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Babesiosis in a 7-year- Old Boxer

Dr. Kiran Kumar shares a case of babesiosis in a 7-year-old boxer. Desire for company and cold drinks were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Preliminary Data Name: Tyson Age: 7yrs

Sex: Male Species: Canine Breed: Boxer

Pet Owner: Mr. Sathish

Address: Saraswathi Nagar

Date: 28/06/2020

Chief Complaints:

Complaints of generalized weakness and loss of appetite in the past 3 months

History of Presenting illness

A 7-year-old canine/breed Boxer was brought by pet owner, the dog presented with complaints of loss of appetites, generalized weakness and fatigue which was ameliorated by drinking cold water and pain in both hips (gait limping)

The pet owner had consulted veterinary doctor for the same complaint and was diagnosed as Babesiosis and had prescribed Wysolone (10 mg)

Past History

  1. Surgical history of removal of testicles(orchiectomy), due to testicular carcinoma
  2. Vaccination done
  3. No allergic history

Personal History

  • Diet: Mixed
  • Appetite: Reduced
  • Hunger: No Hunger
  • Thirst: Increased
  • Desires: Cold water
  • Aversion: Nothing Specific
  • Urine: Scanty, Bright Red
  • Perspiration: Panting increased
  • Sleep: Slightly Disturbed

General Physical Examination

  • State of awareness: Conscious and oriented
  • General appearance: Sick appearance and weak
  • General state of Health: Sick and unhealthy
  • Height: Within normal limits
  • Weight: 23KG
  • BMI: Reduced
  • Pallor: Present
  • Icterus: Absent
  • Eyes: Conjunctiva Pale
  • Ears: No abnormality detected
  • Nose: No abnormality detected
  • Mouth: No abnormality detected
  • Tongue: pale
  • Vitals: Stable (as examined by Vet)

Analysis of Case

1. Loss of appetite 1. Desires company
2. Generalized weakness 2. Cold water amelioration
3. Pain in right hip joint 3. Want of appetite with thirst

Evaluation of Symptoms


Dr. Kent’s method of evaluation of symptoms

1. Desire company 1. Cold water amelioration 1. Weakness in general
2. Desire to be


2. Thirsty 2. Pain in right hip


Repertorial totality

  1. Mind: Company-desires
  2. Mind: Magnetized-desired to be
  3. Generalities: Food and drinks-cold drink, cold water amel
  4. Stomach: appetite-wanting-thirst with
  5. Generalities: Laboratory findings-thrombocytopenia-idiopathic
  6. Extremities: Pain-Hip-right


Nosological diagnosis

  • Babesiosis


Miasmatic Diagnosis

Mixed miasmatic disease(psoro-syphilitic)

Therapeutic Diagnosis

  • Phosphor Final prescription -28/06/2020
  • Phosphorus 30 BD for two days
  • Placebo TID for 7 days

First Follow up -10/07/2020

  • Hunger and appetite increased
  • Increase in blood count
  • Pain in hip persists
  • Tapered wysolone from 10mg to 5mg

·         Prescription

Placebo continued for 1 month

Second Follow-up  03/08/2020

  • Hunger and appetite-good
  • Slight weakness present
  • Pain in hip persists

·         Prescription

Phosphorus 200 1 dose


Third Follow up


  • Hunger and appetite
  • Weakness better
  • Pain in hip persists

·         Prescription

Placebo for 15 days Wysolone was stopped

Fourth Follow Up–27/08/2020

  • No new complaints
  • Generals better
  • Slight improvement in pain in hip
  • Limping reduced

·         Prescription

Placebo for 1 month

Fifth Follow up-  05/10/2020

  • No new complaints
  • Generals better
  • Pain in hip is better and limping is better

Sixth Follow Up DATE-26/02/2021

  • Hunger and appetite-good
  • Generals better
  • No pain in hip
  • Gait normal

About the author

Kiran Kumar

Dr. Kiran Kumar - BHMS from Government Homeopathy Medical College And Hospital, Bengaluru affiliated to Rajeev Gandhi University Of Health Sciences. Consultant homeopathic physician Shree Homeo Clinic, Yelahanka, Bengaluru. He is currently working on evidence-based medicine showing effectiveness of individualized homeopathic medicine in various veterinary clinical conditions

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