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Homeopathy for Students – ABC of Homeopathy

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Some guidance from Dr. Bhatia about how to learn homeopathy and use Hpathy for it, for young homeopathy students.

I wrote most of the text below as an editorial for Homeopathy for Everyone in July 2007. The editorial has been modified to serve as a permanent guiding post for the homeopathy students accessing After the editorial there are some more guidelines about using Hpathy for your maximum benefit.

Dear Students of Homeopathy,

This message is dedicated just to you …and today I want to share some parts of my own student life with you.

Most of us start our career in homeopathy not by choice but by chance. We are either pushed into this mysterious world by witnessing a ‘miracle’ cure, or in countries like India and Pakistan, by the rat-race of becoming ‘doctors’. When we enter college, most of us have no idea about what quality and quantity of education we are going to receive. The lack of uniformity and standards in homeopathic education makes the task of evaluating the education even more difficult. Some of us (very few), are lucky enough to get good mentors who show us the right path. For most others, learning homeopathy is an uphill and often very frustrating journey.

In India, the focus of homeopathic education is more on ‘allied’ subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology etc.) and even after spending five and a half years in a college, most students come out ‘raw’, as far as ability to practice ‘homeopathy’ is concerned. Clinical education is often missing or students get to witness single-symptom prescribers, who see 100 patients in a day, or they are exposed to multi-remedy and combination prescriptions right at the onset. It is a mad ‘rush’ – you go from one class to another, from one lecture to another, from one doctor to another with loads to study for every exam. There’s lot of stress on becoming a ‘doctor’ but hardly any focus on teaching the real art of case-taking, which needs ‘patience’ and ability to ‘observe’. The mind is not trained to see ‘beyond’ the allopathic diagnosis or the ‘keynotes’ of polychrests. There is so much focus on rote learning that most students spend nearly 6 years in colleges and still do not get a grasp on the most basic works of Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Farrington, Kent, Lippe etc. And a large proportion of them have no idea about the works of Vithoulkas, De Schepper, Little, Sankaran, Sherr, Scholten, Massimo Mangialavori, Ramakrishnan and the like.

Outside India, the story is not very heartening either. There are courses that vary in their duration from part-time ‘weekend-only’ course to 6 year regular courses. The curriculum is often designed by individual homeopaths, with hardly any uniformity in teaching. There are schools that teach you ‘first-aid’ homeopathy, others that focus on so-called ‘classical’ homeopathy, still others that are heavily influenced by one ‘school of thought’ or one ‘author’ or ‘method’ – be it Boenninghausen, Kent, Sankaran, Scholten, Facial Analysis etc. The teaching of general medicine is often nonexistent. So here again, most of us come-out of our schools ‘half-baked’!

My story is also no different. I was pushed into homeopathy by fate. Just like every other medical aspirant in India, I also wanted to become an allopathic doctor. Although my father used to give us homeopathic remedies, I hardly had any idea about ‘what is homeopathy‘. But once the fate pushed me into this stream, I started enjoying it. I loved Organon and devoured it eagerly – probably dozens of times during my college years. But in general, I also became part of the same ‘race’ to become a ‘doctor’. Cramming Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Gynecology, Medicine and all other routine medical subjects year after year. Teaching of homeopathy was limited to ‘mugging’ materia medica for exams and going through ‘question-answer’ notes for Organon and Repertory.

As a student I had a unique advantage, in that I had access to computers, Internet and International journals from my early student days. This led me to learn more about ‘modern’ authors and works that were not taught in our college. In fact, I was probably the only one in my college at that time, who was aware of the ‘existence’ of George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran, Jeremey Sherr, Jan Scholten, A.U. Ramakrishnan and other ‘popular’ homeopaths of modern times. Looking in hindsight, for most other students, it was like living in a homeopathic well, whose walls were made up of our curriculum and the ‘ideologies’ of our teachers. We were not allowed to experience the world outside that well.

Anyway, let’s move ahead. I was always ranked as a meritorious student, among the best in my class. Plus, I had better knowledge (as compared to others in my class) of Hahnemann’s work as well as of most modern authors. Clinically also, I apprenticed with homeopaths who were very ‘successful’ and used to see up to 120 patients/day. All this made me believe that I will be fairly successful. I thought I knew it all. I was so confident of my clinical success that before opening my first clinic, I once told my father – ‘Dad, you just wait and see. In six months, there will a line of people in my waiting room!’

