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Written by Narendra Mehta

Homeopathic remedy Carcinocin explained by Dr. Narendra Mehta



The key word of Carcinosin is MALLEABLE. It means able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking it. It is easily influenced, pliable, yielded, whatever way other wants. Carcinocin is very intelligent, conscientious, sensitive and easily influenced by parents, gets himself adjusted as the wish of parent. They are good in adoptability so they can become good in drawing, art, at the same time if they get bad company they may became destructive, disobedient, kleptomanic. They always influenced by someone mostly parents.



These children moulded by parents or someone. They are good in adaptation. As all parents wants their children to be good boy and as these children have good adaptation power so they develope good impressionable image. So they become precocious children. This is not inheritance of the child. Carcinocin having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than usual. This because he has molded in his childhood by his parent. He has given too early responsibility as per his age.  They are very social, strong sense of responsibility, particularly in children.  Carcinocin Industrious, intellectual, cannot tolerate injustice. Like adult children has power to introspection.  They are cautious, censorious and critical. They take care of adults, anxiety about health of loved person, about family members.



Carcinocin is very sensitive though it has been moulded. This children are expose to prolong period of domination, fear, unresolved grief. Love for nature and animals, these are inheritant qualities. They are very sensitive children so they cannot see any sadness or suffering of others.

Other phase of Carcinosin. Absent minded, abstraction of mind, temper tantrum, obsessive compulsive disorder, disobedient, cruelty., fantasy, imbecility, monomania, torpor, passionate, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts, Carcinocin loves animal, nature and they work for them.



Carcinocin has good power of adaptation and easily influenced so he can be a good in drawing, dancing, study, sports etc. but new creativity which is inborn is not present. Carcinocin has good sense of dancing with rhythm. There are two medicine for strong sense of rhythm in dancing Carcinocin and Sepia Dancing amel., Dancing desire for  children  (Fl-ac, Sep). Carcinocin only medicine for sensitive to arts, drawing and literature.



Carcinocin has many desires but it aggravates. Not only that but it is present only in Carcinocin


FOOD and drinks coffee desires  agg., which (1) 1 carc

FOOD and drinks eggs desires  agg., which (1) 1 carc

FOOD and drinks fruit  desires  agg., which (1) 1 carc

FOOD and drinks meat desires  agg., which (1) 1 carc

FOOD and drinks milk desires  agg., which (1) 1 carc

FOOD and drinks rich food  desires agg., which (1) 1 carc

FOOD and drinks salt or salty food desires  agg., which (1) 1 carc

FOOD and drinks wine desires  agg., which (1)  1 carc

Sweets desires but agg;



Carcinocin is malleable, impressionable and influenced by others. So they have been trained for destructiveness, cruelty, kleptomania, passionate, fanaticism. So Carcinocin may be trained as terrorist. Carcinocin child has rage ( Petroleum Phosphorus).


Abused childhood  (stram, thuj.)

From domination by others, a long history of (Carc, Foll, Lyc, Sep)

Ailments from fright or fear long lasting only Carcinocin

From too early responsibility only Carcinocin

Responsibility strong children, in (1) 1 carc

Anxiety health, about loved persons, of (3) 1 carc, 1 hep, 1 merc



After taking whole case we try to find out what is source in development of the patient, and if we come to know someone that it is molding influences him. In such cases symptoms are not important but development of the symptoms is important. So these children can be a good moral  character  but if he is molded for terrorism they can become terrorist.  They are very conscientious, very yielding. Even their parents dominate them but they are good to them because they are conscientious and not because of fear.. They cannot go against them.



From abuse; From abuse in childhood; From admonition; From admonition in children; From anger, vexation suppressed; From bad news; From disappointment, deception; From domination by others, of a long history; From fright; From grief, sorrow, care cry, cannot; From homesickness; From honor, wounded; From reproaches; From too early responsibility; From rudeness of others; From shock:


Consolation; Conversation; Music; Bathing; Bathing in sea; Sweets desires but agg; Moon; Moon agg. and amel; Warmth;


Consolation; Dancing; Music: Thunderstorm during; Traveling; Open air; Seashore air; Lying in knee elbow position.

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Dr. Narendra Mehta, M.D. (Hom.) practices in Mumbai, India. He has studied homeopathy intensively for thirty years. Dr. Narendra Mehta is an internationally acclaimed physician and teacher. Over the years, he has conducted seminars and workshops for practitioners and students in many countries around the world. He is the author of two books - Understanding of the Homeopathic Materia Medica and
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