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Ask the Holistic Vet October 2014

veterinary homeopathy

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Deva Khalsa answers veterinary questions from readers. Oct 2014

Each month Dr. Deva Khalsa V.M.D. will answer selected questions on veterinary issues. Dr. Khalsa is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a Fellow and Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and has lectured both nationally and internationally. She is the co-author of Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies and Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog.

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Dear Dr. Khalsa

We have a 14 yr old Whippet/Jack Russell Mix (height, paws more whippet) who went from hour walks at 13, to muscle weakness, unsteady gait, nail scraping, and some arthritis at 14.  I am looking for a homeopathic remedy to help with the weakness/unsteadiness. Most remedies “feel better with warmth”, but our dog relaxes in a fan breeze. She is best first thing in the AM and slightly better from rest, but is easily fatigued in the PM. She has to be carried up/down the stairs. She tips over when turning or when she can’t pick up her legs enough, and face-plants 1-2 times while walking. Hind legs worse, than front, but has a large lipoma at left armpit. She also is prone to growths on face/body. I’ve given her some Bryonia and Rhus Tox at times which has been helpful. She’s received laser therapy and chiro for 2 weeks now and the muscle weakness seems worse. She’s also been on a chinese cervical supplement and moved to a gluten-free, no chicken, dairy diet. I can’t find a homeopathic vet in our area for help. Have you any suggestions?

Thank you

Eileen & Gwen


Dr. Khalsa: This is a whole body problem and may be metabolic, so let us check this first. Have her thyroid checked in a thorough check first. If you want to send it out yourself and save money go to this site and send the separated serum for the blood out to this lab USPS Priority Mail.



Dear Dr. Khalsa

We have a 10 year old non-pedigree, overweight cat (Susie) and recently brought a kitten into the house. We did all the standard things to introduce them to each other. We put up a baby gate so they could interact through the bars and Susie licks the kitten in a grooming fashion. But when they are physically together, if the kitten approaches Susie, Susie panics and tries to kill the kitten. Susie seems afraid of the kitten and will avoid her if possible. It’s been almost a year now and we have to keep them apart. Susie is a plump, otherwise friendly cat who is rather introverted and doesn’t interact with people much. She’s also afraid of the wind and of thunder. Any ideas?

Thank you

Marvin Gross


Dr. Khalsa: Let’s start with the remedy Aconite 200c twice a day for 5 days and see what happens. The panic part is what is making me think we should start with Aconite.



Dr. Khalsa,

I have a six year old Belgian Shepherd who is terrified by lightning. She runs and hides in the basement under a table. She loves people and hates to be alone. She “howls ” when she hears a fire engine or other noises. I hate seeing her frightened each time it storms. Is there a remedy for this?

Thank you

Maureen O’Brien

Dr. Khalsa: There are several remedies for this. Phosphorus, Borax and Lachesis are the ones most commonly used. It’s hard to check, on a dog that size, if she hates downward motion which is an indicator for Borax. Borax often works no matter what the constitutional remedy given at Borax 6x twice a day during thunderstorm season or at least for a few days before a thunderstorm. Phosphorus sounds like it could be her constitutional remedy and you can try this in a different unit of time giving Phosphorus 30c twice a day for three weeks.



Dr. Khalsa,

We have a 13 year old mongrel cat who seems to be showing her age. She has been forgetting where her litter box is. Is there anything to be done?


Sandra Schneider


Dr. Khalsa: I would start giving her oil based human vitamin D3. Give her 1000 IU a day and you may see a big difference in about 5 days. Keep this up.   Also give her vitamin K2 if this works and you are going to keep it up.   VITAL VITIES BLISSFUL BACON by Deserving Pets is tasty and delicious and has K2 in it. It also has a lot of other nutrients that are totally great for older cats and has the balance of nutrients you cat needs in it.



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About the author

Deva Khalsa

Dr. Deva Khalsa V.M.D. is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a Fellow and Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and has lectured both nationally and internationally. She is the co-author of ‘Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies’ and Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog‘. Her practice includes homeopathy acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutrition, N.A.E.T, J.M.T. and other modalities. Her philosophy is to use whatever it takes to restore health. Dr. Khalsa’s practice is in New Zealand but she consults by internet and phone with pet owners from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and the UK.


  • Dear Dr Khalsa,
    I read the above regarding repetition of remedies – e.g. 6x Borax / Acon 200c twice daily but there is no reference to changing the dose
    Leaving aside what Hahnemann wrote about doses close to the material substance (I am not describing that very well, please excuse that) eg 6x what I am wondering at present is your view on repeating a remedy without changing the potency and in this I refer to what Hahnemann wrote in the 6th Edition of the Organon at aphorism 246 regarding repetition of the dose but every repetition being at a different potency from the previous dose
    § 246 Sixth Edition
    (I copied this from an online source – )
    246 6th edition
    Every perceptibly progressive and strikingly increasing amelioration during treatment is a condition which, as long as it lasts, completely precludes every repetition of the administration of any medicine whatsoever, because all the good the medicine taken continues to effect is now hastening towards its completion. This is not infrequently the cause in acute diseases, but in more chronic diseases, on the other hand, a single dose of an appropriately selected homœopathic remedy will at times complete even with but slowly progressive improvement and give the help which such a remedy in such a case can accomplish naturally within 40, 50, 60, 100 days. This is, however, but rarely the case; and besides, it must be a matter of great importance to the physician as well as to the patient that were it possible, this period should be diminished to one-half, one-quarter, and even still less, so that a much more rapid cure might be obtained. And this may be very happily affected, as recent and oft-repeated observations have taught me under the following conditions: firstly, if the medicine selected with the utmost care was perfectly homœopathic; secondly, if it is highly potentized, dissolved in water and given in proper small dose that experience has taught as the most suitable in definite intervals for the quickest accomplishment of the cure but with the precaution, that the degree of every dose deviate somewhat from the preceding and following in order that the vital principle which is to be altered to a similar medicinal disease be not aroused to untoward reactions and revolt as is always the case1 with unmodified and especially rapidly repeated doses.

    1 What I said in the fifth edition of the Organon, in a long note to this paragraph in order to prevent these undesirable reactions of the vital energy, was all the experience I then had justified. But during the last four or five years, however, all these difficulties are wholly solved by my new altered but perfected method. The same carefully selected medicine may now be given daily and for months, if necessary in this way, namely, after the lower degree of potency has been used for one or two weeks in the treatment of chronic disease, advance is made in the same way to higher degrees, (beginning according to the new dynamization method, taught herewith with the use of the lowest degrees).

    With best wishes

    • Hi Poppy,

      Regarding changing the potency and the dosage of the remedies, Dr. Khalsa is creating a simple program that demands no oversight and with routine consults she might and would likely change things as she went along, but this is a ‘one time answer column’ and her long term experience deems that the advice she gives most often works without any glitches.

  • I look forward to this column each month. Dr. Khalsa’s reputation precedes her and here knowledge is a treasure.

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