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Tidbits 23–Can Somebody Pick Me Up At The Airport?

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I see some “remedy types” lining up now!



Phosphorus will leave you stranded at the airport–or almost any place he may have promised to pick you up!  Oh yes!  If any of you has ever foolishly asked Phosphorus to do you a favor, expect to be disappointed!  Lynda from Canada recently gave me her take on Phosporus and it really bears repeating; here’s what she said:  “Phosphorus is bright and charismatic and they promise to do everything for you, but like vapor, they vanish when needed.  They are there for the moment and disappear, don’t come through.  However, when they are in the moment, they are in the moment!  Everybody loves Phosphorus in the moment.”

Phosphorus is light.  Even their eyes light up!  But light isn’t very well-grounded, and Phosphorus gets easily pulled in one direction and then another, easily influenced.  So Phosphorus may have promised to pick you up at the airport at 10 p.m., but at 8 p.m., some friends came over (and Phosphorus has LOTS of friends!) and got Phosphorus all excited about a new bookstore opening up downtown, and Phosphorus got very much “caught up in the moment” with the whole idea of seeing this new bookstore and the next thing you know, having to be at the airport at 10 p.m. was a distant memory!  Oh, he did eventually show up, 2 hours late!  And you figured this would happen, that’s why you stood around and waited for him!

Phosphorus is so engaging and out-going, people put up with his nonsense and pick up the slack for him– cleaning up after him, paying his bills, doing his homework…as Lynda said, “They are charismatic.”




Aurum is the person you should have asked to pick you up at the airport!  Aurum, known for his trustworthiness and a strong sense of duty, would be so afraid of letting you down and losing your respect, he would not only pick you up at the airport but he’d be early, in a clean car with a full tank of gas, a clean trunk for all your suitcases, and he would have thought of everything–a bottle of cold water in case you might be thirsty, a nutritious snack in case you might be hungry from your long trip.

Aurum, as you might know, is potentized gold, and think of all that gold stands for symbolically:  We give gold medals for the best, the most successful, the highest achievers.  We say the best people have a “heart of gold”.  If something is solid and steady, we say it meets the “gold standard”.  You can imagine that Aurum people have risen to the top, gone to the best schools, were elected class president and got the highest grades.  They often bear a heavy responsibility, many people depend on Aurum.

Though perhaps at the head of some government agency or business, there’s not the haughtiness in Aurum you might find in Lycopodium who also rises to the top; but, Aurum will admit in a minute that he has made a mistake, that he was wrong; but, Lycopodium (according to Lycopodium) has never made a mistake!  It’s always someone else’s fault!  You can see that there is a lot more substance and high-mindedness to Aurum than there is to the relatively shallow Lycopodium who wants power but not so that he can do the most good in the world.  In fact, Lycopodium has a well-known aversion to responsibility, he simply wants the adulation.

Think about Mufasa of “The Lion King”.


Here is Aurum!  He is serious, judicious, scrupulous, magnanimous.  He’s got a big responsibility.  His shallow brother “Scar” (Lycopodium) only wants to be king so that he can abuse power and inflate his childish ego.

Because Aurum is so highly regarded and responsible for so many people and things, if he suffers a mis-step, a lapse, or loses his position, he is devastated!  He believes he has “neglected his duty”, is “unfit for the world”; hence, the famous Aurum “despair” and deep, dark depression; even suicidal depression.  Look for Aurum as a possible remedy in heart disease and high blood pressure.

Now, here’s something interesting, think of Aurum not just for people who are regal or occupy positions of power but also for those obsessed with getting in!  People who want to join some snobbish club, people who worship “stardom”–they could be Aurum too because they need to learn that all that glitters is not gold.

Meet “Aurum”: Judge Phillip Banks (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”):

