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The Plant Doctor – Dr. Radko Tichavsky

The Plant Doctor – Dr. Radko Tichavsky, answers readers’ questions each month. This month advises on apple trees infected with monilinia fructicola, powdery mildew on pumpkins and much more.

Editor’s Note:  “JT potency” (Jenichen / Tichavsky) is a centesimal dilution followed by 500 succussions or five hundred continuous turns with a wooden stick to the right and 500 turns to the left (if handling larger volumes). The JT potency frequently has a better reaction in plants and it is very important in preparation of live bionosodes.

Dear Dr Radko,

Could you please help with a solution for monilinia fructicola in an apple orchard? I am growing apples in Portugal, Arganil, Coimbra. The orchard site is in a low- lying fertile valley. During the summer we get lots of dew in the mornings then generally dry hot days. I noticed a few fruits affected in June/July, but then the issue got worse throughout the season.  Is there anything I can spray this Autumn, to better prepare for next season? I have removed all the infected fruits and disposed of them away from the farm.

Many thanks,

David Haysom

Dr. Radko Tichavsky:

Dear David,

To control Monilinia fructicola you can use homeopathic preparation from the mother tincture of garlic and ginger, dynamized in water at 3 JT potency. It should be applied as a spray every 7-10 days. You can also add to the mother tincture a few drops of propolis and thyme essential oil before dynamizing and make a reinforced formula.

Greetings Dr. Tichavsky,

We live in Lansing, Michigan (48906 ) (U.S.) where we grow pumpkins in the back yard. In 2022 we had Powdery Mildew and lost some of the crop. Lansing gets 33 inches of rain, on average, per year. There are about 175 sunny days a year. Summer high 82 degrees. Winter low -17 degrees C.

Thank you

Bernie Gladstone

Dr. Radko Tichavsky:

 Dear Bernie,

To control powdery mildew in pumpkins you can apply Argentum metallicum 4 JT or colloidal silver nanopreparation, passing the colloid three minutes in the ultrasonic bath in 1:500 dilution in water and dynamize at 4 JT potency. The same procedure can be done with a zinc colloid. Dynamize to potency 4 JT and apply foliar.

Hi Dr. Tichavksy,

We have a small plot of land in Aberta, Canada (T0A – T9X). We discovered a problem in our carrots that was caused by Northern root-knot nematode. There’s no point in growing food if it’s laden with chemicals. Is there a holistic approach to this?  This place has a continental climate, with considerably more sunshine than other provinces. Winters are dry, sunny, and cold. Summers are warm and wet.

Thank you

Gina and Bill Clymer

Dr. Radko Tichavsky:

Hi Gina and Bill,

The nematode that is causing problems in your carrots is called Meloidogina hapla. To eliminate it you should rotate your crops and use carrot sites every three years. To control the nematode, you can use homeopathic preparation of Ganoderma lucidum at potency 4 JT (made from the mother tincture hydroalcoholic).

Ganoderma lucidum attracts fungus-eating nematodes (antagonistic to phytopathogenic nematodes) and also chelates heavy metals (of which Meloidogine hapla  is a bioindicator). Try to increase organic matter content in your soil and provide soil cover e.g. with rice or wheat straw. Calendula officialis  4 JT or Tageres patula 4 JT o  Crotslaria junco 4 JT  also help to control Meloidogine hapla.

Hello Dr. Tichavsky

I’m living in Cumberland County Pennsylvania, 17001 (N.E. USA.) There is currently a lot of concern about the invasive Spotted Lantern Fly. It’s highly destructive to many trees, apples and grapevines. Can you advise on protecting trees from this?

Summer High: the July high is around 85 degrees

Winter Low: the January low is 22

Rain: averages 43 inches of rain a year

Snow: averages 28 inches of snow a year

Thank you


Dr. Radko Tichavsky:

Hi Grace,

To control Lycorma delicatula you can use Artemisia anua 3 JT and Calendula officinalis 4 JT Allium sativum 3 JT and Azadirachta indica 4 JT, you can mix the homeopathic preparations and add some olive oil to emulsify and apply foliarly. You can also apply Origanum 4 JT prepared from oregano essential oil to achieve sexual confusion in adults.

Dear Dr. Tichavsky,

We have scale on a number of plants.  Below is a photo of one plant. Our land is in Choctaw, Alabama (U.S.) 36912.  It’s a humid subtropical climate. In summer the temperature can reach 91 degrees. We get 57 inches of rain a year.

Thank you

Richard Green

Dr. Radko Tichavsky:

Dear Richard,

To control the scales, we use Calotropis gigantea 4 JT (made from dried flowers pulverized and prepared in hydroalcoholic mother tincture), encapsulated in chitosan nanoparticles or in nanoemusions of essential oils of oregano and thyme at 4 JT potency. You will need an ultrasound bath (like the one used to clean the lenses) in half a liter of water, put 5 drops of essential oil of thyme and 5 drops of essential oil of oregano and a pinch of chitosan and let the machine act for 3 minutes. Then dynamize at 4 JT potency and apply by spraying.


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Radko Tichavsky

Radko Tichavsky was born in the Czech republic. He has lived in Mexico for more than 25 years and is one of the most important agrohomeopaths in Latin America. He is the author of the book "Manual de Agrohomeopatia", a homeopathy book on plants. Radko teaches agrohomeopathy in several countries and regularly publishes articles in special journals and internet portals. He works as a researcher and teacher at the university and has already taught agrohomeopathy to many students. He is the director of the Comenius Institute ( More details can be found in the following interview:

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