I was wrong. The first 30 days of my independent clinical practice made me realize that ‘curing’ people is an entirely different ball-game. The ‘practice’ is not as easy as the ‘theory’ is. The ‘cures’ are not as frequent as we are made to believe. Case after case, I faced problems in remedy selection, potency selection, repetition, evaluating remedy response, case management and everything homeopathic. At the end of the first month I felt that I had wasted all my years in college and that I hardly knew anything about how to cure and how to manage a case successfully. I felt a darkness around me …and I lost most of my patients in the first 6 months!

What saved me in such hours of confusion, anger and frustration was – The Organon. Every time I felt low, every time I felt confused, I read The Organon. And every time I came back to my clinic with more vigour. I read more …about Hahnemann’s work, all other classics and even most modern literature. I started learning from my failures. Each case started teaching me that which my teachers couldn’t. It was just my obstinacy in not wanting to use complex remedies, that made me work harder on my homeopathic roots. I wanted to ‘cure’ and not just ‘palliate’. I had loved Hahnemann’s philosophy right from my very first year as a student. And seven years down the lane, I wanted to experience it in practice or I didn’t want to practice!

The obstinacy and hard-work started to pay off. Among the loads of failures, came some glaring successes – still far and few in between. Then in search of better results, I tried to use every ‘new’ method in my practice. When I first attended a seminar by Dr. Sankaran, I was very impressed by his video cases and his ‘interpretation’ of gestures and themes. I tried to use Dr. Sankaran’s detailed case taking and evaluation methods in my practice. The first consultation was always wonderful for me as well as for the patient …but my long-term results did not improve. I explored Dhawale’s methods, used Vijayakar’s theory of suppression and theory of acutes, Patel’s Tautopathy, Ramakrishnan’s Cancer Protocol, ‘New’ remedies; I tried the ‘single remedy, high potency‘ protocol, ‘start with low dose and watch for reaction‘ protocol, ‘30 potency, thrice a day‘, ‘200 potency once a week‘, ‘200 potency thrice a day‘ and what not! – everything that gave me hope for a better prescription and better results.

Every time I started working on a ‘new’ method, I felt elated and enlightened …but after that came the phase of disappointment and disillusionment. It took me some years to realize that the answers to my problems were not outside, they were within me. I realized that my failures came from my own incapacities. I cannot practice like Sankaran just by reading his books. I was not at ‘his level‘. The same goes for Vijayakar and others. I realized that these people were getting results from their ‘approaches’ because they had a very solid grounding in the basics of homeopathy. Their knowledge of Materia Medica, Repertory and Case-Taking were far superior to mine ..and it was probably after 20-30 years of practice that these people were able to do what they were doing.

I realized that before I worked on the higher level, I had to strengthen my roots at the lower level. I started observing my patients more closely, went back to my repertory and materia medica – started practicing in a more ‘basic’ way ..and my results started to improve. I was able to see why my medicine was working and why I failed in some cases. At that juncture, I came across the works of David Little and Luc De Schepper. These two men influenced my practice greatly through their works. They made me see the words of Hahnemann more clearly. It was like someone had lifted the fog. I became less worried about the ‘limitations’ of the classical method and became more confident about my results, due to much better case-managment. Then I started using liquid solutions and LM potencies and suddenly there was a marked shift in the results that I was getting. I had never experienced anything so positive before. I realized the true horizons of classical homeopathy, the polychrests took a different meaning and using smaller remedies was far easier now. The ‘art’ gave way to ‘mathematical precision’.

I saw my first patients more than 10 years ago. In these years, I have evolved a lot as a homeopath. Today I am able to use the newer methods, be it of Sankaran, Scholten, Sherr, Bentley, Ramakrishnan or anyone else, with ease, because I feel confident about my ‘classical’ roots. I am able to use the method, which suits the case most. I may give a case five minutes for a consultation or two hours …but the remedy selection is much more clear and managing the case is far easier because I know that my feet are well-grounded in the basics.

