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The large volume of homeopathic literature is becoming difficult to memorize

wast homeopathic literature, difficult to memorize.

Posted by: Amrut

In homeopathy there are more than 4000 remedies and increasing every day. Further, there are several potencies, symptoms and differences in opinions. Don’t you feel it may be bit difficult and beyond the limit of one’s brain to remember and handle all these at one time to give real and justified cure to any person? If not, several mistakes can be possible?

Answer by Dr B: What you have said for homeopathy is true for every science/subject. Every subject that we study today is a result of millions of brains working for many centuries. The information produced by such activity can not be retained by any single brain. That is why humans use various aids to remember and forward the current info to next generations. Our books, repertories, software etc are all meant to aid our memory.

If you totally rely on your memory, the chances of mistakes will be more. If you use these tools judiciously, the chances of error will be less. And we can not be bogged down by possible mistakes. We can not stop trying because we are afraid of making mistakes. People learn and grow with their mistakes. No system is perfect, and no human being was born perfect. To understand the limitations of the current system and to do the best possible work that you can do in the present framework, should be ones primary effort. If you can work beyond that and are able to add to the system to make it more useful, just, certain, and scientific – Sone Pe Suhaga

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