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Tidbits 104- What You Didn’t Know About Sulphur

What we learned about Sulphur from Dr. Luc

Hello, ezine readers!

Hi Shana!

This is Shana speaking.


I’m helping my mom with “Tidbits” because she’s recovering from dental surgery…

The worst!

But let’s not dwell on that any longer than we have to.

Agreed.  Except for one thing.  They let me listen to Motown on Sirius XM radio.  And when the doctor came in, his assistant told him, “She knows all the songs!  She knows everything; she knows the words, the background … all the way to the very end!”

Really?  Well, Mom, that is nearly sooooo interesting!  What songs did they play?   

Music Notes Sticker - Music Notes - Discover & Share GIFs “Wait!  Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman;

Wait!  Wa-ay-ay-ait Mr. Postman…Please Mr. Postman look and see, oh yeah, is there a letter in your bag for me….”

Mom, that’s enough!!!!!!!  Were you really going to sing all the songs you heard?  I have a very important “Tidbits” to get out on Sulphur!  We decided to look through Dr. Luc De Schepper’s Materia Medica, remember?  And uncover “tidbits” (Ha!) that people may not have known about certain remedies?

Discovering Life: Homeopathic Self-Portraits

Discovering Life: Homeopathic portraits


OK, so work with me here, Mom … I don’t know if I’m correct but some parts of Dr. Luc’s explanation of Sulphur reminded me of a show I like to watch.

It’s not “SpongeBob”, is it?

No, mom!  It’s Cartoon Network’s only boy scientist, namely Dexter from “Dexter’s Laboratory”.  Dr. Luc says that to Sulphur, not having a perfect score on an exam, equates to the Repertory rubric: Ailments from literary and scientific failure.  If you watch the 2nd video carefully, you will observe that even though Dexter got A’s on all his assignments, someone else got A+’s, which totally devastated him!  You remember “Dexter’s Laboratory”, right?

Yes, I remember that he had a German accent; he had a science lab in the attic that his naive parents knew nothing about!  His older sister, Dee Dee, was a pest who would not leave him alone, kept sabotaging his work by pressing recklessly on his computer, causing him to utter in every episode, “Dee Dee, you are so stoopid!”  Now, what does any of this have to do with Dr. Luc’s very large and very heavy Materia Medica?

Mom!  It’s not a German accent, it’s Russian!  The producer is Russian—Genndy Tartakovsky!  And P.S., the Laboratory is behind a bookcase in Dexter’s bedroom, it’s not in the attic!!!!  

Shana, you’re actually starting to sound like Dexter!  

OK; now listen, Mom, try to pay attention.  As Dr. Luc was saying, “Sulphur considers himself a genius with an unusually powerful intellect.” (page 578).  “The Sulphur child is a person with great ambitions, which leads to aversion to play in a child… From a young age, helped by his intelligence, he is already scheming to get ahead of everyone… this child loves to be the center of adulation and approval. ” (page 579).

Oh, that is so interesting, a child who doesn’t play because he is pursuing his ambitions and scheming to get ahead!  Wow! 

I think you will see this clearly in the video I posted on Dexter’s first day of school, where he is dressed in a suit and tie unlike any of the other children, politely greets all the teachers and seats himself in the front row.  Here is a bit of “Dexter’s Laboratory”.  In this episode, Dexter has invented a Rudeness Zapper, a machine that zaps a person’s rude qualities, transferring them to an android counter-part held in suspension in a glass booth.  Dexter is hoping to make Dee Dee into a more considerate person by zapping her rude qualities; but hyper-active Dee Dee ruins everything and gets into a fight with Dexter causing the two of them to be hurtled into the Rudeness Zapper, creating two very ill-mannered androids who break free and wreak havoc in their mother’s kitchen!

It sounds scary!

Then there’s the episode where Mandark, Dexter’s rival (and also a Sulphur), is introduced in the video below.  While observing Mandark, pay attention to what Dr. Luc said, that “Sulphurs are intolerant of anyone they consider mediocre and do little to hide their contempt.  They don’t hesitate to interrupt, are in love with the sound of their own voice and speak flamboyantly.  Sulphur talks about himself with exuberance and confidence,” (p. 578) in other words, a real show-off!


Mandark’s downfall?  He falls in love with Dee Dee (who, of course, couldn’t care less).


There!  And so ends my report on Sulphur in the arts and sciences. 

Is that what you were doing?

And by the way, the voice actor of Mandark, Eddie Deezen, also played Eugene in “Grease”.

No one cares, Shana!

And also, R.I.P Christine Cavanaugh (1963-2014).  She was only 51 but her voice work as Dexter is iconic and will always be cherished.

Bye everybody, I hope you’ve learned a little something about Sulphur today.  And speaking of “Please Mr. Postman”… I should probably point out that we lost Katherine Anderson, the last living member of  The Marvelettes.

The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman (1961) - YouTube l-r: Katherine, Wanda, Gladys

“Kat” was with them from the beginning, from 1961 to 1969.  Here is their #1 hit and the 1st #1 hit for Motown, the first of many!  In the video: that’s Gladys Horton on lead, Wanda Young on the right and Kathrine Anderson on the left:


Bye!  See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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  • Elaine, how wonderful that Shana is taking care of you as you recuperate from oral surgery! I had a dental problem myself this summer—had to have a molar extracted. The surgeon prescribed codeine with Advil. Instead, I took Hypericum 200c—and I did not have even one little twinge of pain during the entire healing process. It worked a little miracle! And, Shana, I’m glad your article highlighted some of the info on Sulphur from Dr. Luc’s books because they’re too expensive for me to buy. Hopefully, you’ve recovered completely, Elaine!

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