There is a lot more to my homeopathic story, but that I will share at some other time. The reason I have shared so much about myself with you, is that I do not want other students to grope in the dark like me. I do not mind accepting my shortcomings and failures and you can learn from my mistakes. You do not need to go through the same uncertainties. Homeopathy is not as ‘complicated’ as it sometimes appears due to the different schools of thought. There is a definite way of learning and practicing homeopathy that guarantees good success. Here is what I believe will give you a good chance to succeed as a homeopath:

  • Read every word of Hahnemann and the old masters, many times over. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING can replace the basics and the wisdom of the founders. Their methods still work with MOST cases. You do not need fancy ideas to do miracle cures.
  • Get a good mentor. Find a person who DOES NOT see 100 cases per day. Find someone who gives time to his patients, who can teach you the importance of patience and observation, who can teach you the value of humility, who can help you evolve as a human being, who himself is a good human being, a gentle soul – A real guru!
  • Get a good grounding in the basics of modern medicine. It will give you confidence to deal with complicated cases and differentiate common from uncommon.
  • ‘Understand’ (not just ‘learn’) the common remedies well. They still cure a large majority of our patients. Plus you are a fool if you try to study the essence of Compositae family while you do not even remember the basics of Arnica and Bellis-p.
  • Understand every rubric in our repertories. It is hard-work but it pays in the end. With more than 100,000 rubrics and 3000 remedies in our repertories, you won’t be able to cure many cases if you don’t know which are the right rubrics for a given case and where to find the right information in our repertories.
  • Learn the art of case-taking and evaluation under guidance.
  • Learn ‘What do you do after giving the remedy?’ – the case management. You will fail in the majority of your cases even if you give simillimum and do not manage the case properly.
  • Keep it simple. When you start your practice, keep it simple. Remember that the methods of Hahnemann and our core group of remedies have cured millions of people in the last 200 years. Don’t go fancy right at the beginning.
  • Once you are confident of your basics, only then explore the newer methods, systems and works. They are tools that add to your armour, they do not and can not replace the basics of homeopathy.
  • Do not try to follow just one person or school of thought. Most modern works have their own place in our tool-kit. Be open. Adjust your method of case-taking, evaluation and remedy selection as per the needs of the case-in-hand. Learn to individualize!
  • If you have to follow a new development, learn it well from the source or someone who has practiced it for long. Do not experiment with your patients after reading a new book or attending a weekend seminar. The newer methods work only if you are well-versed in them. Otherwise you are inviting frustration.
  • Last but not the least – Keep learning from your failures. Don’t shut your eyes to them, don’t hesitate in accepting your failures, don’t feel shy in taking a second opinion on your difficult cases. Don’t bask in the glory of few accidental cures. Remain humble and healthy. A good homeopath has to be a ‘healthy’ human being first. A sick person can not impart health to others.

A homeopath’s journey never ends, not till he hangs his boots. Even after years of practice, you continue to get those ‘Aha!’ moments. I am still learning, but today I am much more confident of my work and my system. I hope you will learn from my mistakes and follow a path which will fill your life with satisfaction, happiness and peace.

I wish you lots of success in your journey towards becoming a better human being and a better homeopath. You can write to me at [email protected].

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Manish Bhatia


Dear Students, Hpathy is a huge resource of homeopathic literature. Homeopathy for Everyone, the e-journal published by covers a variety of topics for people with different level of homeopathic skills and knowledge. As a journalist, we often cover many new ideas and even controversial developments – the truth, half-truths and blatant lies – are all covered at some point of time, to keep the community aware of what is going on within the larger homeopathic community. Due to this you may find information about different ‘schools of thoughts’ and contradictory views in many articles.

I request you to be here as a filter-feeder. Filter and absorb what is vital for you and ignore the rest. The question is what to filter and what to let pass. My advice to you would be to stick to the basics, the ABC of homeopathy – Read Organon & Philosophy, Repertory, Materia Medica, Homeopathic Pharmacology and Free Books from Master Homeopaths first. Then read general articles about various homeopathic issues as well as clinical cases – but choose wisely what you absorb. When in doubt, go back to the basics and ask yourself – does this article, author or case follow the basic fundamental principles of homeopathy? If the answer comes ‘No’, it’s probably wise to skip it for more advanced review and studies for later.

