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The Soul of Remedies - Carcinosinum
Written by Ajit Kulkarni

Carcinosinum materia medica and complete drug picture of homeopathy remedy Carcinosinum. Learn all the signs and symptoms of homeopathic Carcinosinum by Ajit Kulkarni.

A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. Ishwardas Tarkas

A Nosode from Carcinoma Carcinocin


Solar plexus
Mucous Membranes: Throat, stomach, rectum
Sides, alternating


Warmth. Summer. Yearly.
Morning. Night, 1-6 or 6-7 p.m.
Short sleep
Vaccinations (Thuja)
Blood transfusion

Depressing factors: Anticipation. Fright. Grief. Frustrations. Deprivation of love. Reprimands. Tensions. Consolation


Seashore (Medorrhinum).Open air (agoraphilia).Thunderstorm
Cold; food, drink

Depraved. Degenerant. Malignant.

Cachectic.  Hysterical. Allergic. Syco-syphilitic.


  • Chronicity; recurrent attacks; infections, past history of. Damaged nutrition. Paucity of symptoms. Lack of reaction to well-selected remedies. Degenerative history. Threatened malignancy. Slow – insidious development of symptoms. Bipolarity. Heightened sensitivity.
  • The ‘cancerinique’, a precancer cachexy: sudden decline, weakness, brownish, olive the typical ‘cafe-au-lait complexion, blue sclerotics (Tuberculinum), blinking eyes, bizarre antics, numerous pigmented naevi etc., esp. when no single remedy could cover the whole case by itself, or there is a paucity of helpful symptoms, or standard remedies do not go beyond palliation.
  • Multiple infections in history of self (or inherited), like bronchitis, whooping cough, pneumonia, tonsillitis (also excision), recurrent colds, influenza, glandular fevers (infectious mononucleosis), P.U.O. etc.
  • Family history of depraved, inherited conditions; troubles starting early in life, like recurrent colds, asthma, dust allergy, acidity, eczema, diabetes, cancer, T.B., leukemia, pernicious anemia, secondary and tertiary syphilitic troubles, ataxia, alcoholism etc., degeneracies in short. The more troubles combine the better indicated (cp. Streptoc.). Cases whose parents or relations needed Carcinocin
  • Suspected malignancy, but the farther away from frankly developed cancer the better indicated. Any way, useful in the stress/shock stage of malignancy. In active cancers, according to some, it is rather “risky and fraught with dangerous possibilities of distant metastases and severe aggravations.” This may refer to low potencies; since we are told also that “as an intercurrent in cancer cases its use is not precluded. There is no case of carcinoma that it will not help at some stage. It may even be suggested: when in doubt give Carcinocin” Cancers of the softer variety (for hard, Calcarea flour., Conium, Scir.).


  • Apprehension in stomach (Dys., Medorrhinum); sinking in pit from shock. Anticipation agg. generally or causes vomiting, eczema etc. Dyslexia.Conversion hysterias (Tarent.).  Locomotor ataxia. Lastly cerebral torpor, a mental inertia.


  • Growths: e.g. corn-like, with severe burning on touch (with Rad-met.); painful swelling at the spot of injection, Led not helping; exudating cicatrix after a scald; (cancerous) brain tumor; traumatic neurofibroma; painless lump near outer canthus. Warts. Post-vaccinal or post-surgical keloids. Moles. Polyps. Lipomas.
  • Malignancies: Rapid or slow. From maltreated T.B. Hodgkin’s disease, lympho-granulomatosis. Ca breast, with great pain, hemorrhagic, offensive, acrid discharge. Ca uterus, cervix. Leukemia.
  • Tendency to inflammations.
  • Hemophilia. Thallasemia. Hemorrhages from orifices of body.
  • Bones: Brittle (Calc-p.).
  • Soft: Mind. Cancer. Skin. Scar. Light. Music.


  • Tired in morning, fresh in evening. Burning or constricting pains (head, abdomen, rectum, heart). Throbbing internally. Well before attack (like Psorinum). Discharges offensive, acrid, thick. Twitchings: from tension; of eyelids, of various muscle groups.


  • Hard-yielding, anxious, tense, high-strung (like Dys.). Spruce. Hysterical. Perfectionist. Industrious. Fastidious. Exacting. Soft, mild. Refined (like Silicea). A knowledge-hunter (DNA.). Artistic. Nature lover, love of travel, of animals. Literary, poetic bend. Creative. Attuned to life’s rhythm (Sepia), hence lover of dance and music (Tarent.). Romantic; prefer soft, dim lights. One with a drive. Affectionate. Frank (simple, open, transparent).Good sense of responsibility. Distinguished, in short.


