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Two Day Seminar on Predictive Homeopathy in Advanced and Incurable Cases – A Review

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A two day seminar of Predictive Homeopathy in Advanced and Incurable Cases was organized under the aegis of Homeocare International at Hyderabad on 14th & 15th October, 2011. A brief review of this seminar is presented here.

From the time Dr. Vijayakar takes over the stage, it is one saga of symphony of music, one piece after the other more melodious and enchanting to the audience, who are glued to their seats, often guessing the remedies in vain because Dr. Vijayakar chooses the road less travelled – but in each and every case it is nothing short of a miracle that happens.

Dr. Praful Vijayakar, founder of Predictive Homeopathy, presented video clippings of some of the advanced and incurable cases to illustrate how we may cure even the most difficult cases of advanced pathology with the single remedy, single dose, by strictly following the tenets of the ORGANON. The secret lies in selecting the similimum based on the genetic constitution of the patient as analyzed and derived from the mental makeup, physical makeup and general makeup of the patient.

Nothing in this world happens without a cause and we need to pay attention to the underlying fundamental cause of the chronic disease in each and every case, to identify the miasm and then select the rubrics accordingly. Only that will lead us to find the Genetic Constitutional Similimum (GCS). The similimum given can be said to be the GCS of that patient, but only if the order of disappearance of the symptoms strictly follows Hering’s Laws of cure. Otherwise it can only be a partial similimum at best, and would do more harm than good in the long run.

Dr. Vijayakar has seen unimaginable things like lungs regrowing, tumors disappearing, cures of incurable diseases like schizophrenia, motor-neurone disease etc., whenever the GCS could be found and administered.


The greatest folly or mishap to which most homeopaths succumb is – prescribing a remedy without analyzing the follow-up and understanding the direction in which the case is developing after the first prescription. Even analysis of the lab reports, needs a thorough understanding of the working of the miasms, the myriad ways in which they mimic and deceive even the most accurate observer into believing the patient is worsening while actually it is otherwise. Thus, even the best prescribers amongst us, would intervene where it is unwarranted and undo the good work being done by the first given remedy. Dr. Vijayakar perfected not only the tools required to find the GCS, but also the techniques needed for successful case management. His Chart of Suppressions is one such landmark tool, that enables us to find our bearings at every step of case management. Likewise, understanding the miasms in the light of advances made in embryology and genetics is another of Dr. Vijayakar’s historic contributions to the science and art of homeopathy.

Implementing Hering’s Laws of direction of cure in each and every case is a contribution of immense proportion by Dr. Vijayakar, which stands unparalleled in the history of homeopathy. Treating a patient without a thorough understanding of the working of the miasms or of Vijayakar’s chart of suppressions, is like riding on a rudderless ship without a compass.


A thorough understanding of the miasms present in the case, is not only a must for arriving at the GCS, but also an essential tool in correctly assessing the follow-ups, says Dr.Vijayakar.

For example, the presence of pus cells in urine indicates psoric miasm, and the presence of albumin indicates that the miasm changed gears to sycotic miasm. If casts appear it indicates that the syphilitic miasm has taken over. Thus in a case of Nephrotic syndrome, if casts disappear, it shows that the syphilitic miasm is getting reversed. If such a case is under your treatment, you should not interfere, even if all other parameters are shooting up, including albumin in urine and serum creatinine. Disappearance of casts in urine is due to the syphilitic taint getting reversed, while the other parameters are a lesser evil. In such a case, the patient is bound to improve if the curative action of the remedy is left undisturbed (without repetition of the same remedy or prescribing a new remedy). Dr.Vijayakar has seen this invariably happen in all cases. To highlight this vital aspect in case management, Dr.Vijayakar added one more rule to the Hering’s Laws of cure – that is the reversal of miasm from Syphilis to Sycosis to Psora; or Syphilis to Psora, should take place if the remedy given is the GCS. In every follow-up this aspect is to be carefully checked, just like a ship captain or a flight engineer takes his bearings before deciding any course correction.

Thus, neutrophils are a sign of acute inflammation and therefore their increase indicates increase in the psoric miasm, while lymphocytes are a sign of chronic inflammation and a drop in their count indicates reduction of the sycotic miasm. So also in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, if the remedy given is the correct one, all the pains will disappear as per Hering’s Laws (from above downwards). After some time when the joint pains return again, the homeopath should understand that it is now due to psoric inflammation in the joints, and if this curative action of the remedy is allowed undisturbed without changing the remedy or even repetition of the same remedy, these joint pains (due to psoric inflammation) will also likewise disappear and the patient is restored to health permanently.

Similarly in a case of brain tumor, if the GCS is given and the tumor starts regressing, indicating reversal of the sycotic miasm, overall improvement of the patient follows. Then, as the case progresses further, psoric inflammation in the brain at the site of the tumor will take place and it is a welcome sign and should not be disturbed, just because the patient experiences seizures. All such psoric manifestations are transient and self-limiting and in no case life threatening. To sum up, as long as the case is proceeding from sycosis to psora, or syphilis to sycosis to psora or syphilis to psora, and the direction of disappearance of the symptoms is in accordance with Hering’s Laws of cure, be rest assured that your patient is on a path of cure. Otherwise it is only palliation or suppression taking place. This had been the refrain of Dr. Vijayakar throughout his two day presentation of video cases at this seminar.

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Dr. V.T.Yekkirala was originally an electrical engineer by profession, and was inspired by his mentor Kulapathy Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K) to take up studying classical homeopathy and became qualified to practice it in the year 1975. He currently practices in Hyderabad, India.

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  • Informative article,sir. Dr.Vijayakar’s book,’Theory of Suppression’ is an eye opener. How simple & external diseases are being driven into deeper layers, unknowingly by practitioners of all systems of Medicine.
    His another book,’The End of Myasmtion of Miasms’ is must read.
    Thank you, sir. Looking forward for more articles.

  • Its indeed very motivating. Homeopathy can work wonders and after reading this it boosts our confidence to build up more faith in our wonderful science of Homeopathy.
    Thanks a ton for sharing this article.

  • I am deeply interested in studying the method used by Dr. Vijayakar in understanding the pacient and selecting the simillimum. I have never found any explanations as clear as his. I thank the author of this article and Dr. Vijayakar for restoring my hope of becoming a homeopath.

  • very good article.Any one who read vijaykar,s theory that will become mostly aware about not suppress simple disease than left it without cure.

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