The new Hpathy has many other avenues for you to improve your homeopathic knowledge. You can listen to audio lectures and video lectures, participate in our monthly case quiz, solve the MCQ’s and crosswords online etc. There is much more for your to explore, investigate and learn, but remember – always keep the basics close to your heart!

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  • Respected sir,
    I would like to thank you for putting such an inspirational article for the
    students on your site.Being a student i am also facing the similar situation
    as described by you,though i kept on ignoring it on the name of the studies
    in the college,but 2 days back when my final year exams got over ,it made me
    to think what to do next? It was a very crutial question as the parents also
    expect us now to earn someting after spending so many years in the
    college.During the last few years i came into contact with many homoeopathic
    physicians,each having their own philosophy of practicing homoeopathy in a
    unique way.It made me confused as to which one should i follow?But your
    article gave me the insight about the path which i have to follow.i.e. the
    path going back to my roots of organon & materia medica which i studied till
    date only for the sake of passing the exams.
    Lastly i woule like to thank you for your efforts for educating the students
    sharing the various articles from various homoeopaths through your portal you success in your efforts in the near future.
    Thanking you,
    Ravi jain
    Intern student
    Dr.M.P.K.Homoeopathic medical college.

    • respected sir i completely agree with my batchmate ravi jain.
      even i am facing the same problems after completing my final year exams.
      sir after spending 5 years in the clg still we dont know what it really is.
      but sir after reading your article for students i am also greatly inspired and and also would like to thank u for ur great efforts in encouraging students
      thank u so much sir
      with regards
      kavita nirankari

  • Dear sir
    it was very glad to read ur article.iam also a student of final year and having same problem please once clear about the basics.what is your meaning to clear the basics.
    thanking you

  • respected sir,
    to read you are experians i got moral saport. being a homo.student some time i alos feel nervous about my future bt after reding ‘i feel i have to do some thing special under you are guidens. than u sir

  • Respected sir,
    I would like to thank you for a good quiz for Homeopathic remedy and knowledge
    of medical relation. Sir I am a student of BHMS 3rd year from Muzaffarpur Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital.
    thanks sir

  • Dear Manish,

    I am studying classical homeopathy at North West College of Homeopathy, Manchester, UK. I like your article and appreciate your honesty. Basics are very important and Organon is our Bible. I believe that basic 84 Hahnemannian remedies would treat most of patients if one understands the remedies very well.

    Dr. M S Sangha

  • Thanks sir, i really face some internal problem like u feel i give some time to my pt .When i fail i frusted, but i study 4th bhms at rajkot homoeopathic medical colege rajkot. So thank u sir i alway learn from ur site .Thanks.

  • thank u so much for ur lecture sir. i am a student of first year,i want to read about basics of homoeopathy but im not able to select a corect guideline ti it. so u please suggest me about the books which contain the essentials of homoeopathy.

    • Dear Rupa, first study for ‘learning’ and not for the final exams. Those who study for the exams often fail in the exam of life and practice. ‘Understand’ whatever you read.

      Reading the source books is essential. DO NOT depend on pass books, summaries and derivative works. Understanding the Organon is a MUST. Find someone who understands it well or read my online lectures. Use good books to study Materia Medica. I would recommend Hahnemann’s MM Pura, Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical MM, Vithoulkas’ MM Viva, Vermeulen’s Prisma and Morrison’s Desktop Guide.
      Remember there are NO short cuts. The more you put in, the more you will get!

      Best wishes,
      Dr. Manish Bhatia

  • Sir,Namaste,
    Many many thanks to u for such a nice inspiration.
    When i was reading your article i tought of about my position as im a 2nd BHMS student.As We always not found the proper guidence we become a homolopath(a mix brid of allopathy and homoeopathy).Our teacher teach one thing in the class room and practice another thing in their clinic.With such type of problems many new schools of homoeopathy make difficult to be a real homoeopath.
    In such a way ,as you advice for go to the base,i try my best to follow the base.

  • I have begun my research into homeopathy because of a problem I experienced with puppies given the vaccinations required by law. My own human children were not given the typical vaccinations because I always felt that in many cases, the disease is far less dangerous than the vaccinations for it.

    I thank you for your website, I will be referring to it many times as I have need and wish to expand my knowledge. This is a great starting point.

