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Tidbits 106: Pam Has Another Headache!

Written by Elaine Lewis

And this time, it’s a remedy that rarely gets used!

Pam is back with another headache!  But this time, I think we’re going to learn something very interesting about a rarely used remedy!


Hi Elaine!

Hi Pam!

Wow.  I thought I was going to pass out from the pain and nausea….and NOPE, it wasn’t Ipecac that I took!

I am feeling 85-90% better.  Thank G*D …and Homeopathy…and you, for your teachings! ❣️ 😁

OK, well…about all the remedies I tried since 3 AM!!  YEAH, I know, I know, I took too many remedies…but, you have no idea how much pain I was in.  I had NO choice.  Even 2 Excedrin were of NO help!  I cannot take these headaches anymore.  I really felt so upset with this one, as it was like a combination of every type of headache I have ever had:

Throbbing/pounding (Bell 200), piercing (Ignatia 30), occiput (Gels 200), right sided and neck to occiput to Vertex to over right eye (Sanguinaria, Cimic, and even LYC), right sinus blockage and sinus headache (Sil 30, Kali B 200), horrible right neck muscle pain from nape to traps and HOT shower brought a teensy bit of relief for a short while only (Rhus tox 30, Ruta 30, Rhus tox 200), sinus and nostrils felt DRY but also still stuffed up on right side after Rhus tox ….so, I took BRYONIA 200  because I had to squeeze my head to get some little relief!  Also, it hurt to move my head…yet sitting still did not help either.

I almost began to cry from the pain after THREE HOT SHOWERS still did not help that much.  My jaw began to ache on right side, teeth/gums felt sensitive and achy, and my SCALP felt ….sunburned. I guess this was the neuralgia part of the headache from my cervical disk issues and neck muscle tightness.  I took Nat Mur 30 because I once read it helped the sensation of a sensitive scalp. Plus, my eyes had been watering and burning all day with these pollen allergies and my 4 eye remedies were not helping that today.

Then, I began to feel…..not jittery, but as if I just had to keep MOVING AROUND, because sitting or lying down only made the headache much worse!  Moving only took the edge off.  I also became VERY BLOATED, my stomach looked as if I was 9 months pregnant!  UGH, I felt constipated!  I also began BURPING…which did give me some relief.  I took CARBO VEG 30, and my stomach bloat went down a bit and I felt better, but the headache was only slightly decreased.

It became worse again a short while later.  Then, I took NUX VOMICA 30 because I felt it would help with the gas, which it did.  I seem to get BAD HEADACHES if I get belly bloat and/or am constipated!  Nux made the headache a little better, but it was short lived.

Then, all of a sudden I began to feel as if I was going to VOMIT from the intense pain!  This was now a full blown migraine!  I used to get these a lot when we lived with my MIL, who was a smoker.  The pain was ALL of the above mentioned types, PLUS NOW IT FELT HAMMERING TOO! 😱 The pain was now on my right temple….and around the back of my ear, and going down into my right side of my neck.  I was too sick to try and read the Repertory, Elaine.  I could barely search online….  I did manage to find a headache remedy list:

Cluster headache:





Top Homeopathic Medicines for Headaches- Migraine Homeopathic Remedies

The one remedy that seemed to match best…or rather the 1 remedy it seems I had NOT yet tried, was… __________30C.   And GUESS WHAT????  Within 1 minute, the nausea was gone!

No way!  One minute?????

Within approximately 10 minutes…..the intense headache pain was close to 90% better!!!  OMG, how I wish I had tried that first!!!

I was so shocked this remedy I had never tried…worked!  😁

Well, please let me know what you think about this remedy for me.  Worth making a remedy bottle of it to have on hand?  I only took the dry pillules, as I only needed ONE dose!

Well, Pam, that was quite a (horrifying) story!  I just want to start by reminding people about Hering’s Law: Healing takes place from the inside out, from the most important organs to the least important organs, from the center to the periphery, from above downward and in reverse order of occurrence.  In other words, the worst thing goes first, as opposed to everything just disappearing all at once!  And look at what went first, the headache?  No!  The “vital force” or “immune system”, as it were, believed that the NAUSEA was the worst, most threatening, part of the case!  So it was immediately dealt with and only 10 minutes later did the headache go away. 

