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AIDS nosode proving details wanted

AIDS nosode proving details wanted

Posted by: Farhan Nadaf

Hello Sir/Madam,
I use the software Open-rep by & in that software in the materia medica i found AIDS nosode.
May I know who proved this? but first of all which part was taken & what was the procedure followed?
& Can HIV-AIDS patient be successfully treated by it (obviously on the basis of symptom similarity)?
Farhan Nadaf

In 1988 Misha Norland, conducted a proving of the remedy, which was prepared from the blood of a man with AIDS and who later died of the disease. In 1994 Misha conducted two further provings. You can write to the School of Homoeopathy in Devon, for details of the proving. I don’t believe the nosode would act as a cure by itself. Peter Chappell has seen some success with his AIDS remedy.
Didi Ananda Ruchira has her own protocol and remedies. You can read her article here:

Didi Ananda Ruchira

Alan V. Schmukler

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  • Thank you sir!
    the information provided by you is useful for me. I’ll write to the School of Homoeopathy in Devon, for details of the proving.
    than you for providing me with this useful information.

    Farhan Nadaf

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