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My Friends Very Large Cat

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Here is the story about my friend’s very large cat.

When I saw the cat, I just about fell over! I gasped! The owner had called me and asked if I would come and have a look at her cat, saying only that she wasn’t well. What an understatement! It’s hard to believe that she didn’t notice that the cat’s anal glands were totally infected, completely blown out, the skin and fur hanging, the area crawling with maggots and smelling very bad! How could this woman not have known what was going on with her cat?

Not that she isn’t a mess herself: over-weight, a smoker, no exercise, eats plenty of junk food, coughs, gets sick all the time; I expect her to just fall over one day, and I was sure the cat was going to die!

I rinsed the area with peroxide and water for three days–three times each day and got rid of the maggots. Then I switched to rinsing with Calendula tincture in water for four days, three times a day. I really did not think I could save her. Yes, the cat should have been taken to the vet but the owner apparently didn’t have the money.

Homeopathic prescription: Hepar sulph. 200C every 2 hours for part of the first day, every four hours the next day, and three times a day for the next five days–I had a sprayer that I used. I could see that the area was extremely painful, as the cat would not sit, only lie or stand, and looked very uncomfortable.

Repertorization, using Murphy’s Repertory:

Glands: abscess, suppurations

Generals: Lying, position side, on, painful side, agg.

Diseases: abscess, suppurations discharge, from abscess fetid

Hepar sulph. comes out #1. Here’s a bit of information about Hepar sulph. from Cats: Homeopathic Remedies by George Macleod:

This remedy is associated with suppurative processes, producing conditions which are extremely sensitive to touch. It causes catarrhal and purulent inflamation of the mucus membranes of the respiratory and alimentary tracts with involvement of the skin and lymphatic system. This remedy has a wide range of action and should be considered in any suppurative process showing extreme sensitivity to touch indicating acute pain.” (page 33)

Well, two weeks later, darned if the cat hadn’t healed in the most perfect way! I was amazed! When I went to see her, she was lying on the sofa with all fours spread out, up in the air like a diva; I knew my work was done!


Barbara Last is a graduate of the British Institute of Homeopathy. She is currently taking the Vet-Basic course and plans to take many more courses after that!

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