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Answers by George Vithoulkas – October 2008

Answers by George Vithoulkas – October 2008

The answers that follow are
not complete. It is not possible to write a whole thesis on each
one as it requires everything that has been said before, but I will
express the basic ideas.

On the other hand these short answers can
inspire serious students to ask more questions such as whether,
in a chronic case, the appearance of an acute condition that may
arise after the remedy, is a good or a bad sign, or when should
such condition be treated and when not, or when will a case need
a series of remedies in a particular order and when will such a
practice confuse the case to such an extent that the patient has
no hope of recovery.

On another level the questions that may arise
from intelligent students can continue the discussion to a deeper
understanding of the problems that we are facing when we practice
serious and not superficial homeopathy.

George Vithoulkas


I am a student of Homeopathy. I would be interested in reading
your views on the X potency scale: in your experience, how does
it compare with the C scale, and when do you think it fits better
from a therapeutics perspective. I also would like to thank you
for your time and effort in writing in the Hpathy journal – as well
as thanking the whole editing team 🙂

Thierry, Cambridge

Dear Thierry,

I have written about the different potencies
in chapter 11 of ‘The Science of Homeopathy’. Therapeutically
I have not seen a difference between the action of X (D) or C potencies.

George Vithoulkas


How can we delay menses by homeopathy? Does Puls in low potency
help for the same?


Dear Deepa,

The remedies that cure a too frequently
occurring menstruation can be found in the rubric ‘FEMALE
GENITALIA/SEX – MENSES – frequent; too’. The homeopath should
only prescribe one of these remedies if its symptoms fit with the
peculiar ones of the patient. Pulsatilla pratensis is only in the
lowest degree in this rubric and on the contrary is in the highest
degree in the rubric ‘FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – MENSES – late,
too’, which means that is more frequently confirmed for delayed

George Vithoulkas


Dear George,

I’m suffering from a severe headache that is mostly concentrated
in the left face since more than 13 years. Many Doctors told me
that it’s caused by a chronic sinusitis (which is confirmed by a
CT-scan). I took many courses of antibiotics but only felt the improvements
during therapy. The pain comes back as soon as I stop the antibiotic
and is often accompanied by a feeling of “mediocrity”.

I started seeing a homeopath who prescribed: Natrum Mur., Hydrastis
but without improvements.

He later prescribed 3 remedies : Nux Vomica, Ipeca and Gelsemium
that I’m taking regularly since 2 months. They are working better
but I’m not fully relieved.

My left nose is always blocked, I hear better in the right ear.
There is always postnasal drop, the nasal liquid is mostly colorless
to white.

Nux gives me a positive attitude and feelings whereas Ipeca ignites
my memory and usually brings into surface the bad memories.

I was raised mostly by my mother and suffered from the civil war
that hit my native country (Lebanon) but overall did well in life
and have a very good job.

Thank You,

Toufic Attieh

Dear Toufic Attieh,

The fact that your complaints come back
as soon as you stop the antibiotics are stopped is a good sign,
because your organism is not easily suppressed. It is not a good
idea to take three homeopathic remedies regularly in two months.
This can disturb the symptom pattern of the remedy you actually
need. The symptoms you have should not be a problem for homeopathy
to cure, but on the basis of only local symptoms I cannot give you
an intelligent advise about what remedy you could take.

George Vithoulkas


What the homeopath can do for diabetic patient, if the homeopath
cannot find any constitutional remedy for his diabetic patient?
What is the role of mother tincture in homeopathy? Can we maintain
the level of blood sugar up to normal with constitutional remedy?
Can we ask the patient to stop taking allopathic hypoglycemic drugs?

Manjit Singh

Dear Manjit Singh,

The question you ask is difficult to answer
as there are many possibilities depending on the vitality of the
patient. I talk about these things in my video course that can be
followed worldwide and the full answer takes a lecture of many hours.
In general one can say that it is very difficult to treat diabetes
when a constitutional remedy cannot be found. Mother tinctures or
low potentised remedies can sometimes palliate such a case temporarily.
The possibility of maintaining the blood sugar level depends again
on many factors that design the vitality of the patient. One should
never ask a patient to stop allopathic drugs just as such.

George Vithoulkas


Dear Prof. Vithoulkas,

My question is about a technique some homeopaths say works well
when a case gets “stuck” due to a vaccination: they give
the potentised vaccine as an intermediate remedy. As I have never
done this before, I have no idea if this is a good homeopathic practice
and in case it is – how to administer such an intermediate
– regarding potency and dose. Therefore I would like to have
your opinion on those matters.

The background history is: Chronic COPD (diagnosed as emphysema)
– due to many years of heavy smoking – with frequent
bouts of bronchitis and severe recurrent pneumonias almost every
winter, for which he is sent urgently to the hospital due to “instability
of general parameters” such as pulse, blood pressure etc.

