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Written by Dr. Manisha Bhatia

Symphytum. Symptoms & drug picture of homeopathic remedy Symphytum.

Common name of the Symphytum is Knit bone or Bone set. It is a member of Borraginaceae family. As the name suggests its main action is on the bones, cartilages and periostium.

Symphytum is an excellent remedy for fractures and mechanical injuries with excessive pain. Symphytum facilitates union of fractured bones; lessen peculiar pricking pain and favors production of callous. Symphytum is of great use in wounds penetrating the perineum and bones with pricking pain and soreness in the periostium.

Symphytum is also very important in cases of painful old injuries where pricking, stiching, periosteal pain remains after wound has healed < from touch. Irritable stump after operation; irritability at the point of fracture due to non union of fracture with deficient callous formation.

The root of the Symphytum plant contains a crystalline solid, that stimulates the growth of epithelium on ulcerated surface. Some authors describe its importance in gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Symphytum is also important for its action on the injuries to the eyes; from blunt instrument; blows, knock etc. There is pain in the eye after the blow and eyelid spasmodically closed. For this it can be compared with Arnica. Symphytum is the specific remedy, though Arnica is more useful in injuries to the orbit.

It follows well after Arnica, for pricking pain, and soreness of periosteum remaining after the injury. So remember Symphytum in cases of fractures- both for pain and reunion of the bone and injuries to the eyes.

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    • I have medicine liquid for and will take in water. When to be taken Morning and evening will be alright. Suggest

  • Dr please kindly advise on how I can use this product to heal my fractured left hand bone. I did surgery on it 7 months ago and the bone has yet to unite. Please help!!!

    • i have two knee injuries.i m using symphytum-1m for two months one drop in a week.pls prescribe me the dosage. i am not feeling any recovery.why?

    • 10 वर्ष पूर्व में मेरा एक्सीडेंट में दाहिने पैर की फीमर टूट गयी थी 3 बार आप्रेसन हुवा है लेकिन हड्डी नहीं जुड़ प् रही है क्या symphytom से लाभ होगा उचित सलाह का महत्वाकांछी

  • I had used this symphytum 30 with a 50 yrs old male whose hand was fractured i told him that his fracture will heal fast, but next day he came and told me that his pain was aggravated.Then I had to stop symphytum and start Bellis. p 200 which comforted him. I couldn’t take a risk of giving him symphytum again.

  • Mr. Joshi, you gave the wrong potency, 200 is the correct potency, sometimes higher. Also any knows that if you give a very low potency like 30 for such medicines, any aggravation of symptom means it is the right medicine but the WRONG potency, so increase the potency and you have a CURE. Symphytum, RUTA, BERBERIS, RHUS-TOX being specific examples where you MUST not give a low potency unless its a chronic condition with low grade symptoms.

    From your case I am sure, Symphytum 200 would have been the best suited medicine.

  • Dear Doc

    I had a hairline fracture in my foot, not major. Someone suggested I take Symphytum 200 to heal. But some doctors are suggesting it to be taken only after the bone is set. I am confused. Could you help?


  • Hi,

    I am glad to came acroos Your website looking for information regarding symphitum C30.
    Ten days ago I fell on a step and injured os sacrum on the left side.
    I slipped on a step and felll on a butt pretty hard.
    There surprisingly was not a bruise, except on my hand.
    In standing position pain was just a little, but stronger pain appeared immidiaetly when
    attempting to sit, especially entering the car sit. I went to doctor., they suggested X ray scan, adding that it probably won’t show anything and that MRI would be more suitable. I than decided not to wait for X ray and went home with advice to rest and that it will probably hurt for a month or so. If not beter, then they will perform MRI.
    From first day till now (ten’th day) it is painful to lean forward, stand up, goiig in or out sitting position or especially lifting even a kg of weight or a bottle.
    Just standing is ok. In siting position I also feel the bone.

    It concernes me, because It is nor better, actually it is worse than first day.
    Pain I feel on all left buttock bone. Also when walking the discomfort appeared that was not in first days. The pain feels somehow reumatic.
    Friend brought me Symphytum 30C and Ruta GravD4 ( both in granulle form)that she didn’t need anymore.

    Could I benefit from this remedis or do You recopmmend something else?

    What would be the dosage?

    Please excuse my english.

    Kind regards from Europe.

    Thank You.


  • My mother (71) under total knee replacement surgery in Jan’16. After few days of discharge from the hospital she twisted her right knee again due to instability and ruptured the medial ligament and had to for for an operation immediately. Post which she has developed an infection in her right operation round and detected staphylococcus aureus. There was oozing from the wound and had to be dressed regularly. She was under strong antibiotics (Linezolid) which the doctor stopped after 6 weeks almost. Currently she is under homeopathy treatment and had taken Cal sulph 6 for 5 days and would start symphytom q. Please let me if we are going in the right direction to control the infection and the oozing. My mother is non diabetic and other blood reports are more or less okay. Any other treatment or homeopathy medication is required to treat her quickly as we do not want one more surgery to remove the knew implant. She is able to walk slowly in limited area and there is not much pain in her infected right knee.

  • I have a non dislocated distal radius fracture. Used comfrey poultice but it is now is a cast. I have 30C symphytum. How often should I take it and for how many weeks? thanks!!

  • my mother 73 years had afall on may10 2016.she was operated on may 20th 2016.a cast is inserted in her shoulder.she has started physiotherapy from june 20th.she is continuing it now also .but there is lots of pain in her shoulder.also there is lots of stiffness,her fracture has healed.also some times she does not get proper sleep.because of physiotherapy the pain comes sometimes on her back or anywhere else.kindly guide me with the med also with the dosage.from 2days i am giving her AT tablets SBL.

  • I am taking symphytum for ankle injury which does not get healed even after 18 months .
    Is there any food restriction with this medicine ? Any help will be appreciated .
    Hersh kumar

  • I have a stress fracture in my tibia. I have order Symphtum oficinale and plan on starting right away. But, does any one know how much to take and how often? I’d really appreciate an answer.

  • I have tibia fracture 45 days ago. Still now bone is not Heald. Is symphytum 200 beneficial for me?How many days need to join my leg bone. How many days later this medicine start work.

  • Hi mam I have fracture in l5 from more then 1 year just 2 weaks back I got to know abt that one of my freind suggest me to take symphytum officinale 200 I bought that can u tell me how to use it or u can prescribe me what to do..

    • Hi mam I have fractured in my l5 and it’s from one year just few days back I got to know my freind suggest me to take symphytum officinale 200 pls guide me how much to take n when to take nhow to take all other medicine along n IAM sportsmen

  • Hello, I have fell on my chin two years ago and broke my jaw. Now I have five tooth that have fracture but I want to save them, how can I use symphitum for that? Thank you

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