response to the trolls”. My whole being reacts. The physical body, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. And it’s painful!!!!!!
  • I was reading Tolle while ago. He was talking about how when we get sucked into the little things around us, we’re actually believing that we’re a little person, too, not the unlimited being that we really are. Because how can some little thing affect a being of light or spirit, etc.
  • Trusting Spirit and Life. See all the blessings of it all, which creates a really good feeling inside. More of a flowing of energies going up through me.
  • Spirit Pathways – Healing the Inner Child – By Kate Spreckley
  • Received a strong energy impulse from this all, both physically and spiritually: I want to make changes in my surroundings, I want to create new things in my world. I WANT TO WORK FOR THOSE THINGS I REALLY BELIEVE IN!!
  • We really only need source and light; we were always empowered by the higher self.

9. Theme of Sound–Sensitivity, Origin

  • Felt sandwiched between the sounds of a Virgin and a First trains.
  • I noticed: neighbours’ music, white car stopped/stuck almost at the top of the hill, noise loud, traffic on the highway loud, sound in general loud.
  • Sound has been MUCH louder to me too. Even the thoughts in my head are louder. So it’s something circling above, making noise to get your attention?
  • Barking dogs and subtle nature sounds. Sound function stronger than sight.
  • And some say the origin of ALL is
  • It is interesting that I have been thinking so much about sound, frequency and states of consciousness.
  • Smell of milk sugar very acute. Also sound of bird song.
  • All sounds are too much, too strong. Feel it in the solar plexus. Standing up helps and walk in circles to do the grounding.

Homeopathic Application of Potentised Terra Indiana as Similimum

Adding one letter y to earth changes earth‘s status from a noun to an adjective. We could use it in varied ways as an earthy person, the ‘earthy smell’ coming from the vegetable garden, earthy tone of colors etc . If you describe someone as earthy, you mean that they are open and direct, and talk about subjects which other people avoid or feel ashamed about.

In my opinion, people in whom Terra Indiana would be indicated as a similimum can be summed up in one word; they are earthy, spiritual! They are (male or female) in their disposition simple, practical and an epitome feminine energy. They are creative and sensitive to the needs of all creatures on this planet earth and also of the mother earth. They have deep respect and care for each and every living entity on this earth. They see living on earth as a constant learning and growth experience as against living just for eating, enjoying and making money. The original substance (soil) being close to the Sedona spiritual vortex[7] imparts the remedy the very essence of the vortex, of being spiritually inclined. They believe in awareness, not as in social awareness, technological awareness, but as in awareness of the physical and non-physical existence of the human being. They believe in attachment and non-attachment to the physical body and physical reality of the world. These could also become their conflicts in the disease state (attachment vs nonattachment). Due to their sensitivity towards the needs of the Mother earth they could be anything from being a participant to being a leader in fulfilling this ideal by being conservationist of nature, environmentalist, organic agriculturists, activists in green revolution and preserving forests and fauna, food sovereignty advocates. They are part of organizations that work in the defense and celebration of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. They are promoters of the wisdom of traditional practices. These could become their conflicts in the disease state (technological advancements vs traditional values).

Being an epitome feminine energy, they are nurturing at heart. During the proving some provers resolved issues with their mother, saw their relationship with their mothers in a new light, resolved their grief of being a mother having lost their child.

The geographical location (property of Eileen Nauman in Echo canyon, close to Sedona) from where this soil is collected to prepare the remedy gives the proving a remarkably exceptional spiritual tone. These individuals are closely connected to their spiritual side and are working towards their higher purpose. They believe that people are extensions of the Source. The doubt in the same could become their conflict and they doubt their faith in the will of God. This is where they have issues with the fifth (Throat) Chakra and these challenges become an exciting cause for disease.

In Harry’s words, “What is very striking to me is that the themes and insights that come up in the proving sound like directly coming from the mouth of a non-dualitymaster. It is remarkable that Terra India breathes the deep shamanic spirituality of Native Americans as well as the highest Truth found by Indian seers.”