  • Sensitive to reprimands, but will not weep. Precocity (Lycopodium). Restless children with destructive outbursts. Frequent tantrums; when angry become stiff and hysterical (like Mosch.).
  • Shyness. Cannot hold his own with other children, fear of other children (Silicea). Cry (day and) night, nightmarish. Tendency to insomnia even in young children.
  • “A scape-goat.” A victim of sexual abuse. Under excessive parental control (overdisciplinized) (Folliculinum, Mag-c., Natrum mur.). Therefore cowardice (fear of being punished or humiliated), self-depreciated.
  • Backward, autistic, Attention deficit, dwarfish or even mongols (Baryta carb., Med.); also disobedient; refusal to parental control.
  • A blend of Mag. (non-protected) and Nat. (ill-protected) childhood. Also over-protected and spoilt childhood. Puny. Averse to play. Self-contempt. Guilty, self-reproaching. Repeats actions. Masturbating (Medorrhinum). Biting nails (Medorrhinum, Natrum mur.).


  • Psychogenic causes:  rejection, deprivation of love, shock, prolonged and unresolved grief, bad news, harsh upbringing, fright, anticipation, reproaches, etc.
  • Sentimental. Sensitive; to reprimands (Medorrhinum). Averse to being alone. Vulnerable. Does not like consolation. Intelligent, perseverant but slow.
  • Obstinate; takes life too seriously, as a life or death matter; strong sense of duty (Aurum); will not relax, will waste emotional e’lan, will maintain the show of fitness; even take more responsibilities, though in reality breaking down. Rigidly conscientious. Can’t say no to others.
  • Self-sacrificing. Penalty of unlived life (Whitmont). Also the rebellious, contentious, non-conformist, yet considerate (Bryonia). Also the timid escapist (Arg-n.).
  • Also the amiable: sympathetic and loves affection (Phos.). Puts himself in the shoes of others. Wants to please everyone. Likes soft music, but it makes him weep (Graphites,   Nat-c., Nux-v., Thuja). Likes travelling (Calc-p.,Tuberculinum).
  • Religious minded. A spiritual bend. Wants to be one with God and nature.
  • Forgetful. Attention to detail, exaggerated precision, or meticulousness (Anacardium, Arsenicum, Graphites, Nux-v.), or (may be) untidy (Sulph.).
  • Love of thunderstorm, enjoys watching it (Sepia) and at seashore (opposite Syphilinum).
  • A victim of prolonged suppressions, repressions, tensions, struggle or unhappiness, becomes melancholic, goes into brooding (Natrum mur.), even thinks of suicide (may be a family trait too). Effects of prolonged fear, frustration or a severe fright.
  • Fear: of failure, humiliation, horrible things, heights, losing self-confidence, of dogs (Syphilinum, Tuberculinum); of cancer (“Cancer is often preceded by fear of cancer”).
  • Maladjusting.

Noteworthy Symptoms

1.          Presence of bipolar symptoms: either < or > from heat or cold, or else the patient is sensitive to cold; both < and > from sea air (Medorrhinum, Natrum mur.); < on the East coast  and > on the West coast or vice-versa; desire as well as aversion to salt, milk, eggs, meat, fat, fruit. Cough < cold or warm, wrapping or undressing. Softness and harshness. Slow appearance and sudden appearance.  Paucity of symptoms and abundance of symptoms. Recurrent fever or no fever for a long time. Lack of reaction or severe reaction. Tired in morning, fresh in evening. Shyness or openness. Sharp or backward. Obedient or disobedient. Narcissistic or self-contempt. Pushing or escapist. Restless or tranquil. Artistic or dyslexic. Desire and aversion of food. A genius or a moron. Love of life or suicidal.

2. Alternation of symptoms from one side of the body to the other (as in Lac-c., Sepia).

3.          Constant change of symptoms.

4. Reaction to change of attitude: worse undressing (cough, skin) (as in Rumx.); worse talking or laughing (cough) (as in Phos); better after a short sleep (as in Phos).



  • Various headaches: Sick headache: heavy head in morning on waking, > moving about. Throbbing, after meals, > wrapping tightly up. (See stomach). Deep – in headaches, constriction and tightness of brain. Supra-orbital (right) thumping. Occipital, maddening, < night. (Apoplectic tendency).
  • Effects of head injury.


  • Inflammation of wall of meatus. Intractable suppurative otitis or abscess.


  • Blinking of eyes. Twitching of lids; left lid. Corneal ulcer.Retinal hemorrhage, diabetes.


  • Recurrent colds; infantile. Recurrent sinusitis. Chronic catarrh. Discharge yellow, excoriating. Epistaxis.


  • Tawny, cafe-au-lait. Earthy, muddy. Wearied look. Forehead blackish or looks as if scorched. Withered dried look, like hide. Cracked commissures, with a hard gland (Cund failing). Painful acne. Herpes on upper lips and nose. Numerous moles (Hippoz.), mother had cancer. Facial paralysis.


