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Welwitschia mirabilis – Tweeblaarkanniedood – Duality and Transformation

DREAMS – DIVIDED, in two parts

DREAMS – DUALITY; sense of


Some dreams deal with the female and male duality, or the union or transformation of male and female.

  • See complete dreams 1.
  • The woman undressed, and then it proved to be a man. It had a penis! A beautiful man, but he should not be in our room since that was reserved for women only.
  • He suddenly becomes a she, and she is laughing.
  • is there as well, she looks beautiful. She is wearing black clothes and ivory earrings in the shape of tortoises. I. wanted to come too. (comment by dreamer: I feel that both colleagues are rather male-looking, not graceful like these tortoise earrings. The sturdy male parts could be more integrated with the female parts. At work I want to be more female, soft and pure).
  • The women and men are sitting apart from one another. There are many women and five men. We are really separate. I am impressed by that.
  • She took care of me, despite my being dirty (male).

DREAMS – MAN – changed into woman

DREAMS – SEXUAL IDENTITY; ambiguous about one’s

DREAMS – WOMAN – changed into man

DREAMS – WOMAN – separated from man

DREAMS – WOMAN – merge with man

DREAMS – WOMAN – embraces man


There are dreams which clearly have to do with transformation in various fields, like women – men, light – dark, old – young, above – below; cleaning up. Then there are dreams featuring the word transformation, or which are perceived as transformation dreamed by the prover. A clairvoyant proving the remedy saw the Tarot card of Art which stands for transformation, union of contrasting parts, creative power.

  • First I hid myself on the roof. Later on I was lying on a lawn in a very prim neighbourhood. I was soiled by earth or mud (the dreamer experiences this as a transformation).
  • Renovation of a building.
  • I absolutely forgot what I dreamt; however, I know that it had to do with transformation.
  • A cathedral that Hitler had lined with a layer of bricks on the inside; now there were three such layers and I decided that all of it had to be removed again.



There were conspicuous dreams about far-sightedness, clairvoyance and a clear understanding.

  • He can see what everyone is in the house is doing.
  • I was at a ‘Non Violent Communication’ meeting. I suddenly get the structure. Suddenly I understood (which I missed at the meetings in reality).
  • has been a soothsayer.
  • The mycelium in the ground under the leaves was visible.
  • There was no goal for him to point at. Curiously, everyone knew whether it as a hit or a miss.




Old and Young, past and present

Dreams occurred in which old/ the past and young/ the present were contrasted.

Interpretation: this stands for the duality of the 4th dimension.

  • The child is changing into my aunt, my mother’s sister. She is old.
  • Her father was a young man again.
  • Two ages, past and present, were concurrent.
  • How it used to be, and how it is now.

DREAMS – CHILD – changed into old woman

DREAMS – CONFUSION of mind – time; as to

DREAMS – OLD MAN – changed into young man

DREAMS – TIMES, two – past and present

Embracing, solace

Dreams of embracing, caring, being noticed and solaced occurred.

  • I embrace him to show him that a deeper connexion is not lost, after all
  • She was very sad, she deeply missed her husband and she was crying. I embraced and comforted her.




DREAMS – NEGLECTED being – not

DREAMS – SADNESS – consolation

Light/ white and dark/  black

In many dreams, white and light featured, alongside dark and black.

Interpretation: this refers to the duality of good and evil.

  • The cover was gently yellow and showed big black letters Ilulia. (comment by dreamer: Ilulia made me think of Lucia which means light).
  • The house was very bright and spacious.
  • The stone is very large and lit from the inside.
  • She is wearing black clothes and ivory earrings in the shape of tortoises.

DREAMS – COLOR – white

DREAMS – COLOR – light; of

DREAMS – COLOR – black – white; and


Survival, security, struggle, danger, death

Many dreams dealt with danger, (in)security and survival.

Interpretation: Welwitschia is a tree that can help us deal with such anxiety and trauma.

  • The atmosphere was tense, there was much tension.
  • I did not feel free with that one. I felt imprisoned in the house.
  • A man is using me as a hostage. We are going underground because he has just blown up something. In order to survive I’m acting as his girlfriend. He’s very dangerous. He blows things up and gets a kick out of it. He always carries explosives…otherwise he’ll be killed by this madman.



DREAMS – DEAD; of the


DREAMS – MURDERED – threat being




Being naked, sexuality

Dreams featuring (partially) naked people. Sexually oriented dreams which are not always a pleasant experience for the dreamer. These dreams often deal with sex had by two differently aged people, the female being the older one.

Interpretation: in Welwitschia this is probably linked with the female and male duality. Female wisdom becomes important. Maybe this also refers to duality in time.

  • The mother is intensely kissing her son who sits next to her with his upper body naked. The son clearly does not like it. It does not appear as a loving action, it rather looks grim. The son is a silent subject. Another person says: ‘Things aren’t always what they seem to be.’
  • My coat is blown aside, showing my bottom, over which they make a comment, even if it’s said quietly.




DREAMS – SEX, oral

DREAMS – SEXUAL – own sex, having sex with

DREAMS – SEXUAL – sexual activity

DREAMS – SEXUAL – sexual activity between different ages

DREAMS – WOMEN – naked

Above and below

The large number of dreams featuring this distinction is conspicuous. In dreams with Welwitschia, an intermingling of the notions above and below occurs.

Interpretation: this reflects the connexion that trees have with the earth and the cosmos/ spirituality. Welwitschia brings the cosmos and the earth closer together.

  • I felt that I should not want to go up but down; however, the escalator that could go down was rolling upwards.
  • I wanted to look down.
  • I use the elevator to go down.
  • I have to climb up to get in.

DREAMS – DOWN; going

DREAMS – LIFT – descending


DREAMS – UPP; going

DREAMS – UPP; going – and down

DREAMS – UPP; going – or down – confusion about

Clean-up, repair

Many dreams featured themes like cleaning, dirt and repairs.

Interpretation: this refers to the possibility of the remedy being of good use in case of letting go old and dark matters; a transformation.

  • Another woman I knew started cleaning the window panes. They had not been cleaned for ages. I was under the impression that this was because she wanted to finish the alterations before she started cleaning.
  • There’s a lot of rubbish in the garden: leaves and paper. I’m going to clean it up.
  • An old hotel, but it had been restored.


DREAMS – DIRTY – windows

DREAMS – HOTELS – old and restored


Several provers experienced spiritual dreams.

  • See complete dreams 1 and 2.
  • We’re sitting at the bottom of a very high tower. It really reaches up into the sky.
  • I saw an army with very many golden shield. The sun was reflected in them, giving the whole thing a very special lustre. Then, I saw some golden boughs which were plaited. The same colour, again with the sun shining on them.
  • I found a devil’s egg, an earthstar and a kind of death’s head mushroom. A little wooden cross was found near these mushrooms.
  • We arrive at Glastonbury in England and I have put the largest crystral I have at home on a kind of wall.


Several provers dreamt that they could fly or soar.

Interpretation: this is linked to venturing outside the body; the spiritual world.


Large size

This mainly deals with large buildings.

  • I’m in a large house.
  • Several large tents.
  • A large shed where we (myself and two others?) went to sleep.
  • We’re at the bottom of a very large tower.




Physical complaints in the dreams

In the dreams relatively few physical complaints occurred. The word ‘disabled’ occurs with three dreamers. Some dreamers felt very cold by day, another few felt very hot. This appears in the dreams, just more than once.

  • We’re looking at someone, a disabled person?
  • A disabled woman lying in bed.
  • I was covered by something against the cold.
  • The sun is so hot.


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Marijke Creveld

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