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Radium Bromatum : Absolute Homeopathic Materia Medica

A materia medica of Radium Bromatum excerpted from Absolute Homeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. P I Tarkas and Dr. Ajit Kulkarni.



Joints; bones
Sides, shifting


Cold, Heat of summer
Winter. Damp weather (Rhus-t.)
AM: 3,4,7,11,12, PM
Lying; rest. Beginning of motion
Shaving (Carb-an.)
Rays: X-ray burns


Warmth; of exercise, bath, bed, wraps
Open air (pains)
Cold drinks
Pressure of hard bed
Motion; continued
Deflation; stool




 PAINS everywhere. Slowly coming and going. Shifting. Severe sore achings with stiffness and restlessness (and Rhus-t. modalities) and tiredness. Burnings, as if afire. Dull hard aches; post- influenzal (Stro-c.).

  • Joints: Crack; chronic (rheumatoid; deforming) arthritis; gout. Neuralgias (neuritic, neuro-myositic), sudden like electric shock, quickly coming and going. All pains < during thunderstorms, > in open air (Kali-i.), warmth of exercise.
  • Late appearance of symptoms
  • Great general prostration and languor. So tired and weak that one must seek bed and rest. Weakness; neurasthenia; senile
  • Inflammatory and trophic changes; skin, joints. Atony and a (precancerous) cachectic state, pains, itching- burning.
  • Metabolism disrupted, of all tissues and functions, from surface to deep interior. From: irritation/congestion to ulceration/cancer; itching to tissue breakdown; simple indigestion to malignant dysentery; fissure to fistula; neuralgia to gout, exostosis, necrosis. Carries forward the work of and aids that of Carc., X-ray, all metabolic helpers.
  • Numbness; < stretching part; of legs on crossing them; of great toes.
  • Growths like corns, bunions, callosities, warts, caruncles, sebaceous cysts (wens, also Rad-i.). Naevi. Moles. Epithelioma. Lupus. Lymphangioma.
  • Glands: Goitre.


  • Irritable, excited, apprehensive, restless, but soon depressed. A feeling of being betrayed.
  • Will not stay alone in dark. Stupefaction.



  • Vertigo; with occipital pain, palpitation; < rising; > in open air, lying, eating.
  • Fullness, heaviness, dull ache; or lightness with nausea and sinking in epigastrium. Pains mostly frontal, supraorbital, and occipital, with ambi-modalities; with lumbago. Menstrual headache (pressing); with dysmenorrhea (bursting).


  • Pain sore, sticking, burning, stinging, > and closing. Photophobia. Conjunctivitis, with dry feeling, lachrymation. Scleritis (Cimic.). Trachoma. Muscular heaviness, paresis, ptosis; eyestrain.


  • Nightly tickling in. Tinnitus of rushing water, > lying on face, with palpitation, tachycardia. Pain (sticking, throbbing).


  • Congestion, dryness, itching, (cold) burning; > in open air. Greenish catarrh. Epistaxis; family h/o cancer.


  • Skin cracked, irritated, ulcerated (Rhus-v. antidotal). Violent, sudden trifacial neuralgias. Aching at angle of (right) lower jaw. Twitching and burning lips; lower lip drawn and stiff. Swollen (with anasarca) with oozing from cracks and albuminuria. Flushed.
  • Various eruptions, erythema, pimples, acne (which, says Clarke, is a benign expression of cancer). Little epitheliomas (“grave-yard flowers”) on face of the moribund.


  • Toothache; feel elongated. Gumboils.
  • Dryness in.
  • Tongue: Sore; feels swollen (hindering speech), thick, (bluish) white; pricking (like needles) at tip; dysgeusia (impairment of taste).


  • Dryness (also mouth; like Nux-m.) and rawness. Sore throat, pain (sticking) extending to ears, cold (peppery) burning, > cold drinks. Congestive choking. Globus.


  • Averse to: Sweets, ice-cream, meat, bacon, tobacco. Likes sour, cold drink, fat, pork.
  • Sensations: Sinking, empty, warmth; nausea < walking > eating. Pain; > belching.
  • Dyspepsia; alternating with earache, or with chest pain.


  • Colic, distress, cramps, alternating with ear or chest pains. > bending double, deflation, stool. Rumbling, great flatulence, pain over McBurney’s point or in sigmoid flexure (S.F. syndrome: colon dyspepsia). Lameness in groins.
  • Ulcer; duodenal.


  • Flatus hot, foul. Constipation; stool dry, hard, burns; alternates with diarrhea. Diarrhea; after radiation; during eating. Fissures. Hemorrhoids. Itching. Prolapse.


  • Nephritis: Interstitial; catarrhal; rheumatic (with lumbago); with heart affection (High BP).
  • (Irritation. Calculus).
  • Dysuria; during day; then erections. Enuresis. Diabetes; in elderly ladies.
  • Urine: Albuminous; granular and hyaline casts; solids, especially chlorides (lowered chloride threshold); sediment clayey or brick dust.


  • Desire waning; incompetence. Emissions, with dreams. Itching. Psoriasis. Eczema.


  • Leucorrhoea white, cheesy.
  • Menses: Delayed, irregular; flow more at night; with headache, pain over pubes, bearing down pains, or dragging down pain in back.
  • Climacteric flushes.
  • Mammae: Sore (right), > rubbing hard; infra-mammary pain (left like ).


