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Difference between the Korsakovian and the Hahnemann scales

Difference between the Korsakovian and the Hahnemann scales

Posted by: Kumar

Dear Dr, Thanks for previous reply.Deep & dynamic reseach may be needed to understand those aspects. Anyway, I have one more question. Homeopathic remedies can be prepared by “H” & “K” method, where different & same bottles are used for next potency. In some understanding, molecular presence can better be possible in higer potencies(above Avogodro constant), if “K’ method in used. It will also be possible in preparing triturations, Hence, Whether difference in effectiveness of remedies in these two types(+triturations) are noted? If so, what type of differences? Whether Dr Hahn. and other reputed homeopaths had used these two methods & what were their observations?
Best regards. Kumar

Hi Kumar,
Glad you liked the first response. The K-scale made it possible to move to much higher potencies, as you required less vials (the H-method requires that you dispose of a vial after each sucussion). Most machine-made homeopathic remedies use the K-scale for this reason, and are considered reliable, and with no difference to the H-scale.I actually read a very good article that you should appreciate:

150 Years of Machine-Made Potencies

I hope this helps as well. All the best, Thierry Clerc

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  • Hello Dr.,

    I liked your reply & thankful for very good link. I just feel that “H” & “K” method(along with trirurations)should also be viewed in molecular presence sense of raw remedy substances.

    Best regards.

  • Dear Thierry Clerc,
    Could you give your email address please. I have certain important matters to discuss with you.

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