    All the best,
    Kitty A. Smith

  • I have been studying homoeopathy for the past 10 years but because my interest lies with companion pets (cats, dogs, horses etc.,) I am unable to find a college that deals with animal Homoeopathy.
    I have had wonderful success treating animals, and although I have Advanced Certificates, I am unable to obtain an actual Diploma, so I am unable to advertise as an Animal Homoeopath.
    I really would appreciate more topics on animal homoeopathy, especially as it can dispel the cynics who are convinced it is a case of mind over matter, as I have yet to come across an animal that believes in the ‘placebo’ effect.

  • As a student whois just about to finish her first stage of a Diploma in homoeopathy it is wonderful to have a wise mans thoughts about been a new graduate . Its so easy to go to the lecturer and get help but to be on your own evokes a sense of slight panic .

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    Shibnath Das

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    Thank you,
    FROM:Punet kumar

    • Hey,
      This is a great post! Homeopathy is such an interesting field, I’m so glad that you shared your story. I’m sure that this will inspire many students.

  • sir.
    i read your articals these are very use ful and written in a good manner.but i have 2 i can get free homeopatic repertory of doctor kent.i tried my best to find out it through internet but very sorry to say that every one wants to earn a poor student can efford the price of this book like me.i request you kindly send me this book on my e-mail address.or send me any other competent homeopatic repertary in english or urdu language.
    also guide me when ever i need guidence about any difficult case,what i should do.please tell me the e-mail address of a competent doctore who can provide guidence me with out his fee of advice.
    Muhammad Arshad TAXILA

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    taxila pakistan

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    please dont mind about my mail becase i have no any way to address you.kindly reply me through my e-mail mail address is [email protected]
    my brother has some brain problem and can not walk.perhaps it is loco motor anexia.i will give you all details about his deseise if you contact.

  • thanks u sir for giving such an esteem article,m very impressed with w’ll surely help me to be a good homoeopath.thanks again.
    3rd prof

  • respected sir,
    i am a student of 3rd b.h.m.s in birbhum vivekananda homoeopathic medical college & hospital, w.b. many thanks for your article.sir i am also going through a double minded dilema.i.e.,what would i practice? single or polly medicine?is so easy to practice single medicine?what would be my path of thinking to prescribe in the chamber?mordern patient would tolarate me for 2 hrs to case taking him?would it be clinical interogation? while polly medicine also giving relife to the patient in a good number then why i would not be a good medical practicioner than a homeopath? i am very scared about these question .so please help me to clear this is a kind request to you.
    i have kent,cleark,lippe,alen,farington,hudge,vithoulkas(classical homeopathy),borick materia medica.give me suggest some name of great authors of materia madica to read.
    i saw some some difficulties to read organon.first of all in organon there is some thing which is not relevant for this complicated time,so it is very problimatic for me to digest can i overcome it?2nd ly the language of organon is very tough.

    • You can only practice what you are trained in. If you have not learned classical homeopathy, don’t rush to open a clinic. It’s like rushing towards life long frustration. Find a good classical homeopath and apprentice with him for at least one year.
      Classical homeopathy does not mean a 2 hour case taking. Sitting with that in mind is nothing but prejudice – even for a classical homeopathy. It is the case that decides the time it needs, NOT the doctor. With diligence you can prescribe classically even in 10 minutes. Don’t fix a time. It can be 5 minutes or 2 hours depending upon the patient.
      Complex remedies can give relief but they are a poor form of allopathy. Do you really want to become a second grade allopath? What’s the point of learning homeopathy then?
      Manish Bhatia

  • Thank you very much for such an inspiring article it give new diversion to my thinking about homeopathy….now I believe that I will be the true Homeopath and serve the mankind in the better way…

    thank you very much again…
    Sidra Saleem Siddiqui
    4TH Profession,DHMS

  • Thanks sir for sharing your expierence and for giving such important information ,i’m 1st year student.

    Thank you,

  • Respected Sir,
    I am a final year student & I am glad that i recently found this wonderful site where we can know about our scope in homoeopathy & enhance our knowledge to the fullest.
    Thanking you,
    Sameena.B (solapur)

  • Hello sir.
    I feel so much refreshing 2day.. I jst give third year BHMS exam. N read your experience..
    I m so much confuse about our pathy n philosophy. N there are train of thought in my mind. Bt now i realise that “dont ever read only for exam. Read for excellence”
    thank u sir!

