Veterinary Homeopathy


Written by Jacques Millemann

A veterinary case cured by Pulsatilla

When the patient calls gently and obviously his Simillimum

The patient

“Chouchou” the gentle nickname of a Pyrenese Shepherd bitch, fawn-coloured, born on the 6/ 11/1987. She has a fine pedigree and of course another and very long name and belongs to Mrs Gisèle D… from 67370 Dingsheim (F).


I see Chouchou on the 30/7/1991 and Mrs tells me at once: “She is so afraid that she always is seeking contact.” Since months she scratches herself. She has pimples and much dandruff. She began licking herself and pulls her hair on the rump. Pimples and dandruff appeared then. The vet injected Cortisone and this stopped, but resumed again a fortnight later. This was repeated three times and now I would try homeopathy.

She scratches the pimples till it bleeds a little and gets crusts. It is worse in the morning. When she is occupied, she doesn’t scratch. She may scratch for more than a quarter of an hour.

She is fed with rice, vegetables and a little meat. She does not drink much. Her stool is normal. She turns a around while before making it. Urine and respiration are normal.

She went in heat twice: when she was 9 months old and 2 years (end 1989).

When we are sitting, she comes and sticks her bottom against us. With us, she is very kind, very yielding. With “Mistral” the other shepherd, she is really dictatorial. With unknown people she shows herself a little aggressive; she barks but goes backward.

What surprises me in her, is this permanent search of contact. She even comes on our knees. Mistral is not like that. Is this a need to reassure herself ?”


With such keynotes, there is no need of repertorisation. Chouchou received 5 grains of Pulsatilla MK.

A fortnight later on 16/8/1991 a phone-call told me : There is no more scratching. Chouchou has begun to lick her ass. The anal glands were emptied and now everything is fine. Chouchou was less afraid and a year later she could attend dog-shows with success.

Remark :

The nickname “Chouchou” in France is gentle and means something like “beloved”, another key for the remedy.

About the author

Jacques Millemann

Born April 27th, 1935, Jacques Millemann received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the National School for Veterinary Surgeons (Alfort, France) in 1960. He settled as a rural area veterinary surgeon in Soultz-sous-Forets (France), catering to pets and cattle. Disappointed in mainstream medicine he began experimenting with homeopathy and published his first clinical cases in 1976. Fluent in German and English, he became a tutor for the French Homoeopathy Society and joined the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy. He tutored in Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc.
Jacques retired from practice in 2000 and now, as member of the IAVH, is coordinating the writing of the first International Veterinary Materia Medica, which includes clinical cases, using the research of internationally renowned veterinary practitioners. The first volume was published in France and Germany and the second in Germany. He also collaborated with Dr Philippe Osdoit in writing L"™homeoopathie Veoteorinaire-de la theoorie et de la pratique (Veterinary Homoeopathy "“ Theory and Practice), published by Marco Pieotteur in Belgium and Sonntag in Germany.

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