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Scope of homeopathy in pathological conditions?

Scope of homeopathy in pathological conditions?

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is there any medicine foe the pathological condition like STUDENTS ELBOW

Student’s elbow is not a simple pathological condition. It’s a condition with a maintaining cause. It refers to bursitis at the elbow joint due to continuous friction of the elbow against some flat surface(usually a desk). In all such conditions with a maintaining cause the homeopathic medicine based on the totality of local complaints can be given and usually prove effective in giving relief. But these medicines will not prove curative unless and until active
management of such conditions is done along with removal of the maintaining cause/factor.

In all other pathological conditions which result from chronic disease process, the efficacy of homeopathic medicine depends on the tissue involved and the degree of pathological changes. Homeopathic medicines have the power to remove a lot of pathological changes but some factors
like gross structural change or destruction of a tissue and inability of the body to correct the change in response to a proper medicine act as a limiting factor. For eg; in arthritis with gout or in arthritis in young cases, all have certain degree of pathological changes in the joints and yet many of them show complete recovery with homeopathic medicines. But in cases of senile arthritis, even after the similimum is given, the prognosis is not equally good. The same applies to a case of diabetes in whom the islet cells have been destroyed completely due to certain infection or other pathology. No homeopathic medicine can create insulin in such cases.

To sum it up, Homeopathic medicines are usually effective in
pathological conditions. In cases where the tissue changes are limited and the body has the capability to correct the disorder under proper medicine, homeopathic medicines can act curatively. Even in cases with gross pathological changes, homeopathic medicines can act as wonderful palliation. And in pathological conditions where there is some maintaining cause, the maintaining or exciting cause has to be removed to attain a cure.

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