  • Stomatitis; recurring; in children; glossitis. Ulcers.
  • Teeth: Decayed, hollow. Grinding of teeth during sleep. Toothache, general.


  • Pain < warm drinks, empty (not of food) swallowing, > cold drinks. Pharyngitis. Sensation of lump. Recurrent tonsillitis. After tonsillectomy.


  • Desires: fat, fat meat, fat bacon, bacon rind, eggs, chocolate, soups, butter, milk, salt, sweets, sugar, fruits, liquors, cold food, highly seasoned food.
  • Averse to: fat, salt, milk, eggs, meat, fat.
  • Indigestion, flatus accumulation in stomach and bowels, with cachexia. Heartburn, with sick headache; with severe frontal headache; spiced food intolerance; recurrent stomatitis. Bulimia nervosa. Vomiting; cyclic; from anticipation; bilious, with headache; alternate with diarrhea. Ulcer in.
  • Apprehension / linking in stomach (also Carc-adenostum, Scir. has worms in addition), a cancer trait.


  • Liver pains; pain in right hypochondrium, bitter taste, bilious vomiting, debility, Chelidonium insufficient, wells up bile, heartburn, right side meteoric, constantly belching, offensive flatus, great prostration after stools, sick headache, cancerous family. Cirrhosis of liver, hereditary. Tremendous sinking at navel (Scir.).
  • Excessive flatulence; great accumulation in stomach and bowels.
  • Colic > bending double (Coloc.), warm drinks, pressure. Burning pains like fire in ascending colon. Vague pains in abdomen, < 4-6 pm, chronic colitis, ulcerative colitis, enteroptosis, h/o bronchitis and pneumonia, weakness and emaciation, suspected malignancy. Pain, peritoneal nodes and ascites, ovarian cancer. (Intussusception).


  • Prolapse. Constriction. Worms (Scir.). Bleeding piles; during childbed, Collinsonia palliates, cancer in family. Constipation, sans urging. ‘Cancer is often preceded by constipation.’   Anal abscess after jaundice (which was managed somehow by Mercurius and Sulph.). Cancer. Fistula (which is probably related to cancer). Condylomata; burning, and burning piles, arthritic pains (finished by nitricum acidum).
  • Diarrhea: chronic mucous or muco-membranous colitis; mucus diarrhea, mother had bone T.B.


  • Children: bed-wetting, indicated remedies failing; nephritis. Burning in urethra, prolonged after urination. Circumcision abscess, burning (Anthracinum), mother and sister had required Carcinocin
  • Diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus, hereditary. Nephritis; interstitial.


  • Leucorrhea, offensive.
  • Menses: dark, clotted, offensive, painful. (Menorrhagia).
  • Increased sexual desire. Disposition to masturbate. Uterine bleeding after sex. Endometriosis (cp. Thyr.). Fibroids. Ovarian cysts. Sterility. Uterine cancer, palliative. After hysterectomy.
  • Mammae: Violent tension, swelling and tenderness before menses. Fibroadenomas. Chronic mastitis. Abscess (Lachesis insufficient), mother and brother had required Carcinocin Cancer, great pain and induration. Tumors of mammae, has gastric ulcer also, family h/o pneumonia, T.B. meningitis, insanity and eczema.Ca breast. Retraction of nipples.


  • (Bronchial) Asthma; of infants; from dust; after fright, migraine, pneumonia (Streptoc.); pertussis; alternating with eczema (Thyr.; worse 10 am and in damp air (Natrum mur.). Cough, < cold air; warm room; dressing; undressing; yawing. Whooping cough; persistent.
  • Burning in chest; from loss of sleep nursing sick, (Cocc. failing). Desire to take deep breath (Ignatia).Recurrent bronchitis or pneumonia; chronic pneumonia, Burning with vomiting, tonsils and adenoids swollen (or excised), like Streptoc. (which however is not cachectic).


  • Sense of constriction > sighing (Ignatia). Throbbing. Weak heart; even a short walk exhausts. Palpitation < 2-6 pm, violent. “Can feel the heart and hear it on lying down.”
  • Bad heart; child’s mother was Natrum mur. patient.


  • Back: dragging pain; burning, in cervical spondylitis. Burning palms and soles (Sulph.). Warts on soles. Varices of legs with purple points. Ganglion. Twitchings.
  • Rheumatism, < violent, but > slow motion, cancer cachexy. Arthritis deformans (Dys.).Osteo-arthritis.


  • “Cancer is often preceded by bad sleep.” Troubled sleep of children: cry day and night; sleep in knee-chest position (Calc-p., Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Phosphorus, Sepia, Tuberculinum) or on back with hands above head (Medorrhinum, Pulsatilla); nightmares, after fright (surgery etc.); insomnia, mother cancerous. Sleepless: till 1 a.m. Unrefreshing sleep.
  • Dreams: of journey, looking for someone, mishaps, murder, work, robbers.