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  • Thank you sharing your feelings with us. I’m a second year student and I want some notes of “materia medica” please kindly gave me.

  • Sir THANKS 4 ur wonderful encouragement. sir plz giv me a correct guideline.i cnt understnd how 2 read 1st year i was unhappy. bt now i’m glad 2 b a student of HOMOEOPATHY.I’m a studnt OF 2ND year, MIDNAPUR HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE N HOSPITAL,MIDNAPUR,W.B.

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  • respected dr.bhatia, while reading your letter to the students ,i felt as if i am reading my own doubts… and it pains to realise that we all as homoeopathic students,whereever we may be,suffer from same ignorance and confusions about our own homoeopathy. But i really found much encouragement and guidance through letter. thank u.:) i wish i could learn under you. …:)

      • Respected sir, thank you so much for replying. I really got so happy and excited to see your prompt reply. Since the time I started following your wonderfully created Hpathy website, I have not spent a day without studying something from it… more importantly learning and liking it .:) And I really appreciate you for your eagerness and zeal towards helping and sharing your knowledge with everyone,especially students and confused fresh graduates like us:) Irony about most of our homoepaths is that they never appreciate their colleague`s way of prescribing and we interns get sandwiched between their ideologies and get more confused.: ( But your advice to follow the basics gave much a solace.:) ..thank u:) your follower, liyi:)

  • Respected sir,
    I always used to have great respect for homeopathy.I feel it would be a holistic approach to combine the advantages of both allopathy and homeopathy! I have completed my MBBS. I heard that there is a one year course in UK for allopathic practitionaires to learn homeopathy and get homeopathy degree.In which colleges is it available? Is it available in India too? Kindly reply. Thank you.

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    I am a bhms final year student and will soon complete my exams. I want to know which is a better field for internship and how should I proceed in this field. Could you suggest some advice .That would be of great help sir.

  • Respected Sir
    i am very impressed with your article. though 10 years after completing graduation in homeopathy i was not able to cure some chronic cases which resulted in frustration and diverted me to use ready material available in market. your path showing article has built my confidence level.
    Dr Sushma Mehta
    KSPMS Homeopathy Medical College
    Practicing at Vadodara.

  • I had had my ist year study in nz and now am back in Fiji.
    Fiji has great herbal medicine and people here has used it for hundred of years.
    The medicine here are rare and sometimes not found anywhere else.
    what I would like to know is what are the relative medicine to those that are used in cases.Now why I asking this is because, for example Arnica is not found here and to get these supplies here will be a tremendous task especially if you are going through hard financial times.we do have Indian herb shops here ..we have a great migraine medicine here….1 treatment and you never get it i have never heard of a treatment like that..please advise


    • Dear Segal,

      Case taking is an adventure, always new with each patient. You must be a good listener and a good detective. It’s always a challenge. If you find it tedious, you may be doing something wrong.

  • Dear Sir,
    I am really thankful to you for inspiring me. Our teachers usually tell us to get more focus on allied. But now I realize how important are Organon and Repertory also. The same thing was told to me 1 yrs ago by my ‘guru’ Dr. P.K. Banerjee (Pendra, Chhatisgarh) but I didn’t take his words that much seriously. Your words reminded me of my guru..
    and Sir, thank you once again for this awesome website.

    B.H.M.S. 2nd Year
    Vasundhara Raje Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital,

  • Hello, sir it is very true story for most of the homoeopaths in India we really get lost and get confused and we feel frustrated. Your advice is great to all students. I have out of 50 students only 2-3 students who practice, because they don’t get desired results

  • Dear Mr. Bhatia,

    Your article has helped ease my soul as I find myself in the last year of my 4 year degree studying to become a Homeopath. There are SO many things that I worry about and struggle with, and all the teachers keep telling me that I still have my whole life ahead of me at 25 years of age to learn Homeopathy, but this does not make me feel any better.