Nux vomica


Nux vomica will also be on time to pick you up at the airport.  His car will likewise be clean and with a full tank of gas, and like Aurum, he will be early and will have thought of everything; but, on careful inspection, you might find you’re better off taking a cab!  Nux vomica will make you feel uncomfortable the whole way home!  He will find fault with everything: the traffic, the driving conditions, the car in front of him will be moving too slow for the impatient Nux vomica, and he will find you to be infuriating and ill-mannered because you are looking out the window and not at him, and you are too quiet which can only mean that you don’t appreciate that he has come to pick you up at great sacrifice; plus which, he brought you food and you’re not eating it!  He presumes you have filled up on junk food so he launches into a lecture about what will happen to you if you continue to eat so irresponsibly and informs you that colon cancer is no laughing matter!  This leads him to report that he doesn’t understand you at all, that you have been a big disappointment to him, that you are on a track to nowhere, that you associate with all the wrong people; and again, your silence continues to irritate him, as clearly if you had any manners at all, you would know how to hold a conversation with somebody; so, he asks if there’s something about him you find offensive?  And you dare not say, “As a matter of fact, yes!  I find you abusive, rude, cruel, arrogant, toxic and quarrlesome–kind of like Archie Bunker!”  Nux vomica does not take well to criticism!  He will throw it right back in your face!  “I am abusive?  So this is the thanks I get!  Now you listen here, young lady, you would do well to pay attention to everything I have to say!”

Why is Nux vomica doing this?  Why can’t he accept tranquility?  Why can’t he relax and be quiet?  Because Nux vomica is highly sensitive–sensitive to all stimuli: noise, odors, light, moral impressions…  Quietude only serves to amplify all the things that are supposedly “wrong” in his vicinity.  Mistakes are being made left and right (according to him), and everyone would do well to benefit from a piece of his mind!  Everything bothers him!  The neighbor in the next apartment bothers him.  If he’s talking too loud, Nux vomica will commence shouting and banging on the walls telling him to be quiet, while Sulphur and Lycopodium enjoy the ambient noises of neighbors, Nux vomica is intensely irritated by it.  Everything irritates Nux vomica, he requires constant humoring and placating to keep him from going on the attack!  This is why he is better at work.  When he’s at work, he has something to “chew” on, something to occupy him, something to concentrate his talents and abilities on.  When there is nothing…nothing but silence…he notices everything!  Something has been moved!  His paper-weight is not where he left it, there’s a crumb on the kitchen table, dinner is 5 minutes late, he’s starting to get very irritated and I think he’s about to explode!

Meet Archie Bunker (“All In The Family”), who will demonstrate Nux vomica for you:




You had to have been out of your mind when you asked Medorrhinum to pick you up at the airport!  Oh sure, he’s sooo nice, and funny and hot and exciting, and he loves animals!  But in truth, the only reason he said yes was so he’d have a good excuse to borrow his father’s car!  And his father was only too happy to let him pick you up because you’re the only person his son knows who isn’t wanted by the police!  He’s hoping your good study-habits and level-headedness will rub off on him.  Medorrhinum is not doing so well in school.  He’s a big-time procrastinator, easily bored, can’t remember what he’s read, always fidgeting and moving his feet and can’t start his homework until he suddenly gets hit with an inspiration and then writes frantically, hurriedly and excitedly late into the night. The next day he’s dull and clueless again, not knowing how to finish a sentence or think of the word he’s hunting for.

But now it’s time for him to pick you up, and Medorrhinum, as usual, is in a last-minute rush!  There you are, standing at Arrivals, waiting anxiously; but, Medorrhinum had to stop off and pick up his 3 Medorrhinum friends, mainly to show off his father’s new car, and then they had to stop and buy two 6-packs of beer, and all of this takes time, you know; but, just as you’re about to think you’ve been stood up, there’s a loud squeal of tires off in the distance, the unmistakable blare of The Rolling Stones’ “It’s Only Rock and Roll” emanating from the car radio, and then suddenly with a screech and a thud, landing on the curb amid shouts of, “Get in!” and “Hurry up!” is Medorrhinum and his 3 laughing and beer-toting pals!

“What’s the hurry?” you ask, throwing your bags into the trunk.  “I think the cops are after us,” Medorrhinum yells, “thanks to the mooning incident 5 miles back!” (everyone laughs)  Then with another screech and a lurching forward, the car zooms off.  “What mooning incident?” you say.  “Danny mooned a bus full of nuns!”  Everybody starts laughing hysterically.  Medorrhinum tells them to shut up because now he’s lost and has no idea where he’s going!  “I know where we can score some weed!” cries Medorrhinum #2 from the back seat, so Medorrhinum #1 slams on the brakes, makes a U-turn in the middle of the street and goes careening off to parts unknown when suddenly the mooner shouts out that he thinks he sees a prostitute at the curb!  Medorrhinum pulls over and that’s when you jump out!

Now you’re going to have to call Aurum.


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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