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Sulphur LM1 – Aggravation, Proving or Normal Healing

Sulphur LM1 – Aggravation, Proving or Normal Healing

Posted by: liz la rocca

I was using Sulphur LM1 for several different issues which it helped to clear, however after using it for some time i the developed a rash on my brest that was very itchy, worse at night with warm water etc. all the things that point to sulpher. so i thoght it was an aggravation(proving) and stopped taking the sulphur. Eventually the rash went away but the original symptoms came back. So now i am left wondering was it(rash) an aggravation or the sulphur pushing the dis-ease out???? How does one know the diiference?
Liz from USA

Hi Liz, Sulphur seems to have worked for you by reducing symptoms and pushing them to areas less important for the body (the skin). There is something called Hering’s law, which define how symptoms move with homeopathy – if recent symptoms are replace by old ones, or inwards replaced by outwards ones, or upper replaced by lower ones, this is usually seen as a positive sign of healing.
I hope this helps.

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