So, OK, Hering’s Law aside, Kent used to call this remedy the, “All-American sick headache”.

What does that mean?  All American sick headache?

It means the typical migraine with nausea that Americans tend to get.

And what is a sick headache??

Headache with nausea and you have to lie down, you can’t do your work, you can’t do anything!  Remember on “Bewitched”?  Darin’s mother always used to walk in on things appearing and disappearing?  And she’d say, “Frank, I think I’m getting a sick headache.”

Aren’t all headaches, sick?

Not all.  There’s … “Tension Headaches”?  And, of course, sinus headaches.  And then there’s headaches from eye strain, headaches from missing a meal (low blood sugar headaches), menstrual headaches, headaches from loss of sleep (“jet lag”), PMS, headaches after head injury, etc.

Could you cure me of my chronic headaches?

Would that I could!  Can I have lunch first?  Listen, I’ll tell you what, Pam, I think the reason this remedy worked for you is because it matched the 3 most characteristic symptoms in the case: 1. it was a migraine remedy, 2. it was a gastric headache remedy, and 3. it was worse lying down, better moving.  Now, why is that so important?  Because, most people with migraine headaches have to lie down, they simply have to!  I, for one, can attest to that!

And remember what Hahnemann said in Aph. 153 of The Organon:  The most striking, strange, rare and peculiar symptom in a case is the one which a remedy must be matched to, because more common symptoms can be matched to almost any remedy!  So, I think that if you ever have a headache like this again, a migraine, accompanied by nausea, where lying and sitting make it worse but moving makes it better, ________ will definitely be the right remedy for you. 

Now, for those of you out there who have been trying to guess the remedy?   This is a warning:  I am going to repertorize the case now.

Yes, the remedy was Iris!

Please, Elaine, find me a chronic remedy for my headaches. 😭

Pam, as you’ve probably noticed, there’s no one single remedy for headache.  Every time you’ve had a headache, the remedy that worked matched what was peculiar or characteristic in the case.  Remember the Ipecac headache?  How did we land on Ipecac:  Headache with nausea, worse warmth, worse odors of food, better cold air, heat leads to nearly fainting.  That matched up perfectly to Ipecac which has headaches with nausea, worse heat, better cold, worse odors of food.  

Then there was the Bryonia headache.  How did we know it was Bryonia?  Worse touch of the pillow but better for hard pressure.  Oh, and you were also worse motion, just the opposite of Iris.

Now we have a headache with nausea but unlike the Ipecac headache that was worse heat, you were actually better for hot showers and took, I think, four of them?


OK, 3.  Ipecac never could have done that!  So we had to move off Ipecac because, as Robin Murphy always said, “Don’t go against the modalities!”

So, I hate to say it, but…..every time you get a headache?  The case has to be taken all over again, to determine what’s characteristic about it.  But I think we have all learned an important lesson about Iris today:  Headache with nausea, worse sitting still, worse lying down (very peculiar), better for motion (or, “must move”, like Rhus tox, even if moving didn’t help that much).  So, that is Iris for you.

I’m glad you’re better Pam, and thank goodness you had Iris there!  Geez, what was the likelihood of that?

Thanks, Elaine.  I’ve been buying remedies a little over time, stockpiling them, you might say, in preparation for an occasion like this.

This is why I always say to people, “Do you have an Emergency Kit at home?”  Sure, they’re expensive (but not really, for what you’re getting).  Remember, remedies don’t help you if they’re not there.  Have a look at the kit Dana Ullman is selling at Homeopathic.com, it comes in both 30C and 200C:

The BEST New Homeopathic Medicine Kit! 60 remedies in 3.5 gram bottles in 30C potency [#QKIT-60]


However, Iris is such a rare remedy, you’ll have to buy it separately. 

OK, that’s it, I’m outta here!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

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  • Wow, what a horrible migraine! So glad Iris helped! And you’re so right, Elaine. We need to own a lot of remedies. They’ve saved my bacon numerous times. Homeopathy literally saved my life when I was home alone and couldn’t stop coughing. Within minutes I couldn’t even breathe in. Thank heavens I had Bacillinum here. Everyone should at least have a first-aid kit and study all the remedies in it — before an emergency strikes.

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