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Dysentry Co Nosode

Written by Gaurang Gaikwad

Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad discusses the bowel nosode Dys co ( Shigella dysenteriae) which has characteristics of Gelsemium, Silica, and Lycopodium. A case is offered to illustrate.

Dysentry Co is the bowel nosode – Shigella dysenteriae.

Genius- Fearful nervous phobic, abdominal symptoms due to apprehension. The remedy reminds one of Gelsemium with the typical anticipation, anxiety and nervousness and anticipatory diarrhea. They patient needing this remedy has tremendous fear and anticipation especially of narrow places, an experience of suffocation (Gels is not there in fear of narrow places). There is nervousness with diarrhoea and especially urticarial rashes and trembling.

  • Mind; FEAR; narrow place, in, claustrophobia (71)
  • Mind; EXCITEMENT, excitable; eruptions, with (12)
  • Mind; EXCITEMENT, excitable; trembling; with (18)
  • Mind; EXCITEMENT, excitable; nervous (176)
  • Rectum; DIARRHEA; anxiety; agg. (7)

One differentiation between Gels and Dys Co is that Dys co develops palpitation and skin issues especially when excited, nervous or when shy.

  • Mind; TIMIDITY; bashful; palpitations, with (1)

The main sphere of action of Dysentry co is on digestive sphere –

  • Especially when there is strong mental strain that aggravates the digestive tract.
  • There is a lot of craving for junk food especially – fats, salt, sugar.
  • Chronic indigestion, ptosis, heartburn for hours.
  • Pain, worse from eating, better lying down.
  • Emptiness between meals and sometimes nausea in the morning on awakening relieved by eating.
  • Sinking emptiness during day with relief from rest and food.
  • Eructation, heartburn, some hours after food.
  • Acrid vomiting burning up throat, bilious vomiting. Thirst and desire for cold drink, but worse afterwards.
  • History of colitis (mucus proctitis – Ant c )
  • Pain and tenderness over gallbladder.
  • Dilation of stomach. Spasm in the pylorus. Retention of digested contents. Indigestion pain with distention and discomfort. Heartburn. Cyclical vomiting in children.
  • Diarrhea or indigestion from eating sweets and fat, which they are fond of.

Weak expulsion of hard knotted stool with mucus. Loose morning diarrhea, stools forcibly expelled and acrid, burning.  Looseness, frequent motions 5 or 6 per day. Diarrhea on excitement or worry. Throbbing rectum with sense of block or cork. Hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Hemorrhoids come down when walking.

Many fears in this remedy – Fear in train, tram, bus and church, afraid in theater, lift, office etc. Fear of the future, dark, thunder and storms

  • Symptoms are similar to Medorrhinum – Brain fatigue. Little power of concentration. “Loses train of ideas from interruption”.
  • “Forgets what he was going to say”.
  • “Forgets what she went for.”
  • Lack of initiative, easily deflected.

Least excitement exhausts and aggravates symptoms. “Anxiety and excitement felt in the epigastrium”. “Nausea from excitement” and “diarrhea from excitement”.  Excitement, anxiety or any agitation causes palpitations, flushing, perspiration, breathlessness and even pain in the heart region. Involuntary movements, tics or twitching (like chorea). Instability of the capillary circulation, causing blushing; frontal headaches from excitement. Dry skin, scaly, with circinate lesions.

MODALITIES – Worse from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. Patients feel the cold, are chilly and want warmth, yet easily heated up by exertion or a warm room. Rapidly perspires from excitement and mental exertion. Nausea and faintness in warm room, relieved by open air. Desires air and space.

Skin symptoms are associated with nervousness 

  • Skin; ERUPTIONS; urticaria, nettle-rash; night; agg. (13)
  • Skin; ERUPTIONS; urticaria, nettle-rash; excitement, emotional, agg. (8)
  • Skin; ERUPTIONS; urticaria, nettle-rash; itching; with (28)
  • Skin; ERUPTIONS; urticaria, nettle-rash; sudden, paroxysmal

Case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

24 year old male College student

Chronic Diarrhea since 7 years, especially related to slightest stress.

Since last few years, keeps getting scary dreams where he is falling from a high place. Dreams of his relatives; dreams that robbers come into the house at night.

State of mind

Describes his nature as someone who is timid and doesn’t like to come out of a secure and comfortable situation. Sensitive to slightest emotions and criticism; affected by peoples view and opinion of others.


Darkness, especially of night. Also gets very panicky – especially in a narrow room. Very scared of noise, especially scared of thunderstorms.


Warmth aggravates

sleepiness ++

craving – fried, warm food

sleep position – sleeps on side

perspiration – hands and feet


Studying the most peculiar symptom in the case:

Dysentry Co 200 – 1 dose

Follow up after 3 Months

Better by 50 percent after 15 days of the remedy. Still getting frightful dreams, especially of falling down and gets up frightened. Lost 4 Kg weight.

Follow up after 7 months

overall better by 90 %

loose stools >> 95 %%

feels remarkably better

now feels much more relaxed and calmer

no dreams

frightful dreams have reduced

sleep is much better than now

Hasn’t been on any allopathic medicines for past 7 months

In my clinical understanding this remedy is a mix of Gels, Silica, Lycopodium.

Excerpted from from Dr. Gurang Gaikwad’s latest book – on materia medica of sarcodes and nosodes.

About the author

Gaurang Gaikwad

He has been working for ‘the other song’ academy and with Dr. Rajan Sankaran who has inspired and mentored him. He has worked on Dr. Sankaran’s books including Synergy in Homeopathy, Synergy Synopsis, From Similia to Synergy, and The Art of Follow Up. He has been working with Dr. Sankaran in his private clinic and also his own private clinic in Dadar, Shivaji Park, Mumbai. He has been closely associated with Dr Sunirmal Sarkar and compiled his book – Just You See on Dr. Sarkar’s experience. Dr. Gaikwad has been invited to Europe to teach classical homeopathy and repertory. He has done extensive clinical research in thyroid cases and written 6 books: Psyche of Homeopathy for Beginners, Homeopathic Approach on Thyroid Disorders, Art of Repertorisation, How to Use BBCR - Phatak’s Repertory, Understanding Mind Rubrics, MM of Nosodes and Sarcodes He is current working on 2 Books, on mind rubrics and how to use different repertories in practice.

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