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Thierry Clerc

Thierry Clerc

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Thierry Clerc

I grew up in an environment with an awareness of natural ways of healing. I have an extensive scientific curriculum. While studying my BSc in Mechanical Engineering, and then MSc in Electo-magnetism, I became quite sceptical of homeopathy (while still taking the odd Arnica or Nux Vomica). My interest in homeopathy really started after I suffered from a severe form of arthritis that almost crippled me. After being successfully treated by a homeopath in France, I decided to study how the body & mind work, and then homeopathy, herbs & nutrition. The rest is history!

After a successful career in the telecommunications industry, I set up a practice in Cambridge, England, in 2006. I also practices in France and Spain on a regular basis. My therapeutic approach is based on homeopathy, with a mix of herbs, nutrition and life-style changes. I have done my best to keep my inquisitive mind, and I strives to bring scientific rigour in the case analysis, alongside care in the healing process. I teach and hold workshops about health & homeopathy. I am also a contributor to several health websites and magazines.

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