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Tips & Secrets Dec 2013

Practical tips from the masters and others. Dec 13

Enjoy This Short Musical Homeopathy Video

Bara Waters D.Hom and her husband Robert Cassard created a music video about homeopathy.  It uses the music from  Don McLean’s hit song about the history of rock and roll.  Her purpose was to shed light on a little-known drama: homeopathy’s early popularity in the US, followed by its suppression by advocates of conventional medicine (including the American Medical Association), and its eventual resurgence in the past 30 years.




Some Cancer Tips from Dr. Sujit Chatterjee

From my vast clinical experience, I can state that Uranium nitrate 30 one dose before and after chemotherapy nullifies the side effects of chemotherapy in the majority of cases.

Cancer is an acute exacerbation of chronic illness, so we need to give more than one remedy depending upon the state of the person. In my experience, giving only one remedy and waiting does not help cancer cases.

Homoeopathy acts best at preventing recurrence of cancer. In initial stages it has a very good scope, however at stage 2 and beyond, Homoeopathy acts best in conjunction with modern medicine for such severe pathologies.

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee


Chronic Eczema Cured

I once treated a case of eczema of the legs of 20 years standing. It was in an old obese woman, the kind of subject in which the remedy is found most efficacious.  Sulphur brought out an eruption which exuded a glutinous sticky fluid.  One dose of Graphites c.m. cured this and left her skin as smooth as that of a child.

Dr. E.B. Nash


Some Tips from Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

KALMIA – pain from above downwards.

LEDUM – pain from below upwards.

KALI BROM & IGNATIA – pain in small spots can be covered by a finger. (P. 505, Hahnemann Gleaning, November 1974)

ARS, PHOS, SULPH – burning pain.

BRYONIA, KALI CARB – stitching pain.

ARUM TRIPHYLLUM – pricking pain at the lips or nose.

BORAX – pain in the joints better by > eructations. (P. 273, Hahnemann Gleanings, June 1974)

BRYONIA, COFF, PULS – pain ameliorated by cold water. (P. 350, Hahnemann Gleaning, August 1975)

ALLIUM CEPA; MAG P; HYPERICUM – pain in the stump after amputation. (P. 350, Hahnemann Gleanings, August 1975).

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College Of Homoeopathy


Kali Carbonicum

Many say that Kali carbonicum is dangerous in a patient with enlarged joints, but that is simply not true, at least for rheumatoid artiritis. Many such patients did well on high potencies of it. Kali Carbonicum is dangerous in tuberculosis and the potency must be carefully chosen, as these patients do not stand the reaction well.

Homeopathy in Practice – Dr. Douglas Borland


Cholera Infantum

Never forget Kresote in cholera infantum which seems to arise from painful dentition, or in connection with it. I have seen some of the finest effects ever witnessed from any remedy, for this one.

Dr. Margaret L. Tyler


Lac Defloratum

If you find fear of narrow places, extreme chilliness, aversion to and aggravation from milk, violent headaches and complications of pregnancy, think of Lac Defloratum

Synoptic Materia Medica – Frans Vermeulen


Nux and Picric Acid

Nux vomica resembles Picric Acid somewhat in the brain fag, sour eructations and aggravation towards morning.  Nux is distinguished by the prominence of gastric symptoms.

Lectures on Clinical M.M.  – Dr. E.A. Farrington


Some Other Symptoms of Pulsatilla

Affections consequent on the abuse of Iron.

Pressure, or tying up tightly, relieves the headaches. (Arg nit, Apis)

Increased inclination to micturate, < when lying.

One-sided sweats.

Inflamed parts bluish.  (Lachesis,Tarantula Cub.)

Pulsations through the whole body.

Metastasis of mumps to mammae or testicles.

Chronic affections following cases of badly managed measles.


E. B. Nash, M. D.  Leaders In Homoeopathic Therapeutics


Some Remedies Indicated in Boils

Belladonna in boils with much swelling and redness and used in the early stages. Boils recurring in the spring also indicate the remedy.

Arnica produces a crop of boils all over, beginning with soreness, goes on to suppuration, and another crop follows. When the boils partially mature and shrivel up Arnica is the remedy indicated.

Calcarea picrata has achieved a clinical reputation in boils.

Silicea is a great boil remedy, and, in conjunction with Hepar sulph ,will cover many cases. It is a remedy to prevent boils.

Calcarea sulphurica is also a remedy to remove the tumefaction of boils.

Arsenicum and Carbo veg come in boils of a low, adynamic type.

Phytolacca is said to be specific in boils.

Berberis vulgaris hastens suppuration in boils and prevents their recurrence.

Anthracinum is recommended by Clarke for a succession of boils, with no other symptoms to guide.


Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics, W.A. Dewey MD



Stramonium – Exerts himself a long time before he can utter a word. Hyoscyamus may be tried when Stramonium fails.

Bovista – Stammering in Children

Causticum – When due to or aggravated by excitement or vexation.

Lachesis –  Stammering on certain letters.

Bufo – Gets angry when incoherent speech is not understood.

Select Your remedy – Dr.  Bishamber Das


Safest Way to Handle an Epidemic?

