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How homeopathy and biochemic effective when there is deficiency of substance and when there is excess of toxins?

How homeopathy and biochemic effective when there is deficiency of substance and when there is excess of toxins?

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How Homeopathic/Biochemic remedies works;
1.Do these provides supplement to the defficient substance?
2.Do these antidote the excess substances/toxins present in body system?
3. Do these increases the senstivity,working or efficiency of body cells to perform their functions which is otherwise effected by accumulated resistance.
Being in very minute doses can these really provide supplement to the really(phisiological) defficiant substance.
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Hi Vijay,

You have waited quite long for my answers. I had been very busy off late.
Anyway, If I am able to give answer to this question of yours with absolute certainty and furnish proof in its support, I am sure,I will get the Noble prize for that year ;-). How exactly Homeopathy medicines work is still not understood properly. But one thing is sure that they do not work as supplements. There is not much physiological in them to supplement anything (both biochemic and homeopathic).

What they can do is improve the metabolism of different elements and can remove any block in their metabolism. But this is only one side of it. Basically, Homeopathy medicines seem to act through the neuro-endocrine axis (and limbic system) by working as a stimulus. The body has very strong and define t defense mechanism and has inherent tendency to heal itself when properly assisted. Homeopathy medicines seem to make the body aware of whats wrong and how to correct it. The actual work of healing is done by the body itself. Health is said to be a state of delicate balance. The slightest cause can sometimes tip it towards the negative side and similarly, the slightest stimulus is often sufficient to tilt the scale towards normalization.
It has also been proved very definitely that potentised homeopathy medicines can help to eliminate the toxins in the body. I have seen this happen clinically and if you wish, I can search my cabinets for the research references.

We still need lot more physical research to find the true mechanism of action of Homeopathy medicines. A lot has been done but we need much more efforts and funds for this work. I really hope we will be able to get to the bottom of this in the coming years. Many new hypothesis and mathematical theories have come up, lot of clinical research has also been done. But we are yet to hit the nail on its head!

Best Wishes,
Dr. B

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  • Dear sir,

    In routine health check my fasting BG levels are at about prediabetic stage. By means of stringent methods of Yoga and naturopathy the levels have come down and sometimes even to normal. I wanted to stabilize the status without medication. So I went to homeopathy doctor and used some medicines. Surprisingly the BG levels increased to confirmed Diabetic status. I asked the doctor why it happened like that . Next the doctor changed some medicines and asked me to check it after one month. Surprisingly the readings have come down to lesser than normal. O.K. now I believed that something from homeopathy is helping to my other precautionary steps taken strictly. Now my doubt is how many months I have to use the Homeo medicines like this. Can the BG levels be at the same level after withdrawal of the medicines.
    The doctor doesn’t expose the name of the medicines used. How to know it whether is Homeo or insulin based medicines. Can you please clear my doubt?


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