    It has been your words of WISDOM and what I keep trying to tell my teachers is that the basics I feel for myself are not solid enough to be practicing. It is not until you learn the basics so throughly that you can be confidently prescribing in my opinion. I value and appreciate your honesty and agree with you whole heartedly, that finding a mentor and someone who you can do your ‘apprenticeship’ with would make all the difference in understanding the principles, philosophy and art of what is a truly beautiful modality. Only through starting at the bottom of ladder and working your way up can be be a successful Homeopath, it’s not about being at the top!

    Thank you again for these much needed words of advice!

  • Sir I am happy to learn about your experience in homoeopathy, but our honourable master Hahnemann himself fought with the govt of Germany for the right of homoeopathy at that time .Now the time has come to take our actual rights from the govt because we homoeopaths have lots of ability but the govt is not using our ability . So this is most essential to make our homeopathy popular in small villeges and every part of the country by the help of govt when all will come to know the miracle of homeopathy then this is easy for every homoeopath to establish his practice in time.
    Thanks and Regards
    Dr Amit Pandey
    National President
    Homoeopathy Medical Student Association of India
    managing director Homoeo miracle journal

  • RESPECTED SIR, I am a first year in kenia school of homeopathy.I thank you a lot for your piece of has given some hope.

  • Respected sir, thank u for sharing ur past and the advise. Bcos its a very Gud path for new upcoming homoeopaths like me. Ur article is not simply inspires, it made me to think and work. It teach to read more in organon. Thanking you, narayan prakash, r.v.s.homoeopathic medical college. Coimbatore.

  • Dear Sir, there are some feelings of gratitude that words are insufficient to express. I offer you those feelings from the core of my heart.

  • Sir I have recently completed the homeopathy online course, It was a very best experience to to get a treasure of knowledge free of cost, I really appreciate your efforts to make homeopathy easy
    and reachable to every one, Sir please introduce an advance course in near future in English and if possible in Urdu language because the Urdu is most speaking language of subcontinent and I suggest that as your slogan is that your aim is to give homeopathy knowledge free than please send the certificate free, or send it in the e-mail than every student print out the certificate.
    Yours faithfully

  • Respected sir,
    what else you shared its a true scene.I am a student of BSc in optometry and by chance i get admitted in this BHMS course. But as i started learning homoeopathy i cant resist myself by its influence. As you mentioned I too suffer the same no studies in colleges.
    I lost all my hopes and everyone suggesting me to pursue optometry. I must say that before reading this guidline i was feeling helpless and i was almost about to leave this homoeopathy due to lack of help.
    You definately give us hope and brighten the path which we have to pursue with honesty and with hard work.
    thanking u alot sir.
    (I did sucessfully the elementary course conducted by your before three months.
    I paid for the certificate but still i am waiting for it.
    please do the needfull sir)
    Annu Giri
    Patna( Bihar)

  • thank you for encouragement sir….as i had just given my first year exams and eagerly waiting for the result and in my vacations now i read alot about homeopathy and my way is to study from the begining and then only get the resul………….
    thanking u

  • Respected Sir
    ,I hv dn my bhms degree from india.can u help i I can do my practise in srilanka?

  • Dear Sir,
    Basically I am not a homepath but studying materia medica of different authors as hobby. Actually to be very true I am impressed by your artical for the reason that will enhance the interest of the students and new commers in this field and provide a guide line to achieve excellence in the field of homeopathy.
    Best Regards.

  • Respected sir,
    Thanks a lot 4 such an inspiring article…the things narrated by you were the same what iam going through as a student of 2nd year……i will follow the suggestions given by you by making my basics strong……… as to become a good homeopath………i request you to keep encouraging the buds of future homeopths by your cases…..I thank again

  • Thank you, sir. I appreciate what you have told us. I guess we must learn to comprehend practical process as well as the whole theory of homeopathy.

  • Sir,
    i Have paid for the foundation course on 27/7/15 when i will have my confirmation, please let me know

  • Sir
    My daughter is studying BHMS 3rd year in Maharashtra. I want to change her college. Is there any possibility or is any college which can admit her in 3rd year
    She is facing so much problem there. They are not providing proper food. Not supplying proper water. The hostlers are drinking mud water facing health problems. So I want to change d college is it possible

  • Being the ever eternal student that I am I had to read this post. Great article, Manish. It is true, that the most important method to know is how to practice the fundamental homeopathy given to us by Hahnemann. ?