At Princeton University in the U.S., eight cases of bacterial meningitis have occurred this year. Federal officials have taken the rare step of allowing the university to vaccinate thousands of students beginning next week using a drug not yet approved in the United States.

Washington Post – Dec 4, 2013.

Editor’s note:  In a 1974 epidemic of  meningicoccal meningitis in Brazil, 18,640 children were given a homeopathic remedy for prevention. Only 4 cases of meningitis occurred in these children.

Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook – Alan V. Schmukler


Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica probably has usefulness in patients who have had a so called “bad trip”, which has left a lasting effect on the mental sphere. This would be true whether the bad experience was due to hashish, LSD, mescaline, heroin or other drugs.  A broken down, dull, hazy, scattered mental state after using drugs over a period of years.

The Essence of M.M. – George Vithoulkas


Three Unusual Fears

Fear of rain: calc calc-p, cor-r, elaps, lap-laz, naja

Fear of the sea: Morbillinum

Fear of being late: Arg n, Nat m, Carc

Complete Repertory –Grinsven and Zandvoort / Homeopathic Medical Repertory – Robin Murphy ND


When a Nosode is Needed

A child of 4, chronic running ears for 2 years. Foetid odour like a chicken house. Child never looks clean, though loves its bath. Father had asthma in his youth. Child is sensitive to thunderstorms. Psorinum 10M cleared the ears permanently within a week.

Homeopathy As Art and Science – E.W. Hubbard, MD


Suggestions in Healing Autism

Avoid the use of microwaves for food and drinks.

Avoid as much as possible, plastic container for food.

Avoid as much as possible, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Sugar inhibits the  ;r oductin of EPA and DHA, both Omega 3 fatty acids crucial to brain tissue.

Avoid synthetic clothing. Have your child walk barefoot on the grass or earth when possible.  Eliminate electric appliances in the bedroom.

Do not vaccinate your chlid any further.

Autism – Beyond Despair  -Cease Therapy – Tinus Smits, MD


Heart Symptom of Cimicifuga  Racemosa

Angina pectoris – Functional irregularities of the heart from a reflex nerve disturbance. Numbness of left arm, heart’s action ceases suddenly, impending suffocation.

Graphic Pictures of Selected Remedies – J.N. Singhal


Diabetes Management with Homoeopathic Remedies

Nat-mur may be given top preference as it can stop sugar in the urine. If Nat-mur is the ground remedy or the temperament remedy, use its satellite remedies eg. Syzygium, etc.  Glycerinum 200 may remove sugar from the blood too fast. Therefore, use a drainage remedy or a temperament remedy eg. Nat-mur, one dose and after 10 days give Glycerine 200 one dose. In diabetics of Phos-acid type, generally follow-up with Fluoric-acid.

Do not use Sulphur high in diabetes, as serious or dangerous troubles like abscesses, furuncles, etc. may set in. It is advisable to use Psorinum instead of Sulphur. Arsenicum alb can be indicated either alone or alternated with Aconite or other indicated remedies (Morgan).

Hampel obtained many cures with Merc-sol, Acon and Ars-alb in various potencies. Ars-alb works wonderfully in the initial stages but needs a deep acting remedy later.

Fluoric-acid completes the cure after favourable action of several remedies, eg. after Secale in gangrene, etc.

Dr. Clarke recommends Uran-nit, Apoc, Kali-nit and Scilla in case of Diabetes Insipidus;  Uran-nit, Op for Diabetes Mel;  Iris-v, Pancreat, Phos, and chiefly Nat-sul, Phos-ac, Syzg-jam for Diabetic Pancreatiitis.

Dr. Ghose considers Cephlandra-indica as a grand remedy in Diabetes Mellitus.

Dr. Bernoville recommends Ars-alb as a ground remedy (which removes sugar in urine quickly), Insulin 30 intercurrent remedy and Amm-iod, Cephlandra-ind, Syzg-jam as other drugs for the condition.

As usual, the causative factor – the triggering agent, if any, eg. a mental shock may first need Ignatia or Op or Arnica for an injury, after which the diabetic remedy or the indicated remedy will act better.

The above diabetes tips thanks to Pankaj Titar


Some Tips from Dr. Ed. G. Jones

If a child has had measles or scarlet fever and the skin remains very sensitive against cold air and they easily catch cold, the remedy indicated is Hepar sulph 6X, one tablet three times daily.

In cases of pneumonia where the remedies did not really help, think of Iodum 4X, ten drops each hour. The difficulty in breathing, the fear and the pain will reduce, the cough will be easier and the fever will go down.

If a patient longs for sour and hot food as well as spicy food and finds fatty meals disgusting, Hepar sulph 6X is indicated, one tablet three times a day.

If there is protein in the urine during the last two months of pregnancy you should consider Eupatorium purpureum  2X,  ten drops three times a day. It will clear the urine of the protein.

If somebody has caught a cold and it seems that the problem remains in the kidneys, with pain in the back, and more or less suppression of the urine, with pain and burning during urinating, consider Eupatorium purpureum 2X ten drops every two hours.

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