  • Harsh; like hide or dead leather.
  • Eruptions; itching or stringing-itching < night, water, sweat, at seaside, > cold applications. Eczema; allergic, alternating with asthma; alternating sides; from anticipation; from bath in chlorated water; dry, in a lead worker after suppression of scabies; infantile, depraved heredity (diabetes, T.B., cancer, skins, hearts etc.).Pustular eruptions; elder sister had leukemia.
  • Metabolic or neuro-skins (Aster.). Corns. Boils; multiple; alternating sides. Molluscum contagiosum. Lichen planus. Neurodermatitis. Psoriasis. Moles. Ganglion. Gangrene.
  • Slow healing of wounds. Abscesses; of injection; of circumcision; one sloughing abscess among painful, burning, purplish eruptions; in various places. Reduces incidence of keloid scars if given pre-operatively to patients undergoing plastic surgery.
  • Leprosy. Leucoderma (all nosodes).


  • Recurrent attacks of high fever; after vaccination (Echi., Maland.), also acidosis after removal of tonsils and adenoids (parents diabetic).
  • Rheumatic fevers. PUO. “May prove useful in glandular fevers (infective mononucleosis) (like Felds.).They are generally very slow to clear up.” (and probably in AIDS too).
  • Also, no fever for a long time.


  • An offspring of Sulph. and Tuberculinum, it helps all polychrests and nosodes, as also Anthracinum, Hippz., Ins., Streptoc., Thuja when they prove insufficient.
  • Complementaries: Arsenicum, Ars-i., Ast-r., Conium, Cundurango, DNA., Hydrastis, Bufo., Cuprum, Folliculinum, Graphites, Ignatia, lod., Lap-a., Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Mag-c., Nat-c., Natrum mur., nitricum acidum, Phosphorus, Phytolacca, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Rad-br., Sanguinaria, Sepia, Sulphur, Syphilinum (cancer and syphilis are related), Thuja, Tuberculinum, X-ray.
  • Similar: Maland. (minus greasy skin and plus depraved history; a low state of vegetation; said to clear up the remnants of cancerous deposits; Carcinocin, is the Maland. of malignancy), Thuja, Bowel nosode cognate Dys. (Syc. is cognate to Medorrhinum, Morb. and Streptoc.), Graphites
  • “Pineal gland (Pin-g.). is the Aconite of cancer, where constitutional remedy seldom helps” – Balfour.
  • Guilty conscience group: Ambr., Aur-m., Carcinocin, Coffea, Cyclamen, Ferr-m., Lac-c., Lac-d., Mag-c., Nat-c., Natrum mur., Pulsatilla, Silicea, Zincum met.
  • Counterpart: DNA. (Knowledge hunter, Hemorrhage, Bipolarity, < unusual responsibility, rigid conscience, refined, F/h of grave illnesses).
  • Suggested Trios:

1. Bryonia-Natrum mur.-Carcinocin             2. Sepia-Natrum mur.-Carcinocin

3. Bryonia – Tuberculinum-Carcinocin 4. Calcarea flour.-Conium-Carcinocin

5. Streptoc.- Thuja-Carcinocin        6. Arsenicum-Lycopodium-Carcinocin

7. Nat-c.-Stront-c.-Carcinocin


Ajit Kulkarni

About the author

Ajit Kulkarni

Dr Ajit Kulkarni M.D. (Hom.) is Director, Homeopathic Research Institute, Pune, A veteran homoeopath, an academician and a famed international teacher. A classical Homeopathic physician, he has been practising for 35 years. He has given over 100 international seminars and workshops in different parts of the world. Dr. Kulkarni is co-author: Absolute Homoeopathic Matera Medica, Five Regional Repertories: AIDS, DM, Thyroid, HTN and Trauma . Also, author of Body Language and Homeopathy, Homeopathy through Harmony and Totality (Three volumes),
Law of Similars in Medical Science, Homeopathic Posology, Kali Family and Its Relations, Homeopathic Covidoscope (published by Amazon) and over 100 publications on various aspects of homeopathy, papers and books translated in several languages, He has Award of ‘Excellence in Homoeopathy, Award of ‘Homoeo-Ratna, Life achievement Award, Dr. B. Sahni Memorial Award.,
He is a member, Editorial Board, National Journal of Homeopathy, Mumbai / E-mail ID: [email protected]


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  • Don’t forget the craving for chocolate! I had a very nice cure of my sister’s life-long eczema with Carc. The chocolate craving was very strong. Also there was tb and cancer in the family, symptoms going from one side to the other, the carc appearance, perfectionist and strict upbringing. After taking the remedy, the chocolate craving decreased.

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