  • Respected sir, i liked your article very much and i want to thank you for the guidance. In recent times, there has been a few quite unfortunate incidents in UK and Australia where negativity about this beautiful system of medicine is persistent, in addition to some other parts of the world. Adequate funding and unbiased research in this field is absolutely necessary in the long run, along with regulation of unlawful practice. I feel somehow a wide awareness is required, there are too many misinformation regarding this about being only a ‘placebo’ and all that, while forwarding proposals to ban it. This thing in particular make me sad, and the future of homoeopathy comes in question. Anyways, by proper awareness, funding and research in homoeopathy, i hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible.

  • Thank you sir…. As you said Most of us start our career in homeopathy not by choice but by chance…it is true in my case also.. but your article inspire me a lot..

  • hello sir.hey iersha hear fabulous wordngs knowledge bas a studnt I like ur thought about homeopathic thnx a lot for makng me esir.hads of fr ur grt job nice vrjon

  • I m a student of a/c side but i want to be a doctor can u sugess me in hpathy plzz i have no mony for studying in this side.


    BE FOR TWO DAYS I AM CONFUSED , I THOUGHT THAT , HOW I PRACTICE, HOMEOPATHY IS COMPLICATED , IT NOT GIVE ROPER EARNING , SO I THOUGHT THAT WHAT SHOULD DO ?? But your these written give me a motivation as like you give a beat to stoped heart

    Thanks dear sir

    But sir I have some question?
    Somebody says If you are score in exam , or you get first rank in college ,so you are not become a GOOD HOMEOPATH ??it is right or wrong ??
    As a student in which thing we focused , so become a GOOD OR BEST HOMEOPATH ??
    Sir it is true
    Or not that homeopathic practise not give a good earning ??

    Sir these question confused me

    • 1. Your success depends upon your knowledge, hard work and perseverance. The marks that you get in the college are often irrelevant, especially in India where the teaching is based on rote learning.

      2. Become a homeopath first. Most homeopaths do not even practice homeopathy according to its principles. If you are able to do that much, the good and best will automatically follow.

      3. Your earning depends upon your skills. Improve the skills and your earning will improve. I personally know tons of homeopaths earning anywhere between 1 to 10 lacs per month in India itself.

          • Dear sir
            As a student of homeopathy , in student life in which thing we give more focus ,in which topic or subject for becoming a good homeopath , so after passing bhms we not felt oh! Homeopathic practise is so hard ,is not given sure result ????

            Dear sir give some thing that is must do in student life of homeopathy for becoming good homeopath., that experience in your student life .

        • Sorry Nakum but there are no shortcuts for becoming a good and successful homeopath. You have to diligently study and master each subject and then experience the teaching live by apprenticing with a good seasoned classical homeopath.
          Homeopathy practice is not hard, it becomes hard because we don’t work hard enough on the basics.

          • No dear sir , you dont understand my question dear sir I don’t get any shortcuts, or I don’t like shortcuts but I ask sir in which topic we focused more ?? So do hard work for this topic , so we don’t feel any difficulty during practice time

            As per your experience during practice time

          • All the subjects are important in the practice but Organon is the base, which should be solid. Followed by materia medica and repertory.

          • Thanks dear sir for your inspiration answering

            Sir whenever I confused I like to solve my confusion from you

            Whenever I get any questions I ask you

            Ok dear sir

            Thanks sir for your answering and inspiration

  • Sir for organ understading any book there ? Because I don’t understand some words given in aphorisms so …..

  • I got your email id from web.I have a diggree of 4 years diploma DHMS from pakistan recognised college and also complete my BA B.ed. all with this i have a qulified diploma in dispenser. im runing a homoeo clinic in pakistan. But i dnt statisfied my education. I want so more education in homoeopathy. Plz help me in guidnes what can i do for my complettion of more education sending you my CV in attech.
    Muhammad Ubaid Durrani.

  • Dear Manish Sir,
    What are your views on PROMISALONE method . It is mentioned at many places that this method , when mastered properly can have better cure rate . Moreover, it is said to have shorter case taking time with respect to classical method.

    Thank you

  • Hello sir
    I have one question ,
    Small small pores in the region of soles what this condition called ?? For this any homeopathic medicines are there ??

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