After one of those pneumonias he had to lie for some weeks in bed
connected to an oxygen generator. This was the first time he tried
homeopathy and was prescribed (not by me – by another homeopath)
Causticum 6C x 3 daily. He recovered slowly to his usual chronic
state, which is as follows:

Very difficult respiration aggravated by any least effort (such
as a little walking, ascending some stairs and even washing or brushing
his teeth. For all those activities, as well as for every day’s
going to work (sedentary work and traveling with his car from door
to door) he is dependent on inhalations of “Symbicort”
(active ingredients are: budesonide and formoterol) – about
twice a day. Besides this he has also an inguinal hernia (in quite
bad condition) from lifting heavy loads from time to time in his
household (e.g.: he would rather move a full cabinet from place
to place than emptying it first from its contents). Very impatient.
Delicate digestive system. Likes beer when having fever.

I have prescribed Nux-v 12C (one dose, to be evaluated according
to outcome). He got an acute pneumonia with high fever but otherwise
it was very different from the previous occurrences because this
time he was not prostrated in spite of the high fever, but was in
an outstandingly good humor and relatively good vitality. When he
got back home from hospital and finished his antibiotics course
he was surprised by a much better ability of respiration and easiness
in his daily activities. But his GP persuaded him to get a “Pneumovax”
injection to “protect” him from further pneumonias. After
a few days from the injection he noted that he was back in his abovementioned
state of difficult respiration.

Since then, there is no help in any potency (high or low) or dosage
of nux-v or other remedies I tried in vain (mainly those listed
in the general rubric “vaccination after” and fit his
other modalities). The only difference that remained since the first
dose of nux-v is that he is in a quieter mode (or maybe now it is
due to tiredness).

Sorry for the long description – to summarize – I am
asking for your opinion on overcoming the “blockage” due
to the vaccination damage.

Thank you very much,

M. Suissa, RCHom

Dear M. Suissa,

As homeopathy is a scientific approach to
treating diseases, there should always be a logic behind what the
homeopath does. So do not let so-called new approaches or theories
confuse you and stick to the basic principles. Although it does
not often occur, in some cases it can be necessary to use the nosode
of an allopathic drug and I have given examples of this in in chapter
9 of my book ‘The Science of Homeopathy’. However, the
administration should be as any other homeopathic remedy.

The case you describe is a very good example
of how homeopathy raises a patients vitality and how allopathic
treatment lowers it again. Unfortunately your patient belongs to
the vitality level where the least wrong approach in the treatment
has a big influence. The full explanation of the levels of health
can be learned in my teachings which are on video and can be followed
worldwide in different countries. In cases as the one you describe
the only solution is often to wait until the organism has rebalanced
enough to respond again to Nux vomica or give new symptoms of another
homeopathic remedy. It can be possible that the organism had to
change the symptom pattern in an almost undetectable slight manner
to overcome the effect of the injections, so you must study every
detail of the case very thoroughly. Sometimes the solution can be
found by studying the complementary remedies of the last acting
remedy [in this case Nux vomica].

George Vithoulkas


Dear George Vithoulkas,

I am writing this with great hope of help.

My daughter is 20 yrs old. She had been having periods every 16
or 18 days since her puberty at the age of 10. Advised by allopathic
Doctors we tried hormones to regulate her periods , in vain I must
say because even after being on hormones for 6 months at a stretch,
once she stops taking hormones just for 1 month period will come
on 28th day but the cycle goes back to 16days once again the very
next month.

We tried different Doctors advise 4 times so far and had to finally
give up hope of a cure. She is a soccer player, takes up lot of
social activities apart from her Engg. Studies. She suffered from
the side effects of hormonal treatment which make her obese, dull,
leave her panting at mild exertion and totally forget soccer. To
further explain you I never had hormonal imbalance but 2 yrs prior
to conceiving my

daughter, I was put on hormones as delayed D&C caused abnormal
growth after a miscarriage and my periods stopped after D&C.
I conceived my daughter while I was still on Hormones though I stopped
as soon as I realized I was pregnant. I wish you advise us as to
whether Homeopathy treatment can help her and how to cope with side
effects in case they occur?

Thank you!

Laxmi jeyapaul

Dear Laxmi jeyapaul,

Homeopathy has proved in the past to be
helpful in cases with symptoms as you describe about your daughter.
If she is lucky the side effect of the hormones will go away under
the use of the right constitutional remedy, but in some cases these
symptoms create a new layer that needs to be treated first.

George Vithoulkas


Dear Dr.Vithoulkas,

I have gone through chapter on evaluation of symptoms in your valued
book ‘Science of Hom.’ and am eager to know whether you believe
that the very first symptom/complaint told by the patient is the
foremost and in the initial stage only this very symptom would suffice
for the first remedy-selection. Later on when other symptoms as
narrated by the patient earlier are connected, other selection could
be made. Generally the cure takes place on this account. Do you
agree? Another question is: Do you use biochemics with homoeopathic
medicines? Thanks.

Dr. Shiv Dua

Dear Dr. Shiv Dua,

As you can read in the chapters 13 and 14
of my book ‘The Science of Homeopathy’ the selection
of the first remedy is crucial to open up a case and should not
be based upon shortcuts or novelties, but on a very thorough study
of the totality of the symptoms the patient has at the start of
the treatment. If the first consultation, however, concerns an acute
disease then the first prescription can sometimes be made on a more
narrow set of symptoms.

I do not use biochemics together with homeopathic
remedies because it is not possible to evaluate what the effect
is of which prescription.

George Vithoulkas


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