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Homeopathy and Pets

Homeopathy and Pets

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I feel blessed to be continually learning about the art and science of Homeopathy. It is particularly gratifying when we are able to relieve the suffering of our beloved pets. I will relate the most recent incidence of Homeopathy’s almost miraculous ability to cure, in relation to my beautiful border collie “Panda”.

Panda loves to walk, hike, swim, fetch, bound about and express her sheer joy of life and health. She is affectionate, greedy, funny, intelligent and has the most doleful, charming look when she wants to manipulate you to play with her. My roommate Joy and Panda have a very special bond and they go on hikes and adventures together.

Recently we were in Port Elgin. Panda and Joy went for a walk. She threw sticks for Panda (careful to throw them away from the dog so that Panda wouldn’t get hit. Unfortunately however, when Panda went to grab the landed stick it flipped in the sand and lodged in her mouth. There was a deep and long cut on the lower side of her tongue. Panda became quiet and just looked at Joy with great pain in her eyes. When I saw Panda, I immediately went to the health food store to pick up Calendula and Hypericum…but neither were in stock. Joy was going back toToronto and the remedies were at the house, so I knew she could give them to Panda upon arrival.

However, during the car ride home, Panda seemed worse, so Joy stopped in and checked with a vet. The vet suggested that Panda should probably get stitches when she got to Toronto. When Joy told me this I felt everything inside of me say “no”. But I wasn’t sure what to do. Could homeopathy really clear up this cut in a part of the body that was almost constantly moving?  I phoned two homeopaths I knew who had extensive experience working with vets and animals. They both told me the same thing – “Don’t get the stitches.” The reason was…in such a mobile part, the stitches often will not hold and a greater mess is created. But really…could homeopathy heal a cut like Panda’s? I was told to use Calendula and if infection occurred to switch to another remedy. And what happened? Within 3 days the cut was completely healed. Absolutely amazing! Panda is bouncing around getting up to all her mischief, and Joy and I are deeply grateful to all who helped….to the vet for the diagnosis and to the homeopaths for the solution to this particular situation.

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  • It is interesting to know that Calundula proves to be a wonderful medicine in treating the pet’s injury.
    Homeo medicines work wonder always.

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