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Is there any homeopathic medicine on calcification of brain(false cerebri)?

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Is there any homeopathic medicine on calcification of brain(false cerebri)?

Calcifications on the brain have many names, calcinosis and Fahr’s Syndrome for instance. But the cause remains the same for all of them. They are a result of too much calcium depositing and accumulating in the soft tissue of the brain. Calcifications can happen all over the body. For some, like martial artists, calcifications are a good thing. They actually grow them on their knuckles by punching hard surfaces, to harden their fists. For the rest of us however, we want calcifications to stay well away, especially from our brains!

In cases where calcium has built up in the brain, people show various brain dysfunctions.

* Loss or partial loss of motor control.
* Involuntary movement, tremors, writhing.
* Stiffness or rigidity.
* Dementia, mental retardation.
* Mask like facial appearance.
* Vision problems.
* Seizures.


There are two classifications of calcification on the brain. Metastatic Calcification and Dystrophic Calcification. The former is when calcification is caused by too much calcium or phosphorus in the blood. The latter deals with calcification as a result of inflammation or damage to the site. Usually this happens to the skin but in the brain this might occur after surgery or some other invasive therapy.

The homeopathic treatment focuses on the presenting symptoms and the underlying cause. It would vary from individual to individual.

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