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Baby with High fever

Baby with High fever

Dear Elaine,
Would you please advise me ?
Our apartment sweeper’s baby daughter is very ill.The baby is 1 yr and 3 months old.

The symptoms are:

1.Baby has had a high fever for over 8 days now.Time of aggravation is 4 am.
2.Skin hot and dry,barely sweats.
3.Hottest part is forehead.
4.After the mother gives the baby cold compresses and some local powders, the fever breaks for a while and the forehead becomes cold and very slightly sweaty,dries very quickly.
5.Shivers during fever,seems to prefer warmth and being wrapped up warmly then.
6.Wants to be carried around when the fever comes on.Cries otherwise.
7.Fever for over 8 days now.
8.Big,water filled blisters in mouth.Won’t permit anything to be placed in mouth and spits out milk,cries a lot when mother tries to feed her.
9.The baby has lost a lot of weight since the problem started.
10.The powders the mother has been giving bring the fever down temporarily but then it returns every morning at 4 am.
11.Gave her Belladonna 30C,no effect.

I haven’t the least idea what to do and I’m scared of doing something wrong.The mother’s desperate and says the baby’s become very weak.She’s not sure but thinks the baby might be teething.

I haven’t the least idea what to do and the mother is illiterate so it took quite a bit of questioning to get all this out of her.All she kept saying was that the problem was the high fever and nothing else.

I don’t know which remedy and in what potency should be given to the baby.The sweeper earns about Rs 200 monthly which is barely enough to feed her 4 children,let alone go to any doctor here.I will get the baby’s remedy if I don’t have it but I am totally blank as to what remedy is needed !
Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
Best wishes,

Try nat-mur based on the watery-filled blisters in the mouth; and–you’re not going to believe this– I just looked up
Fever, night, 4 AM and there’s only one remedy and guess what it is? Nat-mur.!

Dear Elaine,
God bless.
I’ll give the mother Nat m then.Luckily,I have it with me.I read somewhere that babies/children need high potencies so I hope it will be OK if she takes a 200C.
I’ll tell you how she responds asap.

Dear Nina,

Have you already given the nat-mur 200C? If not, start with a 30C; you can always go up to 200 if the 30 does nothing; but, a lot of the time, the right remedy will work even in a 30C, even when the situation seems horrible.

Dear Elaine,
Great news ! I asked the mother to bring her baby over yesterday for me to administer the remedy so that I could antidote it if there was a serious aggravation.The baby was really sickly looking and limp and cried weakly when I opened her mouth to see the blisters,poor thing.
I gave one dose of 200C and waited with the mother for over 2 hours.( From now on,I’ll keep low potencies in mind to start with for anything )
At first there didn’t seem to be any apparent difference for she went off to sleep soon after.Later when she woke up and started to cry,we checked and lo and behold ! The blisters had shrunk almost to nothing !!!! She seemed to be hungry and when her mother fed her,she didn’t spit it out !
Today her mother said the fever hasn’t returned and the baby seems healthier today and is constantly asking to be fed now.
The baby seems well on it’s way to recovery.
God bless.
Best wishes,

Dear Nina,

When the right remedy is given to a baby, it will fall right to sleep, and when you see this, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Dear Elaine,
If I’d known that the right remedy would make the baby go right away to sleep, I would have breathed much easier. Phew ! Those 2 hours of anxious watching were hell ! She said if you ever come here, she will work for you for free.


Dear Elaine,
The mother told me today that the baby’s doing great, her fever never returned and the blisters have vanished completely. She is putting on weight daily too!

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  • Dear Elain,

    In what repertory did you find the symptom:

    Fever, night, 4 AM and there’s only one remedy and guess what it is? Nat-mur.!
    Thanks for the answer,

    Paul Stollman
    the Netherlands

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