  • Dry hacking spasmodic (whooping) cough, < smoking, night, lying down; > open air, exertion, eating (cp. ). Constriction (and in heart), with air hunger. Pressing pain < lying on painful (left) side, turning in bed; with headache, dyspnea; after radio- active treatment of pterygium.


  • Precordial pains, > open air, walking. High B.P. Low B.P. Anemia. Arteritis. Arteriosclerosis. Atherosclerosis. Atheroma. Leucocytosis. Leucopenia.


  • Lameness, weakness, cervical, interscapular, lumbo-sacral, < stooping, > stretching, erecting. Lumbosacral pains, gnawing, ascending, with headache, flatulence; < touch; > stool (continued) motion, exertion, heat, pressure. Pains: cervical; interscapular; subscapular (left); uterine reflex.


  • Heaviness. Stiffness: in damp weather; < during rest (unlike Rhus-t.), or on first getting up. Dull tired pains; sore bruised (like Rhus-t.); sharp pains. Frozen shoulder, lame or painful, < motion, > hanging arm down (like Phos., unlike Rhus-t.), cold (also opposite modalities).
  • Sciatica; when inflammatory symptoms of gout appear. Gonalgia, coxaliga, < beginning of motion, > cold, exercise, continued motion. Petalliar pain < motion, > rest. Ascending painful, but of ankle descending. Great toes ache, burn or go numb.
  • Acute and chronic arthritis due to focal lesions; pains severe, sharp, darting; crack on moving; parts and as if brittle, would break if moved; (tension in).
  • Nails: Degeneration.


  • Sleepiness, with lethargy. Restless sleep; awakes panting, with pounding of heart (flatulence), tired.
  • Dreams: Fire, urinating, of activity.


  • All skin diseases with cracks, oozings, scales etc., > hot application of water (Rhus-t., Rhus-v.). Burning. Irritable itching, > hot bath, scratching.
  • Liver spots. Various eruptions. Furfuraceous. Eczema, rubrum; < winter, scaly eruptions, cracks in palms (with lymph node involvement, (Rad-i.). Erythema. Acne; rosacea. Boils. Psoriasis. Prurigo (itching papules). Edematous rash (after Belladonna plaster). Branny scales. Scabs. Acne. Abscesses; diabetic. Ulcers; rodent; necrosing. Urticaria. Erysipelas. Noevi. Sclerodema. Seborrhea. Melanoma. Epithelioma.


  • Internal chilliness and cold feeling; shivering and biliousness.
  • Heat sans sweat; with flatulence and loose stools; body feels burning as if a fire, with sharp needle-picks.
  • Sweat: Offensive, of foot.


  • Antidotes:, Anac., Cad-met., Cad-i., Cad-s., Nux-m. (dry mouth), Phos., Ph-ac., Rhus-t., Rhus-v., Stront-c., Tell., X-ray.
  • Antidote to:
  • Compatible / follow well: Arg-n., Cad-s., Calc., Carc., Kali- i., (Med.), Phos., Rhus-t., Rhus-v., Sep., Uran., X-ray.
  • Similar: (its ulcer is like that from Radium), Ars., Carbn-s., Caust., Cimic., Culx (is a close-up of Rad-m.), Carc., Phos., Rhus-r., Streptoc., Stront-c., Tell., Uran., X-ray.
  • Is a counterpart of
  • Is an intensified Rhus-t., Sep.
  • Rhus-t.- Phos.-Rad-met. a good trio.
  • Rad-, Syph. and X-ray are the chief intercurrents for syphilitic miasm.

About the author

P I Tarkas

Dr. P. I. Tarkas (1908-2000), the doyen of homoeopathy, belonged to the 20th century generation of sincere and dedicated homoeopaths of India. He worked like a Trojan throughout his life for the cause of homoeopathy. The work he left to posterity will not go into oblivion. Upgrading materia medica and Repertory in an authentic way was the mission he took up in early 1950 and worked endlessly and selflessly for over 50 years.

About the author

Ajit Kulkarni

Dr Ajit Kulkarni M.D. (Hom.) is Director, Homeopathic Research Institute, Pune, A veteran homoeopath, an academician and a famed international teacher. A classical Homeopathic physician, he has been practising for 35 years. He has given over 100 international seminars and workshops in different parts of the world. Dr. Kulkarni is co-author: Absolute Homoeopathic Matera Medica, Five Regional Repertories: AIDS, DM, Thyroid, HTN and Trauma . Also, author of Body Language and Homeopathy, Homeopathy through Harmony and Totality (Three volumes),
Law of Similars in Medical Science, Homeopathic Posology, Kali Family and Its Relations, Homeopathic Covidoscope (published by Amazon) and over 100 publications on various aspects of homeopathy, papers and books translated in several languages, He has Award of ‘Excellence in Homoeopathy, Award of ‘Homoeo-Ratna, Life achievement Award, Dr. B. Sahni Memorial Award.,
He is a member, Editorial Board, National Journal of Homeopathy, Mumbai / E-mail ID: [email protected]

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  • the musculoskeletal symptoms of this remedy so resembles some forms of fibromyalgia that I wonder if anyone has used it in such cases?

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