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Ask The Plant Doctor – June 2011

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Written by V.D. Kaviraj

Dr. Kaviraj comes to the rescue of our plants, once again!

Each month V.D. Kaviraj answers questions about plants and plant problems. Kaviraj is one of the foremost pioneers of Agro-homeopathy and author of the book, Homeopathy for Farm and Garden.

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Send your questions! (with pictures when possible -JPG or GIF format) to [email protected] with the subject “Plant Doctor”.

Note: When I refer to treating plants with homeopathic remedies, this is the standard dosing procedure: Put 20 drops of a 6X potency in a litre of water. Succuss the bottle 50 times. Put this litre in the watering can, fill it up with 19 litres of tap water and stir. If the watering can is smaller, the amount of remedy put in must be proportionally smaller. Thus a 10 litre can needs only ½ litre and just 10 drops of the remedy. Apply the contents of the watering can to the roots of the plants to be treated.

Dear Dr. Kaviraj,

I am a Brazilian`s citrus producer. I want to know about the disease Greening.
thank you


VDK: Hi, bom dia,

I do not know the disease “greening”. Can you explain the symptoms?

Muito obrigado



Hello Dr. Kaviraj,

I wonder if there is a remedy that would deter a woodchuck? It seems woodchucks eat the same things a human vegetarian eats.


VDK: Hi Linda,

Sounds much like a gopher or a mole. ELDERBERRY: A spray made from the leaves can be used against aphids, carrot root fly, cuke beetles and peach tree borers. Put branches and leaves in mole runs to banish them. Yes, it works! You may try this also with tincture – stronger smell.


Hello Dr. Kaviraj,

I can say I am very big fan of homeopathy. I use it for healing myself, my family, pets etc. I also study homeopathy. I really love it. My father has a big farm and he would like to use some homeopathy remedy for his potatoes. He wants to use “spray” for the “colorado potato beetle” and potato blight. Can you please give me any advice for that? Thank you so much for advice and your time!

Best regards
Hana Poukarová (Czech republic, Europe)

VDK: I know the Colorado potato beetle well, Hana. The remedy to use is Ledum palustre, and for the blight problem use Phaseolus, or Silicea. It is wise to grow potatoes always using Phaesolus from the beginning, because it deters the beetle and the blight. Do not grow tomatoes near the potatoes, because they infect each other with blight.


Dear Dr. Kaviraj,

Can I get rid of dandelions in the lawn with Juglans N.? Will the grass die, too?

Thank you,


VDK: Nothing will die Ingrid, it will be suppressed in growth. It won’t make seed and/or flower. If you keep it up for 7 seasons, they will not come back.


Respected Sir,

I have planted a few plants of ” Bitter Guard” i.e ‘ Karela’ in Hindi which are rotting and is being invaded by so many little bacteria. It happened last year too. The Size of Bitter Guard is not increasing as its being invaded by the bacteria. There is yellowness on the leaves . Please suggest what homoeopathic medicine I could give.

with regards,


Dear Mr/Mrs Ojha,

VDK : You say bacteria, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, so I assume it is insects. I would give a dose of Coccinella first, followed in a few days by Ferrum phos, to help with the growth and reduce the paleness. Did you recently give any dose of fertiliser?

About the author

V.D. Kaviraj

V.D. Kaviraj is a Dutch homeopath, author, researcher and pioneer in Agrohomeopathy. He is also Vice President, World Homoeopathic Association UK Chapter. He has written textbooks on various aspects of homeopathy including "Homeopathy for Farm and Garden", which is now available in seven languages. The revised and enlarged edition with 376 pages has just been published :


    • Prashant, it is perfectly sensible to use rice husk as a soil improver. It has been discovered that rice produces allelochemicals which suppress weeds and put back in the soil what you took out of it while growing the rice. In conventional agriculture they seek to exploit this chemical to make a weed killer out of it, but they will hopelessly fail, since all it does is inhibit the germination of seeds and the further growth of the weeds – it will never kill them. In homoeopathy we are not interested in killing anything – we like to control it, so it does not take over.

  • Respected Plant Dr. How are you,
    Are you released new encyclopedia. I am expected to your new book.
    Thiyagarajan, Salem, South India

  • Pl give me email id or mobile no. of dr sandeep pawar who has treated
    Pomogranet with agro homeopathy

  • Hi Dr. Kaviraj,
    Looking forward to seeing you at your talk on the 21st in Toronto (at Luc Sculpture for anyone interested call Riverdale Homeopathy) Anyways I’m having a problem with potato bugs I think that’s what’s eating my plants – any suggestions?

  • Doctor,
    Soil conditioner is apply for 250 ml / acre. More salt water (Flouride deposited in well) South India, Tamilnadu, Pennagaram Taluk, How much quantity applied/acre. (pl. 1.000 lit)
    Expected your advice.
    Salem (PENNAGARAM)

  • Dear Sir,
    I have been testing for PRV(papaya ringspot virus) control by Thuja 30 c, It become recovered but cannot fruiting or healthy as the normal plant.Have something wrong in my methodolgy,please give me for the correct way. Thank you very much for e-zine. Prasert W. (Agoecologist),Thailand.

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