Homeopathic remedies can be used to get rid of all sorts of things and mostly that is why people ask for treatment.Reality is that a well-chosen remedy wakes a being up to a deeper truth within themselves after which the connected symptoms become redundant.

Harry: “Potentised substances can also be used with the direct purpose to wake up to reality, the truth of our being.Terra Indiana I believe is such an awakening tool, and if people would use it with that purpose in mind this global proving could enter a next phase where many use it to wake up from the dream of being a separate and isolated entity – to wake up from identifying as a body-mind, a person.”

In Eileen’s words, “Taking this remedy, even at a low potency of 3X or 6X, would initiate that shift toward the Light.It doesn’t have to be a high potency. After all, soil is the essence of Mother Earth.It is the foundational quality from whence all life springs.”

The Global Proving was initiated and coordinated by Harry van der Zee. He also proofread this article. Chetna Shukla analyzed the provers’ notes and has written the article on the proving. Eileen Nauman has contributed by taking the Red Clay from her Hogan, to make the remedy, and by narrating the interesting story of the engineering and energetics of the Navajo Hogan.


1 – Chetna Shukla & Harry van der Zee. The Global Proving of Himalayan Crystal Salt. Homœopathic LINKS (2010) Vol.23(2):85-90

2 – Chetna Shukla & Harry van der Zee. Global Proving of Natural Silver. Homœopathic LINKS (2014) Vol.27(4):238-240

3 – Chetna Shukla & Harry van der Zee. The Human Experience of Mother Earth: Homeopathic Proving of Clay from Sedona, Arizona. Homœopathic LINKS (2018) Vol.31(2):148-155



[3]And in the East, without any scientific experimentation, the mystics have propounded these fundamentals


[5]http://www.gutenberg.org/files/246/246-h/246-h.htm – Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


[7]According to Eileen, there are local and region lines of energy that interact with the geographical land mass around Sedona.  These cause vortexes that are small, medium and large.  Most areas do not have the AMOUNT of vortices as this particular region does.

About the author

Dr Chetna N shukla

Chetna N Shukla is a homeopath with over 30 years of experience. Evidence based homeopathy has been her path. ‘Provings’ as a tool to recognize and experience the quintessence and also the individualizing qualities of the source has been her forte. She has conducted 30 provings, Lac assinum, Pavo Cristatus (Peacock), Python, Oxygen, Cedrus odorata, Corvus Splendens (Indian Crow), Rose, Snow-flakes, Sea-horse, Python, Indian gray Mongoose, Mangifera Indica, Ayahuasca, Armadillo hide, Sacrs-Cov 2 Nososde (SCN) are but some of them. Most of her provings are included in the RadarOpus. She has been collating Global provings- Himalayan Salt, Natural Silver, and Terra Indiana, already published in Homeolinks and Hpathy.com. She has been working on the book on her concept of ‘Curability Quotient’ in homeopathy. She has published her book on Food Similia: Individualized Diet that is about advising an individualized diet to a patient in alignment with their disposition to ensure rapid restoration to health along with the Simillimum.

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Eileen Nauman shaman, homeopath and author is the author of HELP! And Homeopathy, along with Gail Derin-Kellogg. Other books by her are Beauty in Bloom: Homeopathy for Menopause, Homeopathy for Epidemics. She is also a teacher at The American Medical College of Homeopathy, Phoenix, AZ, USA. She has lectured in Europe and New Zealand on this healing modality and Doctrine of Signatures and efficacy of flower essences. She is a family lineage shaman through her Eastern Cherokee father, beginning training at age 9. Authoring two books under her Cherokee name, Ai Gvhdi Waya: Soul Recovery and Extraction and Path of the Mystic, focuses on another healing modality she utilizes for her clients. She teaches the reader through her book Walking the Land (May, 2019) how the invisible energies surrounding the areas where we live, affect us. Website www.walkingtheland.net. She is the author of Medical Astrology, a world-wide bestseller since 1980 to the present, having been taught astrology by her mother, Ruth. She resides in Cottonwood, Arizona, USA.

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