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Why should the homeopath master different methods of case taking?

Written by Keyur Vakharia

Each one of us has a temperament which makes us efficient in dealing with certain personalities and vice versa. Thus, making us great at managing some and not so great at managing other cases. We face failures in those cases, don’t we?

Does the same key open all locks?

Does the same the same remote work for all television sets?

Does the same scale apply to all metrics?

Does the same homeopathic medicine work equally for two cases with the same diagnosis?

The answer to the questions above is ‘no’

Then, is it possible to approach all cases that you see in your homeopathic practice with the same case taking technique?

Before we seek the answer to this question, let us put things in perspective.

Patient A is talkative. This patient would answer almost every question that you asked him, even go astray while answering your question.

Patent B is not talkative. This patient is therefore less likely to answer all your questions and even less likely to elaborate on the answers.

These variations are two of the many variations that you see in your homeopathic practice and case taking.

This would require you as a homeopathic doctor to approach both cases very differently. The approach would also impact the type of symptoms you are likely to elicit from each patient. Your judgement to approach each one of the above patients is also a lot about understanding and applying our knowledge of fundamental human psychology to our method of case taking. The knowledge of fundamental human psychology is what we gather from our exposure to different people as well as from actively learning the subject.

Each one of us has a temperament which makes us efficient in dealing with certain personalities and vice versa. Thus, making us great at managing some and not so great at managing other cases. We face failures in those cases, don’t we?

Case Taking is an art, a skill that needs to be honed with the masters and with the patients. Lot of our cases fail because we are unable to unravel the case; we are unable to make the patient give relevant information; we are unable to observe what needs to be observed; we are unable to look beyond the superficial words; we are unable to un-layer the past medical history and the family history; we are unable to explore the emotions that the patient is actively hiding.

While we have a choice to continue failing in those cases, we also have a choice to learn and train ourselves to succeed in treating the cases where we often fail.

The best way to achieve our common goal – ‘…to cure as it is termed.’ is to learn from someone who is already an expert in that approach. Wouldn’t it make more sense to consume knowledge from a teacher who has reinforced it with decades of solving those difficult cases using the approach suitable for that case?

It would be so convenient to learn different approaches and methods of case taking from all master homeopaths at one place.

Starting 4th January 2024, the course ‘Master Case Taking With Masters’ lists 6 different teachers with 6 different methods of Case Taking

The classical method using the Organon of Medicine by Dr Manish Bhatia

The applied mind method by Dr Krishnakumar Dinde

Rapid prescribing in busy OPD settings by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

Case taking using the P & W formula & Grammar by Shekhar Algundgi

Child centric case witnessing process by Dr Dinesh Chauhan

Standardized method of case taking in homeopathic practice or the ICR method by Dr Manoj Patel

6 masters | 12 sessions | 24 hours | 1 live case

All the sessions will be supported by case studies of each method of case taking

For the first time in homeopathy, Dr Bhatia’s Master Homeopathy Academy is bringing together 6 master teachers, to show you 6 different ways to approach and solve a case.

This is a unique opportunity to improve your case taking skills and take your homeopathic practice to the next level with guidance from these master teachers.

Let’s learn to solve the easy, as well as complex, difficult and stuck cases with ease!

Features of the course:

6 speakers

Live lectures

Recording available for one year

Course in English language

Visit https://academy.doctorbhatia.com/courses/Mastering-Methods-of-Case-Taking–in-Homeopathy-6540accbe4b000629b7b1167 to learn more about the course, the speakers & their topics and to sign up for this course today!

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